summer birthdays 2028

*huge birthday post! you’ve been warned!*

Isla Andersen celebrates her birthday this summer. She isn’t a fan of subdue things like her big sister Ainsley, and education is not high on her list of important things, but she’s looking forward to more freedom as a teen now. She intends to spend her time lazing around and goofing off, just not at home.

There are three high school graduations this year, Lulu Grimsley graduates high school with a C average, and she has no desire to extend her scholastic career, so she is skipping college. She may have wanted to be a dancer, but her older, more perfect sister Rachael already got that one covered, so for now she’s just floating as she continues to work at Marcello’s pizza joint, and dating her boss, Clayton.

Milo London graduates with an A average, and scores a 43 on his SAT. His parents are greatly disappointed in his score, both of his sisters scored a 60 and a 50, and they expected even higher from him. They blame all his time surfing for his poor grades, but Milo isn’t concerned about college, like everything in life, things have come easily for him and he expects no different at university. He intends to be the third generation London lawyer, and is studying Political Science to get there. He’s been assigned to Miner Hall.

Scarlett Siew graduated as Valedictorian for her class with a 51 SAT, she is eligible for a half-ride scholarship, much to her parents excitement. Although, 50% off a college education is still more than Rebecca and Quint can afford, so Scarlett is paying the rest with loans.

She decided on a Economics Major with Business being her focus; she’d rather be a country singer, but Business is sensible and that’s her plan. She’s been assigned to Westfall Hall.

Simon Millett is the last graduate from Jefferson High this year, he scored a 37 SAT, and is at peace with the score. He allowed himself to slip up his senior year with the death of his Grandma Norma, but he still managed to score high enough for acceptance. He’s decided to major in Economics with the intention of being an educator when he graduates. He’s been assigned to Miner Hall.

Five students graduate from Eastborough University, though some just barely. Zilla McCarthy graduates with a 4.0 GPA, top of her class. She intends to have a career in the Natural Science field, but feels that she can’t get a good start with her Dad being discredited in the exact same field. So she is intending to move to Arizona and make a clean start, she is hoping her boyfriend will join her.

Elias McCarthy graduates with a 3.6 GPA and a mostly useless degree to boot. He went to Eastborough only because his girlfriend at the time, Rachael wanted him to join her. They broke up freshman year, but he stuck it out, and is glad that he did. He’s moved back in with his parents to work on the farm that he intends to take over one day, and is continuing to date Caitlyn Traver.

Caitlyn Traver barely scrapped by to graduate, a semester on academic probation nearly did her in, and with the help of some “friends” writing her term papers, she managed to say goodbye to EU with a 2.8 GPA. She’s moved back home with her Dad, and hopes to find a better place for them all to live. She is set to start working as a Social Worker, or at least someone who pushes paperwork in a Human Services office.

Lewis Traver also faced academic probation after his drunken bar fight, but managed to graduate with a 2.5 GPA. He’s gotten a position as an IT Intern, which isn’t as great as he hoped for, but is at least in the field he wanted. He’s currently renting a couch from buds, Julius and Aidan, much to Perla’s annoyance.

Lastly, Rachael Darling graduated with a 3.5 GPA, and has been hired as a backup dancer, it isn’t quite as glamorous as she expected seeing she excelled and was sought after during college, but she’s happy to have her foot in the door. She’s adjusted her SimBook relationship status to: It’s Complicated and has moved in with Caitlyn and Caitlyn’s Dad, she wants to continue to help Caitlyn with Thomas.

Maeve Gavigan is newly minted in the pregnancy timeline, just one month along she’s already set up her fortress in the Gavigan/McCarthy apartment, and will likely be ushering Oliver out by the collar of his shirt if he doesn’t get a hint soon. Baby Gavigan needs that second bedroom, and will arrive on the scene in February.

Lorelei Krouse is two months pregnant with their second baby, and already feeling wrecked over the entire ordeal. She doesn’t regret her decision to have a second baby though, and is relishing her time with Penelope before there are two. Lorelei is due in January.

Alicia Brewer is thrilled that Percy will have a sister or brother to grow up with, when they married a bit later in life they weren’t sure if any children would be in their future, and soon they’ll have two. She’s three months pregnant now and feeling great in the honeymoon phase of the process. Alicia is due in December.

Lastly, Elise Schehl has entered the huge-as-a-house stage, and is very anxious for this baby to arrive. It took more than two years to conceive this baby, and she wishes she enjoyed the pregnancy more, but after a miscarriage scare, a bed-ridden first trimester, and being huge at seven months pregnant, she really just wants to hold their baby in her arms and call it a day. Elise is due in August.

Notes: So many babies!! I’m excited to see what everyone has and the genes they pass on!

I was conflicted on Simon’s career, he matched well for anything in the science field, but also education, which I need some new teachers… In the end, he rolled the want for an Economics Major, and that works for an education focus, so it’s decided! One day students will call him Mr. Millett, so cute!

Caitlyn *only* graduated because she rolled consistent wants for someone to write her term papers and assignments… and sometimes she found someone who would, and other times she didn’t, so not a great GPA. By her senior year, Caitlyn was really just over the entire college experience.

Isla is a pleasure sim, and already wants to sneak out of her house…

Graduating GPAs:
Caitlyn Traver – 2.8
Elias McCarthy – 3.6
Lewis Traver – 2.5
Rachael Darling – 3.5
Zilla McCarthy – 4.0

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “summer birthdays 2028”

  1. Oh, Isla grew up so pretty! Lulu was always pretty, but still is. Milo is super cute! And Caitlyn looks especially pretty in that picture. (All of your sims are gorgeous, of course, I just needed to exclaim about those ones, lol!)

    What do you mean by Zilla moving to Arizona? Is that a move-away ROS or will you follow her there?

    1. Haha, Zilla… well I’m shipping her off to my southwest subhood, where my military base is (but needs finished), and where we build houses for fun. I wanted a change of scenery, but also don’t feel that inspired to play with her, so she’ll be a pnpc, and will get updates through others, and maybe some pictures on tumblr. I may change my mind in the future about the pnpc status, but I am trying to cut households back, and she was an easy one to do. I am excited to build her a small little house out in the desert, and being part-alien, I thought the southwest was a good fit for her. Though I ignore the alienness! 🙂

      Milo turned out surprisingly cute! And Isla, totally agree! Lulu looks so much like her Mom, Cara and Grandma Meredith. I didn’t notice the extent until this birthday for her, because all her coloring comes from Charlie.

      Thanks for commenting Laura!

  2. I’m curious too about whether we’ll still see Zilla, and how fitting for her if she’s moving to “Strangetown,” since she is actually alien.

    This was really great to see so many of your sims. I didn’t realize that Elias would be graduating yet. I remember when he followed Rachel to college, and then the whole thing happened with her dating Lewis and Caitlyn having to deal with that. Everyone seems to have found very fitting careers to move in to. It will be fun to see Elias continue the family farm work.

    I’m glad to see Lulu made it through high school but both she and Isla seem possibly headed for trouble. Maeve is a HOOT the way you describe her, and love the shot of her having claimed the sofa for the duration. Laura’s right, it will be fun to see her as a mom (well, hopefully more fun than painful although some pain may be involved).

    Milo turned out quite handsome but it will be interesting to see how he continues to develop as a person- is he just going to ride out his privilege or is he going to do something with it? And Scarlett, I’m happy for her that she got valedictorian and a half ride and didn’t realize she loved to sing so much.

    I’m very excited for Elise and Peter’s baby, wondering which features she or he will get. Is Rachel still trying to work it out with Lewis? I can’t remember. Her link comes back to this post instead of her profile. Great birthday post, with so much going on!

    1. I talked a bit about Zilla up in my comment to Laura, and yes, her part-alienness made her a good fit for the southwest! Plus she’s into science, so I thought the whole setting would be a good fit for her. She’s not terribly close to her siblings/family, and I think it’ll be fun to have her out there.

      I hate that I only get two updates with my university kids! But if I do an update each year, that makes my rounds slower. With this new round just starting, I’m working at my household numbers, and thinking of doing 3 university updates, fall, spring, fall, for the span of 3 years (which is currently 1 round for me).

      I think Maeve will definitely be a type of Mom, the type that doesn’t let anyone reprimand her precious, and takes everything to the highest degree. For example, one Mom buys baby food, another makes it, then another goes to an organic orchard, spends the day picking apples, and comes home to prepare baby food, applesauce, and apple butter…. I think that latter will be Maeve.

      Ugh, Rachael just loves Lewis! It’s complicated, but they aren’t broken up. I would like to see her with someone else, I think she can do better! But I won’t force it. I’m curious on Milo and how he will be, he’s got a bit of that surfer attitude, which I think is dangerous with the money he comes from, but he’s not a jerk by any means.

      Scarlett plays guitar and sings in her bedroom all the time, she’s done a few concerts for her sister and brother in their updates, but it’s nothing more than that. If she’d been raised in a house like Hazel and Jude Woodfolks, than I think she’d chase it.

      I’m getting ready to play Peter and Elise’s delivery on this cloudy Friday!! I can’t wait to see what the baby looks like! Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. Well, hello, Milo! LOL, I never noticed how handsome he was – must be the new facial hair! Scarlett looks exactly as I expected her to look but I really like her new hair. I’m glad Simon still got into uni. I think he would have regretted if he didn’t.

    So what’s going to happen with Zilla in Arizona? It’s going to be interesting seeing Caitlyn and Rachel living together, seeing their reconciliation is quite recent. Although if “it’s complicated” means her relationship with Lewis is on slightly shaky ground now, I can see how that might make things easier for her and Caitlyn too.

    All these babies due! I can’t wait to meet them all!

    1. My thoughts exactly on Milo!!! I’ve always found him rather beige, but man he grew up nice, and I think the facial hair helps, he has a very baby face I think. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how much I allowed Simon to slip through at the end, he was always such a strong student, but he didn’t keep pace with skills or grades in the end, and just barely squeaked in! He would have really been upset with that, he’s very academic.

      I think the complications in Rachael and Lewis’ relationship has strengthened Caitlyn and Rachael’s relationship. It kind of came out of necessity, financially, and keeping households down in numbers.

      As for Zilla, she’s going to be a pnpc, I’ll put some photos on tumblr, and we will see her in other people’s updates, but I’m just not inspired to blog about her at the moment. I may change my mind later.

      I can’t believe all the babies due!! It’s not even the end of it ether, I had a bit of a dry spell, and suddenly they are just exploding everywhere.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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