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everyday I’m learning

june 2028
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Ethan Traver (67 years), Caitlyn (22 years), Rachael Darling (22 years), Thomas (3 years)

narrated by: Caitlyn

Rachael and Lewis graduated with their relationship on the rocks. He got into a bar fight and barely managed to graduate; Rachael doesn’t have patience for that immaturity. So upon graduation, she moved in with me and my Dad, but his apartment was much too small for all of us. With the help of my Aunt Kenzie, I applied for aid as a single Mother, and was able to buy my own house.

I really wanted Thomas to have room to play and a yard to call his own. I know my dog, Bazooka is thrilled to have the fenced in yard too.

We are three houses down from my brother, Luca, and walking down there is now Thomas’ favorite summer activity. I admit, I love it too. Being away at university really was rough on me, especially with my Mom passing away, and then Cynthia just after my Dad married her. It really took every ounce for me to graduate.

I’m glad that I did graduate, and grateful that we were able to get a house with a bit of help financially. It’s a great neighborhood even if my house needs repairs. Plus, Thomas loves hanging out with his cousins all day long.

Even Kai joins the kids in the sprinkler, just showing what a great job Nadia is doing with raising her son. She’s always been a single-Mom inspiration for me, though her and Luca have dated since Kai was a toddler.

Thomas loves when Uncle Luca comes home from work, he always runs over and begs to be thrown in the air. He’s way too heavy for me to do that anymore, I have no doubt that he will be taller than me when he is grown.

Rachael got a gig as a backup dancer in some amateur troop, she couldn’t be much lower in the field if she tried, and she’s not happy about it. She’s been sought after, won ribbons, and was valedictorian; she expected more upon her graduation. It hasn’t stopped her from working hard though, she’s still got a strong work ethic.

She holes herself up in her room daily to get practice in, though she misses the large space at the university’s dance hall. South Port doesn’t have a space like that, and neither of us have cars to get around easily, nor the time to take the bus out to EU.

I’m officially on the payroll at the Human Services office, but I am not a legit social worker with my own caseload. I want to focus on family and individual services, but for now I’m a glorified paper pusher. I get to research cases, and file paperwork as well as pull out paperwork for appointments.

I don’t even mind though, I get a paycheck each week, and am on my way to doing something great.

My Aunt has been a great help, the entire career wouldn’t have happened without her belief in me, and her literal help with Thomas. Many times during my college days, I would have to bring Thomas into the office just to be an intern, and she didn’t only allow it, but got better toys for him to play with.

Most of the time, I spend my evenings at home taking care of Thomas, and learning how to cook proper with my Dad’s help. It surprises everyone that my Dad isn’t a terrible cook, sure he doesn’t beat his sister, Delaney who is a talented chef, but he holds his own in the family kitchen.

The kitchen had become my favorite place to be lately, there is just so much room, and it feels very mature to prepare dinner for everyone.

Thankfully we all get along well too. Rachael had a hard time with my Dad when we were teens. He’s technically her ex-step Grandpa, but he’s never been much of anything to her. He really wasn’t much of anything towards anybody for a very long time, but he’s been making great strides to be there for those of us that accept him.

I don’t think Rachael has any grandfatherly feelings towards my Dad, but they don’t bicker and can hold polite conversations. I’m very close to my Father on the other hand, I know most kids think they are their parents’ favorite, but with my Dad, I know that I am.

We spend many weekend nights watching cartoons with Thomas until he falls asleep, and it’s really some of my favorite moments.

Thomas is a pure joy, he was really quite awful until he was about eighteen months old, but he’s a delight now. He wakes up happy, plays without complaint, and really is close with his uncle, cousins, and grandpa.

My Dad however isn’t as great as the rest of us. While we have great moments together, he’s still struggling with the loss of my Mom and then Cynthia. There barely seems to be anything that would make him happy, and I worry that he’s not dealing well with the losses. I urged him to seek out a grief counselor, and he’s refused, waving me off like a worry-wart.

Most of the time though, it’s hard to tell if he’s really okay or just pretending. He insists on watching Thomas so that I can go out with friends, and he’s never done anything to make me concerned about him watching Thomas. I just think he’s really lonely and regrets things he can’t change.

Rachael ends up dragging me out of the house to the Cellar, where Lewis is invited, among other friends of ours. Elias even made it out since the crops are all planted now. I even managed to talk my twin brother, Aidan into joining us. I’m so glad that he’s back in South Port and able to be seen in person again. It was far too long for him to be gone.

I’m trying to find him a girl, and he’s being rather prudish about it.

When I finally drop it, he relaxes more and we are able to enjoy catching up. He doesn’t live as close as Luca, so I still don’t see him as often as I’d like.

Elias isn’t big on clubbing, but he obliges to dance with me though he’d rather not.

Apparently, while their relationship status was complicated, Lewis dated an EU cheerleader. She had the gall to show up, I don’t know if it was intentional or not. Lewis rejected her advances, but that didn’t help his case.

She ended up blabbing about it to Rachael, and a crap-storm of drama ensued.

Elias left early, he’s jumped right into keeping farmer hours, and a nice guy named Brandon occupied some of my time. It was nice to have a distraction from Lewis and Rachael’s fighting.

I find Lewis later just standing around awkwardly, and I avoid getting too close to him. While he’s being a better Dad than ever before, I still don’t want to hang out with him unless it’s for Thomas’ benefit.

When the night is over, Rachael and Lewis are still not broken up. I’m not rooting against them by any means, but I think Rachael needs to be more firm than ‘it’s complicated’.

I’m just grateful that I have the cutest man ever in my life, full of giggles and sweet snuggles.

I’m also glad that Lewis shows up for his weekend visits. Thomas will stop watching his cartoon when he shows up too, which means that Thomas is pretty fond of his Dad as well.

It’s crazy that next year this tyke will be off to preschool. It surprises Lewis too, probably because he was such an absent Dad in the beginning, he really missed some great moments, and not so great as well.

He seems commited to being a good Dad now though, even if he is making poor choices in love.

I just hope that he stays a constant for Thomas, he will be even more aware of his Dad’s presence as he grows up.

Notes: Gosh, I adore Thomas and Caitlyn. I blew up Tumblr when I was playing these two with cute photos. Ethan has done so well as an elder, he is in aspiration failure though and his wants are all things I can’t give him, like resurrecting Meredith and Cynthia. He is close with Thomas, and the Browning grandkids. I wish he hadn’t taken so long to become invested with his family.

Lewis and Rachael… he did ACR with the cheerleader, he did while attending uni too. But Rachael still loves him, hates the cheerleader, and Lewis is still her one… so I’m leaving it as a complicated relationship for now.

Elias and Caitlyn didn’t do much with one another, he left the Cellar early and she hung out with Brandon for most of the night. I think she has enough going on with just graduating, new job, and buying a house, that I’m not focusing on her romantic relationship too much this update, but it didn’t look good.

Caitlyn’s house tour here & here.

Thanks for reading!

Ethan’s previous update; Caitlyn’s previous update; Rachael’s previous update/next update

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8 thoughts on “everyday I’m learning”

  1. I’m telling you, you need a “love” button. Like just doesn’t cut it. So it is really great to see Caitlyn, through college (with her degree!) and even having a job and home of their own (& a dog!) It’s hard to tell where things are between Elias and Caitlyn right now– they aren’t really together, are they? For some reason I thought they were.

    Things seem a little more disappointing for Rachael right now, between the let-down of underemployment and Lewis being Lewis. She’s so hard working it is hard to understand what she sees in him, but then, she’s really nice, too, and maybe it’s just an opposites attract thing. The way you write her, though, she seems so enamored with him.

    I am happy for Ethan that he is connecting with his family now, and that he’s there for Thomas and Caitlyn, and Rachael, and it’s so true to life although painful that he didn’t realize how important they were to him earlier. Poor guy, so many regrets over his wife and his second wife who died so soon.

    It was fun seeing the house pictures on Tumblr. I love the wallpaper in the dining area and the bathroom.

    1. Aww thank you Shannon! You are so sweet! ❤

      Elias and Caitlyn are technically dating, but it was rather cool between them. I'm allowing it for now, just because they both just became grown-ups really in the sense of houses, and him with farmwork… so they might just be trying to get themselves in order instead of focusing on a relationship. I'll look into it more as the round continues and we see Caitlyn in Nadia's update and such.

      Caitlyn's dog Bazooka, she has had since forever. The basic jist, was that some of my apartments/duplexes don't allow pets, and her parents lived in one of those, but grade school Caitlyn rolled nonstop cat/kitten/dog/puppy wants to the point of depression! After Meredith and Ethan divorced, he got a place that allowed pets, and he adopted her Bazooka, a little beagle dog. While she was at university, Bazooka lived with Ethan, and they are two of the best pals now, I think Bazooka saved him from loneliness.

      I feel sad about Ethan too, and I wonder if that will be Colin…. I have a hard time believing that Colin will grow up, and be there for his kids, but turning elder really did it for Ethan… nothing like that big birthday to realize you aren't 20 anymore.

      Thanks for the compliments on their home too, it came together really nicely for me, which was a relief, I still haven't finished Luca and Nadia's house, good thing it was summer so they could play outdoors!

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. I was wondering what the deal was with Rachel and Lewis and Caitlyn, especially since the ladies are living together. That’s a pretty awesome aid program that she was able to get enough to buy her own home.

    1. Caitlyn still owes on the house, she didn’t get it for free, though that would have been nice! The house was around $22,000, and she owes about half of that. Ethan helped pay some of it too. My housing aid is usually a cheaper house, and I take about 10k off.

      I’m glad that Rachael and Caitlyn are back to being close. I don’t think they are quite where they were before all this baby-daddy drama. But they are on their way.

      Thanks for commenting Starr!

  3. Ha ha, well these guys have always been complicated, it seems. (And I’d even forgotten that Rachael dated Elias first, who Caitlyn is/was interested in. Yikes!) So this could be difficult on Rachel if she and Lewis do call it quits, but he’s still hanging around to see Thomas. He seemed so sure of it for a while, it’s disappointing to see him being so fickle. (Although I have to say, I’m not surprised.) He really needs to grow up and take some responsibility for his actions.

    Anyway! I love that Caitlyn got her own place and the job, and now has some stability for herself and her dad and Thomas. What a sweet picture of Thomas asleep on her lap. It seems like she has all of her priorities in the right place, and she is set to give Thomas a really great life no matter what else happens.

    1. Yes, Rachael and Caitlyn pretty much switched boys! They really need some new men in their age bracket! 😉 I was surprised that he would cheat on Rachael, she always seemed like his one, you know. Definitely out of his league! But I don’t think Lewis cares about leagues, or maybe just thinks he’s the top one… I just hate that she finds out, and still loves him!

      I think that Thomas really saved Caitlyn. She seemed so lost in high school, and then with her Mom passing while she was at uni, I think she could have fallen into partying, and letting herself go. Thomas really seemed to keep her motivated, though she was not writing those final exams by her senior year! She even asked the mascot to write her one (they refused), because she wouldn’t roll a single academic want!

      I can’t believe Thomas will be a child soon, I’m going to miss his toddlerness, he’s such a cutie.

      Thanks for commenting Laura!

  4. Aw, Thomas really is a cutie! I’m glad he’s settled down a bit and Caitlyn can enjoy motherhood now. It’s good that Lewis is trying to stay involved as well and that he’s bonding with his son.

    Ah, Rachael…honestly, Caitlyn is right that she probably needs to be really firm about what she wants from Lewis. By staying with him, she’s basically endorsing his behaviour and treatment of her. But then again, I guess this is the age for “it’s complicated” relationships! I’m hoping they either sort themselves out down the track or decide it would be better to call it quits and move on.

    I have to say though, I am glad to see Caitlyn and Rachael getting along again. And to see them both in their chosen careers, if not at the ideal levels. They’ll get there. 🙂

    Poor Ethan. He’s really had a rough life, the poor guy. 😦 I hope spending so much time with his daughter and grandson can lift him out his funk a little.

    1. I thought it was nice too that Lewis was being more involved with Thomas. He showed up at Caitlyn’s house twice during the update, and had a want to tickle Thomas too.

      As for him and Rachael… she should call it quits! But she’s being so darn determined to be with him. I’ll look into both of these girls’ relationships again later after everyone has settled down into their new homes some.

      I’m glad the girls are back to being friends again too, it would have been a shame if they weren’t, especially since they are related. Lewis isn’t worth all that.

      I feel bad for Ethan too, I wish he’d have rolled wants this round that I could have completed for him, then he could have been a bit happier at least.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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