Millett Family

paying dues

july 2028
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Hadley Millett (27 years), Rosabella Steinman (26 years)

narrated by: Hadley

I graduated med school last June, and have a fancy MD tacked at the end of my name, but I still have four more years left of residency to be a surgeon. Neil is going to be a General Practitioner, and already has more responsibilities and trust than I do, which is perturbing. I understand that in the end, I will be light years ahead of him, but being treated like I’m ignorant because my residency is longer is asinine.

Dr. Morgan just has never cared for me. Doing my residency where I worked as a teenager is really a disadvantage for me, I was a terror as a teen. All of my ideas are instantly shot down, and Morgan is really dramatic over it that I don’t know why I even bother.

She sticks me with trivial tasks like ordering gauze pads and Tylenol. It isn’t popular when I say that Caroline should be doing these tasks because she is a nurse, but I’m not sorry about it. I’ve spent eight years in school, and will have five years a resident before I’m my own person, and I’ve already outschooled her academically.

When I do get to work with patients though, I am really enjoying it in more ways than I had expected. I mostly wanted to do surgery to have minimal social interactions with patients, but after a day of ordering supplies, I relish the moment to talk with someone that isn’t a coworker.

I’m not technically assigned patients, but I’ve built up a relationship with the Schehl’s, that whenever Peter and Elise are checked in, I’m the one that sees them first. Morgan overlooks every single thing I do, and I have to brief her before I can do anything outside of checking blood pressure and getting urine samples sent to the lab.

In one of their first trimester visits, we realized that I was at EU the same time as Peter, though two grades younger. Since then, I’ve learned just about everything I could, including weighing in on the baby’s nursery scheme, which I sided with Elise on.

I dread seeing her name on the board, but like them, am relieved that they are just shy of their due date. If we needed to, we could take the baby at any moment, and there would only be a minimal chance for complications. Naturally, Morgan wants them to make it to at least 37 weeks, which is still two weeks out.

They want to do what is best for their baby, but they both are just ready for its arrival. If Morgan said they could induce labor this instant instead of trying to stall it, and attempting to keep her blood pressure down, they would sign the papers in a heartbeat.

I think that Elise has more peace with waiting, each day gives Baby Schehl a better chance at no complications, and that’s what we are all hoping for at the end of this ride.

I spend so much of my time at the hospital, that my scrubs feel like my second skin.

When I have to write up my reports, I usually throw on something pretty even if I’m not leaving the apartment. It’s nice to feel feminine, which I never thought mattered so much until I spend my day getting dirty by humans.

I’m still sort of seeing Neil, we never made it official nor gone on a legit date, but it doesn’t stop us from screwing around. It’s nice having someone who gets the schedule, but sometimes I just don’t want to see another doctor or talk shop when I’m at home. Plus even Caroline loves him, and he never shuts up about how nice she is, and such a strong wife and mother on top of being a nurse, and I can’t stomach it.

I had a longer lunch break than usual, and had decided to do some errands before I was needed back for afternoon rounds. I was surprised when I bumped into Chad at the post office. We dated in high school, and I broke his heart at university without much kindness.

We were only nineteen when that all happened, and I’d have to admit the last eight years have aged him nicely. It was mildly awkward talking to him, but when I found out he was some mail tech, I felt my confidence bolt back to it’s soaring heights.

He was at the PO to pick up some packages for his boss, he didn’t even have mailed delivered to himself at work. He never did know what he wanted to do in life, graduating with a useless philosophy major. I hadn’t expected a great legacy from him, but was still disappointed that he hadn’t done better for himself.

When he asked me for lunch though, I couldn’t say no. I don’t pass up situations that make me look amazing, and I was starved.

Unexpectedly, it was a breath of fresh air to talk to someone who didn’t work at South Mercy. He took my side because he didn’t have any other stories befuddling his pretty head. If I talked about a pregnant patient without disclosing names, he didn’t know who it was.

He didn’t spend anytime trying to diagnose them, or suggest treatment plans, or try to undermine my education in anyway. He puckered his brows with concern, and gave me the best lunch of my recent life.

We ended up sneaking back to my apartment, which makes me feel sort of bad about Neil because we are still coupling. But it was like a sweet-candy of nostalgia.

Then we said our goodbyes and I was back at work like it never happened. It felt like just the medicine I needed to refocus on my residency, and play the political game at the hospital.

When I have time off, I try to visit Grandpa out at Northern Moose. He’s spending more time there than ever since Grandma died. He hates being home, and admitted that he feels lonely even though my parents still live there with the boys.

He’s still full of funny stories though, and I love to hear about crazy customers that lack outdoor knowledge but come to buy a tent. He usually suggests they don’t buy a tent, and instead rent a cabin, but most don’t heed his advice. Everyone has to start somewhere I suppose, but Grandpa worries about people up in the Cascade mountains without the experience.

I miss when I used to work here as a teen, I wish that Grandpa would come to visit me more, but he isn’t doing much driving anymore. He says that he mostly just drives to and from work, which is just a few blocks from home, and only when the weather isn’t nice enough for him to walk it.

Unlike my Mom, he never seeks my medical advice, which I appreciate. My Mom will call to divulge really personal information and ask my medical opinion. She usually is asking about Grandpa, but he looks fine whenever I see him, and I think she just feels guilt for hating Grandma my entire life!

I’m trying to not be totally evil towards her, but it doesn’t change that I’m angry at her for hating Grandma. Now she acts torn up like she even cared at all. It’s even worse when she tries sharing memories of Grandma out at the family cabin or her fresh baked fruit pies all summer long, and I just don’t want to hear it, not from her.

I don’t know how Dad even puts up with her, and her fake grieving.

My sister Julia comes by sometimes, and she’s trying to use these psych things to get me to forgive Mom. Now that she’s roommates with Alice, a psych-person-of-sorts, she thinks that she is preening this knowledge from her and is ready to tackle my issues.

Sometimes my roommate, Rosabella betrays me and takes Julia’s side. I barely see my roommate as she is a high school music & art teacher, and apparently that means she has crazy long days like she’s some kind of surgeon in training herself.

I don’t want to make everyone hate me, I’ve busted ass to make relationships, but this ganging up is not cool. It’s made me avoid my sister, and pretty much all of my family except Grandpa, because I can’t take the meddling.

No matter what Julia or her know-it-all roomie, Alice have to say, I don’t think my Mom has the right to grieve my Grandma, and they won’t change my mind.

Notes: Hadley had the ROS for one night stand with highest relation, surprisingly that was Chad. She seemed tuned-in with the ROS, because she had the want to invite him over and woohoo with him, so she was not opposed! They had a stellar date, and then she proceeded to forget about him with her wants, which seems about right. She is still sleeping with Neil too, but that’s mostly ACR and not want-related.

Hadley has really hit it off with Elise and Peter, I don’t think she’ll mind going in for the delivery even if it’s in the middle of the night. She also seems to be a bit more mellow with her anger and hate, so that’s a relief, but she fought with her Mom on the phone and in person, so that still isn’t a warm relationship. Norma was always Hadley’s favorite person in the world, and she has always been rather quick to anger, so I think that is how she grieves. She’s not friends with her Mom, they hover around 40 mark, and I think Leah blames Norma on a lot of her own issues (which are mostly Grant’s fault really), which puts Leah and Hadley on opposite sides.

Thanks for reading!

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7 thoughts on “paying dues”

  1. Her anger and hate seems more mellow, but still palpable. She’s so sure that people are out to “undermine her education,” and sees everyone as being on a lower plane than her– except her granddad– I think she really adores him. I hope he’s going to be around a while, he seems like her only friend.

    I wondered about her comment about her roommate working long hours like she’s a surgeon in training- was that facetious? Or is that just my educator’s rankles getting up over a perceived slight, ha.

    The hospital you’ve built is really cool, as is the Post Office. I’m hopeful Elise and Peter and their baby will be well and the baby will be safely delivered. It’s neat that Hadley got to help with them. Peter looks like he’s telling her exactly what he thinks needs to happen, in that one shot.

    I guess it’s still a little over a full round before Hadley is set loose upon Millwood and South Port as “her own person,” and I shudder to think how conceited she might be once she reaches that station in life. Or maybe not having to prove herself constantly will help her calm down a bit, finally.

    1. Haha, no she wasn’t knocking Rosabella’s hours or work as a teacher. She likes her quite a bit, and I take her as being genuinely surprised that her roommate is gone all the time and occupied with work. She also has a boyfriend that Hadley hasn’t met yet. I’d say that Hadley didn’t expect teachers to work so hard and that might be a sound judgement against her, though her brother, Simon is heading into the education career so she might learn more through his experiences too.

      You are right about her Grandpa. She’s always been very close to her grandparents, out of the entire family, those three were always the best of pals. Leah doesn’t really mesh well with her family, Norma undermined her greatly. She’s one of my sims that I always thought should have gotten divorced but felt that she would just settle for her kids. I’m looking forward to playing their household this round to see what is happening with their dynamics.

      Hadley still has sometime to grow and learn as you said. I think she’s done well thus far with growth, better than I had expected really, but she is going to be a doctor, and a god-complex isn’t unheard of in that field ether, especially with surgeons. I’m sure she’ll find her niche though. I can also imagine something going unexpected in the surgery room and that knocking her down a peg. I’ll be rolling more medical ROS’ for my doctors, mostly non-life threatening just to play the hospital more. Elise really seemed to soften her up some too, they are actually legit friends now, and Peter’s right behind with an upper 40’s score.

      Thanks about the hospital and PO. I really like the PO lot, and need to remember to visit it more. If you missed the tour of it at tumblr (it’s about a year old now), you can see the lot here – i, ii, iii. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. She is one of those sims that I’m not a fan of but I understand her, which is very hard to do with an abrasive personality. The hospital is amazing and I was about to ask for a tour as well. I like how you fit in the ROS and how she was already two steps ahead of you with that, lol!

    1. I’ll try and get a tour done eventually, I have been very slowly renovating rooms and adding more, mostly as needed for stories. With more doctors though, I really want to add more scenarios and that will require some more finished units. When Morgan’s Mom was Chief of Staff, and Itzel used to do family counseling, that entire floor is just walls now, with all the furniture removed, so that needs work! I’m kind of tired of my birthing unit now too… so it’ll be renovated sometime in the future!

      I’m glad that Hadley is understandable. She’s always been a brat, she bullied Lainey when they were growing up, and lives up to her one nice point. But I think as an adult she’s turned her tenacity towards work more, but she still has that ego… I did love that she was ready for that ROS! I was super surprised! He’d fallen off my radar, but apparently not hers! Plus she’s got a fierce love for her grandparents, which I think shows a softer side under her armor.

      Thanks for commenting Starr!

  3. Even though the ROS was a one-night stand, it fit perfectly that it would be Chad. He’s an ex, so there’s been attraction in the past and being “lower” (at least in Hadley’s eyes) than her meant the experience was a bit of an ego boost for her as well. Very cool that she actually had a want for it too!

    Ha, I wondered if Hadley and Neil might become a long term thing but it doesn’t look like it at this stage, does it? I guess things could change but I think Hadley’s more interested in her career and blowing off a bit of steam after work at this point.

    I can see why Hadley might be annoyed with her mum, given their low relationship, especially compared to Hadley and Norma. Maybe Leah is feeling a little guilty about never getting along with Norma now, versus her behaviour being just “fake grief”?

    1. So true Carla, I really like that it was Chad, because of their history. I’m sure she feels pretty good about herself after the afternoon with him, a lowly worker that he is.

      I was mildly disappointed about her lack of wants for Neil. They have ACR action, but only at the hospital, so it looks more like boredom than anything more. She might get more interested as she grows up, but her career does seem to be the most important to her.

      I take Leah as feeling terribly guilty, and not being phony. But Hadley isn’t compassionate to the say the least, and she does not appreciate her Mom’s grief. I always felt that Leah would have had more in life if she didn’t live with Norma, perhaps Hadley would have liked her Mom if she didn’t have her Grandma constantly undermining her… or maybe not. But I think Leah has a lot of regrets.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  4. Your hospital is so incredible! I am full of envy! It was neat seeing Hadley’s work day play out in that setting.

    Man, she is a personality though! Very conceited, isn’t she? I also wonder if maybe she’ll calm down a little once she finally “makes it” and doesn’t have to prove herself all the time anymore.

    Ah, the old flame. He’s cute. I’m not surprised she went for a quick lay with him (even before I read that it was ROS-prompted), but he seems nice. I hope he finds someone to settle down with. Not Hadley, lol!

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