fall birthdays 2028

september 2028

Logan Traver celebrates his eleventh birthday and prepares to start sixth grade this month. Family has always been important to him, and when he learned of his half-sister, Eden’s existence, he immediately wanted to befriend her, so Erin isn’t surprised that he’s retained that into his teen years.

He’s glad that he resembles his Mom more than his deadbeat Dad, and has requested a new surname. He’s hopeful that Nico and his Mom will marry, and then he’ll request to have their last name, otherwise he’s thinking Louie like his Mom and Aunt Bethany. He doesn’t think Colin deserves acknowledgement in his life, but Erin is hesitant to agree as he is still young and prone to impulsive decisions.

Silas Abbot celebrates his first birthday, and Lainey doesn’t know where the time went. One minute she was worried about him being left with a sitter, and now she’s worried about him putting everything into his mouth. Her and Michael are still a couple, but sometimes she thinks that her parents like him more than she does. For now, they are working on their relationship, and trying their best for Silas’ sake.

Alicia and Dave Brewer are six months pregnant and in the final stretch. They are very excited for Percy to have a little brother or sister, and are enjoying themselves immensely with their small family-unit. Alicia is due in December.

Lorelei and Marshal are five months pregnant, and it seems that Penelope grasps the idea of a being a baby in her Mom’s tummy. She’s three years old now, so it makes sense that she has an idea, especially with their friends having babies lately. Lorelei is due in January.

Maeve and Isaiah are four months pregnant, and the morning sickness has waned, much to Oliver’s relief. It doesn’t mean the mood swings have stopped though. Isaiah tries to get Maeve outdoors for an afternoon walk while the weather is nice. His Mom told him that Vitamin D is great mood booster, and he’s hoping that there is truth in it. Maeve is due in February.

Notes: For the N99 Sim-focused challenge, I aged down all of my sims so that I could compare everyone instead of just long-time playables. So here is Lainey and Michael with their son, Silas.




I think he’s a pretty good mix of his parents, I’m pretty happy about it. Though I do wish he’d gotten Michael’s lips, they’re much better than Lainey’s.

Logan definitely looks like his Mom, he’s a family-sim, which I thought fit. He’s always been a Mama-boy, and I think he’d want to have the same last name as his Mom instead of Ethan, and Mallory would likely follow suit. As much as a pistol she is, I think she’d want to be part of her family-unit, and that doesn’t include Colin.

I’m excited about the babies!! Alicia’s will be here quickly, can’t wait!

Thanks for reading!

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7 thoughts on “fall birthdays 2028

  1. Logan’s really thinking about who he is and wants to be, and it’s coming out with the idea to change his name. He has a very kind face. And he’s got that really cute young adolescent, still slightly rounded look right now.

    Silas is adorable with his little buck teeth. I wonder if his mom is going to fall in love with his dad and want to stay, or realize she wants to move on. If I remember correctly, Michael is very invested in the relationships.

    1. I think that this might be Logan’s cutest stage. I haven’t peeked into his adulthood, but I agree about that slightly rounded adolescent face shape. He’s turned out much cuter than I anticipated! I think he handles the disappointment that is his Dad much better than Mallory, she has tantrums quite a bit and I’m concerned about her wildness.

      Ugh, Lainey is very apathetic for Michael and I’m super annoyed by the entire thing!! First, he is her number one when it comes to chemistry, second he works in police, which is sort of her family’s legacy… and lastly, because him and Alice are each other’s #1 chemistry, and she’s SO alone, and Lainey is literally squandering it. And Alice would not be with him, she has a higher moral code than Rachael does in terms of Lewis/Caitlyn/Baby Thomas. So Michael and Alice would never be, and Lainey gets everything that Alice wants, and Lainey is never grateful for it. Aggravating!

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

      1. That is very annoying! I guess that when everything seems like it should be perfect, but the sim’s heart isn’t in it, that’s like real life, but what a bummer. Especially for Alice!

  2. Whoa, wait, HOW is Logan a teen already?!?! That is nutso! I can see more of Erin in him now that he’s a bit older. I always thought he looked more like his dad but he doesn’t.

    Silas is too cute! I love his little chompers in the front there! Is that a mask? I’m guessing it’s not part of the skin, because Michael and Lainey’s toddler pics have different teeth. And gosh, no wonder Silas is so adorable, because his parents both were too!

    I have to get in and do some age-downs. It might be a nice way to ease myself back into playing. 🙂

    1. It’s funny to me that you saw more Colin in Logan, I always thought he took after his Mom especially once Mallory was born, and seemed to be a near clone of her Dad. He does make decently pretty daughters though because Eden is pretty too.

      Silas’ teeth are part of the skin. Some of my skintones (inbetweens) have different teeth too, I don’t actually have a tooth mask for toddlers/kids and I really want some! But I do have more adult teeth masks which are slightly different, and both Lainey and Michael have those. I didn’t think to take them off when I did the age-downs, because the teeth are under blushes and include things like moles and freckles, so I left the “blushes” and forgot the teeth.

      I hope that you are getting back into the swing of playing, I saw that you were doing age-downs again, they are a nice way to get back into playing. Thanks for commenting Carla!

      1. Maisie, I finished all my age-downs and am trying to write Amar and Adrienne’s update before I play. Being as rusty as I am, I think that’s the approach that will probably work best for me this time around. 🙂

        Thanks for the info about the skins and teeth – I didn’t think of the possibility of the skins themselves having different teeth options. That’s kind of cool. 🙂

  3. Logan seems like he’s really trying to stake out his independence as he becomes a teenager. As a family type, I can see how hurt he’d be by his dad’s lack of involvement.

    Silas is such a cutie! So is his dad, by the way, Lainey! Aww, I’m still sad that he would have been better off with Alice but Alice won’t go there. Is Michael interested at all, or is he oblivious? lol! Honestly, I think they shouldn’t rule out the idea if they’d both be happier for it. Before he and Lainey get married or tied down with any more kids. (At least I can’t really see Lainey wanting to get married, so there shouldn’t be some messy divorce.) Or maybe Lainey will just break up with him already and he’d be free to do as he pleases.

    (What a great story though! Drama, lol!)

    All the baby bumps are super cute! Can’t wait to meet all the new babies.

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