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eastborough university – miner hall

september 2028
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Linnea Barthelet (20 years), Itzel London (20 years), Rafael Martinez (20 years), Simon Millett (18 years), Milo London (18 years)

narrated by: Linnea

Miner Hall was updated over the summer, now our second floor has a lounge area and finally we have some vending machines. Mom doesn’t approve of garbage food or the high prices, but sometimes a college student needs a late-night snack.

I’m also a fan of the new arcade games. The main floor has pinball, but I’ve never been a master pinball player. I feel that I at least get my coin worth when I play these newer games instead.

Two new freshman were assigned to Miner Hall, Simon and Milo. Both of which I knew from high school. Milo is my best friend, Itzel’s brother, and she’s not too impressed that he was assigned to her dorm. Simon did Astronomy Club with Itzel, and I always thought was rather fond of her on a romantic level.

I think it’s pretty obvious that Simon is still interested in Itzel. If he was hoping to make a move, he should have done it in high school though as she’s attached to Rafael now.

They are incredibly adorable together and totally kick me in the gut with jealousy. I wasn’t terribly unhappy to not date in high school, but I had thought that university would offer that experience. Now I’m a junior, and I’m taking pictures of my bestie and her soul mate instead of my own beau.

I had thought that me and Simon could share in woe of being single, but he seemed to jump right into the dating scene. He went to Duffy’s, met an adorable red-head, and are probably on their path to marriage.

I wish they wouldn’t rub it in to my nose, though I know that Simon isn’t thinking of me and my singleness at all.

Even Milo found a girl to pass his time with, and he used to be smitten with me. In high school, he was such an annoying younger brother, always tagging along with me and Itzel. But he’s grown up nicely, and I miss his admiration.

Speaking of paths to marriage, my sister is just a month shy of her wedding day. Paloma has been a gracious bride though, most likely due to her bakery being so new. She spends most of her time worried about the business way more than any wedding detail, plus they close on their new house immediately after the wedding and the bank details of that are overwhelming her. She almost wanted to just get married at the bakery, but Mom talked her into the lighthouse across the sound.

I’m so happy for her, though she thinks she can relate to my lack of relationship-woes. She had her first boyfriend in high school, and hasn’t been single much since, even if it was just one-night-stands. I have zero experience.

In the meantime, I’m working to get back in shape with the wedding being my deadline. I begged Paloma to work-out with me, and we even hired a trainer so that we would both be smoking hot for her wedding day. She had no weight to lose, but I felt like I’d gained a good ten since starting university.

All the effort paid off, I went down a size, just in time for dress fittings.

School life is going along fine. My professors love my eye for color and design, and many of my pottery pieces have been chosen to be showcased. I think it breeds jealousy in fellow students though, as some try to bash me personally when they don’t like my piece or point out my eccentric sense of style. It mostly doesn’t phase me though.

The guy who stands next to me in pottery was our trainer at the gym, and he’s been trying to get more familiar with me, more than I’m comfortable being with him. I know that Itzel would say that I’m being picky, but I’ve heard rumors that he’s a womanizer, and I’m not interested.

So, the freshman are doing fantastic, have adapted to the demanding class load, found respective girlfriends, and are well on their way to dominant the world.

While me and Itzel both came down with the flu at the end of the month. One sickness can really set back a semester, make some classes impossible to pass, and that isn’t mentioning my sister’s wedding!

Even though we aren’t entirely healthy yet, we have to work on our papers or we would never catch up.

Here’s hoping that the remaining months of my junior year involve better health, and maybe a date.

Notes: Feels so good to be back! I have missed the sims, blogs, and community! 😀

Paloma… while she rolled the want to marry Adam, I can’t say that she’s completely over Oliver. I’m afraid if I unlock her wedding want, that it would roll away and not return. But I’m not paying no mind to that, I’ll consider it a secret of her heart and not something she’d take action on.

I didn’t jot down their GPA’s, but this dorm is very studious (historically, it always is), and they all got a 4.0 or nearly. I don’t know why students at Miner Hall always roll homework/term paper wants, but they always do.

Linnea does want some romance in her life, but she rejected red hoodie, and that was about all that she had chemistry with, that she ran into anyway. He is a romance sim, so it was probably wise of her to reject his attentions. She was rather interested in Milo, but he’s dating Tae now, and Simon is dating Cassia. Those relationships were ACR initiated.

Thanks for reading!

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17 thoughts on “eastborough university – miner hall”

  1. What a great group of motivated college students! Simon has always been cute and he still is, as a YA. He and that redhead sure look adorable together, I am pretty crazy about the prospect of them possibly having kids down the road. Paloma’s wedding is going to be so pretty at the lighthouse, I am certain! I wouldn’t back her out of the wedding either because she and Adam are so happy together and so cute together. That was fun, seeing her and Linnea getting in shape for the wedding, congrats to them for pulling it off. I hope the flu is really just the flu, for Itzel and Linnea; it seems like it must be for Linnea at least.
    That’s too bad about Linnea’s classmates being petty and jealous, and I wish that cute guy was a better prospect for Linnea, because he is SO cute. But I’m glad she’s thinking more long term.

    1. It was definitely the flu, Linnea hasn’t even had her first kiss, poor girl. She’s a bit like my Lorelei was at this age, not a lot of chemistry/choices. I’ve considered giving the hoodie boy a secondary aspiration, but I won’t jump to it right now.

      Simon has aged up really nice, as a toddler he had terrible eyebrows that he looked like a Chuckie doll. But he’s really grown up nicely, and he fell for Cassia on his own accord. These freshmen boys really jumped right into ACR love without any help from me. I find my uni kids are really out of control with ACR in general! I’m hoping that I can get some PC time, and get some updates written (including Paloma’s wedding) and finally get caught up!

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. Ha ha, Simon and Milo sure move fast! Their new lady friends look lovely. I hope they treat them well!

    Perfect timing on the double vomit shot!

    I always have the same thought as Shannon whenever I see a sim throwing up, but I guess Linnea would be safe. Poor girl, I hope she gets that date! Maybe she’s trying to challenge my Delphie for the title of “oldest virgin alive” lol! (Not really, I’m sure, but it sure feels that way when you’re in college and everybody else is getting attention!)

    Oh, Paloma. If we’re being honest, I’m not entirely over you and Oliver either. Although I do think her new guy is much better for her. But I bet Oliver will always have a little place in her heart. That is natural.

    1. The boys jumped right into some ACR love! Simon had a crush on Itzel, and I had forgotten! She’s pretty happy with Rafael right now, so he might have lost his chance there. But him and Cassia would give me red-haired babies… so I’m chill with that. 😉

      Yes, Linnea is beyond safe from pregnancy. She hasn’t even had that first kiss yet. lol on oldest virgin alive. Man, I wonder who that would be in my hood. Mine might be Lorelei… she didn’t have any dates until after college, she was in a terrible age-group, all alone.

      I hear you on not being over Oliver and Paloma… sigh. I do love their respective partners now though, and Adam and Paloma had a great wedding, which I hope I get to write up soon! I still have another college update to write. Yikes! Thanks for commenting Laura!

  3. The dorm updates seem like they’re making the students really happy. It’s definitely smart of Linnea to wait until she finds a suitable person to date! The kids in this hall seem like a great group 🙂

    1. This is a good group, they all were very studious and seem relatively nice. I’m surprise that Milo did so well academically, he did have several rolls of influencing others to write his papers… so he did do that. He’s never had a strong work ethic previously. Thanks for commenting Jackie!

  4. Oh so happy to see you back in the simming ways, I’ve missed Millwood! 🙂 These are interesting young adults to read about and I can definitely sympathize with that feeling of being left behind as your friends all have exciting dating lives. But hey, some of us are late bloomers. 🙂

    I tend to read sims the way you do with the mixed wants for Paloma. I have a few sims with a One True Sim that isn’t their current partner and I kind of think that’s life for ya. (My NPC Theresa Ceder still has Michael Smith as her One while he quickly moved on. Aww.) Some people aren’t cut out to be together, alas.

    1. Thanks simnovoris, I hope that this time I am really back in the game! The N99 August goodies took up all my free time this past couple weeks, and now I’m ready to jump back into playing, writing, and reading other blogs!

      It is hard to watch others when you are a late bloomer, begins to feel like it might not ever come. But I think Linnea will definitely get some dates under her belt eventually. Her college career just went too fast for me!

      Aww that’s too bad for Theresa, makes me think of all the songs about loving someone more than they loved you. Very true that some just aren’t made for another, but I think Oliver and Paloma will be happy with their new partners. Thanks for commenting simnovoris!

    1. Ha, yeah they did. I worked really hard to keep them away from everyone else in the dorm. I do not need that crap spreading through my hood again!! Thanks for commenting Starr!

  5. Welcome back! I missed Millwood!

    I think we have wants and fears that we would never act on. I wouldn’t be too worried about Paloma either. 🙂

    Poor Linnea though, watching everyone around her pair up and still no one for her. Shame about Red Hoodie, because he is cute…but if he doesn’t want a relationship, then it’s not going to be a great match anyway, I guess. Perhaps things will fizzle out with Milo and Tae? Or maybe she’s not meant to meet anyone until after college?

    Still stuck on Itzel and Linnea being 20! When did that happen, lol? Itzel is so cute with Rafael. I hope they last. 🙂

    1. If Linnea doesn’t find someone she’s interested in, I might give red hoodie a second aspiration, make him a little more appealing to her. Or maybe do some online dating like poor Alice. Those two could be spinsters together!

      I’m surprised that Linnea and Itzel are graduating soon, it went too fast for me, and definitely Linnea since she never got a date in.

      Very true on fears/wants that we never act on, makes me think of that old movie, Bridges of Madison County… I believe she had someone else that she loved but didn’t marry.

      Thanks for commenting Carla! With N99 Goodies behind me, I’m hoping to use some freetime to play and catch up!

      1. Same! Chris and Anthony are still waiting for me to play them. Hopefully this weekend, if not sometime this week. 🙂

        Just so you know, secondary aspirations don’t have any effect on chemistry, unless the secondary aspiration is Romance and you give them that Massive Attraction benefit. Matching turn-ons and turn-offs would be a better option, if they’re not matched already. Even better, you can get a 35 point boost from changing zodiac signs, if you pick the right one. I’m personally cool doing that for townies but your mileage may vary. Cyjon did a cool little study on chemistry in TS2, if you haven’t read it before or need a refresher!


        1. Hopefully you get time to play Chris and Anthony soon!

          Thanks for the link, it has been a while since I read it. I was thinking of adding a secondary aspiration more for compatible wants. Right now he’s a very generic romance sim, and while they have decent chemistry, she’s not really smitten with him, so I just read it that she knew his intentions. A secondary aspiration might tame some of that romance, and make him more appealing (at least in my mind!).

          I have no qualms with changing zodiac’s and personality points for townies! Thanks Carla!

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