eastborough university – westfall hall

september 2028
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Caleb Gray (20 years), Riley Gray (20 years), Jill Popper (20 years), Willa Grimsley (19 years), Dean Goss (19 years), Evie Jitmakusol (19 years), Jett Picasso (19 years), Scarlett Siew (18 years)

Scarlett had always believed that television did not depict reality, as such she had anticipated college being full of studious students; she had been woefully mistaken. The greatest punishment was that she had been placed in Willa’s residence hall. She’d said all along that she should have been in Miner Hall. Willa was gorgeous, thin, a model, and terribly viscous.

There were parties nearly every night. She’d hear them outside with their liquor, pop music, and obnoxious laughter, and wish that she’d just done online college instead. She didn’t even want a business degree; the entire setup felt more like a prison sentence than an experience.

Bea visited campus regular enough that she had more game than Scarlett. The guys on campus would all hoot and holler at her, and for a time it seemed that her and Jett were doing well with their “long-distance” dating.

Then Willa had found Jett making out with Riley, and was in the difficult situation of telling her best friend the news. The hardest part for Willa was how to start the conversation, Bea looked at her with happiness, excited to be shopping on campus, and she had terrible news to share.

Willa didn’t know how long it had been going on, but that they didn’t seem terribly new with one another. There had been times that Bea had felt attracted to Sam at the theater, and had never acted on it, and it all made her feel horribly foolish.

Bea broke up with Jett in the common room, Scarlett had witnessed it from the hall, and felt sad for Bea. If Willa were nicer to her, she might have even thought that Willa was a good friend, but she wasn’t in a charitable mood.

Classes moved forward, Willa continued to learn the ropes of fashion. She wanted to believe she’d always be this gorgeous, and capable of modeling, but knew that it simply wasn’t reality, even if she wasn’t letting that on. She worked studiously at sewing, creating designs, and making sure she’d have a plump bank account for the day when her Mom’s pudginess gene caught up with her.

Scarlett pushed through her boring lectures on business, accounting, advertising, all the things that brought her no passion. Her only relief was that Simon Millett had the same major, and so they shared many classes together. It felt like liquid gold to her homesick center, to see a familiar, and friendly face.

They only saw each other in class, but it was nice having someone to sit beside, and not feel isolated.

She’d seen him with his girlfriend, Cassia around campus. She tried to ignore that bite of jealousy that gnawed at her insides, it wasn’t for their relationship, but the friendship. Lulu hadn’t gone to college, her best friend in the whole world was still in Millwood, and not behaving like the friend she’d known all these years. Her and Alex weren’t technically broken up ether, but they were taking time apart, she needed to focus on her academics.

Lulu came to visit when she didn’t have to work at the pizza joint, or wasn’t shacking up with her boss, but she was more outgoing than she’d ever been.

She didn’t belong in this world at EU, so she didn’t have qualms about flirting with Dean very openly. All through high school, she had been one of many to have a crush on him, but he was likely to never have known, because Lulu in high school had been more demure.

She wasn’t even slightly embarrassed by a rejection ether, as she would continue to catcall him even when he was in the presence of his girlfriend.

She insisted that her new ballsy ways were due in part to having a mature boyfriend. She realized how silly these youthful fears were, and therefore grew more bold. But Scarlett wasn’t convinced. She missed Lulu with a great sadness, but a new fear accompanied that hole; Lulu embarrassed her.

So when her Dad called to meet her at the Quad, she didn’t call Lulu to share her concerns. Lulu had known about her parent’s abysmal marriage, she would have known the right words to say to give Scarlett confidence for the meeting. But the new Lulu seemed far from a listener, so Scarlett shoved down her nerves with a banana split and waited for time to pass.

Evie was there, she had become like a Den-Mother to most of the residents, and encouraged Scarlett to process her feelings instead of eating them away. It seemed like easy advice for someone who was gorgeous and leggy. Scarlett had never had anything but a round center ever since toddler-hood.

After attempting to lend an ear to Scarlett, she went out to work on a car with her boyfriend, Dean. Scarlett wished that she had that type of grace and courage. She was relieved that Evie didn’t seem to hate her for Lulu’s rude behavior, and it made her miss her old friend all over again.

Scarlett had avoided going home since classes started, and seeing her Dad in the quad felt like home. Her knees felt weak, and she wanted desperately to just go back home with him. She missed her brothers and their rambunctious playing, and sharing a room with her sister, Elodie. Going to the park, and babysitting on hot summer days, now all of that would be on Elodie.

He asked about classes, and watched her face, picking up on her subtle expressions. Someone who had always known her was just who she needed to see. She hadn’t realized that while Lulu had been a disappointment, that she could find what she needed in her Dad.

She had prepared herself for him to declare a divorce in the future. It was common in couples that married young, and struggled financially, that had to put the risk higher, so logically, Scarlett could understand. But he hadn’t said anything about divorce or separation; he mentioned simply that he was sick, and the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with him yet.

He didn’t feel that she should be left out of the know, and didn’t want her to hear the news on the phone. College never seemed more wrong in that moment. She insisted she was calling it quits, and coming home immediately, but he laughed her off, and told her to not throw in the towel.

He promised to update whenever he knew more, and that there was really nothing for her to do at home. He pressed that EU was exactly where he wanted her to be, and to not worry herself sick over the unknown.

Afterwards, time moved slowly. Scarlett called home or texted Elodie every single night, anxious for good news and fearing the worst. But there were no answers.

The dorm exploded with news and drama, all of which Scarlett was only vaguely aware. Evie lived up to her reputation, and was there for Riley, as she confessed that she was pregnant with Jett’s baby. Scarlett had mildly mused that it was good that Bea had kicked him to the curb, but it was about the extent of thought she put toward it.

The rumor on campus was that Jett responded comically, that Riley herself might have laughed if it wasn’t tragically true.

Once the shock left, he instantly went into denial, insisting that she must have slept with someone else. Some would say that he was still in shock, and the tragic-romantics, said that he was still in love with Bea, and hoped to reconcile when she went to EU the following year. But Willa thought he was just a jerk.

Riley handled his asinine behavior with strength of her own, and insisted that she could raise the baby on her own. But she’d already spoke of possibly putting it up for adoption with others in her circle.

She was due in June, many of the girls on campus said that was good luck, the baby would arrive during summer break, and she would have time to get a handle on things. But Scarlett only wondered if her Dad would be alright, if it was more serious than he let on, and how could it not be? He’d drove all the way to EU to tell her, it had to be worse.

Notes: Well, I did not expect Riley to get pregnant by Jett. These are both from EA families/townies, so I’m curious on the baby. I’m undecided on what Riley will do with the baby, raise it, give it up for adoption, allow a family member to raise it. Most of it probably depends on Jett, but aren’t his eyes hilarious when she tells him the news!!

And Quint is sick… with what I do not know what, because I haven’t had time to roll and research. I’m in the land of unknown along with the rest of the Siew family. But he rolled the ROS “Routine doctor visit, something shows up, roll to see if you survive.” Their play session is in February, and we will know what is going on with Quint then.

Scarlett is miserable, she is very much family-oriented, she rolls constant wants for her sister Elodie, to talk/play with a family member, for Elodie to come to university, etc… she’s also getting an Econ/Business degree because it seems financially wise, it’s not her passion. So there isn’t much keeping her happy right now.

Caleb Gray – 1.2 (academic probation, too caught up kissing Jill Popper)
Riley Gray – 2.6
Jill Popper – 4.0
Willa Grimsley – 3.3
Dean Goss – 3.0
Evie Jitmakusol – 3.0
Jett Picasso – 3.0
Scarlett Siew – 4.0

Thanks for commenting! I’m hoping to get some updates through the rest of the month, and go from there! Crossing fingers!

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7 thoughts on “eastborough university – westfall hall

  1. Oh no, that is horrible news! I hope the doctor doesn’t find anything after running more tests, you are very brave for not rolling until you play their household. Yikes, a pregnancy…that’s plenty of drama for the dorm.

    1. Not so much as brave for not rolling, as much as that I’ve been super busy. I’ve been working on an illness ROS for sometime now, and really want to use that for Quint. I’m planning to post about it at N99 once I get it a bit more fleshed out. I considered having Quint and Rebecca adopt Riley’s baby, but they aren’t in any place to do that. I had forgotten how much stuff they had on their plate until I really got into this session. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  2. Oh, poor Scarlett. College isn’t what she expected, she’s missing the old Lulu and she has to worry about her dad being sick too. 😦 I hope he’s okay. As hard as everything else seems now, I think those are the sorts of things that could eventually work themselves out. At least she’s acing her classes!

    I’m glad Bea got rid of Jett. Ugh. Sounds like he has a bit of his father in him. :\ Riley is Corbin Gray’s daughter, isn’t she? I’m curious to see what her baby will look like, seeing last time I saw a pic of her, I think she looked quite a bit like my Julia.

    Yikes, Caleb! Better pull your socks up, kid!

    1. I’m so disappointed with Jett! He has a much sweeter personality, so I’m hoping that he comes around. This dorm behaves like it’s set to brothel (It’s not, I’ve checked), so I’m hoping it is just a college thing for him. We will see.

      I really hope that my rolling for Quint ends up positive. I’ve been working on my medical ROS for a bit this evening, and hope to get it a bit more fleshed out to share at N99 for ideas and such. Scarlett is doing well with her classes, which is great. If she loses her Dad, I don’t know what will happen with her, she’s very much a Daddy’s girl.

      Yes, Riley is Corbin’s daughter. Riley and Caleb are twins, and I agree that Riley and Julia look like they could be sisters. I think Riley looks a bit more like Corbin than Caleb does, who has his Mom’s nose and eyes.

      Their last family portrait:

      I really hope that Riley’s baby takes after her! I don’t find the Picaso family to be the most good looking, though Ella is one of my favorites. So maybe this baby will have a unique face too.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

    1. I had thought that Scarlett would do great in college, and I think if she had gotten my other dorm, she would be enjoying herself much more. I roll for dorm placement, so she literally got a bad draw, and her best friend didn’t go to university, so it’s not gone well for her. Thanks for commenting simnovoris!

  3. Wow, this was a very eventful update!

    Scarlett doesn’t sound inspired by her major at all. Maybe a change of plans might be in the cards for her? Is there anything else she might like to study more?

    Man, Lulu got grown really fast, didn’t she. I agree that it’s due to the older boyfriend. I knew girls in that situation when we were fresh out of high school. Sad to see their friendship growing apart because of it though, but people do grow apart after school sometimes, especially when their lives are so different now.

    And an oops baby! Whoa! I am very disappointed in Jett. I did not see that coming from him. I have read ahead of this one, but I have to say, my first thought was “Okay, so Bea better go snap up Sam then!” 😀

    I hope the sickness doesn’t turn out to be anything. And I hope you’ll post about your medical ROS here too so I can read about it!

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