winter birthdays 2028-2029

december 2028

Thomas Traver celebrates his fourth birthday this winter. It’s a momentous birthday celebration for Caitlyn as well, she’s survived being a teen Mom, the death of her Mom, being dumped by her boyfriend, and still managed to graduate college. Thomas has always been her inspiration to keep at it, and she’s beyond proud of the boy he is growing into.

Manuel Carver celebrates his birthday, it’s been eight years since his Mom, Annie has passed away, and there is very little he remembers of her. Nearly all of his memories are after the age of four, after her death, and living with his Dad, Cesar. With that, he seems more well-adjusted than his older sister, Ella has ever been. But it hasn’t developed into a great inspiration to achieve much of anything, not yet anyway.

Manny’s twin, Marisol also celebrates her birthday. She’s never been close with her big sister, Ella, and even at her young age, feels that her sister is more like their Mother than she would ever be. Just like Manny, she doesn’t really remember her Mom, but she’s heard enough about her to have gained a good idea, and doesn’t feel sorry to have had a stable childhood with Cesar. Mari has hopes to be better than her Mom could have ever dreamed, to own a home, and succeed in a career, though she hasn’t narrowed down which career yet, she fully intends to be something great.

Meme and Daniel Blackshire’s son, Jagger celebrates his first birthday. He’s full of curiosity and energy, and while Meme hopes to have another baby before too long, Jagger keeps her pretty occupied in the meantime.

The Brewer family welcome their second son, Elliot Brewer into their family. Big brother, Percy is thrilled to have a baby brother, and both Alicia and Dave feel complete with their family.

Lorelei and Marshal are eight months pregnant and due in January. They are visiting the OB-GYN office weekly now and will continue to do so until Baby Krouse arrives. Penelope is beginning to grow excited about the baby, she’s been past the nursery glass several times recently, and seems to be grasping the concept of a sibling.

Isaiah and Maeve Gavigan are seven months pregnant and due in February. Despite her attempt to become a couch-potato, she’s been experiencing premature contractions, mostly Braxton Hicks though so Dr. Morgan isn’t terribly concerned. Maeve has enjoyed the extra attention, and is thrilled that Oliver has moved out of their apartment, finally she can get the baby’s room ready, though she intends to use a bassinet for the first few months anyway.

Riley Gray and Jett Picaso are three months pregnant and due in June. The time has come that Riley has to tell her parents, especially with Christmas break looming. They are confused and rightfully so. They hadn’t even heard of Jett to be concerned that this might be a possibility.

They aren’t made aware that Jett had previously been opposed to having a baby, all they see in the dorms’ common room is a young man who seems pretty smitten with their daughter. They are nothing but concerned for the wake-up call a baby will be, but with Jett’s hand, Riley is planning to raise the baby.

Other winter birthdays:
Mandy McCarthy – 83 years // Lucy London – 64 years // Tyler Goss – 64 years
Eva Prince – 55 years // Grant Millett – 52 years // Zeke Traver – 46 years
Chris Holmes – 41 years // Violet-Adele McCarthy – 39 years // Cesar Gonzales – 38 years
Erin Louie – 36 years // *Colin Traver – 34 years // *Luca Traver – 34 years
*Meg Schehl – 30 years // *Peter Schehl – 30 years // Isaac Gavigan – 29 years
Lewis Traver – 23 years // *Aidan Traver – 23 years // *Caitlyn Traver – 23 years
Itzel London – 21 years // Linnea Barthelet – 21 years // Monroe Woodfolk – 16 years
Wyatt Siew – 10 years // Dahlia Prince – 8 years // Tyson Siew – 8 years
Clio Browning – 2 years // Thea Browning – 2 years

Notes: I’ve been wanting to add additional birthdays for sometime, and finally bit the bullet. Thanks to other sim bloggers who have included non-milestone birthdays in their posts for all their inspiration.

I’m really happy with all my age-ups, Mari and Manny are a good mix of Annie and Cesar, and I figure with their Mom dying when they were three, that they are mostly well-adjusted outside of just not having a Mom. Manny is pleasure, and Mari is fortune. As an infant, Mari didn’t care for Ella, she always rejected her interactions with her, and they are still not close. However, Manny and Ella are very close, and have always been that way.

Thomas still is very much a Luca-Lewis, but totally adorable. I really love how far him and Caitlyn have come, he’s pretty well-adjusted kid too. Super close with his Grandpa Ethan, which only a handful of sims can claim.

I’m SO happy that the Brewer’s had a second son. Percy is one of my favorite toddlers, so I’m very excited to see what Elliot looks like!

Naturally, I’m super excited for Lorelei to have her baby as well as Maeve. Hopefully I can get some more regular playing time, because I really want to get to those deliveries!

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “winter birthdays 2028-2029

  1. Thomas and Manuel have gone through a lot, and I’m so happy to see how Caitlyn and Thomas are doing. Maeve may be kind of crazy but she and Isaiah have some good genes, I think, and are likely to have very cute children. Hopefully they’ll be good parents!

    You have SO many birthdays!!

    1. So good to see you Shannon!! You’ve been missed, and I hope that things are well with you!

      I’m super happy with Caitlyn and Thomas, she’s really matured with him, and she could have easily done the opposite. I really thought she wouldn’t graduate college, she really lost momentum at the end. Maeve and Isaiah do have good genes for sure, I’m very excited for their baby and see it grow. I’m hoping for one that resembles Maeve especially.

      Gah, the birthdays at the bottom… I’m thinking of following Carla’s suit and doing monthly with birthdays. I really like her idea, and it’d be better than that mess. I nearly deleted that fifteen times before this published, and I still want to delete it! Thanks for commenting Shannon, it’s good to see you!

  2. Aw, Thomas! So cute. Marisol has such a great face! I really love the her look. Manny looks a lot like Ella to me.

    I didn’t remember Jagger being born but I smiled at his name. I’m teaching a Jagger tomorrow and he’s a real little firecracker. Wonder if this Jagger is the same!

    The new Brewer family portrait is probably the most adorable one I’ve seen. I’m jealous of your skills!

    Yay, more babies! I don’t blame Riley’s parents for being worried about this guy they’ve never heard of knocking up their daughter! Jett seems pretty involved though – more so than Lewis did at this stage, if I remember correctly. That could be a good sign.

    1. I agree with Manny resembling Ella for sure, he has the Gonzales nose, but otherwise he looks more like Annie, and I think Marisol has a good balance of parents, also with a Gonzales nose, I can’t recall which grandparent gave it to her.

      Too cute that you have a Jagger in school, I saw that it is on the list of growing names, though we didn’t know that when we named him. We took Meme as a classic rock lover.

      Haha, my skills!? I look to you! I need to find the n99 thread where we discussed birthdays, I really liked your idea, I was on the phone when I read it though and hadn’t had a chance to respond. But I love the way you are going to do yours, and may see if something similar would work for me. Trying to find a balance that I’m moving forward in time, but not so quickly that I can’t develop stories… I may go back to the two updates per game month, and then try the monthly birthdays as you’re thinking.

      Jett seems pretty happy with Riley suddenly, so I’m hopeful for the best. I would have had Rebecca and Quint adopt the baby, but they have marriage issues and health issues, that it just wouldn’t work out. Crazy enough, stinking Jessica (Jett’s Mom) is still trying to get pregnant with her second husband, so far no dice, but then you’d have a niece/nephew older than their aunt/uncle. And yeah, Lewis was really just around for the extracurricular activities, I tend to think he thought “yeah, no birth control needed.” lol.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. OMG I can’t even believe that Manny and Marisol are teenagers!!! 0_0

    All the families with little ones and baby bumps are so adorable!

    So Riley and Jett are going to try to make a go of this thing together? I wish them luck. Her poor parents though, they didn’t even know who Jett was and finding out that he’s impregnated their daughter, lol!

    1. I can’t believe that Manny and Mari are teens now too! It’s been a good long time since Annie was alive, their birthday was really a mark on time.

      It’s nice to have baby bumps again! It’s been a baby dry spell for a long period of time! Finally I’ll start getting elementary students again, I added on and then my classes suddenly began to decrease in size.

      I don’t even know what will happen with Riley and Jett… sheesh. LOL on her parents, I know, they were clueless about Jett, because he wasn’t anyone and he was actually dating Bea at the time, it just hadn’t come out that Riley was pregnant until they’d broken up.

      Thanks for commenting Laura!

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