christmas time in the city – part i

december 2028
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Erin Louie (35 years), Bethany (31 years), Logan (11 years), Mallory (8 years)

Over the summer, Erin had allowed Logan to make the decision regarding his surname. He had put on a very mature front, insisting that his Dad was no Father to him, and wanting to share his Mom’s name. He even acknowledged her sacrifice and devotion as a mother to really soften her towards the idea. It wasn’t that she needed any persuading, she had often regretted giving the kids Colin’s last name, but in her gut, she knew that Logan wanted to strike out at Colin, and have Colin prove him wrong, that he was a person who cared.

Logan wouldn’t have been able to change his surname if Colin had protested, but the quick impromptu hearing in front of the judge was met without any opposition. Mallory had joined in on the name change, though she was mostly tagging along with her big brother.

None of them had seen Colin since, though Erin knew he was just fine, still banging his old girlfriend, and working at the mechanic shop with Chris.

Ironically, as much as Colin disliked his daughter, she turned out to be the one that was exactly him in temperament. Erin wished that she could have had Mallory but without any of Colin’s genetics. She worried about her constantly, and struggled to parent her. She had to believe that nurture won out over nature when it came to Mallory, because Colin’s life was not what she wanted for her daughter.

She stomped around the house with a snarl on her face, ready to attack anything that provoked her. Provoking Mallory was obnoxiously simple, if she stumbled over her own toys that she had neglected to put away, they would face her wrath.

Homework was a nightly torture, and her effort was always minimal, just to make certain that the entire evening would be ruined. Erin knew she could do better, but sometimes thought that the sheer amount the teacher gave was unfair. She wanted her daughter to play in the backyard, watch cartoons, and actually want to learn something, instead of being forced all week long.

Logan did fine with his school, she didn’t have to tell him to do it, but would just ask how it had gone.

He even liked Nico, there wasn’t a great fatherly bond, but when Nico approached him about puberty, Logan politely listened, even asking a few questions.

But Logan struggled in secret over family, and how his all fit together. Mallory had never had a Dad, not really, and Logan knew that Colin had never been eligible for Father of the year, however he had been his Dad for a portion of his childhood. When he’d found out about his half-sister, Eden Fink, he had instantly wanted to build a friendship there.

When he was little, he would call her on the phone and they would talk sometimes. But it was short-lived, once she’d become a teenager that had all ceased. Now they were in the same school together, and as much as he feared rejection, he wanted to know her. Without any good reason at all, Mallory loathed Eden, and Logan could only hope that Eden didn’t feel that way as well.

He didn’t have to introduce himself, everyone in school knew they were related, but he did anyhow. He could see his little sister plainly on Eden’s face, and desperately wanted to include Eden into his family. However, she was hesitant.

“Do you take photography?” He showed his school-loaned camera, and she shook her head.

“What is it you want?” She didn’t intend to sound rude, but her stomach felt anxious, and she wanted desperately to be on her walk home instead of in the schoolyard still.

He chewed his bottom lip, and fidgeted with his camera, “To get to know you?” He said it like a question, but she didn’t know how to respond to that.

“I don’t think it’s such a good idea.” She finally admitted. “My Mom wouldn’t really like that, and it’s just weird, you know?” She sounded apologetic at the end, like she had no choice in her decision.

She knew her Mom wouldn’t approve. She’d tolerated the few phone calls they’d had as kids, but she’d rather forget that Colin Traver had ever existed. But Logan looked disheartened, and it felt cruel to be blunt. She couldn’t say whether or not she wanted a relationship with Logan, she hadn’t really thought about it outside of her Mom’s objections. Half-siblings had all been rather overwhelming to her.

“Hey so, you want to come over? I have to feed my fat cat by 3 or she pees on my bed.” She sort of laughed it off, “She’s a cranky furball.”

He didn’t seem to believe the cat story, but accepted her offer with new enthusiasm. She went out of her comfort zone, and tried to pull him out of his funk.

“What do you think of Miss Lange? You’re in Physical Science this year right?”

He did have Miss Lange, they talked briefly of her engagement to Oliver, and how they’d both loved him in Elementary school. It was ironic that two of their teachers were getting married, and then they lost steam again. It was horribly awkward to force a conversation with a stranger, even with shared genetics.

It didn’t go much better at the house. Logan admired it, the size, how updated it was. It felt awkward to Eden, she had never been by his house, but his compliments made her believe he lived in a dump.

He tried talking about Mallory, but Eden seized up, clearly uncomfortable. Logan didn’t know how to make this work, maybe they wouldn’t be best friends, but he wanted to at least joke about his tyrant of a little sister.

Right before she made him leave due to her Mom’s impending arrival, she shyly asked if he saw their Dad at all. It would break her Mother’s heart, but she’d always wondered what it would be like to have a Dad in the house. A Dad that poured her cereal when she was younger and to carry her on his shoulders.

Logan admitted that they hadn’t heard from him in months. Briefly discussed the court filing to change his last name, and then she forced him out. She tried to be polite, but guilt plagued her. If her Mom arrived home early, she would be heartbroken by this betrayal. She’d sacrificed everything for Eden, and Logan, his bratty sister, they were all part of a man that Avery detested.

Before he left he made a remark about how their Dad really sucked, and she lost her cool. She didn’t mean to yell, but how dare he admire her house like it should have been his, or complain about a Dad that he’d lived with for years. She didn’t even know who her Dad was until a few years earlier.

It ended on a sour note that Logan sulked the whole way home, unaware of the biting northerly winds, and how late he was at getting home.

The sunset early, and by the time he got home, he saw that their Mom had set up a Christmas tree. Mallory insisted they put their pajamas on, anything with a Christmas theme she declared, and luckily Erin had just bought her new winter-theme pajamas. And then they sat, for many hours, just watching the lights twinkle while the radio played Christmas music.

Logan wanted to talk to someone about Eden, about the bits of jealousy he had over their nice house, and lack of gnome wallpaper, but Mallory wasn’t the person for that. He didn’t really know who would be that person. So he pushed it out of his mind and worked at enjoying their first ever Christmas tree.

The next day, when Bethany approached him about skipping school and blowing off steam, he actually felt eager for the opportunity. His sensible part objected, but he squashed it, wondering what it would feel like to be impulsive.

She surprised him with a visit to Trout Pointe, where she proceeded to hit on the guy serving smoothies, and be embarrasingly rejected. His aunt’s flirting confounded him, she’d been sort of seeing Zion for years at this point, but it didn’t stop ether of them from opening themselves up to the world.

Once she got that out of her system though, they ended up having a great time just goofing off and pranking one another.

He knew it would hurt his Mom’s feelings, but sometimes he wished that she was more fun-loving like Bethany.

When their fun was over, she gave him some of her money to buy a comic book. Logan picked out something for his sister instead of himself. He looked forward to the day that he had a job, and could buy things for his Mom and sister, and just help to make their lives easier.

By the time they arrived back at home, he felt better about his failings at friendship with Eden. He no longer wanted to give up, but felt that maybe he should go slower, like a wave in the hallway at school, or perhaps tutoring for his Physical Science class. He wasn’t Mallory, he was actually a rather quick-learner, but he could play dumb a bit if it gave him and Eden something common to talk about, but only as a last resort he decided; he’d rather be honest with her.

Notes: I split this into two updates, I wanted to do Christmas with the Louie family, but Logan had wants again for Eden, but it just didn’t go well. Mallory actually detests Nico and Eden, I imagine her being the kind of kid who says that she hates everything. “I hate pizza. I hate sunshine.” 😉

Logan is just a big sweetie though, rolled the want to talk to Eden, play with a family member, and to learn couple’s counseling.

No wants for Colin, and Colin had none for the kids, so he’s currently not seeing them at all.

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “christmas time in the city – part i

  1. A bit awkward, but I like how you wrote that in about him trying to get to know his half-sister. I’m disappointed in Colin who seems to have just dropped his family. Hopefully we will get his side of things soon and how he’s feeling.

    1. Awkward for sure! I really loved Eden’s expressions in this, and their negative conversations as well. It’d be hard to make friends in this situation, not in my comfort zone ether. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  2. I can’t help feeling it is just as well for the kids at this point not to have contact with Colin, but I know it’s not that easy, it is bound to be painful either way and have repercussions. Logan is so sweet and I felt for him and Eden as he tried to reach out. That picture of Mallory and Logan looking at the tree is so evocative of the wonder of the holidays.

    1. Mhmm… I feel the same about the kids not seeing Colin. Painful for them all, especially Mallory who seems rather attached to the idea of her Dad. I really liked that photo of the kids looking at the tree, it turned out better than I hoped. It was nice spending the holiday with them. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. Aw, Logan. He really does seem like a very sensitive young guy – takes after his mum, I guess. I think a friendship with Eden might still be possible…I don’t think she’s a terrible person. I think it’s just a really delicate situation and they both need to be a bit more careful with what they say to each other. Maybe it’s not something either of them have the skills to deal with at the moment. When they’re older, it might be easier to speak openly and honestly without taking anything personally?

    Not really surprised Colin hasn’t been seeing the kids. Even when he was with Erin, he was never the active father he should have been. :\

    Looking forward to Part 2. Hopefully I get to it in a more timely fashion than I got to this one!

    1. I agree about it being a delicate situation. Personally, I would not want to be in that place, but Logan is more brave than me. That is a good point about them not having the skills necessary for the situation.

      No, Colin was never active. I couldn’t believe how inactive he was! Most of my sims do at least the minimum when a baby cries, or a toddler dirties their diaper (a bath usually). And he never did anything without my prompting.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  4. Logan is a gem! It’s a shame his dealings with Eden didn’t go better. It seems just like him to give it his all, but maybe taking it slowly would be a better approach with her. They’re young still and they have plenty of time. Perhaps it might even be easier for them when they’re adults and out on their own, not having to worry about hurting her mom’s feelings.

    I love their Christmas decorations. Makes their home feel so cozy.

    1. It was fun decorating their home for Christmas, I’m not always in the mood to do it in the game, but really was for this family.

      Logan is a pretty sweet teen, I see him being sympathetic for his Mom, while I see Mallory as blaming their Mom. I think you are right on him befriending Eden as adults, that will likely be much easier. I think the Moms are adding another layer of awkwardness, even if they aren’t aware the two are talking again. Erin has never seemed threatened by Eden, but Avery isn’t quite so generous. I think she really regrets her one-night stand with Colin! Thanks for commenting Laura!

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