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January Birthdays – 2029

Violet-Adele’s 39th birthday rolls around and she doesn’t feel much like celebrating. The passing of her Father is still too new, and to add to injury, they are still not pregnant.

She had never been in a rush to have a baby, but with her fortieth birthday fast approaching, and the loss of her Dad, she feels an unfamiliar urgency. Etienne tries his best to lift her spirits, conveying a sense of peace that they will soon find themselves expecting.

Adam Brindley celebrates his 32nd birthday at the bakery and he isn’t complaining. He’s still working at Hazel’s Diner part-time as they work to pay off their debt, and to buy a safe family-type vehicle.

Paloma is incredibly keen on the latter part, and not terribly excited about the debt-paying. However, Adam is having them wait until they are in a better place financially, and in the end, Paloma does not wait to raise a child without a fair amount of money; she’s afraid of poverty and living that nightmare again.

Lorelei had been begging to be induced, when she finally went into labor on her own. It was on a Friday, and Lorelei had been told that the new baby will be loving and giving, because apparently that is the prophecy for Friday babies. Marshal is just excited to miss out on work and have a three day weekend with his family.

Both are most anxious to meet the final addition to their Krouse family, with both worrying over different aspects. Marshal is concerned over the addition they still haven’t started, while Lorelei is mostly thinking about the upcoming labor and that’s about as far out as her mind can go right now.

Dr. Morgan arrives, along with Dr. Hadley Millett to them. Morgan enjoys remiding Hadley that they were the couple with the birthing suite fire. Marshal admits that he started the fire, though continues to claim it wasn’t his fault. Marshal promises that he won’t dare touch the microwave this time around.

But all the promises are for naught, as unlike like last time, this delivery is going much more swiftly. A mere hour after being checked in, she’s on the table and ready to deliver. Dr. Morgan chuckles at the opposite nature of both the deliveries, and is grateful that she’s not doing this delivery of her newest niece or nephew over the telephone with Lorelei in the back of a cab.

If they hadn’t already agreed that this was their last, the delivery made certain of that. While it may have come on quickly, it didn’t make it any less painful.

Marshal was just as choked up at the site of his second baby’s head as he was with Penelope. Even Hadley, with the ruthless nature of a surgeon, had found that deliveries were rather amazing, and enjoyed another opportunity to work with Morgan.

Morgan happily announced that they were the proud parents of a son. A healthy baby boy with a head full of hair, just like his Mama.

Neither of them could be happier with having one of each, and they marveled at all his features and counted his toes.

It was equally love at first sight for Marshal, and he wondered how he’d ever held Penelope at this size. She seemed so much bigger and he hadn’t really noticed how much she’d grown until he held his son.

Penelope was brought over that afternoon by her grandparents, and thrilled to meet her brother. She did tell her brother that she wished he were a girl, but he’d do fine if he was the only baby left in her Mom.

Lorelei and Marshal were happy to inform their family and friends of their son, Otto Krouse’s arrival.

January Birthdays:
Angie Dennis turns 80 (pnpc)
Corbin Gray turns 48 (pnpc)
Ginny Pacelli turns 42 (pnpc)
Erin Louie turns 36.
Itzel London turns 21.
Dahlia Prince turns 9.

January Anniversaries:
Matias & Isabella Martinez – 27 years (pnpc, Perla and Rafael’s parents)
Isaac & Lauren Gavigan – 5 years

Notes: I am SO happy with Otto! It’s my Grandpa’s name, and I thought that it worked perfectly for Lorelei and Marshal, especially with a German last name like Krouse! I’m glad that Krouse has a chance to carry on now.

Inspired by Carla, I am completely redoing my birthdays. I’m adapting her idea for the monthly birthdays and snippets of story and making it work in my hood. I’m very excited about this idea, and having the opportunity to peek in on other sims when it’s not their turn in the round.

I’m also returning to two updates per sim month. I originally changed it to one household a month, but it’s just taking too long per round. I feel that my high school and uni kids suffer the most for this, so back we go.

Thanks for reading!

12 thoughts on “January Birthdays – 2029”

    1. I wish he were a blondie, that’s the lightest of pooklet’s browns. It does look more blonde though than brown. I hear you on baby names and all the years of naming sims! I love the name Otto, it’s used quite a bit in my family after Grandpa, so I get to hear it a lot. I think it’s such a cute name that will totally be revived by hipsters as well. Thanks for commenting Laura!

    1. I’m really enjoying the snippets for birthdays, I have so many storylines, that I feel I never get to accomplish some stuff, this will help with that. Thanks Starr for commenting!

  1. I really hope Violet-Adele and Etienne have a baby! But I don’t think it will be as fast as when she would have been 20, but it’s not impossible! In SimsVille Mairie got pregnant when she was in her 50’s!

    Welcome little Otto! I know you wanted a boy to continue the name Krouse, so I’m glad they had Otto. I’m also pleased to see he has blond hair! With 2 blond parents it seems logical, but seeing Penelope has black hair, Otto could have had black hair as well.

    I loved the idea when I saw it on Carla’s blog, and I still love it seeing it here! I love seeing birthdays this way. It’s a nice way to pop in with certain families when it’s not their turn just yet. I don’t have enough sims just yet for doing this, but I can’t wait to try this myself!

    1. Definitely not impossible for Violet-Adele and Etienne, Delaney was also in her 50’s when they surprised me with Lizzie. I’m very excited to see them as parents and what their baby looks like, so I hope it doesn’t take too long.

      Yes, I really did want to continue the Krouse name, so little Otto was a very happy addition for me. Like I was saying to Laura, Lorelei and Otto have the lightest brown hair. Lorelei is brown/black, with the black hair coming from her Mom, Kenzie. That’s where Penelope got it from.

      I’m glad you are enjoying the birthdays, as I am too! It’s super fun reading it this way on Carla’s blog, and hopefully soon, you’ll be there too! Thanks for commenting Tanja!

  2. I was about to say exactly the same thing about Otto! That’s a perfect name for a surname like that. 🙂 And he’s so cute with that hair too. ❤ So happy to see Marshal and Lorelei's family complete.

    And oh, poor Violet-Adele and Etienne! I hope they can conceive. It might be nice to follow them through an adoption though, if it ends up not working out for them.

    Loved seeing your first new birthdays update! I'm super-excited about doing mine this way too! Already trying to decide who I'll check in with for March!

    1. I really, really want Vi and Etienne to have a baby, I want to see their genetics, and I think for Vi that it would be very special for her to have a blood-related child since she is adopted. But if it doesn’t happen, then it is the option they’d have to take. I won’t meddle with the pregnancy for her.

      I’ve been making notes for future months on who I want to check in on. Question, how are you doing your pregnancies? An update each month or every trimester? For example, I haven’t included Riley, who is pregnant, except for on her trimester months. Curious what your take was on it?

      I love the name Otto Krouse. I can’t wait to see his birthday and genetics! Thanks for commenting Carla!

      1. I’m still only going to do pregnancy updates once per trimester. I don’t have that much to say about my pregnant sims that I could come up with something to say for them every single month of their pregnancies.

  3. Wow, Isaac and Lauren have been together 5 years!!! Didn’t know if they’d make it that far. I am also anxious to see Violet and her incredibly awesome husband have their first baby, so disappointed they aren’t expecting yet.

    1. That’s what I thought too about Isaac and Lauren! 5 years!! It’s crazy pants! I’m disappointed that Vi isn’t expecting yet as well, I hope that it happens for them and soon would be great. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

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