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wealth and responsibility

january 2029
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(London Household Profile)
Myra London (87 years), Cole (65 years), Lucy (64 years)

The kids are all gone now, it’s just three oldies putzing around these days, but the kids make an effort to visit as often as they can. It’s usually a Sunday brunch so they can get back to campus at a decent hour.

Milo likes to yank my chain, always telling me stories about ladies on campus, but then insisting that he isn’t seeing anyone. However, I have a spy on campus with Itzel, and know that he’s been seeing a girl named Maxine for a few months. Itzel doesn’t know if it’s exactly serious, but it’s the only girl she’s ever seen him with. I never let on that she’s ratted him out though.

Myra is obsessed with the family visiting the mountains again. We’ve owned property up there off and on for years. Milo took his first steps in Randy and Myra’s old cabin. But there just hasn’t been time in recent years to visit.

All of the kids jump at the idea of the cabin though. Insisting that we should repair ours and put it on the market and get something even better.

Some weekends, Itzel will bring Rafael to our home. Most of the time he visits his family, they live near Lincoln Park which is a respectable part of town. But he seems too weak for Cole’s taste. He wants his daughter with someone strong. Most of the time he looks at people as if they were clients and who he would want to represent. He says that he would definitely not want to represent Rafael.

The poor kid, he always looks about two seconds from ralphing on my carpet. I try to get Cole to lighten up, it’s not like they are engaged.

In private though, he likes to point out that they graduate EU this spring, and it wouldn’t be implausible for them to talk of marriage. It’s hard to imagine my daughter married, and I am concerned how it would effect Alice, being the older sister.

When I visit Alice, I’m always poking my nose in her business, trying to see how she really is doing. She insists that she is fine, perfectly happy. She loves living with Julia, and her career is going well.

She did some online dating, but none of it has been fruitful. She insists that she is not bogged down by this lack of development. But Julia has a boyfriend, and Lainey has a son. I can imagine that she struggles, even if she won’t tell me about it.

I try to get Julia to divulge information, but if she knows anything, she’s not telling me.

I usually pick up around their apartment, make Alice’s bed. She’s not entirely sloppy, just busy in the mornings. I think she works too much, but her Dad would never agree with me on that. He’s a firm believer in long hours being the root of all success.

It’s delayed, but we get a copy of Milo’s grades. Apparently when he got assigned his dorm, he never updated his address so it was sent home. And we are relieved for it. A 3.6 GPA is serious negligence, and warrants a campus visit.

Myra insists that she come with, but I wish she’d have been happy to stay at home. She’s a lot of work lately, and would benefit from a private nurse.

Milo finds the entire visit amusing. Blowing off the seriousness of his lackluster grades. If he dips below a 3.5 he is ineligible for Law School. It is very serious.

He says that being a lawyer is his dream, but he lacks the focus to get the job done. It didn’t seem that ether of us could get him to see the jeopardy his entire future was in.

I had to miss the last part of the conversation, as Myra had gone to the restroom and failed to return. Wandering and forgetting have become her two pastime activities.

I found her in front of some military posters, concerned for Cole being drafted into war. There isn’t even a war going on, and Cole is many years past the age for military.

I was just relieved that she wasn’t asking for Randy, her late husband. When she goes that far back, then it’s a real issue bringing her to the present.

I was able to flatter her until she agreed to sit down with me. There was no point bringing her back to the table, it would upset Milo to see her this way, and she’d distract the discussion that needed to be had.

So we sat until she dozed for a nap. She usually wakes up more alert afterward, but missing out on the conversation and time with Milo was difficult for me.

From what Cole told me, Milo didn’t take any of it seriously.

Cole kept telling him that he was wasting money, his life, future, everything. But Milo just laughed it off, and told his Dad to calm down, that he had everything under control.

When it was time to leave, I managed to get Myra up on her feet, though she kept complaining that she was tired. I’d already spoken with her doctor, Dr. Dwyer about her energy levels, and he’d prescribed some vitamins. I’m not sure if they have helped much.

I tried to be motherly and encouraging to Milo when I gave him a hug goodbye. There is a significant amount of pressure when you are a London, the entire firm is aware of his intentions, and waiting for their future boss to prove that he’s worthy.

The next weekend, Cole takes time off work to sit with his Mom. The weather is nice for January, and not too frigid, that they are able to watch the waves and trains for sometime.

She apologized to Cole, yet again about not having more children, asking if he was truly lonely without a sibling.

Cole was never one to be sad about a lack of a brother or sister. Not only did he inherit his Father’s legacy, money, and business, he also understood his Mom’s fertility issues. Much like Lucy, his Mom had suffered a third trimester loss, and never was able to conceive again. He never missed having a sibling, and if he had in a long ago distant memory, he understood why it didn’t happen.

Back at the law firm, he’s surprised to find that his Mother’s doctor is coming to him for legal aid. Trisha is the one to fill him in on the upcoming appointment. They also catch up on her daughter’s upcoming wedding and the plans going into that.

Brooklyn hasn’t nailed a date down yet, she keeps waffling between a few months, and they aren’t even in the same season! She started working for Cole when Brooklyn had started preschool, so we’ve both witnessed her grow up, not to mention that she was once a student of mine. I do wish she’d come to my Elementary school to teach.

I get to hear about the wedding through her fiance, Oliver seeing he works for me. So it’s always fun to compare stories and guess at what the real truth is in this wedding planning. I’m taking notes so when one of my children gets engaged, I’ll be prepared for the emotional rollercoaster.

Cole was intrigued to have Dr. Dwyer come in to visit. I was not. I feel that it is bad taste to know your doctor’s dirty business.

Thankfully it wasn’t terribly sordid. Just a custody case, which can be quite vile, but isn’t as nefarious as drunk driving or drug use.

Doesn’t bode well that he left the county some years ago, and when he recently returned, didn’t immediately file for partial custody. He insisted he was trying to get his life back in order, but some men just don’t know what to do with their children.

Cole is always the picture of proper manners, and greeted Dr. Dwyer like it was their first time meeting. He likes to judge character based on handshakes. He liked Marcus’ just fine.

Trisha tries to fill Cole in without sharing her opinion on matters while in front of the client. Later on, they will discuss the case in-depth.

I’m already certain that Cole will take the case, and I wish that I could inform Miriam, his ex-wife of what is happening. She’s my kindergarten teacher, and I feel for her. I know more than others, that he slept around while they were married, heavily.

While Cole has to know these facts too, because I complained for years about this, he doesn’t imply that he does. He does insist that Marcus be straight up about anything black on his background, that it would all come up in court and better for his lawyer to be prepared.

He doesn’t seem too happy about it, but he does divulge most of the information I already knew, and if he gave more than that, Cole didn’t tell me. He did tell me that he bought a bungalow out in Millwood, and was setting up a home for the kids, though they are teenagers now.

Makes me happy that Cole and myself haven’t had any big marriage issues, even when his old secretary, Marta tried starting an affair. I hope that our children make wise choices about their future partners, and that Milo isn’t terribly serious about this Maxine character. Itzel says she goes by Max, as if she were a male dog. I can’t imagine how that would be accepted at the law firm.

I’m worried that Milo is upset with us from our meeting, but like clockwork, he comes home for the weekend. He says that he misses his bedroom, and the quiet that our house offers. He does put in a bare minimum of study time, and then he’s in a heavy wet suit and out on the waves. I don’t know if it’s the quiet house he misses or the ocean.

Ether way, I’m always happy when any of my children visit.

Notes: Somehow I lost my household photo, and being too lazy too boot the game just to snap a new one, you get the entire London family.

Most probably don’t recall, but Marta (Cesar’s ex who cheated on him) had tried to have an affair with Cole. That was years ago when he was middle age, and she was an up and comer. She was promptly fired, and has worked at Zoe-Gen Bridal for a significant period of time now.

Milo needs a 3.5 to get into Law School, and he’s dangerously on the border after his freshman year.

If you missed the London Law Firm tour, it’s up on my tumblr.

I used Pru’s Attorney ROS for Cole, and it happened to pick Marcus and a custody battle. It works out well since he’s been divorced for a long time, left the town (hung in the bin to cool his jets for not getting Chief of Staff), and has been back for a bit, and recently bought a house in Millwood. So the background was all there for this to be his next step.

I did traits for the London family, and you can view them on their family tree over here if you are interested. One day I will link to all of the ones that I have finished on one page.

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “wealth and responsibility”

    1. I know! It’s such a family tradition, they are counting on him and I am too! I want a third generation lawyer, and he has a whole firm to take over one day. I hope he gets his grades up, I won’t force him though. I was surprised when I loaded their lot and they were empty nesters. I forgot that they were done rearing kids. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  1. I remembered Marta as Cesar’s ex but I didn’t remember her and Cole…though it’s sounding familiar now you’re explaining it!

    Glad you got a chance to use Pru’s Law ROS. It turned into an interesting little side plot for Cole. How will you decide the outcome? It certainly seems to be swinging Miriam’s way, so I could definitely see you just deciding it based on story but I wondered if you had a method in mind instead.

    I feel bad for poor Rafael! I think someone like Itzel is better off with someone a bit softer. A strong person like Cole is imagining might be a little overbearing to someone like her. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens between them.

    And yikes on Milo’s grades! I think they’d be considered quite good under normal circumstances (not wanting to get into law school!) and for parents with lower expectations (not Cole and Lucy) but as it stands? I hope he can pull up his socks and keep those grades up but he doesn’t look like he has a ton of motivation. Maybe he should have gone to some inland university, far away from any distracting waves, lol!

    1. Pru’s Law Ros was a ton of fun, she has the verdict included in the role, so I already know how it will all end. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome, very realistic with what I can tell from family court in real life.

      I agree that Rafael is perfect for Itzel. She’d be swallowed whole by an overbearing guy. Poor Rafael always look so anxious around them.

      Ha, yes Milo’s grades would be good if he weren’t a London, and going for Law school. I hope that when I get back to him, he’s more focused on academics. I won’t force him to get good grades, so he’s really gotta get there on his own.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. Maybe Milo’s dad could pull some strings with the university, like donate a scholarship or something. It seems like I’ve heard of rich families doing that sometimes. Or at least donating something to the law school he’s applying to.

    The law firm looked amazing. I saw it on Tumblr. And it was cool seeing Brooklyn’s mom at work too. Trisha Traveller worked at the hospital in my Sims 2 game, but she never reached the age of Brooklyn’s mom.

    That was interesting about Myra apologizing to Cole for never having more children. It seems she is having a little trouble with memory and needs someone looking out for her now. Was she really worried about Cole going into the military looking at the posters (as far as thought bubbles?)

    1. That is brilliant Shannon! I don’t generally rub elbows with the mega wealthy, I didn’t think of how affluent people not do some scholarship bribery! Hopefully he can get there on honest grades, but I’ll keep this in mind if he doesn’t. I already know that Lucy, a principal, would not approve of these means, but Cole wouldn’t mind in the least.

      Thanks on the law firm, it really came together. I didn’t even want to build one, and I’m so happy how it came out. I think elderhood really agrees with Trisha! I can see her in medical too. For my Trisha, this just happened to be in the newspaper, and she’s worked her way up through the years. She was a stay at home Mom, and then went off to work when Brooklyn went to school. It was all chance, but it’s worked out nicely.

      Myra was worrying while she faced the posters, but she wasn’t actually thinking about the posters. I brought that to the story, but she inspired her with her worry/posters. She was talking about babies and adoption this time, and vacation, so I think she’s nostalgic. She had Cole before I blogged, and had a third trimester loss, and multiple miscarriages after that. It had really depressed her for quite a period of time. She also kept acting exhausted, even when her motives were green! I figured with her advanced age, that she suffer from some dementia.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

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