February Birthdays – 2029

Isaac Gavigan turns 29 this February, and after a hard night of partying, feels lucky that he gets to carry his very drunk wife home. Lauren is going to feel it in the morning, and Isaac thinks that brunch is in order. He’s really hoping that this year will go slower than the last few have; he feels ill-prepared to turn thirty.

Caitlyn celebrates her 23rd birthday with Thea and Clio, who are celebrating their 2nd birthday. There’s a variety of cupcakes and balloons for the twins, and it helps to take Caitlyn’s mind off her break-up with Elias. She really did care for him, but in the end, she felt that she needed time to focus on herself and Thomas. Her career in Social Services is just starting off, and Thomas begins school in the fall; it all felt like enough for right now.

Linnea turns 21, and plans to visit the pub that evening, but first she has a date. It’s her first date that she’s ever been on, and she’s terrified that she’ll embarrass herself immensely, but he seems to have a good time with her. She doesn’t tell him that she’s never dated, and thankfully he doesn’t ask.

It’s all going well, until he moves to touch her hands, and she freaks out on him. She’s utterly embarrassed, and wishes that she wasn’t such a psycho. At least there will be liquor that night with her bestie, Itzel

Despite the rejection, Hudson insists that he did have a good time and would like to see her again. Linnea won’t hold her breath for that phone call but she is tentatively hopeful.

Brooklyn takes a handful of pregnancy tests, and the results aren’t conclusive. She schedules an appointment with her Ob-Gyn, and brings support with her in the form of her mother, and fiance, Oliver. A quick ultrasound confirms that Brooklyn is five weeks pregnant, and due in October.

Trisha isn’t very upset with this news, she’s excited to have a grandchild. However, she’s even more concerned about the wedding date, which Brooklyn couldn’t decide on before this new complication.

After a moment, Oliver jumps in and is excited with the news. He is allowing Brooklyn to decide when she wants to get married, before or after the baby’s birth. She’s still wrapping her mind around a baby that she’s speechless when it comes to the wedding planning.

Maeve and Isaiah Gavigan spend a day going through the masterlist on inducing labor, and wind up in the labor unit that night. Maeve is grateful that they will not have the baby on Uncle Isaac’s birthday, which they narrowly missed, and Isaiah is the dutiful husband, massaging Maeve and grabbing her ice chips without complaint.

In the wee hours of the morning, the third generation for the Gavigan’s begins with a daughter.

Isaiah can’t believe that he’s a Father, and feels inadequate to hold her.

When the sunrises, they inform all the family, leaving his Mom to call Isaac and Lauren. They’re very proud to introduce their daughter, Margot Gavigan.

Mary insists that they take a family portrait immediately after the girls are released. Thankfully it goes quickly so they can get Margot back inside where it’s warm.

February Birthdays:
Mandy McCarthy – 83 years
Nathan Gavigan – 59 years (pnpc)
Grant Millett – 52 years
Caroline Welsh – 42 years (pnpc)
Chris Holmes – 41 years
Cesar Gonzales – 38 years
Isaac Gavigan – 29 years
*Aidan Traver – 23 years
*Caitlyn Traver – 23 years
Linnea Barthelet – 21 years
Diego Martinez – 7 years (pnpc)
*Clio Browning – 2 years
*Thea Browning – 2 years

February Anniversaries:
Tyler & Kenzie Goss – 36 years
Reed & Caroline Welsh – 19 years (pnpc)

Notes: Well, Brooklyn got pregnant accidentally while I was decorating their new house. It wasn’t how I planned for this to go down, but I’m excited to see the baby. They have the chance for brown, blond, or red hair. You probably all know what I am rooting for!

Caitlyn and Elias weren’t rolling wants for one another anymore and ACR was pretty bland for two sims in their twenties. So I had them call it quits, especially after Elias was hanging out with Bobbi at Paloma’s wedding down by the beach. I didn’t think that was a good sign ether.

Wow, I was surprised that Reed and Caroline have been married 19 years. They married on the blog, I guess I am passing time, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

I’m so happy with baby Margot, and excited to play Isaac/Lauren so we can visit their niece.

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “February Birthdays – 2029

  1. I guess Brooklyn and Oliver have a lively ACR attraction going :-). I’ve been excited about the prospect of their children’s hair color ever since they started dating! And not just hair color, Brooklyn, to me, is very cute, great genes to pass along.

    Maeve’s picture with newborn Margot is so beautiful. And it cracked me up about them going down the list of labor-inducements. Glad it worked for them. The extended Gavigan family portrait and the first grandbaby must make Mary so happy.

    Poor Linnea, she seems so self-conscious about dating, and that can be really tough.

    1. lol Shannon! Yes Oliver and Brooklyn have a very healthy ACR attraction! I think Brooklyn is adorable, and I hope the babies take after her nearly entirely! Those McCarthy genes are SO strong!

      Maeve doesn’t seem the type to wait for things to naturally happen on their own, she’s very much on her own timeline. I’m happy she had a baby girl, and I know Mary is!

      Linnea is late into the dating game, and seemed rather awkward. I don’t know if he’ll be back around, I’ll check wants when I get back around to her. But at least she got the first date under her belt! Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. Oh gosh, a birthday first date! I’m glad Hudson at least said he wasn’t too put off by Linnea’s standoffishness – I hope he does call her!

    Oooh, a baby for Oliver and Brooklyn! That’s a surprise but hopefully one that they can come to terms with quickly and eventually get excited about.

    I was thinking Maeve would have a girl! I can just see her as a mother to a whole pack of girls, for some reason! I adore the family portrait. That family is growing fast, with Lauren due as well.

    1. Poor Linnea! She really needed to get a date under her belt, and has been neglected in college, so this seemed a good remedy for her. It didn’t got well though, so it might have been more traumatizing!

      I was not terribly happy for Brooklyn to get pregnant right now, though I’ve been most impatient for them to have a baby. I can’t figure out the wedding now though, especially with the third trimester glitch on community lots.

      I think a girl suits Maeve too, and I’m sure she loves your idea of having a pack of girls! She’ll likely get 2 kids total, unless I fall in love with their genetics. 😀

      However, Lauren isn’t pregnant. Thank goodness! Then her night out boozing it up would be entirely inappropriate! They’re in a small one bedroom apartment, and seem to be enjoying themselves fine for now. I don’t think she’s ready to be a Mom and give up her fun.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

    1. Nope you didn’t miss anything. I did mention their lack of relationship wants/interactions in Caitlyn’s previous update, so it wasn’t completely unexpected. Elias is really rather keen for Paloma’s friend, Bobbi… and she just wasn’t interested. Plus she has her own house now, and I don’t think she wants to live on a farm, as they stayed together longer, that was becoming more of an issue. Thanks for commenting LC!

  3. Happy birthday to everyone, and welcome to the new baby! The family picture of them all looks so great!

    Isaac and Lauren are still such a fascinating pair, sweet even, in their way. I loved the picture of him carrying her, too, and I do wonder if they’ll chill out at all when they finally reach their thirties.

    I’m so glad Linnea finally got a date! He is cute! I don’t know if you planned it, but I love how even the cashier is looking over at them when she freaked out, like “what the hell?” lol!

    1. I agree that Lauren and Isaac can be sometimes sweet. I think they are the kind that they would definitely throw things around in a fight, then make-out passionately afterward. Isaac is starting to want things like a family, so I see him as taking care of Lauren now more than he once did, like carrying her in after a night out. I loved that pic of them too. ❤

      I didn't plan the picture of Linnea and her date. I didn't expect her to reject him! I thought it was funny that she was looking over at them, she's probably thinking he's a hottie, I'd let him hold my hand! Linnea is socially awkward when it comes to dating, no doubts about that.

      Thanks for commenting Laura!

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