new beginnings

february 2029
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(Millett Household Profile)
Merrill (74 years), Grant (52 years), Leah (49 years), Nolan (10 years),

narrated by: Leah

I’ve spent my entire marriage just going along with the popular vote, which meant that I lived with my inlaws for my entire adult life, and raised all of my children under their strong presence and vocal opinions. Until we sold the cabin a few years back, I had at least a bedroom that was decorated to my taste.

After her passing, it became abundantly clear to Grant that we needed to move. It was his childhood home, and he works at his family business; he has never had to say goodbye to anything or anyone. The move was especially hard for him and Merrill.

It wasn’t hard to keep my excitement low key, we had decided with the move that it was time to inform Nolan of his parentage. We called Julia and arranged for her to be there for the family meeting.

He didn’t take the news well. I had expected there might be anger, but overall he was just overly wounded. He is a sweet child, much like his Mother, Julia, who was always my most generous daughter. It made it all the more heartbreaking though.

He had many questions, mostly why, and Julia didn’t have any ready answers for him. She didn’t feel adequate to raise him at fifteen years old herself, and he seemed to accept that, but when he asked why she had never come to get him after, when she’d finished college, and she was speechless.

Selfishly, I was grateful that Julia had never come to claim him. We’ve raised him as our own, and would have missed him terribly, but it didn’t make any of the heartbreak easier to handle.

He tried to run from the room after no amount of answers and apologies could mend his heart.

Grant stopped him though, and called him back for a hug.

He even agreed to hug Julia, though his heart wasn’t entirely in it. It will take him time to come to grips with the truth, and he didn’t ask much about his biological Dad, who has never claimed him. I hope we can avoid his identity reveal to him for as long as possible.

Nolan was plagued by nightmares the next few nights, which made it all the more difficult for Grant and myself. We wished that he’d never had to know, or was ours truly, if only we could shelter him from the heartache.

We decided to adopt a parrot for him, something he’s wanted for a fair amount of time. It seemed to instantly cheer him, he’s already best pals with our dog Blue, the most trained dog in the county.

He’s enamored with Kiki, while she rather creeps me out with those beady eyes.

I’ve set up an office in the den, and Kiki chomps on seeds and makes a regular mess all day long.

Merrill doesn’t have much time for pets like birds, and remarks that he’s grateful that his hearing isn’t what it once was, as the bird likes to be especially noisy when Merrill uses the PC.

He’s very much a dog man, and takes Blue for late night walks and early morning ones, whenever his insomnia hits.

I’m a night owl, so it’s usually Merrill and me who are up late and watching terrible movies. I’ve always enjoyed Merrill the best, and have come to cherish these nights together. He’s always been a good man, and is definitely who I see reflected in Grant. If he’d been like Norma, I would have never married him!

Simon is still helping out at the Northern Moose, though only about one weekend a month. He’s decided to be a teacher after graduation, and the grim reality that there is no one to take over the Moose after Grant is becoming apparent.

He enjoys helping out the guys, arriving early in the morning for some coffee with his Dad, and getting stock ready for the day. He enjoys the sales too, but his heart isn’t in the outdoors like the patriarchs of his family, and I can’t blame him. He’s always been more like myself then the Millett family.

I had hoped that Hadley and me could have a better relationship now that Norma and her meddling were out of our way, but I think it’s going to be a long journey and I think “good” might be too hopeful of a word.

She is her father’s daughter, and they are thicker than ever before.

She’s always more polite when Nolan is around though I still catch glimpses of her attitude. She really isn’t one to play nice.

Nolan is wanting to be a Vet when he grows up, and I begged Hadley to bring Nolan to work, show him some of the labs. She thought it was rather silly seeing she’s a doctor to people not animals, but she obliged. He is her soft spot.

Mostly though, we just hang out in a quiet silence, I think she misses being home, though she’s never lived in this house. It is nice to have her over when she’s in good spirits.

Most of my days are spent home alone with Blue, who wants constant attention, and a pile of magazines that I’d like to get through. We had always agreed that I’d help with the Moose, and raise the kids. With Nolan in elementary school, I’m home most of the afternoons to await his bus.

Dinner is usually a quiet affair, with Merrill lost in his own thoughts. I never became an accomplished chef, seeing that Norma took control of every domestic duty aside from scrubbing toilets, but I’m getting there. Unfortunately, Merrill prefers non-ethnic food, and his tastes aren’t likely to change. It seems that Nolan agrees, and it’s not dinner without one of the boys whimpering that they miss Norma’s cooking and pies.

Nolan begged to go ice skating with his best friend, Wyatt, and we happily obliged. It isn’t often that Nolan asks for anything, and it’s always nice to visit South Port on the weekends.

Grant had a good time getting out on the ice, though neither of my boys are very talented for the sport.

I’m more of an indoor girl, so I stayed warm with coffee and started a conversation with Alicia Brewer, who it turns out, is our neighbor! It’s weird to not know our neighbors after having lived in the same house for three decades. She was very pleasant, and talked greatly of her two sons.

The boys had a great day enjoying the late winter weather we’ve been given, and I hope there’s a possibility to make friends with our new neighbor. She’s some years younger than me, but not an unseemly amount.

I find that most of all, I’m lonely for girlfriends during the day, and adult conversation with other wives. In all the years of devoting myself to the family and business, I feel like I haven’t carved out time for myself. Here’s hoping a new house, also brings new beginnings for all of us.

Notes: I shared the tour of their new home here and here. Leah seems pretty happy with Norma’s passing, she was bragging of some inheritance money she received, which was nothing compared to Hadley, Merrill, and Grant!

Nolan is turning to a teen shortly, and I thought this was a good time to share the news of his parents. I’m not sure if he’d seek out Isaac at all as a teen, some of my kids I know would, but he’s more shy and into the animal creatures than people. I’m still disappointed that Julia never rolled wants for him. In the game, she’s still his Mom (I didn’t change the family tree), and as a family sim, she should want to interact with him, but there’s nothing.

I don’t know what the future of Northern Moose will be. If anything, I’ll have one of the grandkids take over, and hire a manager to run it, but how sad. It’s Merrill’s legacy, level 10 business.

I’m considering changing teens from 11-18 to 12-18. I know most of you do the 12 years old. Previously with an update per month, it just didn’t give me enough time with my teens. But with changing back to 2 households a month, I think there will be plenty of time. The only thing holding me back is my recent age ups, and the new ones, I need to make sure it’s a good division between them…. and my school! I need to be certain that my elementary school can handle students staying an extra year. I’ll probably talk about it more soonish.

Thanks for reading and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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6 thoughts on “new beginnings

  1. It was great hearing Leah’s point of view, and I love her sense of style. The house is cozy and chic. It really didn’t occur to me that she was living in the shadow of Norma for so long.

    Telling Nolan that Julia was his mom was going to be tough no matter when it was done; this seemed like a good choice among difficult choices. It’s odd that Julia, a family sim, hasn’t rolled wants for him, I wonder if it could be because she was a teen when he was born and doesn’t inteen make sims temporary adults for that to happen? The memory or tag may have been lost in the transition back to teen after the birth? But anyway, from a story perspective, it makes sense to me because that was such a heart-rending event for her, with her hopes dashed and Nolan’s dad not coming through with any support at all at the time, or ever.

    This was a great update. I love Blue and how funny that Merrill really doesn’t like birds. I can sympathize- wild birds are great but as a pet, no thank you. The line about the bird’s eyes creeping her out was so funny. It will be really cool to see Nolan become a vet, if that’s what he does.

    1. I think Leah’s entire life has been spent in the shadows. She was one of my sims that I considered a divorce. Her and Norma weren’t friends (and just barely) until the end of her life. They still couldn’t have a decent conversation, and I think Norma just undermined her parenting completely. All of Leah’s kids, excluding Simon, loved Norma more than Leah. Grant is kind of a weak guy when it came to his Mom as well, and they spent their entire life living with them, because Leah moved in fresh out of high school, quick wedding and all that.

      I wanted to get the parenthood out of the way before Nolan turned teen. I’m not sure if intern is part of it. That’s a good question. I don’t think she regrets her decision to have her parents raise him, but probably wishes to ignore the truth of the matter, just move on and such. Which isn’t easy for Nolan! Leah and Grant are good to him though, and I think he’ll be good. Isaac was a total let down with Nolan. Neither of his birth parents roll any wants for him at all.

      Pet birds are not my thing ether! Merrill got a bit of that from me! He was on the computer and Kiki just kept squawking and cracking on seeds, driving me crazy! I love owls and wild birds though, less messy! I really hope that Nolan does become a vet! I’m really excited to play that out.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. Oh, poor Nolan. 😦 He’s obviously a sensitive little soul. I think that sensitivity might eventually lead to him being able to make peace with everything, or at least I hope so.

    It’s nice that Leah has that special bond with Merrill. I hadn’t realised they got along so well.

    Aw, Nolan would be a great vet! I think there are enough similarities between human medicine and vet medicine that showing him around the hospital labs might be interesting and informative.

    Fun for Leah to have Alicia living nearby. Maybe she could fulfill that void for girlfriends that Leah has? If I remember correctly, Alicia is an older mum (early 40s, maybe?), so they might have more in common than one might assume. πŸ™‚

    1. I think that Nolan will eventually be able to make peace with it. I don’t know if he’s going to do some searching before he gets there, but he’s got such a stable and loving home with Leah and Grant that I can’t imagine him not falling back into that for support.

      Leah and Merrill didn’t start getting along until recently. She’s always liked I’m more, but they weren’t as close as they are now.

      I think you are right on human and animal medicine being similar enough to be informative. I need to make a note so I don’t forget that I want to do that!

      Yes, Alicia is an older mom, I’m not on my pc right now, but I think she’s around 39 years old. I think they should be able to hit it off, Alicia is pretty outgoing. She’s constantly showing up on lots, and has already popped over to visit Leah, so I’m hoping!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!Γ₯Γ§

  3. I have been reading your blog for years and somehow I missed Julia’s entire life, lol! Even though I knew of Nolan from Isaac (or well, from Isaac avoiding him), I somehow missed reading anything about Julia. All caught up with her now though. (Thank you for tagging your posts!) What a ride!

    I think it’s kind of meaningful that Julia doesn’t roll many wants for Nolan. If it were my game, I would maybe interpret that as she’s just that much at peace in letting her parents raise him. She was so young when he was born, and her parents have accepted him so wholly. Maybe over the years, she’s treated him as a brother so much that she’s cemented that in her mind. She just sees him as a brother now.

    Of course, little Nolan hasn’t had 10 years to process the news like she has, since he’s only just hearing it. I hope he will feel okay about it in the end. And I hope he doesn’t want to go digging for his bio dad! 0_0

    I totally feel for Leah in the quest for adult friendships. Ugh. I wish I could just stumble upon some “Alicia” at a coffee shop who also happens to be my neighbor and insta BFF! Maybe if I ever went to coffee shops. Hmmm. lol!

    1. lol on Julia’s life. Glad you were able to catch up on her stories, I never know if my tagging is any good. And I’ve changed themes over the years, so I just feel that its all a big mess that I try to avoid thinking too hard on. πŸ˜‰

      I do think that Julia is at peace with her parents raising Nolan as you said. I think she prefers to avoid discussion of it, and ignore that it ever happened. Her parents have done a brilliant job. I’m mostly disappointed, because I thought it would be fun to raise him with a single Mom, and have them take on the world together. But alas, she wasn’t interested. I think you are right that she thinks of Nolan as a little brother and that’s the extent of it.

      I don’t know what I’ll do about him and his Dad… I don’t know that Isaac can avoid meeting his son forever… or if he’d even want to, after sometime he may regret it. I feel that he’s matured quite a bit in the past year or two, and if it keeps up, he might want to reconcile some bad choices, especially when he starts a family. I do think that Nolan will be alright in the end, he has such a good, strong family that are full of support that they will catch him and help him back up.

      I hear ya on adult friendships! I visit my fair amount of coffee shops, and am lucky if anyone even makes eye contact outside of the barista. Good luck on that front! I’m looking to join a wine group this year, but I’m hesitant to add even more to my busy schedule.

      Thanks for commenting Laura!

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