March Birthdays – 2029

Etienne Bernard celebrates his 42nd birthday on a particularly stormy spring day. They opt to stay in, and snuggle by their bedroom fire. They moved into their new home in February, but it still has a long way to go before they’ll feel settled.

With the fresh rains and breezes, Violet-Adele’s mood has begun to brighten, and while they still haven’t successfully gotten pregnant, she feels more hopeful than previously.

Jared Schehl celebrates his 65th birthday, and 33rd anniversary with Delaney. They host dinner for their family, and Delaney is happy to cook.

It isn’t often that they can get all their adult children and spouses together, and it’s all the gift that Jared could want, aside from a train table. Him and Lizzie still mourn for the loss of their train table.

It’s difficult to get Peter and Elise over, they finally have a handle on Irina’s new sleep schedule, and aren’t keen on jeopardizing it with an afternoon outing. However, they wouldn’t miss this celebration, and just hope that she’ll sleep well since it’s a Sunday, and they both work the next day.

Irina has stolen Jared’s heart, and he swoops her up whenever her parents will allow it. He knows a thing or two about raising babies, since Delaney worked while all their kids were young, and doesn’t begrudge them for doing what works best for them. He’s certain in time they’ll loosen up.

Catherine Popper wakes early to surprise her eldest, Rita with waffles. It’s unfortunate that Rita’s birthday lands on a school day, but the waffles make it better.

They make it a lot better. Plus Rita is 10 now, double digits are a big deal at school.

Riley Gray is six months pregnant and in the middle of her junior year at EU; she is also celebrating her 21st birthday. Instead of being out with friends, she is stuck at Housing Administration to sign up for family housing for the fall semester. She feels embarrassed to even be in this situation, and when she runs across students she sort of knows, the feeling intensifies.

Jett doesn’t understand the embarrassment, plenty of students get pregnant unexpectedly. He wants to move in with Riley to care for the baby, but she’s undecided for the moment. She isn’t entirely convinced that she can do this Mom-gig, let alone have a live-in boyfriend, although she definitely wants his assistance.

She tries to appear happy, but the administrative worker doesn’t seem very hopeful. Campus housing fills quickly, and they suffer from a small number of family units. She doesn’t understand why Riley has delayed the application process seeing that she’s been pregnant for sometime.

When Riley shows frustration, the administrator refuses to take any attitude. She suggests that Riley sign up for the wait list or consider renting a property from a landlord.

Riley takes the form back, and Jett joins her. He insists that it will all work itself out, and so together they fill out the family housing form and are put on the wait list.

March Birthdays:
Myra London turns 87
Cole London turns 65
Finn McCarthy turns 56
Cara Grimsley turns 39
Chad Sumner turns 28
Julia Millett turns 26
Zilla McCarthy turns 23
Caleb Gray turns 21
Ella Carver turns 17
Ezra Gavigan turns 14
Percy Brewer turns 2

March Anniversaries:
Trent & Trisha Lange – 37 years
Jared & Delaney Schehl – 33 years

Also Expecting:
Brooklyn Lange – 2 months pregnant; due October

Notes: I included Ms. Rita Popper because she’s so stinking adorable, and I wish she was mine!

As for family housing, I have a single two bedroom house that Caitlyn had lived in, but I’m undecided if I want Riley and Jett to live there. So I’m being mean. I have been wanting to build an apartment-style dorm for family housing, so ideally, I’ll do that before she returns for the fall term. We will see!

It was hailing on Etienne’s birthday, and I thought that these two could rock an indoor, sexy birthday if anyone could. 😉

Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “March Birthdays – 2029”

  1. It’s great seeing Violet-Adele with Bernard, snuggling. For so long, she was so alone. And Rita is ADORABLE! She must be your daughter’s sim?

    Love your housing administration building and totally understand a 21 year-old putting off applying for family housing, it would be daunting and facing problems head on can be really rough at that age. It sounds like Jett is already a good support for Riley.

    Maisie, how long (in real time) does it take you to play a year in your ‘hood, approximately? I can’t remember if you said you plan to check in on every sim through the course of a year, on their birthday. These birthday posts are so cool to get to get a glimpse into so many households.

    Elise and Peter with Irina on a sleep schedule, and Jared getting every chance he can to hold her, that’s sweet and I identify with Jared there- but with them working they probably really depend on that sleep schedule to work, for their sanity.

    1. Yes, Rita is my daughter’s sim. All of the Popper family are hers. She started them when she was like 9, after I read her Mr. Popper’s Penguins. She turns 16 this month. Crazy.

      Tough for a 21 year old to face problems… tough for me sometimes! I hope that I get the time and inspiration to make a little family housing unit… so much I wish to do.

      As for how long to play a year, that’s tough to answer. I just recently switched back to 2 households per month, as I felt the calendar was going too fast, and that I didn’t get time to explore each sim. I’m guessing with this change, that I’m looking at about 7-9 months of real life updates. Each simmonth gets 3 updates (1 birthday, 2 households), and there’s roughly 4 Saturdays in every month. I do plan to have just one household some months to keep it moving as well. If I ever get time to play and build up a decent amount, I’d go back to birthdays on Wednesdays as well, which would move it along.

      I was inspired by Carla for the birthday posts, and I love it so much. It really allows me to pop in with sims that I didn’t get to finish story lines for, or see how they are doing. I’ve had a few things that I’ve put off because I just didn’t have the time while in their household, and this will solve that.

      Elise is such a control freak, her daughter would definitely be on a sleep schedule, especially because they both work. Jared is laid back, not the type to say someone parents wrong, after all he is the one who parented Lauren, and oh what a bratty mess she was growing up. He still babies her and gives her money without Delaney knowing.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. It’s fun to see the Poppers every now and then! Did your daughter decorate their house? It looks very much like your style, so I wondered. 🙂

    That’s a lovely pic of Etienne and Violet-Adele. Getting pregnant would have been a nice birthday present for him…but then again, they might be pregnant and not even know it yet! I have my fingers crossed for them.

    That pic of Jared and Irina is <3! He's such a doting grandpa. I'm glad Peter and Elise have her on somewhat of a schedule now. It would make things at home easier, even though it would also make going out more complicated!

    I hope Riley can get some sort of housing sorted out for herself (and possibly Jett too) before the baby comes!

    1. You are right, I decorated the Popper’s kitchen. She didn’t know what to do with the space. At the time, I had the big 7 (Caitlyn and company) at uni and I didn’t want to decorate all their dorm rooms, so we did a trade. I did the kitchen, and she did their bedrooms. 🙂 In the end, I fell in love with the kitchen and wanted it in my own houses, but what do you do.

      I loved that pic of Etienne and Violet-Adele, they are so fun to play and pose. I’m hoping they have a baby soon, but am glad it won’t end up in this simyear. Spread it out a bit.

      Peter and Elise definitely are more capable parents than they were when Irina was born. And Jared is a sweetie with Irina.

      I’m really hoping to get the time and drive to make a family housing unit for Riley and Jett. I don’t know how their relationship is going to go. I would have put the baby up for adoption, but the only family that would be interested is the Siew’s, and they are not in a place to take on a baby. So Riley is raising it. Jett seems committed to her, and all I can think is poor Bea.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. Aw, I almost thought the picture of Etienne and Violet-Adele meant they had managed to get pregnant, but alas not. I still hope they will have a baby. 🙂 (Because we all know the meaning of a sim’s life is to breed, dammit.)

    Love the shots from when Riley applies for housing, I feel for her.

    1. No baby yet for them, and Violet-Adele is enjoying the wine while she can. lol on the meaning of a sim’s life. Indeed that is pretty much true! Even Zilla is going to have a baby one day, keep it moving forward!

      Thank you about Riley. I built that lot just for those pictures, and had a blast taking pics there. I was especially pleased when a few of the conversations went poorly, and they seemed disgruntled.

      Thanks for commenting simnovoris!

  4. What a romantic picture of Etienne and Vi. ❤ I hope they get their baby soon. I'm glad she's feeling more hopeful about it.

    Happy anniversary to Jared and Delaney! I can't wait to get back to my main timeline in my blog so I can steal the idea of doing anniversaries from you guys! 😀

    Irina is such a pretty baby!

    Is Rita your daughter's sim?

    Ha ha, Riley, it could have certainly been much much worse (considering I read Julia's story just this morning!) At least Riley is out of her teens and her dude is sticking around. So, yeah. Get that family housing and let's meet the baby! 😀

    1. The anniversaries are fun! I’ve been surprised how long some of mine have been married.

      Rita is my daughter’s sim, she’s part of the Popper family that is taking over Millwood. 😉

      Funny that you just read Julia’s story. Hers was an unexpected one that ended up being fun to write, though I don’t know if I could go back and read it again… lol. Sometimes I think the older stories are better than they are. The only one that I still really enjoy is Annie’s, I can read it again and only want to make minor edits.

      I hope to make family housing for Riley, and see what she has! I don’t even have names picked yet. It gets harder to decide with the more sims I have.

      Thanks for commenting Laura!

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