Grimsley Family

lemonade dreams

march 2029
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Silas Abbott (29 years), Lainey Grimsley (27 years), Silas Abbott (1 1/2 years)

narrated by: Lainey

We managed to survive Michael joining the police force, and Silas is doing fine with the babysitter, although I still don’t think the situation is ideal. I installed a nanny-cam so I can keep an eye on her, and found that she watches an insane amount of television. However, Silas always seems happy and she does tend to his needs, so it’ll do for now.

She does give him too many bottles, when he should be on regular food more, so it’s something I’ll have to bring up again.

Michael is excelling in the police force, he thanks my Dad almost regularly for giving him the opportunity. He used to work at the comic book store, floating through life as he likes to say, and now he has a career purpose. I’ve never floated, so I guess I don’t get the gratitude. I knew I wanted to be a Marine Biologist, and did it.

Michael works hard for his promotions though, they are constantly testing physique, and making them pass tests. I tell him if my Dad can handle it, so can he, but he just insists that he has to be in even better shape. He watches these hilarious 1980’s style exercise videos, and peeks from behind the sofa to keep the rhythm.

He’s mostly pretty adorable, but I still don’t want to get married. I tell him that I don’t want to marry anyone else ether, and I hope that it means something to him. We have a good domestic life going for us, he does the cooking because he’s more experienced than me and cares more about the taste.

He’s on Vice Squad now and works with my uncle, Charlie now and then. He likes to bring him home after work, and show him Silas. He’s always been pretty great with us kids when we were growing up, and Silas is pretty fond of his great Uncle Charlie.

It is nice that Michael is on first shift, and both my Dad and Uncle have told me many times that shifts can change in a beat, and to enjoy it while it lasts. After Silas is in bed, we usually spend some time together, though I go to bed earlier than him. He usually does his exercise videos when I’m sleeping or reading in bed.

My Mom called one evening after dinner to share her brilliant idea, family vacation! We only took one family vacation growing up, and that was when the Christmas tree caught fire and we were out of a home. Mom kept saying how much fun that trip had been, but she seems to have forgotten why we were on it to begin with!

I was miserable on that entire trip, but in the end, I obliged to vacation with the family. This will be Silas’ first vacation, and it’s near the end of the month so it coincides with Willa’s spring break from EU.

When Silas was first born, I mostly handled it. He was a good baby, and while I cared for him, I didn’t think the Mom-gig was really for me. I still feel that way somedays, but I’m enjoying him more as a toddler than I did as a baby. Michael just seems to love all aspects of parenting, so I can’t really express myself without feeling guilt over it.

Potty training starts in September, as soon as he scarfs down his birthday cake and turns two, his bum is going on a toilet. I’ve already picked one up and plopped him on it a few times, but he’s definitely clueless.

Mom had midterm parent/teacher conferences, so Dad spent the evening playing with Silas and fixing our junky old bathtub. I swear another promotion or so, and I am paying someone to gut our bathroom. It’s dated and constantly keeps breaking. Neither Michael or myself have any plumbing experience, so it’s always a big deal.

He bathes Silas for me, and then I put him to bed while Dad fixes it, yet again. Dad insists that him, Michael, and Charlie could do the entire bathroom over a few weekends if we had the funds to pay for supplies, and I may take him up on it. It won’t be this year though.

Alice still visits me whenever she can. We are both so busy with our lives that it’s hard to carve out the time. Her career is going well, her online dating is picking up steam, if a few dates equals steam. She’s met a guy named Martin that she likes fine, but she’s afraid that she likes him more than he likes her. That makes me think of Michael, and that perhaps I’m not the best one to give advice on that.

She adores Silas, I’m positive that she’ll make a great Mother one day, and love every stage of parenthood when it finally happens for her.

Silas gets fussy when she stops playing with him, and actually spends time talking with me. He pretty much thinks of Alice has his Aunt, and I know she doesn’t mind.

It always seems like Alice has so much happening in her life. She shared how her roommate Julia’s son just found out he’s her kid, and not her brother. Alice’s brother, Milo is on the verge of ruining their family legacy in law, her Mom is ready to retire but doesn’t have a suitable replacement. So much more happening than in the Grimsley family, where our lives revolve around the police force, and criminals. Willa could flunk college, and I don’t think my parents would be surprised. She’s actually doing fine for herself, and that is what surprised us.

I throw the TV on for Silas, something I rarely let him watch, and he instantly goes quiet. TV and some bouncing on my knee and he’s a pretty happy kid for a spell.

I insist that I need to meet Martin, and she obliges once they’ve been on a few more dates. She hasn’t told anyone but me and Julia about his existence, and Julia only met him because they are roommates. It brings up the familiar pang of jealousy when she says that, knowing that it was our place first, and I’d have met Martin ages ago if life had gone differently. I’m less bitter about it now than I was, and once I meet Martin, I suspect I’ll feel even better.

As the month comes to a close, we pack up our bags, and a million items for Silas, and take a shuttle up to the mountains. My old Taurus can’t make the drive up the steep grade, and my parents don’t have room for me with my brother and sister tagging along.

It’s a rainy spring day in Millwood as we leave, and I’m not sad to take a break. Mom rented two cabins that are by each other, and put my little family in the smaller one. It was nice to vacation with everyone, and utilize their larger cabin’s living space, but still rest my head in my own place.

Silas instantly warmed to the idea of the outdoors and vacationing.

He claimed a spring ride, and spent the majority of vacation begging someone to put him up on it.

It was nice to kick back with my brother. Holden is thirteen years younger than me, so when I moved out for college, he was just starting kindergarten. He’s pretty fun to hang out with now though, and we had a good time of making Michael raise his eyebrows at us.

Willa was pretty much a million percent against visiting the Cascade Mountains. The trees don’t even have spring buds yet, and all her friends that were traveling, were hitting beaches. She sulked in the cabin, and watched poor quality television for the most part.

And then when Mom forced her to leave the cabin, she’d antagonize whichever sibling she happened to be near.

Unlike Holden, I know Willa quite well. I shared a room with her for most of her life, and even now, only seeing her a few times a year is sometimes too much.

While we shopped, the guys would lurk around outdoors, making plans for fishing, and entertaining Silas who did not do well inside of stores. All of the knickknacks would instantly become his most coveted item, and he wanted to claim them all.

Dad loves Michael, they went out to the lake, and watched the sailboats that are coming back into the water with the promise of warmer weather. It all was a lot of excitement for Silas, who became extra snuggly when he got sleepy.

Willa found a fellow classmate that was vacationing up here, and she hit it off with him. As far as I know, they made out pretty hard but didn’t go the full distance. Her romantic behavior baffles me, I couldn’t imagine shacking up with strangers and not even knowing their last name.

At night, we snuggled into our cabin as the temperatures dropped significantly. We haven’t had Silas in our room since he was a month old; it was sweet to hear his soft breathing.

Dad spent a lot of time bonding with Michael, hedging around the topic of marriage. Poor Michael, he’s perfectly willing to get married, it’s something he actually wants to do. It’s all me, but Dad tries to not pry so he’s said nothing to me on it.

I’m glad that they get along so well, and my heart feels mildly mushy seeing my favorite guys hanging out together. I do hope that Silas doesn’t follow in his Dad and Grandpa’s footsteps and join the police force. At this rate, the Grimsley’s make up the majority of the force, and it’d be nice if he were eccentric like me and my marine biology career.

One of the nights, Mom took Silas on some tours and allowed us to have a date night. I’ve always been more of a homebody, that even before him, we didn’t go on many dates.

I do care for my little family, and hope that my non-traditional ways are something that Michael can accept, maybe even appreciate.

We closed out the vacation with a family portrait; I’m certain that Mom will use it for the family Christmas card in nine months! But I really like the photo, so I don’t mind.

I’m really glad that Mom thought to take this family vacation, it ended up being Michael and Silas’ first time up in the mountains, and it felt good to reconnect and spend time with everyone without cell phone reception, or work obligations.

Notes: Still no marriage wants from Lainey, aside from the wishful thinking that she’ll marry someone rich. Michael definitely doesn’t qualify for that. I think with them living together, that it’d go off shared household funds, but even that is a pretty small amount. Bekah sent the money to Lainey to pay for the vacation, because that isn’t something these two had happening on their own right now.

Overall though, they seem to be doing well together, and while Michael does have the marriage want, he is rolling a variety of other wants, that his aspiration isn’t suffering for it. If it begins to suffer then I might have to look at things differently.

The only reason Willa didn’t go the full-distance with that EU townie is because he rejected her. She was game, he was not. Which is probably good, because my sims keep getting accidentally pregnant, and I’m over it for the moment! I’m locking up my ladies! πŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading!

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8 thoughts on “lemonade dreams”

    1. Tim is really fond of Michael, and now that they are on the force together, I think they have an even stronger bond. He should talk to his daughter, but I’ve never taken Tim as the kind of guy who has serious talks with his kids. I think he leaves most of that up to his wife, the educator, and he deals with the crime/safety side of things. If these two didn’t work, you can bet that Tim would still be hanging out with Michael irregardless.
      Thanks for commenting Starr!

  1. Ha, lock up your ladies! That’s funny but true in Sims play. So how did you get toddler Silas on vacation with the family? I don’t know how to do that! It was funny how Lainey’s going to plunk him down on a potty the minute he turns two and scarfs some cake- doesn’t she realize, especially with boys, it may take a while?! Anyway, it was really interesting reading Lainey’s view on her life and her current relationships. And Michael’s face as they were dancing was really funny, as was Willa watching bad TV in the cabin and then agitating people when she couldn’t. No cell phone would be rough for a lot of adults, and definitely for a teen with people to text, stuff to keep up with!

    1. I had such a dry spell of pregnancies, and now an abundance. I don’t need a repeat of Caitlyn/Lewis year, where I had 7 sim babies born! That was a huge drain on my cities school resources. All of my major additions were because of them!

      To get him on vacation, I just used the InSim, and pulled missing household members. You can bring pets too. I will say, that I suggest that you do not pull anyone that is NOT part of the household. I believe that Tanja did it without issue, but the one time I tried, I actually bjorked the Grimsley household, which resulted it in burning down, and them buying a new house. They were all “stuck” on vacation, but since they’d never actually gone on vacation, I couldn’t get them back. It totally destroyed my camping lot which I still miss to this day. *sigh* So stick to the household and you should be fine.

      Lainey has always seemed rather removed to me. Rather judgey when Julia got pregnant in high school. And not very empathetic. I tend to think it’s because she was adopted, and that’s just how she dealt with her lot in life. Not unhappy, but not as connected as others in the family might be. She has a constant fear of changing diapers, so I think she’ll work hard on Silas! But boys can take longer, my son did for sure.

      Willa is at EU now, and would have preferred to hit the beach, but she’s pretty broke and Mommy and Daddy weren’t paying for that vacation. She suffered through, but ended up having a decent time when she found someone to make out with. No cells is rough! When I take my GS camping, it is hard for me! I text my husband for therapy even though they don’t go through, then I read them back to him later, the ones that actually mattered. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. Oh, Lainey, you have such a good man. I don’t think it matters whether she makes it legal or not, but I hope she shows him some love so that he knows he’s appreciated. Her thoughts feel so lukewarm toward him. He’s handsome, keeps fit, works hard, loves their son, and he cooks! I mean, what else does she want from a man?!?

    Better not to force it though if her heart’s not in it. Or maybe what she means by that “rich sim” want is that she’s waiting for Michael to promote up a few more times. I wonder if it could even count if they’re already living together?

    Ugh, little Silas is killing me in this. He is so adorable! I want to smooch his little pixel cheeks! I want toddlers back in my game so bad! πŸ˜₯

    1. Lukewarm is exactly how I’d explain her feelings. I don’t know, it seems with her that something is missing, but I don’t know what it is. She’s never really fell head over heels, I’m not sure its her way. I think she’s more pragmatic with the whole thing. Sadly, him and Alice have such high chemistry… it’s like Lainey got her life. *sigh*

      I’m going to look into the rich sim thing again, I did previously but it was some time ago and I’m foggy on it.

      Silas is a doll. I had a great time just snapping pictures of him. I wish he got Michael’s fuller lips though, Lainey’s are so thin, and even more so on Silas. I hear ya on TS4 toddlers. I’ve played it a bit over break since it’s on my laptop, and I miss the toddlers! And I hate that the babies are stuck to their bassinet too, just like TS1 days. I don’t get it. Thanks for commenting Laura!

  3. Aw, despite the lack of marriage wants, I think Lainey seems pretty content with the life the way it is right now. She’s adjusted to this challenge she didn’t really ask for pretty admirably. Maybe she’s just not a really romantic person? I’m hoping it’s just the way she is, rather than a sign anything is wrong with Michael. It doesn’t seem like she wants to end things or even that she’d be okay with it if he ended things.

    I’m excited to hear about Alice and her man! Martin! Have we seen him at all? She’s waited long enough, so I hope this develops into something long term for her.

    The combined family vacation was a nice idea. Silas looked like he was enjoying himself – he is so adorable! LOL at Willa finding someone to (almost) hook up with while away with her parents!

    BTW, if the two sims are living together, the “Marry a Rich Sim” want actually doesn’t get fulfilled at all, no matter how much money they have.

    1. Lainey seems much more practical than romantic. So I’m hoping that is how it is for these two, because Michael is pretty smitten with her. I don’t think she wants things to end with him ether, just a slow-moving person I think. I could almost see her just living in this arrangement for as long as Michael allowed it, I don’t see her especially excited about marriage or the commitment. I take her as having a few commitment issues, possibly stemming from being put-up for adoption.

      As for Martin… he’s a dormie, and so he’s likely shown up in the background of pictures, but he’s never been mentioned as far as I can recall. He has blond curly hair. I used the townie creator and made a handful of dormies sometime back, and he was in that mix. I’m not convinced on him, which is why I’ve been hesitant to mention him, but she seems to like him, so I suppose we will see how it unfolds. πŸ˜‰

      Good to know on the Marry a Rich sim! It keeps popping up, and I didn’t know if there was any hope for it. Willa is a shameless little romancer, being on vacation with her parents wouldn’t stop her pastime activities!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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