may birthdays 2029

Oliver McCarthy celebrates his 32nd birthday in the quiet of their home. They are both exhausted with all the wedding planning, and intend to do all their celebrating at their wedding instead. Brooklyn is fine with that, currently four months pregnant, and she’s finding herself exhausted between teaching her high school students and planning the wedding.

Avery and Eden Fink celebrate their respective birthdays of 34 and 15 with some Chinese delivery. Being a single Mom isn’t intuitive to Avery, but she’s doing her best. In a few years, Eden will be the age she was, and she really hopes that she doesn’t go out, partying, and sleeping with strangers. Eden is the best thing in her life, but she could do without the deadbeat donor that helped create her.

Dave Brewer celebrates his 45th birthday with a park day with his wife and boys. While he feels more patient as a parent in his older years, he’s pretty sure that he would have been much more energetic in his youth.

Milo turns 19 and would much rather be in the ocean, surfing the waves. Unfortunately, finals are looming, and the pressure is on. For the first time in his life, Milo is beginning to think that becoming a lawyer requires more work than he bargained. His big sister, Itzel is determined to hold him accountable, at least as long as he’s willing to be dragged to the library on a Friday night.

May Birthdays:
Merrill Millett – 75 years
Isabella Martinez – 51 years (pnpc)
Leah Millett – 50 years
Rachael Darling – 23 years
Jill Popper – 21 years (pnpc)
Holden Grimsley – 15 years
Lucy Steinman – 12 years (pnpc)
Tillie Andersen – 9 years

May Anniversaries:
Luca & Nadia Browning – 6 years
Warren & Jessica Dennis – 2 years

Also Expecting:
Riley Gray – 8 months pregnant; due June
Brooklyn Lange – 4 months pregnant; due October

Notes: Milo rolled the want to write his term paper, so his sophomore year will be off to a good start. He also needs to roll a skill point, otherwise I don’t know if he can score high enough. It’s charisma, so not something he can just grab accidentally.

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13 thoughts on “may birthdays 2029

  1. Poor Milo! Yes, being a lawyer does tend to require a lot of study, lol. Wonder if he’ll make it or if he’ll decide law isn’t for him. Charisma is the hardest skill to level up. All my sims who stagnated in their careers have done so because of charisma!

    Oliver and Brooklyn! ❀ I don't blame them for not going all out for his birthday, considering the wedding and baby. They have plenty on their plates at the moment.

    1. Ha, yes I don’t think Milo knew exactly how much work went into being a lawyer. I’m not sure what will happen for Milo, it’s fun seeing how he progresses! So true about charisma, it’s been the culprit for a handful of stagnant careers in my game too.

      Oliver and Brooklyn have so much going on, I can’t wait for them to have their baby! They are one thing that pestered me while I was away! Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. It’s funny seeing Milo complaining about the work but I’m glad he rolled the want to do his term paper, and looks like he will be able to do well in school. So true that charisma is hard to level up. Oliver and Brooklyn are so cute!! And I understand that lack of energy in the late forties, lol.

    1. Milo complained the entire time, you’d think he didn’t roll the want to write his term paper. He’s lucky that his sister helps him out where she can. I can’t wait to get back into playing, so many babies to age up and be born. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. I hope Milo can make it! I can imagine stress of studying law can be a lot to handle!

    I’ll bet Avery has a lot of worries about Eden now that she’s nearing the age Avery was when she got pregnant. Hopefully they can have some close talks and Avery can share her experiences to help Eden make the right decisions.

    1. I hope that Milo can too, I have a lot of plans and an entire building I created for him! But I won’t force him to do well.

      I imagine Avery as a protective Mom who really wants more for her daughter than the choices she made herself. Eden isn’t entirely interested in any romance right now, and is very much a Mama’s girl, so I don’t know that she has to be quite so concerned. Thanks for commenting Shana!

  4. These are all very cozy slice-of-life photos! Looks like everyone had a low-key but happy birthday.

    Apart from poor Milo! I wonder if he’ll stick with it? If he’s having doubts this early on, then he’ll have a long road ahead of him!

    I make my sims roll wants for their skill points and career/school gains, too. It’s more fun (for me) that way! Not fun for my sims though when I let them fail, lol!

    1. I agree that the sims having control (a bit) for their education is much more fun! I really hope that Milo makes it, I have a lot set up for him.

      I’m glad that the pictures turned out, I was pressed for time back then, and didn’t want to load lots. πŸ˜€ I do love the ability to do these little snaps though and quick check ins!

      Thanks for commenting Laura!

    1. Hey Shannon, thanks for saying hi! Miss you and the sims. I keep pegging the weekends to hop back on, but it always fills up. Hopefully soon, it’s definitely been an unexpected second semester. I hope you are well!

    2. I did do some PC clean up while uploading my camera pics. My PC was beyond sluggish from being turned off for months. So one step closer! Maybe this weekend. 😬

      1. Hi Maisie! I just wanted to check in and say hi, I definitely understand it being hectic, and I don’t want to add to your stress- there is no urgency with sims, even though I sometimes feel like it. The great thing about it is, it is here whenever you come back to it. I’m into a very stressful 8 weeks for the last bit of the school year and considering a hiatus till mid-June for my legacy. Take care!

        1. You didn’t add any stress at all, its always nice to chat. πŸ™‚ Husband is off today and I have the day off, so I’m poking on the PC right now. It’ll take me a while to even figure out where I’m at! So true on sims being ready whenever we are, which is very nice. I knew that you were moving toward the hectic season, I always think of you this time of year. Smart to plan a hiatus, I never to think to put one up, because I’m ever optimistic that “this” weekend will be the one! πŸ˜€

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