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on this day

may 2029
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Oliver McCarthy (32 years), Brooklyn Lange (26 years)

Brooklyn loves kids, she wouldn’t have become a teacher if she didn’t. However, loving them, being pregnant with one, and having them in a wedding were not of the same cloth. Oliver’s nieces and nephew tore up their bedroom, and frankly, she was too pregnant and exhausted from the end of year grading to deal with it.

She knew Evan was a pistol, but it still surprised her when she practically tore her dress apart in a fit over it. All of the adults had asked her specifically if she wanted to be in the wedding, and explained that the dress and manners were the major responsibilities. Despite their precautions, she had insisted that she wanted to be in the wedding. Naturally, she was very disagreeable to every aspect of her responsibilities and there wasn’t many.

There was little time to fret though, Emma knew how to handle her cantankerous daughter, and Brooklyn trusted that whether or not Evan walked down the aisle, it wouldn’t spoil her wedding day.

Brooklyn watched from inside her new home, and saw that the parents seemed to be overcoming some strife. She couldn’t begin to fathom what they’d disagree about since all their greatest wishes were on this wedding day, and it was finally here!

Trish was positively thrilled that the wedding was finally here. She’d taken large breaks from work to get this ordeal planned, and soon she’d be able to focus on the arrival of her first grandchild.

Brooklyn and Oliver had never been terribly ecstatic over Maeve Gavigan, but Brooklyn did feel poorly that she couldn’t have her in the wedding. Afterall, she had been in Maeve and Isaiah’s wedding, but they were firm on the bridal party being small, and therefore more affordable for gifts and bouquets.

Maeve didn’t appear to mind as she seemed content to dote on her daughter, Margot as a guest. Maeve was one of the few to be thrilled over Brooklyn’s unexpected pregnancy. Soon her daughter would have a playmate, perhaps even soulmate, in the words of Maeve. Brooklyn couldn’t even begin to think about soulmates, but she had to admit, that she did enjoy the idea of Margot and her baby growing up as friends.

There ceremony began with Julia and Isaiah. They were childhood friends for each of the bride and groom, and it meant a lot that both agreed to be in the wedding party.

Isaiah struggled to pay attention as his focus kept being drawn by his young wife and daughter. Even Julia fell prey to the gorgeous baby in the front row.

They were followed by Elias and Paige, as their best man and maid of honor. They didn’t only feel obligated to pick their own siblings for the special honor, but pleased to do so, as they were quite close.

Finally the flower girls and ring bearer came trouncing down the aisle, Evan wearing a scowl the entire time. She had fussed her heart out, hoping that her Mom would relent and not force her to participate, but Emma paid a fortune for that dress and she was going to follow through on her obligation.

Hatty and Dax were both thrilled and awed to have the spotlight and more than made up for Evan’s poor disposition.

When the kids were all in their position, Oliver looked anxiously for his fiance. They hadn’t felt pressed to do the wedding, but he was glad that the day was here. He’d known for sometime that he wanted to make Brooklyn his wife and this felt right.

Trent walked his youngest daughter down the aisle with great pride.

They didn’t write their own vows, feeling that the standard ones applied well-enough for them. Even if Brooklyn had thought the notion was romantic, she was much too tired to creatively express her feelings.

With that, Brooklyn became a McCarthy in a long line of McCarthys.

They did the cake immediately, because Brooklyn was starved and had no patience to delay. She was only four months pregnant, but this baby was a force to be reckoned with.

The cake seemed to be a hit with everyone which was just a perk for Brooklyn, who really picked the cake that she would enjoy the most along with her new husband.

Grandma Mandy immediately caught up with Zilla, her only grandchild to leave Washington and move to the Southwest. She is already making plans to visit her when she has the time.

When she isn’t busy figuring out her grandchildren’s business, she’s doting over baby Margot. Isaiah and Maeve are happy for her extra hands so they can eat and even dance a little.

Tillie was thrilled to be at a wedding and in a fancy dress, that they didn’t mind not being in the wedding.

Oliver tried to interact with Chaz, but he’s mostly staring forlornly ahead. Emma had warned him that Chaz was extra “teenage” lately, but Oliver didn’t think it’d include him.

Nicole engaged Evan with a game of catch and got the first smiles of the day out of her.

Elias caught up with Eva, the wedding planner. He was one of the few to keep up with her daughter, Paloma after all these years.

Oliver took time to be sure that Brooklyn and baby were doing fine and not needing a break.

Everyone was surprised that Julius made it to the wedding, since moving out of his family home, he hadn’t kept up much with the family.

Ainsley and Tillie enjoyed themselves dancing.

While dancing wasn’t exactly Isla or Chaz’s thing, so they sat and caught up.

Chris was handsy with his wife, which greatly disturbed some of the guests.

Everyone seemed to get along well and enjoy the company.

Maeve hopes that her daughter doesn’t grow up to be like Evan, she finds the girl to be entirely impossible.

That evening, they cleared the yard and made room for dancing.

Finn danced with his Mother, conscious that it was their first big family event without his Father there.

When Oliver wasn’t checking in on her, then it was her Mother.

Brooklyn was aware of her limitations though, and spent time sitting down and speaking with guests. She made sure to connect with Maeve and sweet baby Margot.

Her Mom kept eyeing the baby, clearly excited for her own grandbaby’s arrival.

Oliver happened to notice that Elias was hanging out with Julia quite a bit in the evening. He remembered when she was just a young tween who had a huge crush on him when they were growing up.

Trent told Oliver how proud he was to have him for a son-in-law, and joked about how great it was that they were neighbors now. That last part wasn’t exactly thrilling for Oliver, but he got along with his inlaws well enough.

It ended up being a great wedding, the kids and adults alike enjoyed themselves, even Evan would agree after the ceremony was over.

They both felt that it was the perfect day, and were excited to continue their life together.

It was about the most excitement they were going to have for the next few months, Oliver had to focus on his Masters and they both had end of year grades completed.

Wedding Party Photos

With maid of honor, Paige and best man, Elias.

Oliver with his Grandma Mandy.

Bridal Party.

With all the parents.

With Oliver’s parents, Nicole and Finn.

With Brooklyn’s parents, Trish and Trent.

With the wild munchkins.

And just the happy couple.

Notes: I went crazy with pictures for this wedding which I played out months ago. I had a difficult time remembering everything, but I think I got the basics covered. 😉

Every wedding I find Elias hitting it up with the redhead bridesmaid! No cheating happened, though he’s not technically serious with Bobbi ether.

Sorry for the giant hiatus, it sneaked up on me, and I just couldn’t shake it. I’m still struggling for free time at home though, so it’ll still be sparse for the time being.

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “on this day”

  1. For some reason it makes me so happy that the daughter of Trisha Traveller has married into the McCarthy clan. I’ve played the Travellers a few times, I guess, and the McCarthy family is so rambly and interesting. And now the Gavigan’s are sort of related in a distant way to the Travellers!
    Maeve and Margot did steal the show a bit, which is so Maeve, and so funny since she wasn’t even in the wedding party. I couldn’t figure out, thought, where is Lily Mae?

    So I was wondering if maybe Julia and Elias might get together, but he just likes hitting on red headed bridesmaids?! It will be interesting to see what happens with Elias, and Julia, either way.

    1. Aww that’s great that you are happy with Brooklyn marrying into the family! I love seeing sims that I’ve played in other people’s hoods too. Your Mary Gavigan is so much nicer than mine, and prettier too! The Gavigan family is working its way into my hood, especially since Isaac married my playable Lauren.

      Haha, it is so Maeve to steal the show! And Margot was a total hit, everyone was looking at her, and cooing to her, Mandy stole her for a spell. It’s been a while since they’ve had a baby in the family. Dax and Evan are the last babies and they are 6 years old and never terribly cuddly ether.

      That’s a good question about Julia and Elias, as a person who prefers my sims to marry other playables, it would be ideal. However, Julia is pretty happy with her long-time on/off boyfriend Cabot, and Elias seems pretty happy with Bobbi right now… so at this point I would say it probably won’t happen, but they are all pretty young still. Elias loves red heads! 🙂

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. Oh Evan! Man, she’s a handful. And then there’s her brother jumping on the bed in the background. I’m glad Brooklyn decided it wouldn’t ruin her day.

    I love the flower wall with the lights! Or I guess it’s actually a trellis but it looks like a wall. Such a beautiful backdrop.

    The jumping shot turned out great. I had to do one of those when I was a bridesmaid and basically everyone complained about doing it, lol! It is a really fun image visually though.

    The whole wedding was just lovely. I’m glad to see Oliver finally married! There was a time when I wondered if he ever would, lol!

    1. I love playing with those Holmes kids, they make me think of my wild niece and nephew who draw on cabinets, jump from sofa to sofa, and throw glasses on the ground, and they are in grade school, aka way too old for that shiz.

      Yes the trellis, I wanted a nice backdrop for them and a trellis is what I did for my wedding, but theirs is beyond better! The jumping shots are the WORST! Basically I never want to jump in my life, and taking a snap of me jumping is pretty much a nightmare, thank you sil for having that nightmare come true! 😀

      I wondered about Oliver too, he has been an atypical family sim for me to play, behaving more like a romance for quite a bit of time with his multiple woohoo wants.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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