june birthdays 2029

Vivienne and Cicely turn fifteen this month, and are spending the afternoon with their boyfriends. Dating is strictly forbidden until seventeen in the Russo-Traver household, all thanks to their big brother, Lewis getting a girl pregnant in high school.

Cicely had crushed on Alex ever since her Grandma Regina died. Recently they had shared their first kiss, once his girlfriend, Scarlett had left for college. They had broken up, so Cicely didn’t feel guilty. However, she just wasn’t interested in him anymore.

Vivienne was enthralled with Monroe, and had gone ahead to invite Alex to their secret birthday shopping trip. Cicely would have preferred Alex didn’t come, he was an especial bore when it came to shopping. It seemed her twin was having a great birthday though, she just needed Monroe to ask her to be his girlfriend, and she’d be blissfully happy.

It was Rebecca’s 39th birthday, and instead of celebrating with a picnic by the sound, they were telling all the kids about the divorce, which the girls had already found out, and Quint’s declining health.

They all took it especially hard.

Quint went to soothe Wyatt while Rebecca took Tyson.

Rebecca tried to explain their delay in sharing all the horrible news, but Scarlett mostly tuned her out.

Neither of them could afford the house, so Quint took the kids to his new house on the opposite end of Millwood.

It only had two bedrooms, just like Rebecca’s, which meant they were all sharing a bedroom. Tyson decided that this time of family trauma, was the perfect time to antagonize his big brother.

Quint asked for the kids’ approval, with the closing being in two days. They all gave a shrug. Scarlett suddenly felt like she didn’t have a home to come back to for the summer.

The girls worked to comfort one another.

Quint stepped into the bathroom to get control of his emotions. He knew that a two bedroom house wasn’t big enough for his family. He’d slaved to buy the other house for his family, and now it was to be sold. It all seemed very cruel.

Tyson saw a cherry tree on the property, and he was instantly sold. Quint was grateful that Tyson seemed to be taking it like a champ, which was the opposite they had expected.

The kids went home, and worked on packing all their bags. They would do split custody, and everything was decided without the need of a judge, just a lawyer to make it legal.


Riley Gray and Jett Picasso get set up at an off-campus apartment just in time for their daughter to arrive. Corbin and Barbara came over to their apartment as soon as they were back home to see their first grandbaby.

They were smitten with sweet Quinn Gray.

Mostly Quinn’s parents were smitten with her too, but she was a handful that they didn’t feel well-equipped to handle.

Riley had a pit in her stomach when she thought of juggling her studies and Quinn’s demands.

The new little family is working to get settled into their new life before classes pick back up in the fall.

June Birthdays
Trent Lange – 58 years (pnpc)
Nicole McCarthy – 56 years
Warren Dennis – 51 years (pnpc)
Marcus Dwyer – 48 years (pnpc)
Perla Martinez – 23 years (pnpc)
Simon Millett – 19 years
Alex Welsh – 17 years (pnpc)
Ainsley Andersen – 13 years
Isla Andersen – 12 years
Mavis Browning – 6 years
*Dax Holmes – 6 years
*Evan Holmes – 6 years

June Anniversaries
Finn & Nicole McCarthy – 38 years
Charlie & Cara Grimsley – 19 years
Benjamin & Grace Andersen – 17 years
Henry & Catherine Popper – 11 years

Also Expecting
Brooklyn Lange – 5 months pregnant; due October

Notes: I have the houses picked out for Rebecca and Quint, both will be in smaller two bedroom houses, and the kids will all have to share one bedroom. Rebecca’s new house tour here, , and here.

Jett is surprisingly, a pretty good Dad… They’re both in motive failure for the most part, and while they are each having their fits, they autonomously take care of Quinn.

Jessica thought that meeting her granddaughter would be a good time to try to get pregnant herself. She was not successful, but seriously!? I’ve given her ample times to TFB, and she NEVER has! Matt and Jessica fought like psychos the entire time too, Jett really has a dysfunctional family. Despite his poor choices to cheat on Bea with Riley, and get her pregnant, I still feel hopeful for him.

Thanks for reading!

11 thoughts on “june birthdays 2029”

  1. I’m glad Flint and Riley got a place and it’s always nice when sim parents autonomously care for their little one even when their own needs are low. Quinn is adorable but looks like she is already a little ball of fire-y spirit.

    Quint and Rebecca and their family have been going through such a rough time! How do you manage shared custody in Sims 2? Do you have the kids move between households or just visit one of the parents regularly? I am thinking I am going to need to work out logistics for Dustin and Angela’s baby in my Pleasantview because they don’t seem like they are going to make it.

    1. I find that my outgoing babies are the most needy! Grumpy babies are grouchy too, I believe Quinn is very outgoing but I looked at that months ago so I could be mistaken. I was VERY happy that Flint and Riley were taking care of her so well.

      I thought about the custody and decided that Rebecca would have primary custody because of Quint’s health issues. I imagine that he will have times when he doesn’t have energy for the tasks that are needed, and that they would both agree that she’d be a better choice. All the kids will live with Rebecca, and I will teleport them in to live with Quint when I play his household.

      Since I am trying to limit how many households I actually play, I’m thinking that I won’t split this into two households, and instead, I will have a “Quint children” update, and have them visit their parents and continue with their story through the kids.

      I’ll be interested to see what you decide with Dustin and Angela!

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. I have the same question about how you do shared custody in your gameplay. Do you just teleport the kids over when you play the other house? At least Flint is being a better father than his dad was/is to Ella.

    1. Basically yes, you can read a longer response in my reply to Shannon! 🙂 I’m really glad that Flint is being a better Father. He’s always been such a nice kid, that this whole fiasco was rather disappointing. Hopefully he makes wiser choices from here on out! Thanks for commenting Starr!

  3. Aw, it’s actually very sweet that Flint and Riley are taking such good care of Quinn, despite their motive failure! I’m sure some RL parents could describe themselves as being in motive failure at least part of the time, lol. Shame about the paternal grandparents! Maybe they should visit separately in the future. 😉

    Poor Cicely, having to spend her birthday with the boyfriend she’s not that into any more. I did laugh at her facial expression in the pic though!

    I’d suspected Rebecca and Quint’s kids weren’t going to take that news well but who would, really? 😦 I hope they can all come to terms with their new normal in time.

    1. Ha yes, newborns can definitely make parents feel like motive failure. The first six months of my son’s life was much that way! I think that his parents will have to visit separate just as you suggest. I was hoping that it would go okay, and I could get some cute snaps. Uh, nope.

      Cicely was a riot when I was doing their birthday shot. She really was just over Alex and had very intense feelings of dislike for him. It all seemed rather sudden to me, though she was never terribly into him.

      I hope that the Siew kids do well with the divorce. I feel for Scarlett who lost a home in all of this, I know it was disorienting when my parents left my sort-of childhood home to a farm, and a new community. I still don’t fit in when I visit, while my sisters know everyone and everything.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

    1. Yes indeed!! I mentioned to Carla that my son’s first 6 months were definite motive failure for me! I’m happy they are doing well too and hope it continues. Thanks for commenting Simnovoris!

  4. So Quint and Rebecca finally broke the news. It seems especially sucky for Elodie, sharing a room with her brothers at her age. Can anybody make a makeshift bedroom out of a closet or basement or attic? When I was growing up, we had six kids between three bedrooms, so we were all making our own spaces out of every available corner. They were, at least. I was the oldest, so I got my own room first. 😉

    I feel bad that I didn’t think more about Scarlett until now. She would feel so displaced, and I bet she didn’t go away to college thinking that she would never really come *home* again. What a shocker.

    Aww, Quinn is a cutie, even if it’s hard. Flint and Riley have a lot on their plates right now. I am rooting for them though!

    ^ true story about RL parents of a newborn being in motive failure, lol!

    1. ooo I like the idea of Elodie making her own space. There aren’t any closets on this lot, but that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t make some small adjustments. I’ll have to see what I can do for her. I’d be absolutely mortified to share a room with brothers as a teen, if I had a brother!

      I feel bad for Scarlett in all of this too, though she’ll at least not have to share a room with her brothers like Elodie.

      That is a crazy amount of kids with a small number of bedrooms. We had our four with a 3 bedroom house for a few years, while it worked, it would have been more difficult to accommodate with teenagers.

      I’m rooting for Flint and Riley too, I hope they can do good with Quinn. Thanks for commenting Laura!

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