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rapid transitions

Alice’s previous update/next update // Julia’s previous update/next update
Alice London (27 years), Julia Millett (26 years)

narrated by: Alice

Having Julia for a roommate has been great, we’ve been close friends since grade school. We don’t mind doing mundane things together ether, like meeting up on Thursday after work, and getting groceries together. Lainey was a bit of a dictator over groceries that I mostly just paid her and picked up my own stuff after work. It’s actually a decent time with Julia though.

She’s been happily dating Cabot for a few years now. They broke up in college for a short spell, and Julia hooked up with some guy she’s totally embarrassed by. For a girl who seems to want the same things in life as me, she’s taking her sweet time with dating.

I finally found a decent guy online, we both went to EU, and this chemistry site said that we would be a good match. I have a new belief in the chemistry of people, because I’m enjoying Martin’s company. The first person I introduced him to is my Grandma Myra. She works at the flower shop below my office a few hours a week, and her opinion means the world to me.

She won’t let a single detail slip to my parents about him, and this gives me time to come to terms with how I feel.

Grandma gave her stamp of approval, said that he seemed like a good man, which helped ease some of my uneasiness.

It isn’t that I dislike Martin at all, I’m actually quite fond of him; I just don’t have anyone to compare him too! What if I think he’s great, and in reality he’s terrible boyfriend material, or future-husband material.

I’m a Psychologist by day, I shouldn’t have such doubts but I’m a jumble of nerves.

With Grandma’s approval, I set up a double date with Lainey and Michael. She’s been begging to meet Martin since we went on our first date a few months back. Her sister, Willa came to watch Silas, and got a heavy dose of vomit. She was always such a pain in our butts growing up, that I had to turn my head when I chuckled.

It felt like a right of passage to be dressed up for a night out, a babysitter for the toddler, and the promise of a good time.

Martin is extremely well-liked by Michael. They seemed to hit it off immediately, and Martin wasn’t shy or awkward in the least. I find all of these to be huge pluses!

I couldn’t help but beam that he was my boyfriend.

He has a Political degree which most people find terribly boring, but Michael was interested and kept Martin talking most of the night about work and his future goals.

Despite his interest in politics, he’s admitted that he’s not certain what career path he wants to take. He’s thought of going back to school to study Political Law, but he’s still weighing the pros and cons to the student loans and the time required.

Lainey perked up at the mention of law, and she gave me a wink. I’ve thought of it myself, my family owning and operating the top law firm in the county. It would seem that Martin would almost fit in perfectly with my family, but I still have my hesitations, especially since he’s not committed to the idea himself.

We aren’t in a stage of our relationship that we give each other future advice, so while he’s spoken to me of his thought process, he hasn’t outright asked what I think he should do. While I help coach high school students to find their career paths, it isn’t quite as easy for someone that I’m dating.

Besides, I have my roommate who struggles with her job, that I feel that I’m doling out advice on my freetime too.

She went to EU for journalism and only took the Event Planner position to pay her bills. She really thought that she’d be in her chosen career by now, and she isn’t sure what she should do about it.

I didn’t think she should quit her current job without another one lined up, but I did suggest that she think about what she really wants to do in life. If the journalism isn’t going to pan out, or she isn’t interested in waiting, what else would she like?

At work, I’ve recently taken on a new client, which turned out to be an entire family. Scarlett booked me on her own, being a young adult at university. She came home for summer break and her entire life has crashed down on her.

She spends most of the time in emotional distress, but she’s said that the sessions are helping, and now the rest of her family is coming for individual sessions.

I’m hopeful to do a group session with them once they’ve all made progress.

For years, I’ve stayed working late and been annoyed by the art gallery downstairs. They throw these gatherings that get rather rowdy as the wine gets passed around. For once, I wasn’t working late, and Martin was my date.

Having a boyfriend really does make life better, at least in my experience.

Julia insists that I have to bring him home to meet my family. She thinks that I’m pretty smitten, and that he is with me too.

I was pretty happy that she’d noticed Martin’s affections toward me.

Later that night, I found Julia asleep at the laptop after trying yet again to get hired at the paper. I’ve offered to give her the test that I administer to seniors in high school, so far she hasn’t been interested.

The next day, Martin stopped by and I found myself terribly sick. I was afraid that he would catch it and encouraged him to run, but he refused to leave my side.

He played with my cat while I slept, I had arranged to have dinner at my parents house that evening and needed to rally quickly.

I hadn’t even eaten since breakfast, and I was still running to the bathroom regularly. I knew I couldn’t cancel dinner though, Mom had gone all out for dinner.

I expected Dad to dislike Martin, he had never found a boy good enough for his daughters, and that still proved true for poor Rafael.

I’d given Martin warning though, and he kept to his charming ways. I really think he might do well as a Mayor one day, he’s quite charismatic.

Grandma did her part in distracting Dad. She’s been getting confused more frequently, that they have been very concerned about her. She had to lessen her working time, and its really just nice of the owners to allow her to work given her failing condition. As Mom says, it’s only a matter of time before she will need round the clock care.

I don’t like to think of those things as my Grandma has been my rock in this family.

Mom asked about Martin’s work and exploded with enthusiasm when he mentioned Law School. Everyone knows that Milo is struggling with his schooling, and perhaps Mom thinks that Martin would be a nice addition to Dad’s team.

I didn’t get to hear how the rest of the conversation went, as I lost my dinner while I was still enjoying it.

That night, Julia suggested that I book an appointment. We were both thinking that it might be an unexpected pregnancy, and she said that she’d be there for me. She still remembers being pregnant with Nolan, and it has traumatized her enough that she’s not sure when she’ll ever want kids again.

Dr. Morgan got me in almost immediately, and I spent the entire first part of the appointment feeling even more sick from all the nerves.

She had all sorts of prying questions that I could barely recall the dates for, and that felt especially bad.

I was relieved that Julia was in the room with me. I hadn’t even told Martin about the appointment; I was afraid he’d think I was drama and trying to get pregnant. I also needed time to process if it were true.

She sent me to take a test in the bathroom, and I pondered how my life had gotten to this point. I’d always been the good girl, and no London had ever gotten pregnant outside of marriage. It was all scandalous. I also feared that it’d ruin Martin’s chance for my parents to like him.

Thankfully it was all a false alarm. She diagnosed me with food sickness and told me to start taking birth control immediately.

We danced our hearts out and cheered with glee afterward. I do want children, but I want to enjoy this time in my life first.

That night I had a big glass of wine for my nerves, and with Morgan’s diagnosis, I almost felt instantly better.

I think all the stress of unknown was worsening my symptoms. I still have to take it easy, but I should be 100% in a few days.

Notes: Alice has the food poisoning ROS. I imagined that it could be mistaken for pregnancy, especially for someone so new to everything like she is. Sadly she is not allowed birth control, so she should marry Martin asap! 😉

Everyone loves Martin except for Cole, so that was pretty much what I expected!

As for Martin’s waffling on career choices, it’s my bad. He matches well for Politics and Law. I thought a Political Law might be fun, he’d have to go back to university for Law school though. I’m leaning toward that though. It makes him an extra good fit for the London family too.

Julia is doing really well in the Event Planner career, working under Eva Prince. However, it’s not what she went to school for, nor what she aspired to be. Unfortunately, Journalism has not shown up for her once! I may put her through the career criteria next time and see if she matches to something better.

There won’t be anymore June updates, unless I get time at the end of the month, but I’ll be back!

Thanks for reading!

17 thoughts on “rapid transitions”

  1. I’m glad that she wasn’t pregnant, but food poisoning still sucks. The hospital looks wonderful!

    1. I’m relieved she isn’t pregnant ether! It would not go well, and it’d be terribly unfair! She’s experiencing her first love, and she should get the time to do that without a baby upsetting her life. Thanks for commenting lilsisterg!

  2. Whoa, I thought she was pregnant from the very beginning thanks to the title-lol! I could feel her joy though about the false alarm. I think I would celebrate with wine as well. I was distracted during the update with all the glimpses of your hood. Paloma in her shop! Lewis at the grocery store with grandpa!

    1. Aww thanks Starr! I loved seeing Paloma working. Her shop is always so lively with visitors, Elias McCarthy is usually there on his own accord, plus a few crotchety townies that throw fits. I’m relieved along with Alice that she did not get sick ontop of her food poisoning! Thanks for commenting Starr!

  3. I was sure she was pregnant, and I was thinking that was going to be super-awkward with her family, and how was Martin going to feel? And she still might get pregnant, I guess, since she isn’t allowed birth control. I loved the picture of Julia & Cabot (?) sitting looking out over South Port. As a mental health counselor (NCC), I can identify with Alice’s feelings about things I help people with at work but about being a jumble of nerves or feeling inadequate when people I’m close to need help in those areas. Actually, counseling friends and relatives is not even considered ethical because it is too tricky to know where your transference lies in those relationships and be aware of your own motivations and feelings.

    1. I totally understand why counseling friends/relatives would be considered unethical. I’ve received a lot of unwanted counseling/advice in my life, from non-counselors, and there is always an ulterior motive! Well aside from my dearest friend, but parents aren’t even above that little sneaky advice.

      I don’t know Martin well enough to say how he’d do with an unexpected pregnancy, but I’d guess he’d be mostly okay. He held his own decently well at the family dinner, much better than Itzel’s beau, Rafael. He is extremely shy, and prone to embarrassment, whereas Martin is pretty charismatic.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  4. Whew! Glad it was a false alarm! It looks like Alice and Julia are really enjoying living together. But I hope Julia can find her dream job soon. LOL at Willa and Silas!

    Like others have said, I loved looking at your hood in the pictures! 🙂

    1. I could have played an entire update on Willa babysitting Silas. They were so cute and funny together, and she deserved that vomit! 😀 Long time coming on that one!

      Alice and Julia are a good pairing of friends/roommates. They’re both decently mellow and not terribly controlling like Lainey tends to get. I hope that Julia can get a dream job at some point too; she’s done her time for sure. Thanks for commenting Shana!

  5. Yikes, why isn’t she allowed to have birth control? Give it some time and she’ll be knocked up for sure! Good thing she likes her guy, lol!

    I’m glad all of her friends like him too. Martin is cute. I wonder if she’ll tell him that she had a pregnancy scare?

    1. Laura, she probably doesn’t have enough neat points. I thought we all stole that rule from you? LOL

      Yikes, I was nervous for her. A baby out of wedlock for that family? That wouldn’t tip the boyfriend in her dad’s favor.

      1. Ha ha, that’s probably it. I forgot all about neat points, since I’ve been dealing in traits instead of points for a while. But even so, I think my sloppiest sims still got like 6-10% birth control! You guys are so mean! lol!

      2. Oh yeah, a baby out of wedlock would not bring out any type of welcome wagon! For all these boyfriends best interest, they better have children after marriage if they want Cole to be on their side. Thanks for commenting LC!

    2. Yes your rules with Carla’s modifications… or Starrs… hmm. Basically uses all traits to come up with it. While those that don’t qualify for birth control usually don’t get birth control, I will allow them at different times. For instance, I could see Alice taking this false alarm and taking some preventive measures. Likewise, I roll for my sims’ fertility, so that also lowers their chance of pregnancy, especially risky. Thanks for commenting Laura!

  6. My sister works with a lot of psychologists and she says so many of them have total messes of personal lives! So Alice is actually doing pretty well, compared to some others in her profession. 😉 I’m very happy to see Alice so happy with Martin! He seems like a great guy. What a relief about that pregnancy scare though. I think Alice was smart to realise this isn’t the best time for a baby. I laughed at the celebratory dancing!

    Ah, so Julia’s in the same position as my Louisa right now. Hopefully they’ll be able to get into their chosen careers, particularly as it doesn’t seem like either of them have a back-up plan!

    Is Martin allowed BC? I sometimes take control of my sims’ townie partners and put them on BC, if they’re allowed it. It gives some protection, at least!

    1. Yes, I totally thought of Julia when I read Louisa’s update. They’ve both been patient, and it just hasn’t panned out. I’ll have to check on Martin, that is a good idea. I’m also considering allowing her to have BC since the pregnancy scare might traumatize her.

      Martin seems like a good guy, and Alice is pretty smitten with him. While Cole doesn’t give his approval, I think I might!

      That seems appropriate with your sisters’ experience with psychologists. It wouldn’t surprise me at all, though I imagine there is immense pressure to live a pretty spot-on sort of life without pitfalls and dilemmas. Maybe some of that expectation burns them. When you compare her to your sisters’ stories, you are probably right that she is doing pretty well!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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