Russo, Traver Family

raising them right

june 2029
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(Russo-Traver Household Profile)
John Russo (76 years), Zeke Traver (46 years), Morgan (45 years), Cicely (15 years), Vivienne (15 years)

Morgan had to work on the twins’ actual birthday, so they’d gotten permission to go shopping with some girls from school, and they scheduled the family pool party for later in the month. With great persistence, the girls had talked her into a co-ed birthday party. They insisted that turning fifteen and being banned from boys was archaic, and Morgan wasn’t swayed. It wasn’t until they exclaimed that Lewis had ruined their lives did she relent.

Their Grandma Kenzie came over and even swam along with their Grandpa Tyler who rarely poked his head out of the house these days.

Morgan didn’t want the girls to blame Thomas for their lack of a dating life. There had been quite a bit of strife over the unexpected pregnancy, but overall, Morgan and Zeke had mellowed once he’d been born.

Lewis had never much thought of Morgan as a step-Mom, but Thomas didn’t hold her in separate regard, and fully embraced her as his Grandma. She still felt too young to be a Grandma, but she enjoyed spending time with Thomas, especially when he didn’t exhibit his Dad and Grandpa’s moodiness.

Vivienne was still too afraid of diving off the board. They’d lived in their house for years and at this rate, she’d never jump in. It always made Morgan smile to see her daughter act fearless in life, than struggle to jump in the pool.

Morgan was glad that Lewis had brought Thomas even though it wasn’t technically his weekend, but she’d rather have had Caitlyn bring him. Lewis still didn’t care for her much, thankfully though he didn’t start any strife, just drank beer and made sure his kid didn’t drown.

Cicely invited Lizzie and Chaz, and they mostly hung out on the lawn. She wasn’t the most enthusiastic swimmer, though she wasn’t afraid of the diving board. Morgan understood her better than Vivienne, after all Cicely aspired to be just like her.

Morgan didn’t know about Cicely’s boyfriend, Alex at all, but she definitely got the feeling that both Cicely and Chaz had a crush on one another. She didn’t want to be the kind of Mom who instantly bought her kids birth control, however when she had waited last time, she’d gotten a grandson out of the ordeal.

Zeke was afraid that just plopping them on it would encourage them to be loose, and there were more risks than just a pregnancy. Morgan was irritated when he used that tone of voice, she was a doctor, she knew the risks better than he did, she was certain!

The party was a success as they always were, and she wondered if they’d have to plan something more extravagant for their sweet sixteen. Buying a house with a built in pool really had made birthday celebrations easier with her July babies; an unexpected perk.

Though it was summer break, they woke their daughters up early just to keep the same routine year-round. It wasn’t always easy having her Dad live with them, and routines were important to him just as they were with Morgan.

Both men insisted on making breakfast, which usually resulted in an abundance of food. While Vivienne always tried to skip out and pretend she wasn’t hungry. Perhaps she wasn’t, but Morgan had the knowledge of teen eating problems, and kept a watchful eye on her girls.

John had mostly mellowed since the passing of his wife, even the girls had made her parents easier to get along with. At breakfast, sometimes John would join in and even goof around slightly, which put Morgan at odds. How could she say that her parents had been extremely strict to her daughters when daily her Dad made a liar out of her by being more laid back than her!

Zeke was working toward a promotion at work to Studio Designer, he’d be in charge of graphics for the entire studio and final say on the products going out. It was a big deal, and it even came with work hours that lined up exactly with the girls. Though the latter wasn’t so necessary these days with John always in the house.

Each morning of break, the girls had to go over their plans with all the adults to make sure that John was just as aware as they were. Morgan knew that they could sneak things in if they desired, but she hoped that they wouldn’t.

Some of their requests, especially monetary ones, were so outlandish that Zeke would just laugh. Usually it started a story about his childhood, and how their Grandma Kenzie used to teach Jazzercise just to make ends meet!

The girls had heard the story a million times before, and were no longer impressed by the idea of their Grandma in spandex.

Unknown to Morgan, the girls did have boyfriends, and they did sneak time with them. Often they would say one thing and do something else entirely. No longer did parents have to bother other parents with calls to their children, they just called the child directly on their cellphone, which meant they could be anywhere.

Cicely was more cautious of this arrangement, while Vivienne was smitten with Monroe and had lost her head in it all.

They went to the movies, and the boys just met them there. How could their Mother know who they sat with? Vivi and Monroe would snuggle up to watch the movie, sometimes even make-out the entire time.

While Cicely tried to avoid Alex’s advances and stuff her face with popcorn. She just wasn’t interested in him anymore, and her Mom wasn’t wrong in thinking she had a crush on Chaz, though Cicely had no such confidence that he returned the feelings.

After the movie, Cicely decided to call it off with Alex when he tried going in for a big kiss outside. She wished that her sister would be aware that her own love life was failing, but she was too much in love with Monroe to notice anything.

In the evenings, Vivienne would work on the piano. Her Grandma Regina had been an excellent pianist, one that could have taken it to a career if her own parents hadn’t been strict. It was that same talent that coursed through Vivienne, and she decided suddenly that she wanted to pursue classical music.

John was thrilled. Whenever he saw glimpses of his late-wife, he was completely on board.

However, Morgan was not. A pianist wasn’t a decent way to make a living, and she would never encourage her daughters to rely on a man. Look at how worthless her stepson was! Why couldn’t Vivienne play piano as a hobby, just as her Grandma had done.

She tried to be calm in the conversation, but Vivienne just turned her head away and Morgan felt her world shake. She’d never been obstinate toward her parents, and to have such disrespect wounded her. She wanted to be friends with her daughter, but couldn’t put aside her duties to raise them right and look after them.

She pushed forward with her reasons. Vivi always tried to get her goat, and she was going to be a sophomore in the fall, she was running out of time to do things right! Her A- grades weren’t going to cut in the real world, she wouldn’t get the scholarships she needed.

Why didn’t Vivienne understand that she had her best interest in mind?

She sent Vivienne to her room, and decided to go into work early. She knew that she’d never sleep that night, and Zeke was up late working in the dining room, so no one could sneak out.

Caroline was surprised to see her in so early, unlike Morgan, she had known that her son was hanging out with Cicely. It seemed awkward information to withhold, but better than revealing. She didn’t want her career to suffer just because Morgan didn’t know what her girls were up to.

She filled her in on the rounds, and how quiet the night had been.

Once Morgan was adequately brought up to speed, Caroline returned to filling out her paperwork while Morgan made some calls to check on other floors. Many times in her life, she felt that this was the only thing she knew how to do right.

Caroline checked in on Percy Brewer later on, he’d come in with a fever and dehydrated. She expected him to go home in another day or so as long as things continued to go well.

Coming in a few hours early meant that she was intruding on Dr. Dwyer’s shift. They weren’t on the same floor that often, and so it shouldn’t have really mattered, except of course that he was hooking up with the current resident, Hadley Millett in the locker-room.

It brought back memories of Morgan’s own beginnings in the hospital when Marcus had slept with her and Caroline! She was positive that he’d continued his flings well into his marriage, and now that he was a divorced man, he seemed to be back at it without regard to his reputation.

Morgan didn’t really care for Hadley, but she found herself feeling bad for the girl anyway. She was pretty certain that Hadley had no idea the kind of sleazy man she was hooking up with, but Hadley didn’t take anyone’s advice and would have to figure it out on her own.

Morgan went to check on Myra London in ICU. She’d found out that she was Kenzie’s Aunt, though they weren’t close. The family had been notified that it was just a matter of time, and most of the family had come to see her and say their good-byes during daylight hours.

Myra’s granddaughter, Alice however nearly lived in the ICU the past few days. Morgan had given in and allowed her to stay even past visiting hours, it seemed to be important to Alice and Morgan could see no harm.

The other patient she checked on was her own sister-in-law, Lorelei. Like Percy, she’d gotten the flu and had become dehydrated. With two little children at home, it wasn’t easy for Lorelei to take the time she needed to recover. Penelope and Otto were allowed to visit for a short period of time each day, but only after Lorelei’s fever had abated and she was on her way to being released.

Later in the afternoon, Cicely came in wearing her pink scrubs. She’d decided a few years earlier that she’d like to go into Medicine, Pediatric medicine to be precise. Caroline loved her, found her so much more enjoyable than Hadley had been way back in the day.

Cicely loved being placed on the pediatric floor and getting the chance to interact with the babies. Percy stole her heart and she missed when her nephew, Thomas had been a toddler.

The only times that Cicely wasn’t completely enthralled with the hospital was when Caroline requested bedpan cleaning. Cicely could really do without that task.

The best part of Morgan’s day was getting to grab a late lunch with Cicely and hearing all about her day. Having a daughter that was interested in Medicine made her feel especially close with her, and she wondered if her own choice to be a doctor had brought joy to her own Mother, all those years ago.

Morgan just hoped that whatever path that Vivienne decided upon, that she’d be happy and financially capable of caring for herself. She came off as uncaring over things like dreams, but she cared a great deal, she just didn’t always succeed at showing it effectively.

Notes: Wow… what a summer! I started playing this in May and just took the last photo yesterday. I have company invading for a week starting today, so I’ll still be missing for a bit more, than it should (hopefully) be much clearer of a schedule! I’ll catch up with blogs as I get the freetime. 🙂

Morgan and Vivienne have always been at odds with one another, and I thought that high school would bring that up a notch. Vivienne really does love music, and matches well for the career in it.

I will say that Vivienne has other careers that she matches for, but I don’t think any will really make Morgan pleased. One of which is retail. 😉 While Vivienne may pursue music, I think that playing the piano obsessively right now is partly to be close to her late Grandma, and her boyfriend, Monroe. So I don’t know if it will last.

Cicely and Alex had a very short run, and she definitely is interested in Chaz now. They sort of hit it off at the pool after Willa made fun of Chaz (the time when Vivienne actually jumped off a diving board, she’s so weird!).

I love the theater photo with Kai mean-mugging Alex. Talk about a sim photobomb.

I love my hospital, it’s still incomplete. I’m hoping to get it done this month as I have to finish decorating Nadia and Violet-Adele’s houses. So behind!

Thanks for reading!!

4 thoughts on “raising them right”

  1. This was an interesting update, so much going on. From the girls sneaking around to Morgan and Lewis tension to the wonderful hospital views and stories.

    1. This update took me real life months to get together, and it has been WAY too long since I last visited, that it was hard to reel it in. I took over one hundred photos for this update, just craziness! It really got me moving for my hospital though, just one floor left to finish. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  2. I’m always so happy to check in with your sims again, especially after you’ve had a bit of a hiatus. 🙂

    Stricter parents often mellow when grandchildren come along. My paternal grandfather was a bit like that. He was never a barrel of laughs but my mum has told me the way he was with us as kids was a far cry from the way he was with my dad. So John changing a bit makes total sense to me.

    I’m glad Cicely finally broke it off with Alex. There’s really no reason for her to stick around with a guy who’s not making her happy any more, especially seeing they’re still so young.

    I’m seeing this kind of career conflict going on in a couple of my sim households right now, so I can definitely see where Morgan is coming from on Vivienne’s dream. It is an uncertain path…but I think she’s just going to dig her heels in with that approach. :\ But hey, she has Cicely following in her footsteps, at least.

    Aw, poor Myra. Alice is such a good granddaughter to stay by her bedside like that. 😦

    1. Aww thanks Carla! I feel the same about your sims too!

      I can relate to your paternal grandfather scenario, my own parents are light years away from the how they were way back when. My kids often have a hard time believing my stories because they are so opposite now.

      Cicely dating Alex was pointless, and she isn’t one to be a heartbreaker, but she’d had enough of him. Agree about Morgan having Cicely. I noticed that she matched really well for medical way back when they were kids, and she’s growing up to following that path very nicely.

      I’m curious to see how Vivienne grows up. Morgan rebelled against her parents quite a bit as a teen/young adult, all the way still succeeding at university and becoming a doctor. Then she turned out to be rather strict herself! I never thought she would, but she’s wound up.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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