july birthdays 2029

Nico Pacelli turns thirty-seven, and is spending his birthday planning his upcoming wedding. Originally he wanted a low-key affair, while Erin definitely wanted the dress and the ceremony. They may have spent more time compromising, but his family jumped in with all their opinions and Nico knew that he was definitely outvoted.

They’d hired Eva who likely regretted her entire career path since having to work with his Mom and sister-in-law, Ginny. Nico knew his Dad was ready for the ceremony to be over with, he was exhausted being dragged to every which place, asked his opinion, and then ignored entirely.

Nico found all the hoopla to be rather calming, with everyone’s assistance, they were sure to have a wonderful wedding. He hadn’t known that being the baby of the family was going to include such exclamation over his wedding, though his Mother liked to tell him that she never saw the day coming.

For the moment, he just enjoyed the time with Erin, knowing that everything was in good hands. Surely the wedding planning was the easy part, they were already both anxious over him moving in. Mallory still hadn’t come around to Nico being in her life, and spent much of time throwing tantrums and deliberately doing the opposite of what her parents said.

One day at a time had become their new motto.


Nolan celebrates his eleventh birthday with his family and close friend, Manny.

He’s pretty excited that Simon is coming back, though not as thrilled that he’s bringing his girlfriend Cassia. He misses when they lived in their old house and used to share a bedroom. Cassia is just another reminder that everyone is growing up while time seems to move slowly for him.

Cassia is rather nervous about meeting Simon’s family, but he assures her that his family is (mostly) really nice.

His sister-aunt, Hadley comes by right before her work shift. She also has a birthday a few days after Nolan, but opted out of a personal cake with her family.

Nolan is still struggling to understand his life and all the sudden changes that have happened recently. He can’t help but feel foolish, with everyone having known he wasn’t really their brother all this time.

Julia brings her long-time boyfriend, Cabot, and for the first time, he is wondering what it would have been like to have grown up with her, and if he’d like Cabot the same if he were introduced as a possible step-Dad. All of the internal thinking almost drives him mad.

No one seems to realize his internal conflict hasn’t completely abated given the short passage of time.

He grabs two huge slices of chocolate cake, and drags Manny to the front yard. He’d like to celebrate with only his best friend at the moment. Manny doesn’t understand everything that Nolan is going through, but his life hasn’t been a picnic ether, and they get each other that way.

Nolan Millett.

Nolan’s parents as teens, Julia and Isaac.


On Hadley’s actual birthday, she had to work late and Dr. Dwyer invited himself over. They’d been screwing around at the hospital but had never visited the other’s home. She had to sneak him in, knowing that her roommate Rosabella would have never approved of the hook-up.

Hadley didn’t realize that she shared a birthday with his ex-wife Miriam, which may or may not have come into play with his decision to visit her apartment.


Brooklyn and Oliver are in their final trimester, just three months to go before they can finally meet their baby. They are both enjoying summer break and downtime, though Oliver has been swamped working toward his Masters degree. If he can continue the pace he’s on, he will graduate in May 2031.

They are both slightly concerned that the new baby will throw a wrench into all their plans, but so far things have been falling into place nicely.

They are due in October.

July Birthdays

John Russo – 77 years
Miriam Dennis – 46 years (pnpc)
Grace McCarthy – 39 years
Marta Steele – 39 years (pnpc)
Nadia Browning – 33 years
Meme Blackshire – 33 years (pnpc)
Michael Abbott – 31 years
Bethany Louie – 32 years
*Julius McCarthy – 23 years
*Elias McCarthy – 23 years
Rafael Martinez – 21 years (pnpc)
Alex Welsh – 17 years (pnpc)

July Anniversaries

Etienne & Violet-Adele McCarthy-Bernard – 2 years
Grant & Leah Millett – 34 years

Notes: Nolan is my last sim to age to teen at eleven. I decided when I changed my schedule around that I’d begin aging up at 12 seeing that I would have more time with my sims than I had previously.

I can’t believe it’s been two years since Etienne and Violet-Adele got married. I haven’t given them an actual update since the wedding, but they’re coming up in the fall. With my new scheduling and a few families that became biennial, I shouldn’t go so long between visiting families.

Nolan is such a cutie! He’s a decent mix of both his parents but surprisingly very much like Isaac, who aged into a hunky adult so I’m not worried about this cutie at all! 😀

Thanks for reading!!

6 thoughts on “july birthdays 2029”

  1. Wow, I’m here early for once, lol! I got all caught up on my blogs last night, so I figured I’d keep up the streak and read and comment on yours now. 🙂

    Oh my, poor Eva! She definitely has her hands full with this family! But I’m just glad Erin is getting married!

    Nolan. 😦 I wonder if he would benefit in some counselling. He’s in a unique situation and it’s a lot to handle for an 11-year-old. He turned out very cute though. He looks like a mix of Isaac and Julia to me.

    I am fascinated by this pairing of Hadley and Marcus! It’s sort of surprising but also not at the same time.

    When you posted your pic of Oliver and Brooklyn at N99 this morning, I wondered when the baby would be coming along. Glad for the update!

    1. Lucky for Eva that she’s paid! She’s really getting to know a lot of others with her career. I landed on an outdoor November (late fall) wedding… I hope the weather is nice.

      Hadley was really cute with Neal, but she’s an ACR hot mess. Everyone swoons for Marcus.

      Counseling is a good idea for Nolan. Alice is just gaining patients left and right. As for Oliver and Brooklyn, it’s taking forever!!! I’m hoping to finish Paloma’s update for this Saturday and start getting closer to that baby. Gosh I hope it takes after the Lange family a bit. McCarthy genes are so strong! Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. I’m looking forward to Etienne and Violet-Adele’s update too! Nolan is so cute and it looks like he got his mom’s nose, his dad’s mouth, and somewhere in between for the eyes. He looks a lot cuter than his dad, to me, but maybe that’s the freckles. I feel for Nolan too- that’s a lot to deal with. I always thought it could have been good to talk to him when he was younger.

    And poor Nico’s dad, being dragged to all the locations to be ignored. Those screenshots with the umbrellas are great. It is so nice to see Erin happy, even if it is still tough with Mallory.

    I guess Hadley had her own alternative to birthday cake 😉

    1. I agree that Nolan looks cuter than his Dad, I actually never thought Isaac was terribly attractive until he was an adult and grew some facial hair. I’m a facial hair kind of girl. 😉 I’m with you on telling Nolan younger, I’m always encouraging people to get these kind of huge things out in the open, and growing up with it is a million times easier to digest than getting the rug pulled out. We have a real life issue like this in our family, and he’s getting older and parents won’t tell him the truth. It’s definitely not the same scenario, but it inspired me with Nolan to wait.

      Nico’s Dad is surrounded by strong women, he makes me laugh. He’s always obliging, but never really engaged. He’s more quiet and does well with one on one. The women are much louder than him.

      The umbrellas had to be used, it started raining. I really hope it doesn’t rain for their November wedding. I just couldn’t get to it sooner, and I really want to use the park for them. It’ll be the first Lincoln Park wedding.

      Hadley likes her cake very adult. 😉 Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. I can’t wait for thier wedding 🙂 and I love how you wrote Nolan’s POV as well. I’m also curious about Violet-Adela and if they are pregnant yet

    1. I can tell you that Violet-Adele is not currently pregnant. I’m hoping she will be by the end of it. I haven’t been in my game much and haven’t remembered to have them try once a month. They would definitely be inclined to go on that inteen fertility treatments if it came to it. It didn’t actually work for Lucy, who only had Alice naturally. I actually used InSim (thought of it as invitro) for Milo. I didn’t know how to check fertility numbers way back then, but she must have been extremely low.

      I’m excited for the wedding too! I know she wants a baby as does Nico, so I’d like to make it happen for them.

      Thanks for commenting Starr!

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