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obituary: Myra London

South Port’s local philanthropist and entrepreneur legend, Myra London has passed away from natural causes early yesterday morning. She lived to be 87 years old and is preceded in death by her husband, Randy London, twin sister, Milla Traver, and parents, Holly and Daniel Dannon. She is survived by her only child, Cole London (Lucy), and three grandchildren, Alice, Itzel, and Milo.

She was surrounded by her family until the end.

Myra fearlessly started and sold half a dozen businesses, adding a hefty portion to the London’s savings. She was not content to sit back and be a lawyer’s wife, she had the fire to make her own impact on the community.

She created the Dannon Local Business Award which pays one full year of college for teens that work two years at a local business. Supporting local community was a life mission that she accomplished many times over.

Her other great loves were for her family and cats, which she brought with her much to her son’s chagrin, when she moved in with him some years ago.

London Family, 2013

London Family, 2022

London Family, 2029

Myra through the years:

Notes: Alas, it was Myra’s time. She was supposed to be included with the July birthdays but the post was already long enough, and I didn’t have these photos taken or organized yet.

I took the photos of her through the years, as she was born in my game like back when TS2 was released, just a bit after… so I seriously have no photos and my graphics card and skintones were such crap, that they wouldn’t be good if they did still exist. Her and Milla were my first naturally born twins so they’ll always be special for me.

I was disappointed that she passed before Alice found someone. She would have enjoyed being at her wedding and meeting great-grandchildren, especially from Alice. She wouldn’t admit it, but Alice was her favorite. πŸ˜‰

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6 thoughts on “obituary: Myra London”

    1. She has been special to me, it was sad, but like George she took some rum punch and hula’d on out. It’s mildly satisfactory that I’m getting time to move forward in the game as well, getting her children’s generation into elderhood and such. Thanks for commenting!

  1. Aw, RIP Myra! Alice was actually the first one I thought of when I saw Myra had died. She was such a devoted granddaughter and I’m sure it would have been very special for her to have her grandmother see her fall in love, get married and start a family. 😦

    Myra was a very cute toddler!

    1. When I originally got Myra’s death age, I thought that would be plenty of time for Alice (family sim, hello!) to settle down. But it didn’t work out that way. Alice always cared for Myra more than her own parents, and her Myra had her as her top too. Myra was a cute toddler and a pretty adult, she was the prettier twin in my book. πŸ™‚ Thanks for commenting Carla!

  2. That is so amazing, playing Myra since perhaps 2004/2005 in real life, and her living (in your game) all this time! It was really neat reading about how she started the Dannon award, and recently learning that she was responsible for the earning of much of the family fortune through her business acumen!

    1. Thanks Shannon! She had so much history that is all in my mind, since I didn’t blog in the beginning! There was a lot of drama back then, I since split up households and families, but she was technically half-sisters with Abby. I re-wrote history for the blog, because otherwise it was just way too much and overwhelming I felt. But Abby was the daughter of an affair, and Myra and Milla did not care for her at all until they all attended college together and hit it off in the dorms. Seeing that they had zero relationship when I went into blogging (they were all seniors then), I just nixed it. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

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