Brindley, Creelman Family

down at the bakery

july 2029
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Adam Brindley (32 years), Paloma (31 years),

narrated by: Paloma

Our bakery was celebrating its one year anniversary, and we had decided to release a blueberry cheesecake to commemorate the occasion.

We had gotten into a routine with Adam cooking breakfast while I got ready, but recently I was coming down with him and rummaging through the fridge.

I hadn’t really noticed my changed behavior, but Adam had picked up on it and suggested we pick up a test. Mostly I thought it was wishful thinking on his part; he’s wanted to add a baby to our crazy life since we said ‘I do’ and he was getting a baby fever infliction.

I told him that while my cycle had started late last month, but I was beginning to spot already for this one. He seemed disappointed by it all, but I brought a smile back when I said that I’d be interested in a wellness exam and getting some prenatals.

I drove us to work with a mental list of all the things we needed to really get in order before we tried. Prenatals was just a good excuse to buy myself some more time. I wanted a nice nest egg before we added to our family; I never wanted the risk of our baby going hungry or having to do without basic necessities. That wasn’t even considering our crazy busy life with the bakery; it all seemed insane to think of a baby.

But if not now, then when? Would it ever be an ideal time? That was Adam’s argument to which I didn’t have an answer.

I was able to see Dr. Morgan by the end of the week and brought Adam in so he could get all his questions out of the way. He has less reservations than I do, and is much more eager with his questions than me.

With all the hospital construction lately, it was nearly impossible to find a parking spot, and then the OB office. Everything has changed floors and moved to opposite sides of the hospital. The room I was brought into wasn’t even finished, and it wasn’t the normal OB visit room, it’s usually in Morgan’s office.

She checked all my stats and said that everything looked healthy excluding one problem. She said that we couldn’t try to get pregnant, because we already were.

Timelines, stockpiling a savings, and buying a proper family car, all those things were instantly destroyed, and I hadn’t even known they were at risk for annihilation.

She suggested we have an ultrasound though to make sure it was a viable pregnancy with the spotting I’d been experiencing. She insisted that we shouldn’t be concerned just yet, but I was still adjusting with the news of a baby that I didn’t have fear of losing one.

I was dealing with the idea of one baby, when she announced that there were two heartbeats. Twins! Perhaps she should keep smelling salts in her exam room, because I nearly needed them.

Even Adam caught his breath a bit, but he bounced back quickly. Two for the price of one! As if this was a bargain! It just doubled all of our expenses.

She went over the risk for complications, the knowledge that bedrest was likely in my future. Our bakery is across the way from the hospital, and she was familiar with us and it, and urged us to hire help quickly because I’d likely be out of commission for the end of the pregnancy and then after for a spell.

I found that indeed I had many questions, more than Adam even. When were they due? Would we likely make it to term? What were the signs that I needed to be on bedrest? How much time would I need off after they were born? How was I going to manage all this?

We were due in March, and were seven weeks pregnant. I turned to Adam for assistance. March wasn’t a bad due date, my sister, Linnea could come back for spring break and lend a hand, but that was ONE week out of an entire month. What if I were on bedrest for Valentine’s Day? It was a big bakery day for us this year, and we couldn’t do without me.

Dr. Morgan was very calm, saying she had her own set of twins at home, and that they’d take good care of me through the pregnancy. We set up our next appointment and she stepped out so we could adjust to the news.

Adam didn’t miss a beat, he stood and began to encourage me, all the while saying that he was some sort of superman. He made me laugh a bit when he said that he didn’t have to worry about convincing me to have a second baby.

I had to admit that the idea was quickly warming up to me, especially when he said we’d get a car going. He had a few ideas on building a quick savings as well, and my fears began to quiet.

That night, I began to stay up a bit later than my usual bedtime and started working on a restaurant guide. If I wrote it well enough, I could get it published and put that money into savings. Many nights, Custard would come down and mew at me to come up to bed.

We started talking about our second bedroom and how we’d make it into a nursery. Ironically it was painted yellow when we moved in, and are thinking of leaving it.

However we live in a two bedroom house and if we have boy/girl twins than one day we will have to move, or find a way to add-on without making our house awkward.

We set an ad in the paper, and interviewed a handful of people before deciding on Eden Fink. She’s only fifteen, which meant we needed her Mom’s permission. She is passionate about the culinary field though and seemed to have the most to gain.

My sister, Linnea came back to help us for another summer. She needs to earn money for the next semester. She’s very adept with ordering and registers, even selling to customers. It all stems from working at the pet store by Mom’s house back in high school.

Adam is not competent with these things, so Linnea is a breath of fresh air. Adam is thrilled on the days that she’s in and he doesn’t have to work the register. I’d say that Dr. Dwyer feels the same.

Our weekends is when we run like a well-oiled machine. Some might think that we should have been here already, one full year in business, but we didn’t need the extra help until recently. We just weren’t busy enough to warrant the extra expense when Adam and I would work for less.

We shared the news with Linnea and she was thrilled for us. Of course neither of us have been aunts before, and it’s been a long time since Dahlia was a baby, she’s nine years old already!

Neither of us can believe that it is twins though! It definitely doesn’t run in our family, though girls do, so she thinks it is absolutely two girls. Adam thinks there is at least one boy in there, so we will see who is correct.

My dear friend, Bobbi came by for a visit. She told me all about another recent date with Elias. I’ve always adored Oliver’s younger brother, even had him at our wedding, so I’m thrilled that Bobbi has found someone nice to date.

I waited until she finished before I told her that I was expecting twins! She was hesitantly happy for me. I know that when our other friend, Meme got pregnant, that she felt her friend circle was dwindling. I’m sure it’s even more of a concern now.

I promised that we’d still go out together, and that I’ll need it more than ever with twins at home, but I’m not sure she believed me. Perhaps Elias will be her one, and she can join the rest of us although I know she enjoys her childless life.

Thankfully, Eden is working out well. She seems to really enjoy selling to customers and suggesting baked goods based on their likes.

Our biggest issue is that we can’t keep up with demand. We are closed on Sundays and Mondays, and while we are open until six o’clock, we are often out of inventory well before. Adam can only bake so fast, even with my helping him, there is such a thing as bake-time that slows us down.

Some hoity-toity came in ten minutes to close, and threw a tantrum that we were out of everything. She went off on Eden, the poor girl who has no control over inventory at all. It’s unfortunate that she had to deal with that, but she held her own well and then I gave the woman a coupon for a free croissant, and suggested she come in before lunch next time.

My Mom came to visit one evening, and I shared the news with her as well. I know that she would have liked to have another child, especially close in age to Dahlia, but it never happened despite their efforts. I was hopeful she’d be excited about this pregnancy.

She definitely was, though when I announced twins, she choked on her decaffeinated coffee.

Once the surprise wore off, she was thrilled. Two grandbabies next spring. She said that she’d take a light load if possible around my due date so she could lend a hand wherever I needed it. I appreciated it, and was happy that I wasn’t due in May/June, the biggest wedding month.

On Monday, I headed out to Meme’s to share the news and spend time with her and Jagger. She’s been sort of waiting for me to get pregnant so she could have a second baby around the same time. Jagger is two years old now, and she would have only waited on me until he was three years old.

I don’t know that she’ll get pregnant right away, but it would be nice to experience the pregnancy together. She asked if we had any names picked out, and we do, but aren’t sharing yet. Mostly I have my names and Adam has his, and his are terrible! Basil and Alfredo? Maybe for a future cat once Custard passes, but not our kids. Good heavens. I have to hope that he’s just teasing me.

It was fun watching Jagger play and climb things. He’s speaking pretty well these days too, it’s hard to believe that in two years, he has learned so much.

I got tired just sitting outside and watching him, and I’m going to have two!

Meme suggested we might want to hire an au pair to live with us so that we could work at the bakery and have extra hands with the twins. She said they could even watch the babies at the bakery so we could see them too. I found it all very appealing. However, I wasn’t convinced that it would be in our budget, nor did we have the space for someone to stay in ether.

My increased appetite seemed to double once I realized I was carrying twins, and my exhaustion hit new lows. I haven’t experienced any morning sickness which my Mom said meant it was two boys, since she suffered greatly with each of us girls.

I prefer grocery shopping at night, but now I struggled to stay on my feet and was starved to the point that I’d sneak produce as I shopped.

I began going to bed earlier and earlier to the point that Adam could no longer fall asleep when I did. He began to watch late night tv in bed while I snored next to him, a new pregnancy perk.

I don’t know if finding out I was having twins is to blame or if moving farther into the pregnancy is, but I had more energy just a week before than I do now. I really need the second trimester honeymoon period to kick in now, or I don’t know how I’ll help run the bakery.

Notes: Twins!! I’m super psyched, and oh man, I really need to play so they can be born!

I’ve had their names picked out for real life years, so I’m super ready for them! Unless its girl/girl, I don’t have two girl names, but I’m sure I could manage. 😉

Their bakery is a huge success too, and they really did keep running out inventory. With the bakery and a little bonus from the city (for ranking up) they have about 7,000 which is pretty good, of course a new car will really eat into that.

She didn’t get sick once ether, and she’s just an hour shy from her second trimester, she ate and slept like crazy but otherwise, I’d say it’s a pretty easy pregnancy thus far.

Thanks for reading!

13 thoughts on “down at the bakery”

  1. Was not expecting the double surprise pregnancy! I honestly thought it would be all about the bakery with plans to try later. Wow, twins. Did she sneak some cheesecake? Are they cheesecake twins?

    1. Me ether. I found her pregnant, but I have the cheesecake as normal cheesecake (no twin risk) so it wasn’t that. I’m pretty sure got pregnant at the Christmas party, because I can’t remember another time that I’ve had her active. I wasn’t expecting a pregnancy yet ether for her, so I was surprised as well. I’m very excited though as is Adam! Thank you for commenting Starr!

    1. Thank you Cathy! I’m super excited for them! I need to get into my game more frequently so I can get them born! Thank you for commenting Cathy!

  2. I was surprised like Starr said- thinking it would be all about the bakery. And then because you mentioned the anniversary release of the cheesecake I wondered if they were cheesecake twins, but that is a nice mod to have, because cheesecake causing twins is totally not realistic, ha.

    When I was first reading this, I was so worried about Paloma and how she was taking the news. It can be really tough to find out you are pregnant ahead of schedule, and especially with twins. It was nice that Adam could reassure and cheer her up some and I’m sure he’ll be a great dad. There’s lots of potential help with the bakery so that’s good!

    This is so exciting though! Ever since they were dating I thought their kids would be so cute and hoped they would be together and have kids. Adam might be hoping for at least one boy; I am hoping for at least one redhead!

    Eva’s face when Paloma told her about the twins was so funny. And it would be really fun for Meme to also have another around the same time. Hopefully Bobbi won’t get too left behind with everything- and I’d love to see her and Oliver get married and have kids too.

    1. Cheesecake twins was absurd! I didn’t get a hack for it until Paloma started baking cheesecakes years ago. Suddenly my sims were buying cheesecakes and I didn’t want any of that nonsense in my game.

      I think Adam will be a great Dad too, they are a really good team with the bakery and the house. They both pick up after themselves and autonomously make meals to serve instead of single-food items. Oh my goodness, I’ve been waiting FOREVER for them to have babies! I am SO impatient! Zero chance of a redhead though. Paloma is brown/black, and he’s red/red. Paloma actually has a higher chance of a darker complected child from her Mother. Her skin tone ranges from 2-4.

      Oops hit enter too soon! That’s how excited I am! Bobbi and Elias would be a cute couple, he has chemistry with another little red head, Julia… but Julia is pretty happy with Cabot, but they did have that break-up when she slept with someone else at university. So I am keeping my eye on them. That would probably be ideal, but I won’t force it. I wouldn’t mind playing Bobbi more frequently. I do hope that Meme gets pregnant decently quick, we’d like the kids to be in the same school grade so she doesn’t have too long. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. Oh, poor Paloma! Talking to other people, I’d agree with Adam – people have been in worse situations and found themselves unexpectedly pregnant and generally, there’s always a way to muddle through. But in Paloma’s position, I’d feel just like her! I’m glad he could make her feel a little better about it and that she has Linnea and Eden to help out at the bakery now.

    I’d say I hope the symptoms will get easier on her but with twins, she’ll probably continue to be fairly fatigued and hungry right the way through! I can’t wait to see them! Bummed that it won’t be a little redhead though – someone else will have to deliver in that department, I guess!

    1. I’m worried about the bakery and the baby. I’m looking at my sims to see if I could have a potential nanny to help her with the twins. Every idea I come up with, I realize that it wouldn’t make sense for that sim to do!

      I can’t believe they are having twins on the first go. Their house isn’t set up for that many, especially if they are opposite sex.She does seem to be doing better, and they make decent money with their bakery, they could do even better if they could prepare faster. I’m thinking a second oven might be needed, but not sure if they’d use it or fight over one…

      So true that the fatigue and hunger won’t likely abide with twins! Hopefully Oliver and Brooklyn have a redhead… I was just setting up my school enrollment and realized that Oliver and Paloma’s kids will be in the same grade, now we are wondering if one day (eighty years from now!), they’ll date! Funny how that worked out without any attempt on my part.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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