Holmes Family, McCarthy Family

rainy days

july 2029
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(Holmes Household Profile)
Chris Holmes (41 years), Emma (38 years), Chaz (14 years), Evan (6 years), Dax (6 years)

narrated by: Chaz

Dad’s been working over-time lately, he’s been trying to save for a vacation to the Cascade Mountains. It seems like everyone I know goes up there for a quick weekend, some of my classmates even own property there, but we have never been. Dad loves to camp, though Mom is not a fan at all. I almost think that she’s not saving that hard because she doesn’t want to stay in a tent.

I’m trying to learn the ropes as I intend to take the shop over one day. Evan acts like she’s going to run it, and I get super annoyed with her when she acts that way. All she does is sleep on the sofa in the waiting room.

When she is awake, all she wants to do is eat. She rummages through the vending machine, then begs Dad to buy pizza.

He almost always does too. Must be nice being the only girl.

Dad is teaching me the ropes, and I can do all the basics now like spark plugs and oil changes. I can’t technically work here until I’m fifteen, but that doesn’t stop Dad from training me.

I wish Dad would fire Colin, but he won’t seeing that he’s a business partner. I hope one day to buy out his share of the company so I don’t have to deal with him. Dad doesn’t like when I talk that way, but I’m good friends with his kid, Logan, and he’s just not cool in my book.

He always has some new scheme for making quick money, sometimes he’s mad that their business doesn’t make more money. It really hasn’t done as well as Dad had hoped, but it still pays the bills.

Because the place is sort of dumpy, we mostly get dumpy cars. I told Dad that he should invest more to clean the place up, but he thinks it’s absurd to clean the shop up, seeing it’ll just get greasy again.

I let him win, seeing he’s the adult, but when I take over, I’m going to take out a loan and really give it a new image.

In the meantime, we are on summer break, but the twins are in summer school. Our uncle, Oliver is teaching them while he works on his Masters, allegedly he’s hoping to be the new principal. That’d be pretty cool if he pulled it off, would have been nice to have him as a principal over uppity, Mrs. London.

Evan isn’t thrilled about the schoolwork, but that’s what got her into this situation to begin with. Even the Siew boys are in her class, I guess their parents fighting even had an affect on brainy Wyatt.

It has rained for the majority of summer, which has been a huge bummer.

When Mom and Dad are at work, and school is done, I am in charge. It’s hard to find a way to burn their energy, especially Evan’s, when we can’t go outside. I’m only fourteen so I can’t drive us anywhere ether.

If they are working late for overtime, I tend to lose my patience. Dax is such a neat freak that I can barely handle to be near him. He’s constantly cleaning the toilets, and scrubbing dishes with gloves on.

Us kids have the nicest bathroom in the house, and it is all thanks to Dax. I guess it’s nice that I don’t have to clean it, but it’s not like Dax does it without griping at me and Evan for our messes. If he’d just clean up after us and not nag at us to do better, then I’d be okay with his neatness.

He gets a sick enjoyment out of it though. He even makes it nice for Mom and Dad, such a suck-up.

Evan is a tornado, definitely doesn’t care about messes and poor Dax has to share a room with her. She is constantly jumping on furniture and demanding attention.

She dive bombs Dax and me when we play video games and thinks that she’s hilarious.

I’m not even a parent, and I’m ready for everyone to go back to school next month.

I told Dad that I needed a break, asked if I could hang out with my friends at the park after dark.

I went over all the mature things I’d done this summer, including walking the twins to summer school and back again.

Dad left me squirming for a good five minutes before he relented. I can never tell when he’s serious or not, he’s mostly not, but I’ve been wrong before and really gotten in trouble.

I called everyone up to see who could come, I really just wanted guy time, but Logan insisted on my cousin, Isla coming along. She’s like his best friend, but she’s my cousin and sometimes I just want to be away from family.

I’m mostly best friends with Kai anyway, so I suppose it works out. We were talking about how Cicely broke it off with Alex, laughing how Alex couldn’t even keep a sophomore girlfriend when he’s a senior this year.

I’m pretty sure that Logan is starting to get feelings for Isla, he’s starting to act “cool” around her, but he just looks like a doof. He even lost his ability to play with the hackysack.

Isla is as tomboy as ever. She’s constantly antagonizing me, and threatening to tell my Mom.

I will never bring her around Cicely, I hope to one day date her, and not turn her off of me permanently.

Kai knows to not even mention my crush for Cicely around Isla. She’s always copping an attitude and acting like she knows everything. I’m two grades older than her, she knows nothing! Infuriating.

I miss when it was just the three of us, hanging out, talking about video games and how crappy our parents’ rules were, though I never had many rules growing up.

Logan’s Mom is getting married this November, and I can’t even imagine what that would be like. My parents have never been traditional, but they’ve always been together. Logan isn’t even sure he likes his new step-Dad, Nico all that much. He says that he’s better than his bio Dad, but my chips at lunch are better than him, so it’s not exactly a compliment.

When I got home, my parents were making out in the kitchen, and I didn’t even throw a fit. It’s nice that I’ve always had them both, even if they still think they are teenagers.

Dad started lifting weights, I guess he’s trying to combat his advanced age with muscle tone. He looks like he might die in the process and I’m genuinely concerned that I’ll come down for breakfast one day and find him dead on the weight bench.

At the end of the month, Dad surprised us all with the announcement that we were going camping! Mom was thinking we were safe since school starts soon, but he managed to save enough for Makah Beach, all the way across the sound.

She sputtered over it, trying to come up with excuses like needing to buy school supplies and clothes. Mom barely does that sort of stuff, but apparently this year she was going to give it an honest effort.

For whatever reason, Dax was thrilled. He doesn’t remember ever camping, and doesn’t realize that it is the most dirtiest he will ever be.

We weren’t even going up to the Cascade mountains ether, just same old South Port.

When we finally went, Mom was in a good mood. I think that Dad promised to do something for her, she can usually be bought out if the price is right.

Dax was all about the s’mores.

And then, it began to rain. We should have known it’d rain; it’s rained all summer long! Good luck to Logan’s Mom getting married outside in November, it’ll likely be a snowstorm at this rate.

Evan didn’t even blink at the rain, just warmed up with the fire. Thankfully it didn’t rain hard enough to put that out.

Mom wasn’t even too mad about the rain ether, she went to sit out on the beach with Dad and I could even hear her laughing.

It rained the next day too, Dad said it wasn’t a big deal since we were going to be swimming in the ocean anyway. I disagree.

Dax is such a nerd, he wears this floating device, and squeals going into the portable toilet. Sure it is gross, but men don’t squeal.

Evan was in her element, getting dirty and wet while playing in the sand. I think she could live like a barbarian and not even bat a lash.

Thankfully the rain quit before we went home, and I was able to enjoy myself more. I’m not terribly clean, but I enjoy the option of staying dry when I’d like to be dry.

I overheard Dad saying that he’d book them an even better hotel since it rained this time. It sounds like he’s planning to save up and do a honeymoon, just the two of them to Victoria Isle. They’ve been married way too long to consider it a honeymoon, but what would I know?

I just hope they allow me to watch the twins, I do not want to stay at Aunt Grace’s with Isla the Terror. I can just imagine the horrible week that would be.

It made me miss Grandpa George even more, I know they’d have let us stay with them if he were still living and in their old house. We barely see Grandma Mandy now that she lives with Hazel. Typical. Hazel has always distanced herself from Grandpa Finn and the rest of us.

It sounds like I have at least a year to mature even more and beg for the responsibility. Here’s hoping!

Notes: Emma and Chris really want to go on a vacation, but the flights alone cost more than their savings. I usually reimburse the flights to Cascade, because that would technically be semi-local for them, but this was still too much for them.

I need to find a way to improve Chris’ business, he has zero stars, and people barely even come by. I do have stuff for sale (it has a convenience store attached), and they used to get more customers, but a few negative interactions and they went to zero and haven’t rebounded.

It rained a significant chunk out of all my summer households, I love when it’s consistent like that in the game.

Isla and Chaz are friends, but she is constantly giving him a noogie and upsetting him. And Kai and Logan were gossiping about Cicely breaking up with Alex. It is ALL Chaz can talk about! He gossiped to his Mom about it too. I’d say he’s pretty happy about it.

Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “rainy days”

  1. I laughed out loud at Chaz saying his dad was trying to “combat his advanced age,” and might die in the process. That was a great face that Chris was making as he lifted! And Evan jumping off the stairs and dive bombing unsuspecting gamers was hilarious too. I also laughed when Chaz was describing Dax cleaning with gloves on. That’s a very tough job for a 14 year old, to watch out for his little brother and sister all day.

    I wonder what Chris bribed Emma for to go camping that she was so happy! It was really fun reading this from Chaz’ perspective and I suspect we didn’t hear the details of that because it was not pg-13. It’s great you worked out a way for them to have a mini-trip even if they couldn’t afford the full trip to the Cascades.

    It is so cool to hear of Chaz’ ambitions for the future for the shop and himself.

    1. Chris is such a weakling considering he fixes car and has a tough-guy persona! He looked pretty rough lifting! Evan is just a wild child for sure! I thought she looked hilarious jumping on the sofa while they tried to game.

      Agree that it is a big responsibility for Chaz to watch his siblings, he did an alright job, he’s pretty responsible, but he definitely antagonized Dax a decent amount too.

      Haha, you know that’s exactly what I had in mind for Chris to bribe Emma with.. adult in nature. But I decided with their wants, that he’d also promise an adult-only vacation… one day.

      I think that Chaz will do well if he keeps this pace up. He’s a pretty responsible kid, and he’s pretty much outgrown his weird awkwardness. I can’t say that him and Colin get along though, and being that Colin is a partner, he may have to buy him out if he wants to make changes. I don’t think Colin would take a reasonable amount of money ether, he’s such a punk.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. Chaz’s idea to clean up the shop reminded me of the garage my friend’s brother used to work at. It was called something like Prestige Motors and they were really into living up to their name. It was about as clean as a garage could be and they wouldn’t even accept dumpy cars for repair! Maybe that’s actually not that uncommon but as someone who knows nothing about cars, it always struck me as funny.

    Poor Dax and Evan having to go to school over the summer! I have a few students in Sullivan who could probably benefit from that. Summer school isn’t a thing here though (because our summer breaks are relatively short- 5-6 weeks).

    Dax and Evan are so funny – Dax with his neat freak ways and Evan just being a constant hive of activity!

    Logan and Isla, huh? I wonder how she feels about that. Were all her noogies directed at poor Chaz? I actually put a no noogies mod in my game at one stage, because the noogies were out of control. Nice kids would do them. They’d do them to their enemies, their siblings, their friends – it was nuts.

    LOL – “his advanced age”! Remember being that age and 41 was old?

    Oh Chris, that better be an amazing honeymoon to make up for the rainy camping trip, lol! I hope you can figure out something for Chris’s shop. Do you use that customer controller thing from SimWardrobe in your game? I wonder if it’s somehow stuck on getting very few visitors and could maybe be fixed with the mod?

    1. Wow, I can’t imagine a garage turning away business because a car was junkier! That’s crazy! With the issues with their lot, I can’t imagine they’d turn anyone away, even if they cleaned it up.

      Dax and Evan were on the cusp of being removed from the house, so I had to send them off to school and figured that summer school would benefit them. I took all the grade school students with a C or lower and enrolled them. They all went up a grade or two by the end of the break.

      As far as I know, Isla doesn’t have feelings for anyone. I think it’s one-sided on Logan’s part, but there’s plenty of time for romance to bloom. I actually think that Logan is just a typical, hormone-driven teenager because he was just heart-farting over his teacher, Brooklyn when I was getting birthday updates. So… it may not be Isla so much as she’s a female, and he loves them all!

      Gah, yes I remember when 41 was old, I was sad when my Mom turned 30, I was like why! Geez.

      I hope that Chris can take Emma away sometime in the near future, because that camping trip had horrible weather (all my summer households had an extreme amount of rain, which I loved the consistency, but made for crappy summer events).

      I don’t have the customer controller from SW, I’ll have to look into that and see if I can get to the bottom of it.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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