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babies and clubbin’

august 2029
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Isaac Gavigan (29 years), Lauren (27 years)

We are still working opposite shifts, that isn’t something that will change anytime soon unless one of us drop our jobs. Isaac did get promoted to Stock Manager at the grocery store and is actually bringing in a decent chunk of change. I’m still the breadwinner, but another promotion or so, and I believe he may pass me by.

I try to stay awake when I get home from my third shift and eat breakfast with him, though it’s more like my dinner. He prefers a heartier breakfast, and I’m not inclined to eat much before bed, so we make our own things.

We’ve decided to start a family, originally I wanted to have the first grandbaby, but I failed that on both sides. Although if the old high school rumors are true, then I guess Isaac did have the first grandchild with Julia Millett. He’s always denied it though, and I’ve always stood by his side.

We stopped birth control several months ago, but don’t actually have space for a baby, so our biggest discussion is where would we live with a baby? A bartender and a grocery stock manager aren’t exactly rolling in the dough.

I’d heard that the apartments next door are nearly finished being renovated, perhaps we could afford one of those. It’s always a risk when somethings closed down for updates, sometimes it’s gentrification at its finest and way out of the neighborhood residents’ budgets.

He said we could look into it, and then headed to work. I try to clean up the kitchen some after he goes. I get terribly bored if I can’t fall directly asleep. I wish our shifts were the same, I think it’d solve some of my boredom.

We’ve never had a relationship that we had to be exclusive, but I don’t believe he’s ever cheated on me. I’m not as saintly. I get on a path of faithfulness, but then the boredom kicks in. Sometimes cheating is even boring, that’s why I think a baby would be good for us. I wouldn’t have all this spare time to waste.

We have a few hours together again before my shift starts, but Isaac goes in waves of being addicted to the computer. He likes to chat on it, and read articles.

Our best time together is when I forgo sleep and attend activities with him. My niece, Irina celebrated her first birthday this month, and they threw a party at my parent’s house.

It was my first time going since our childhood Goldendoodle died, now my parents have this ChowChow that is rather monstrous in size. It just doesn’t feel the same.

Meg brought her boyfriend home to meet the parents. I’m pretty sure every single one of us kids already met Jaron, except maybe Lizzie.

Dad seems to like him just fine, he’s easier to read than Mom, and more approving to begin with.

Isaac and him are already friends, and Isaac is in favor of Jaron joining the family officially; he could really do with some more relateable guys. He doesn’t dislike Peter, they just don’t speak each-other’s language.

Irina is just a gem though, and she totally gives me baby fever. I don’t know the odds of me and Isaac having such a sweet child, we’d likely end up with a hellion, at least that’s what Mom always says will happen.

There’s no doubt, she loves her Auntie Lauren.

The biggest downfall of visiting my parents is my Mom. I can’t even say that I try to be friendly. Dad has been giving me money for years, and she’d totally be against it if she knew. My parents lost everything and got an enormous insurance payout, over $100,000! And she has the nerve to act like she’s poor and not share the wealth.

I felt kind of like a jerk though when she asked if I remembered my Dad’s Aunt. She has to be a billion years old now, and no I didn’t recall her. None of his family even lives in the country!

I guess she remembers me though, or at least that I exist, because she sent a cash gift for our wedding. She just found out about it, and her gift was rather generous. $5200!

I’ve never held so much money in my life. No matter the cost of the apartments next door, we definitely can afford one now!

I asked Dad if he’d known about it, and of course he had. I guess that she’s always been generous with her wealth, and had insisted on sending something when they’d spoke on the phone recently.

The money made me extremely happy and more courageous. I decided to ask Elise about how she got pregnant with Irina. Everyone knows that they tried for several years, and I wanted to know how they eventually got pregnant.

She said persistence was key, but also getting a doctor’s opinion as well.

A few months without a positive, she insisted, was not reason to fret, which made me feel much better.

When we got home, I was in such good spirits, I even took the trash out. Isaac isn’t as ecstatic over the cash gift as I am; I’d guess it’s some weird man-pride issue.

We went to celebrate over the weekend with Bethany and her boyfriend, Zion. Even though I work at the club, it’s still my favorite place to kick back. Zion works here with me, and he doesn’t tire of it ether.

Bethany and I really hit it off after Zion introduced us. She’s a blast, and we have similar issues with boredom that we can relate to one another.

The same fondness can’t be said for Isaac and Zion though. For whatever reason, Isaac just finds him insufferable.

He does always have his eyes on Bethany, most guys do, as if he suspects she’d jump the bartender right there behind the counter.

She seems to genuinely like him though, he does this weird skit thing that isn’t terribly funny, but Bethany is all into it. It’s true what they say, love blinds.

Isaac ended the night by once again attempting to master the gyrosphere.

Whenever he gets drunk, this is the only thing he wants to do, and he does it so badly!

We managed to end the month with a visit to his brother, Isaiah and family. Maeve is a snooty, judgy little witch. “Oh precious Margot” blah blah.

She prattles on and on about how great a baby Margot is, and how she can’t grocery shop without being stopped just so strangers can admire her baby. She buys groceries at Isaac’s work, he says that definitely doesn’t happen, at least not always.

I don’t want to be jealous of her, but she’s so obnoxious and perfect that I can’t help it. I know perfectly well that I’d have a cuter baby than her.

When she finally allows me to hold Margot, after telling me all about how to hold her for the millionth time, I can’t help but admit that she’s pretty easy to love.

Isaac always holds her and lives up to his role as being a good uncle.

Isaiah wants to know when Isaac is finally going to become a Dad. Those things sting me, but Isaac has no issue with his family prying into his personal life.

By the end of the month I wonder if perhaps I’d be a better Aunt than a Mom. With people like Maeve out there in the world, it doesn’t seem that I could keep working at the club and have a baby without extreme judgement. Maeve is constantly asking when I’ll get a real job, and when I think of being pregnant and working the bar, I do doubt that it’s a good environment for a baby… but I really love my job.

Notes: They had the ROS for $5200 from distant relative.

I am moving them into the apartments next door, I’ll post the tour on tumblr when I get around to it. Her and Isaac both have the baby want (for a while now), but she’s still rolling wants to sleep around with multiple sims… while Isaac is rolling wants to get promotions! He rolled to gain 4 cleaning skills to get that many promotions this round. He also spent quite a bit of time talking with Bethany, on the phone and on the PC. It’s all been platonic for now, but I’m watching! He does not care for her boyfriend, Zion at all.

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “babies and clubbin’”

  1. Oh, Lauren, I don’t think alleviating boredom is a good reason to bring a child into the world! So Isaac is working hard and getting promotions, that’s great, but i guess their relationship still sounds like its on unstable ground and I can’t say I’m cheering for them to conceive. At least Lauren’s rethinking working at the bar or club.

    Aside from his possible interest in Bethany and his getting drunk and trying the spin machine occasionally, Isaac is sounding like a better potential parent than Lauren right now But you know, I wouldn’t have pegged Chaz’s parents for conscientious ones and they seem to be doing pretty well after all.

    1. Alleviating boredom isn’t a good reason, but it’s definitely not the worst reason I’ve heard! Wowza are some people crazy! I think these two should be on the same work schedule, I think that would solve her boredom problems. The issue is that she make great money at the club, she’s a manager and is paid really well. Even with Isaac’s promotions, he still works at a grocery store and the pay just isn’t that high. She also matches really well for this career, so I’ll have to look at her and see if anything else matches… honestly Isaac should get a new career first, but his hours compliment parenthood better.

      Isaac and that spin machine, I swear! Every time he goes, he rolls it, goes in and flies out. It makes me laugh and shake my head. I guess if he had better body strength he could conquer it. True on Chaz’s parents, they’ve done pretty good with their kids, they did have failing grades on the twins that the social worker actually took them away. lol. I didn’t save. I had them skip school one time for some photos, and their grades were already that bad off. So while I think their kids will grow up just fine, I don’t think they are the model family.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

      1. Oh goodness, that’s scary that Chaz and his siblings got taken away by the social worker, from bad grades and a photo shoot :-/ I guess they’ve done better than I anticipated but that doesn’t mean they’ve been perfect. So funny about Isaac and him wanting to dominate that machine!!

        1. Chaz didn’t. Just the twins. His weren’t bad and I guess being a teen made him exempt from the social worker. Teens can raise kids and younger in the game, so that’s probably why. I think teens risk running away with bad grades. I’m not sure. Colin ran away as a teen and I believe grades were part of the reason.

  2. You never know! Lauren and Isaac could end up lucky like my Troy and Josie. Andrew was their expected hellion but Jude is almost angelic (especially in comparison to his little brother).

    That $2500 came just in time! I can’t wait to see their new place. 🙂

    I can really see Lauren and Bethany getting along, so I’m not surprised to see them buddy up. It might keep Bethany out of her sister’s hair for a bit too, lol!

    LOL at Maeve’s imagined endless admiration for her baby! I like Maeve but she would definitely be one of those braggy mums on Facebook!

    I wonder if the club work might actually work out better than one might expect with motherhood. It’s not like babies always stick to the proper schedule anyway. But then again, to support a kid, Lauren might want something that pays a little bit better. Pretty cool that Isaac is working so hard though!

    I did have the same concern as Shannon though, on reading that one of Lauren’s reasons for wanting a kid is boredom! I mean…parenting can be pretty tedious too sometimes. But I can see your point too, that Lauren is probably just fairly lonely working opposite schedules to her husband (and most other people). I hope it works out for them, whatever happens.

    1. That is true about angelic children to hellion parents! My sister has the sweetest kid, she shoulda been mine. 😀 I have so many houses that are unfinished… Nadia’s, Violet-Adeles, and now Lauren’s… but yay, I got their pnpc neighbors apartment done (Raina & Kevin), cause that’s the important one! I’m itching to redecorate Trisha and Trent’s house too.

      Oh yes, Maeve would totally be braggy on FB… she’d make me sick! Right now Lauren’s income pays for their bills, she gets more than Isaac. He busts his butt, but she’s nearly an assistant manager of the club, and gets paid well because of it. I don’t know what job she’d do that would pay as well, but the stigma is a bit tough.

      Lauren hasn’t had much chance to try, I’ve been failing to get in for my other families to try with all this Brooklyn Baby Drama. Thanks for commenting Carla!

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