September Birthdays 2029

School started back up, and Brooklyn found herself back in front of her class, teaching a whole new generation of youth how to cook without burning down their houses. She’s relieved to be past the extreme nausea, but overall, she’s ready to clock out for three months and just be home with her baby.

The students have all been very helpful and extra courteous which has been a wonderful surprise for her. Just one more month has become her workday mantra.

Paloma and Adam have safely reached their three month milestone. They both breathed a sigh of relief as their chance for miscarriage diminished.

The thought of losing two babies is enough to make Paloma take it easy at the bakery, as well as grateful to be pregnant. Already she has begun to feel them move which is pretty early, a rare treat for Mom’s expecting twins or so she has heard.

Paloma is due in March.

Kevin Adkins celebrates his 25th birthday (and being promoted to pnpc status) at his new job. He’s been hired by Quint Siew to work at his detective office. Quint is working to form an alliance with the police station, which if done properly, will provide him with a more steady flow of clients.

His new boss seems like a good guy, they both share some interests so despite the age gap, Kevin thinks this just might be a good gig.

Kevin isn’t sure how old Quint is, but he seems to struggle with finding the paperwork he needs Kevin to fill out. It all reminds him of his Grandmother, which is absurd seeing that Quint isn’t nearly that old.

In the end it’s found and before he can hit the streets as a detective, he has to read up on city ordinances and laws. The entire binder is extremely dry, even for Kevin who aspires to be a great detective.

All the while as he reads, Quint talks with clients and then his daughter, Scarlett who just started her sophomore year at EU. Kevin doesn’t think it’ll be long before he meets the whole family, Quint seems like the kind of guy who mixes work with family, and Kevin doesn’t mind. He hopes he’ll be able to bring his girlfriend, Raina around once he’s past the training stage.


All the way out at EU, Hazel celebrates her forty-seventh birthday by getting Bea set up in her dorm.

Not only is the issued bedspread insulting to Bea’s taste, but her entire room doesn’t meet her approval. She doesn’t understand how Willa could have a window as a freshman, and she’s stuck in a windowless room like a troll in a dungeon.

The entire ordeal is bittersweet to Hazel and Jude, but made all the easier with her theatrics. Hopefully university can teach their daughter how to keep the theater on the stage and out of real life.

September Birthdays
Matias Martinez – 55 years (pnpc)
Hazel McCarthy – 47 years
Charlie Grimsley – 44 years
Enzo Pacelli – 43 years (pnpc)
Emma Holmes – 38 years
Catherine Popper – 33 years (pnpc)
Kevin Adkins – 25 years (pnpc)
Clara Sumner – 18 years (pnpc)
Roman Woodfolk – 14 years
Lizzie Schehl – 14 years
Kai Browning – 13 years
Logan Louie – 12 years
Domenico Pacelli – 8 years (pnpc)
Silas Abbott – 2 years

September Anniversaries
Zeke & Morgan Russo-Traver – 16 years
Enzo & Ginny Pacelli – 16 years (pnpc)

Notes: Raina Bowers and Kevin Adkins have been townies in love for several rounds. They each had an apartment in Lauren’s complex, and I recently upgraded them to pnpc status. They aren’t engaged yet, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time.

Each of my dorms have the orange-blue colors to represent EU, and I’m sure that Bea would find that appalling. She’ll be taking sometime to get her room to fit her personality. She’s also in a small, windowless room and I’m sure she wouldn’t approve. My dorms are jam-packed at the moment.

I’m very excited for these babies that are due! Brooklyn’s imminent birth is really fueling me to play.

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “September Birthdays 2029

  1. Orange and blue is awesome (in my opinion) since I am a Florida Gator… but that picture of Bea was great, her parents standing there with arms full of her stuff, helping her, while she has fits over the bedspread color. So funny you mention being in a windowless room like a troll– Laura just posted a tour of Dresden College in her game, where the boys are kept in the basement like trolls.

    I love that picture of Paloma and it sound like she’s starting to get more excited about having babies now that she’s felt them kick and made it through the first trimester. And I bet Brooklyn’s looking forward to her maternity leave, and glad her students are being respectful.

    1. That is funny on Laura, I literally just read that update this afternoon! I’m super behind! I imagined that Hazel and Jude were super exhausted, and here’s Bea just flipping out on things that don’t even matter! Paloma is getting excited, baby want popped up and locked, she’s really to be maxed out silly with that being fulfilled… hopefully not in another nine real life months. eep.

      Brooklyn’s boy teens mostly have crushes on her, so they are very sweet. It cracks me up that my teens can like adults, I don’t act with it (except Lulu and Clayton), but I think it’s really realistic to like young pretty adults, like lifeguards and teachers.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

    1. You and me both… I actually broke my game the other day, and thought I could fix it (Binned an occupied lot by grabbing the WRONG ONE! NOOOO). And all heck broke lose. I couldn’t fix it. So I went to my backup, and now Brooklyn’s baby is no more. I’m going to try tonight to get a similar baby. *Sigh* If this new baby had red hair, then it would be a silver lining. Thanks for commenting Starr!

      1. Yikes hopefully everything gets fixed. I’d probably keep making her go into labor until I get another baby the same way or give them a toddler lol!

  2. So excited for Brooklyn and Paloma to give birth! Especially Paloma – how long has it been since your last set of twins? Vivienne and Cecily?

    Nice for Quint to have an employee now and for the hood to have a new PNPC with Kevin! I told you before but Quint’s office is seriously awesome!

    A windowless room! Yeah, I wouldn’t be impressed with that either, Bea! Also have to mention I’m impressed with your posing with the boxes and the laundry basket, lol. I think I recognise the animation you used for the laundry basket and I never would have thought of it! Clever!

    1. You know, I think like you that my last set of twins is Vivienne and Cicely, but it’s actually Thea and Clio Browning! And I have Dax and Evan in there too! I haven’t had boy/boy twins since Elias and Julius though, and I’d love to have that happen!

      I would be depressed with a windowless room. I’m just too overbooked at the dorm right now. I have no idea what animation that was… I went through TONS to find one that worked, and it’s a flamboyant one, so I had to pause at exactly the right point… craziness.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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