hitting the books

september 2029
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Principal: Bekah Grimsley, Teachers: Brooklyn McCarthy and Rosabella Steinman
Student Enrollment

The teachers meet in the faculty room as the school buses pull up outside. Bekah obliged Brooklyn’s request to coach the soccer team, despite her baby being due in the middle of the season.

Neither Bekah nor Rosabella wanted the extra task, and Brooklyn could use the money. Everyone knew that Oliver was studying for his Masters, Bekah especially since he was hoping to replace her best friend, Lucy when she retired.

Bekah had just found a long-term substitute, and she wasn’t sure if he really qualified to teach Home Economics. He didn’t seem terribly interested in coaching the soccer team, so when Brooklyn begged for Oliver to take over after her baby was born, Bekah felt relieved.

She had to remain cool about it though, she didn’t want to start rumors that she was partial to Brooklyn. She would have actually preferred that someone in her high school took it over, but Oliver was in the school district. She said she’d think about it, though she’d already decided.

Alice London was arriving that day, Bekah had to meet her up in the library. Three seniors were in need of career counseling, though none of them were terribly interested.

Alex Welsh begged to skip the counseling session and have Alice lie to Bekah about it. Alice would never do anything to jeopardize her integrity though, and he grudgingly took his seat.

Ella Carver was anxious over the application. Alice gave them a preliminary SAT to see where they each stood for their final exam in May.

“I don’t think stripper is an option, should probably just quit,” Alex murmured to her. He wasn’t regularly hateful, but he had beef with Ella that none of the teachers could understand.

Lily-Mae insisted she already knew what she wanted to do, which was take over Zoe-Gen. Alex was on a similar boat, and said he was taking over his Dad’s toy shop. Ella had no ambitions outside of her music, and that wasn’t something she really believed could happen in the real world. College? No college? She wasn’t sure.

Lily-Mae scored a record high 69 on her preliminary SAT exam, the highest in the county. Ella scored very well herself, and Alice suggested she study harder and she could get a full-ride. Ella didn’t know how to process that information and smiled weakly.

In English class, Ella stared longingly at Monroe. She had rejected his offer of dating, but it hadn’t been from lack of feelings. She really wanted their band to work, and the chances of them lasting in a relationship were slim.

She sat in the far back corner, tentatively excited about her pre-exam results, and the possibility of going to EU, hopefully with her bandmates. Monroe was a year younger, and hadn’t declared if he was attending university or not.

Bekah went over the upcoming midterm book report that was due in a few weeks.

Many of them would be graduating in a few short years, and she harked on them that their grammar was a very important aspect to being able to successfully communicate. Which meant that she was going to be extra hard on them and their errors. Nearly the entire class groaned.

Shira Dwyer didn’t seem to genuinely groan, she’d always done well with her English assignments.

On the second floor, Brooklyn was teaching her students how to cook macaroni and cheese and feeling rather nauseous at the smell of burning noodles from station #2. Eden worked at Love + Flour and had high ambitions of being a chef one day, she took the class very seriously.

In between classes, Kai approaches Elodie and invites her to hang out at Mixed Tape over the weekend. Elodie has been crushing hard since April, so this moment is like a dream come true amongst the devastation of her home life.

Holden and Gemma started flirting on the field at the end of August, and seemed to be moving quickly in the hallways. PDA wasn’t allowed, but there were many halls and not always enough teachers to catch everything.

Rosabella was excited about her new batch of students in her art class. She enjoyed seeing the upperclass students finish their portfolios, but the younger students always had so much to gain, and it usually came quickly.

Asher Dwyer spent much of his time concentrating hard, and he was never satisfied with the marks he made. While Elodie had shyly asked Kai if she could paint beside him, and he’d happily obliged. Then they spent the class hugely aware of the other, but pretending to be focused on their project.

For a spell, Logan had thought he had feelings for his best friend, Isla, but with school starting back up, he began to realize he might just like ALL girls! He focused on the other hot girls in his class, and quickly fell back into a friendship with Isla without her ever being the wiser.

Mostly though, girls stuck together. Rosabella didn’t assign seats for her painting class, she would only move students around if they were being disruptive, but mostly kids loved to paint.

Up in the library during study hall, Chaz gathered his nerves and approached Cicely while she studied with Lizzie.

Cicely seemed unaware of his presence, while Lizzie’s face about scared him away entirely. She seemed to know his intentions, and he couldn’t tell if she thought it was good or bad.

He’d like Cicely since when he was in sixth grade, and she stood up for him at the indoor pool against Willa Grimsley. He’d been such an awkward middle schooler, and Cicely didn’t judge him for that.

She smiled when she looked up at him, and he hoped that was a good sign.

He began to stutter and stumble over his words, when he heard someone laughing behind a bookcase. He refused to look and see who it was, for fear that he’d lose all his nerve.

She stood up, and he forced himself to move forward. He didn’t just ask her to hang out sometime, he asked if she’d consider being his actual girlfriend. He wasn’t sure if that was too sudden, but they’d been hanging out with one another for years.

Thankfully she agreed, and Chaz felt he may just die from happiness right there in the library. Although she had to remind him that strictly speaking, she was not allowed to date.

Chaz knew the story about her brother getting Caitlyn pregnant on their senior trip. He was fine being a school boyfriend until her parents allowed them to date publicly.

He had to head back to his class, having used a bathroom pass to visit Cicely. Immediately Lizzie joined her, and they began to giggle with excitement.

Cicely had to remind Lizzie to say nothing to any adults that it might leak back to her parents.

After school there’s soccer practice, and Brooklyn has her job cut out for her with Holden being distracted by Gemma.

They have their homecoming game this upcoming weekend, and she’s too pregnant to be dealing with teenage hormones on the field.

She gets them all back into their warm up exercises and adds an extra twenty for everyone because of the two that were distracted. Everyone groans and complains at Holden and Gemma, and Brooklyn hopes that will ease her task.

But it really doesn’t.

That weekend they gather early for their team photo. Brooklyn wishes that she could stop being in so many photos while this pregnant.

The cheerleaders have their photo taken as well; they’ve been practicing all month for the big homecoming game, and everyone is full of high energy.

The game begins, and Oliver arrives just in time for the coin toss. Bekah just gave him word that he can take over the coaching when Brooklyn has the baby, and they are both in great spirits with this news.

Vivienne leads her cheerleaders into their new cheer, the crowd grows louder with anticipation and school pride.

Jane Parrish from the other team gets the ball, and no matter how they try, the Spartans can’t get the ball back.

They score twice while the Spartans haven’t scored yet. Brooklyn shouts orders, instructs Asher to pay attention to the ball and to stop shuffling his feet. All the while, Oliver is taking on his role of soon-to-be coach and is barking orders as well. All the shouting, confuses Asher and he comes to a near halt in the middle of the field.

Finally the Spartans tie up the score, then Lizzie gets the ball again, and gets lined up for the winning goal.

Lucy Steinman attempts to stop the ball but Lizzie got it well above her head, and the Spartans win!

The crowd goes wild, everyone is cheering, the cheerleaders never thought they’d get the chance to do their winning cheer, and the entire moment is surreal. In the middle of it all, Kai quietly reaches over, and touches Elodie’s fingers with his own. It feels like a magic spark in the middle of a momentous moment.

The sun begins to set as the team celebrates their win. The crowd is still going wild, and somehow Gemma has jumped into Holden’s arms. Brooklyn would normally blow the whistle on the behavior, but she’s surprised by a sudden pain and her water suddenly breaking.

It looks like Oliver will be coaching much sooner than he anticipated; he’d always heard that first time babies came late, not a few days early. They leave the students to attend their homecoming events, and they head toward the hospital.

Notes: Lots of relationships happening at the high school. Gemma and Holden started their own thing up, Chaz has been wanting to be with Cicely forever, and so I got that done before ACR stole their first kiss together from me. Chaz’s first, Cicely kissed Alex while they temporarily dated.

Kai and Elodie are crazy about one another, but they are only 13, so I’m taking their dating as that silly type you do in middle school. Awkward, giggly, and full of blushes as you pass in the hall.

I gave each team a few attempts to score, and Lucy really did miss the game-winning ball, so the Spartans won. I was fine ether way, but the kids were pretty happy, and Lucy walked around scowling on her own accord afterward, and it humored me.

Sports and tinkering sims went out for soccer, and popular sims (that weren’t playing soccer) went out for cheerleading. Vivienne got to the the captain with her higher body points, and same went for Holden and Lucy being goalie. It was fun to focus on sports a bit this time around.

And finally it is time for Brooklyn to have that baby!

Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “hitting the books

  1. Wow, so much going on. What’s with Alex and Ella? Thanks for explaining how you split the sims into soccer and cheerleading, but how did you split the teens into playing and audience? I’m so happy for Ella, I hope she gets a full ride. and finally, I thought I had a lot of sims! You have a huge high school! I wouldn’t be able to keep track. Also, all the little details. I love it and am jealous that your computer doesn’t crash like mine does.

    1. I have no idea why Alex hates Ella. I rarely know why my sims who are not romantically-involved suddenly despise one another. For the audience, I just went with my groups of sims, and friends of those playing. I actually intended to have more, but I was exhausted from that posing!

      I can’t believe how well Ella has done, I have to say that the band and working for Cesar really paid off! I’m hoping to schedule her for the start of round 12, so that she can get that last point! Oh mine will crash… this cheat really saves me – boolprop useshaders false – I posted about it on N99 with what it does, and I just turn the shaders back on when I’m on lots with water. Also cleaning my textures has really helped, I’m about 15% done with that nonsense! Those two things has really cut my crashing down though, thank goodness, I was nearly crying over it previously.

      Thanks for commenting Starr!

      1. Thanks for the tips, I need to look up that cheat and find out more about textures. I hear so many simmers talking about them but I have no clue what they are.

        1. My limited understanding is that the textures are simply your recolors. All the countertops, each hair color, neon toilets. Kiri had me start with things like Jonesi blanket and counters. I found a ton of neon toilets, fridges, and sinks that I’ll never use.

          I’m going through each category, one item at a time and deleting what I don’t need. I keep track in my sims scrivener cause it’s not something I work straight through on! I hope this helps!

          1. Oh that makes a lot of sense. Do you do this in the game via the catalog? I try to delete recolors or only import the colors I’ll use.

            1. Yes, I do it in the game, my downloads is barely organized. Counters are hard. I suggest that you make a backup in case something is repository or you accidentally delete and can’t replace.

              I delete some bodyshop ones outside of the game because that’s a pain in the game. I also have a game folder with only my bodyshop copied over, and I’ll load the Bodyshop program to delete files, and paste it to my real game.

  2. Maisie that was just amazing! I’m so glad you explained how you made the game happen, as far as scoring and gameplay, and the posing and end result to read was really stunning. What a dramatic ending, with Holden and Gemma, and then Brooklyn’s water breaking! When I saw this post go up this morning I thought, oh- closer to Brooklyn’s baby! but I didn’t know how much closer!

    This whole update was great, not just the amazing sports. As a real life school counselor, I always really enjoy reading about the seniors’ career counseling, and wow, I was thrilled that Ella did so well on her practice SAT, and then, it wasn’t too surprising she’s not confident in herself, but it sounds like she’s definitely open to going to college.

    What was going on with Alex to decide to try to get out of the careering counseling, that’s too funny.

    I was cheering for Chaz and was so happy for him and Cicely that he asked and she said yes. This update had the whole gamut of teen life at school and it was so much fun. Kai and Elodie are sweet too, and I like the way you played their interest in each other.

    1. Like I wrote above the Starr, I’m hoping to schedule Ella’s household to the beginning of my next round, and get her that final point for a full ride! She hasn’t rolled the want to attend college though… that’s why I’m writing her that way. Monroe who is just a year behind her also doesn’t have a college want… so I’m not sure what will happen. Eek. It’d be such a waste to not go on a full ride!

      Alex is a bit of an oddball, most of my sims don’t like him, just Scarlett and a few here and there. I take him as the kind who is socially awkward, and offensive without meaning to be. He knows he wants to take over his Dad’s toy business (I was surprised he matched), so the career counseling is a waste of his time in his mind.

      I wish my school did more with career counseling. We could go to the library of our own volition and answer a handful of questions with a scale of answers from really like to really dislike… Then it’d just say you could do well with business, or with customers… I didn’t feel that the answers really got me as a person. I love doing the career counseling with my sims though, for the majority I have no idea what career path they might take, so it’s when I find out too!

      Cicely and Chaz are so sweet together! She’s like this cute, nerdy girl, and Chaz is the rough kid, that is popular with Kai, Logan, and his cousin Isla… but isn’t exactly popular. They’re super cute together. I already know that her parents will not approve! Kai and Elodie were determined to be together, they are way too cute together.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. Oh, Ella. I have such a soft spot for that girl and would love to see her succeed and not follow in her mother’s footsteps. It’s awesome that she did so well in the preliminary SAT – I hope that gives her some long-term motivation to keep at it.

    Elodie and Kai are too cute! I love this stage with teens, when they first start getting into romantic entanglements!

    LOL, Logan! Hopefully he can pick just one girl he likes eventually!

    Aw, Eden, don’t laugh at poor Chaz! I’m glad he didn’t let it deter him and that Cicely said yes. We’ll deal with her mother later. 😉

    Gosh, this could almost have been a Valentine’s update with all the love in the air!

    The pics of the soccer game were so good! And your amazing hood deco only added to the atmosphere. Truly awesome! And you should frame those shots of the cheerleaders and the soccer team and hang them somewhere in the school.

    And yay – Brooklyn’s baby is coming! I already know the outcome, because I saw it at N99 but I’m excited to read the actual update.

    How do you decide popular sims, by the way? Popularity sims or those who have the most friends or story-wise or something else?

    1. I have some decent expectations for Ella. She’s already gotten herself a half-ride, just a tiny bit of effort on her part and she will have a full-ride. I am still waiting for her to roll a university want though… :-/

      Elodie and Kai are way too cute, they’d have the cutest babies ever! And he’s such a sweet guy, that I can see him being a good support to her with her parents divorce/Dad’s illness.

      I’m glad that Logan started like some other girls, Isla has zero interest in boys other than beating them up right now.

      I had to read this update again, you are definitely right about there being some Cupid mischief! I’ll have to remember all these relationships when I get everything set up in the clean hood. I do hope to put the school pictures, I’d like to add to my trophy section with things that actually happened in the game.

      For deciding popular sims, I went with those that had the most high school friends. Vivienne got head cheerleader, because of three girls that qualified, she had the most HS friends. And I picked girls that were outgoing/active for the cheerleader squad.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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