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october birthdays 2029

october 2029

Marshal and Lorelei Krouse celebrate their ninth anniversary. They can barely believe how much they’ve been through since their wedding day all those years ago. Their nine month old son, Otto is the biggest surprise to Lorelei, as she had thought one would be fulfilling enough, but she has no regrets.

They spend their anniversary at home, in the backyard with some wine and a few beers. Penelope totes Otto around in between playing, intent on being a big helper on her parents’ special day. All in all, this is exactly where they’d like to be as they celebrate their marriage and family.


Ethan celebrates his 68th birthday with his grandson, Thomas on a rainy Saturday. This month would also mark his third anniversary with Cynthia if she hadn’t died unexpectedly.

They watch cooking shows, their stomachs growing hungry at all the good foods. While this isn’t Ethan’s favorite station, it is for Thomas, and that’s enough for Ethan. He’s pretty sure Caitlyn took off to buy him a birthday cake, while Rachael works to invite Luca and his family. Even if some of his children show up for his birthday, this moment right here is his favorite.


Brooklyn’s water breaks after the homecoming game, and Oliver rushes Brooklyn to South Mercy Hospital. He’s actually grateful they were at Jefferson High as opposed to their home, out in in Millwood.

They both look at the other, neither can believe they are about to meet their baby.

Oliver rushes to help Brooklyn out of the car, but she feels pretty capable of walking on her own accord.

It’s nearing seven pm, and the hospital is pretty quiet with the doctor clinics closed for the day.

Nurse Caroline gets Brooklyn checked in, then insists that she must be wheeled upstairs. It’s hospital policy, she insists, and Brooklyn obliges.

The Labor & Delivery Suite was recently completed, and Caroline informs them that their baby will be the first one born in this new room. It all feels rather special for their little one, Caroline even suggests they send in a photo that they can put out in the hallway.

With her water broken, Brooklyn prefers to climb into bed and stop moving around so much. She slips into her gown while Caroline goes over some options for them and lays out the list of things Brooklyn can’t do while she labors.

Oliver helps through Brooklyn’s contractions while they discuss names. They still haven’t decided on a girl name, and are stuck between two boy names.

Dr. Morgan just arrives for the delivery, and Caroline fills her in on Brooklyn’s station. With it being her first, neither are expecting the baby to come too quickly, but she’s happy to be here just in case she is wrong.

Dr. Morgan insists that Brooklyn walk around the room in between her contractions, and she begins to fret over actually birthing a baby.

Oliver turns down some of the lights, then grabs her for some words of encouragement, and a bit of kissing.

After four hours of labor, their excitement is turning to exhaustion. Oliver pulls her down on the bed, and clicks the TV on. They flip through until they find the end of Nightmare before Christmas, and settle in while they wait, pausing for contractions that are moving closer but aren’t quite close enough.

Just before one o’clock, Morgan comes in to do another check. She says its nearly time, and calls Caroline in to help her prep.

Oliver can’t believe that it is going to happen for real now! The long labor was not something he had expected, and he was struggling to not doze off during the movie as they waited though Brooklyn wasn’t able to relax to that extreme.

A contraction comes through, and they both look at one another, knowing that these contractions were finally going to work to bring the baby into the world.

The contractions increase in strength, and suddenly there is no downtime. Oliver finds himself surprised by the intensity and uncertain what he can do to actually help.

After a large push, Morgan exclaims that they have a head with blond hair. Oliver positions himself to see better, and he can’t help but ask what the baby is? Morgan says one more big push and they will know.

Morgan exclaims that it’s a healthy baby girl!

Brooklyn can’t say that she knew, she really thought they were having a boy. If she’d known it was a girl, she wouldn’t have agonized between her two boy names. But she is not disappointed in the least.

She has her daddy’s blonde hair and dark blue eyes, and Brooklyn has never been happier than this moment.

Caroline gets her weighed and measured and getting her vitals checked while Morgan helps Brooklyn for the final stage.

When Oliver gets to hold her, he’s instantly smitten. He’s glad that he found Brooklyn, and that this little gem found her way into their lives, without any planning on their part!

After everyone is cleaned up, and right before the sun rises, they snuggle down on the bed together. Oliver finally gets some more comfortable clothes from his overnight bag, and they spend time testing her new name out on her.

“Hello, Colleen McCarthy,” they coo at her. They like it, and she looks up at them just as they say it, so they think she likes it too.


October Birthdays
Ethan Traver – 68 years
Zeke Traver – 46 years
Morgan Russo-Traver – 45 years
Marshal Krouse – 40 years
Reed Welsh – 39 years
Alice London – 27 years
Brooklyn Lange – 27 years
Rosabella Steinman – 27 years (pnpc)
Bea Woodfolk – 19 years
*Luke Steinman – 19 years (pnpc)
*Peter Steinman – 19 years (pnpc)
Elodie Siew – 13 years
Molly Welsh – 13 years

October Anniversaries
Corbin & Barbara Gray – 26 years (pnpc)
Marshal & Lorelei Krouse – 9 years
Adam & Paloma Brindley – 1 year

Paloma Brindley – 4 months; due March

Notes: I was expecting a boy for them, so this surprised me. They want 4-5 kids based on their IFS, so I’m sure I’ll get to use those boy names one day. I’m pretty happy with Colleen, to the point that I bjorked my game, then spent time cleaning it, all so I wouldn’t have to try and get her again. I’m most happy that she doesn’t have Oliver’s nose! 😀

Paloma is the next baby to be born, hopefully it doesn’t take me nine long months to get it done! I’m hoping for boy/boy twins for her. I haven’t had any since Julius and Elias.

Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “october birthdays 2029”

  1. So glad that Brooklyn finally had her baby and such a great bonus that she is blonde. I also loved all the little scenes from the other families as well

    1. Thanks Starr! I was so happy that she wasn’t a brunette. I’m in dire need of the recessive hair colors, and Colleen can carry that into the future. It was fun popping into the other households, check their wants. I didn’t realize that Thomas had culinary as his OTH, so he was having a blast watching the cooking shows. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  2. The scene with Thomas and Ethan made me so happy, since you said it made Ethan’s day. Colleen is a beautiful name. and I’m glad you finally worked everything out to your satisfaction. It sounds like you had to reinstall your back up after all and re roll for Colleen a lot?
    The hospital looks great. I really like the entrance and the lobby, and of course, the birthing room.

    1. Ethan is closet to Caitlyn and her son, Thomas. He’s a pretty great grandpa to him and Luca’s kids, Mavis especially.

      I did have to go back to back up. The Popper’s (accidentally binned) ended up disappearing. Duplicating. Just a nightmare! I didn’t have time to fuss anymore with it. So Colleen has her Mom’s skintone (not an inbetween) and Great Grandpa George’s brown eyes. I can change those things when she turns one in simpe… but I don’t think I will. Only because I’ll have a zillion other photos of her with her new look than these old ones. Maybe her skin and eyes got darker as she grew? lol

      I’m redecorating the Lange’s house, and might do a mini update with that before vacation. Then you’ll see the new Colleen. I haven’t take any pics yet.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. How have Marshal and Lorelei been married for nine years already? That is crazy!

    Yay Colleen! Fun that she turned out blonde – is Brooklyn born in game or did you adjust her genetics? That’s such a gorgeous shot of the new little family at the end! ❤

    1. I couldn’t believe that Marshal and Lorelei were on the verge of their ten year anniversary ether. They are so cute! ❤

      Brooklyn is born in the game to Trisha and Trent (Traveller), renamed Fontaine, then renamed Lange when I had a falling out with my Fontaine rl friend. 😀 Her parents are brown and blond, and Oliver is blond/red. So they can have three different hair possibilities, and I only want recessive baby!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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