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eastborough university – miner hall

october 2029
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Linnea Barthelet (21 years), Itzel London (21 years), Rafael Martinez (21 years), Simon Millett (19 years), Milo London (19 years)

Linnea is struggling her senior year to focus on her classes. She’d decided in high school that her greatest ambition was going to be Interior Design, but with her sister expecting twins, she could only think that her family needed her.

She called her Mom or Paloma daily. She was surprised that she was finding herself homesick, and desperate to return. The only thing keeping her at EU was her scholarship and the desire to be the second in her family to graduate college, her Grandma Abby being the only other one.

It wasn’t all a struggle though. She’d been asked to make a few pieces for the campus art display, a big ordeal that would be open through the month of December. It was a prestigious honor, and she was grateful for the distraction.

A new freshman began poking her head around their dorms, she went by the ridiculous name, Blossom Marriage, which didn’t help her case against Itzel and Linnea.

Blossom seemed to have Milo’s attention, and it pained Linnea to think that all through high school, Milo had liked her! Now she was beginning to see something in him, aside from being her best friend’s pesky younger brother, and he seemed to like everyone else on campus but her.

Linnea would come back from classes and find Blossom still there, all innocent playing poker with Milo and Simon.

Even Itzel was feeling inferior with her constant presence. She wasn’t used to that type of girl being in her dormitory, and she didn’t want Rafael to realize there were prettier girls out there.

Mostly though, the girls were too preoccupied with their upcoming graduations in the spring. Neither had any desire to move back with their parents. Or so they said, Linnea didn’t think it’d be too bad. She was actually considering moving in with her sister to help with the twins, but Itzel insisted they live together.

She was most interested in some place in South Port, as her intention was to be a historian or librarian; Itzel insisted that was the place for Linnea too.

Linnea didn’t have to be persuaded, she wanted to be near to Paloma who lived in the city, and the people in Millwood rarely paid anyone for any type of service, let alone interior design. She just wanted to know, what about Rafael? Was he staying too?

That was the question. Her and Rafael had been dating for most of their university life, and she couldn’t imagine not factoring him in, but living together? She wasn’t sure she was ready for that commitment, plus deep down, she knew her parents wouldn’t approve. She wasn’t like Milo who lived his life like he was the only one in it.

He never mentioned living arrangements after graduation; he still planned to be an architect though, and he had to go for his Masters.

They shared one class together this semester, harder to do with their differing degrees, and it was hard to imagine moving to South Port, and him staying behind. He had the option to do the majority of his classes online, but he’d still have to travel for a class or two a semester.

No matter what he decided, a vehicle was going to become mandatory. He’d ether live apart from Itzel or from classes. He intended to seek counsel from his parents on the wisest decision, though he was pretty sure they’d both insist he stay in campus housing that was specifically set aside for Master students.

He briefly mentioned his thoughts about staying on campus and could see that Itzel was disappointed. He pulled her in for a hug, knowing that it was a small gesture in the grand scheme, but it brought a smile.

He spoke honestly that he didn’t want to stay at EU, but felt that his parents would advise him too. She admitted herself that she didn’t feel ready to live with him, and the housing was less expensive than renting a place in the city.

Itzel still felt a sadness, but understood the reasoning behind it, and it softened the heartache.

Previously, Linnea had thought that Simon had it made at college, but he wasn’t feeling her optimism. First, his girlfriend Cassia had kissed someone else. She insisted that it meant nothing, that she was sorry, and that it’d never happen again. They were still dating, but the magic he’d felt had dissipated.

On top of it, he was a sophomore, and still couldn’t even make himself a decent bowl of ramen. What was he really learning at this institution if he was going to graduate with the same life-skills he’d had back at home.

His professor set up a private meeting with him, and Simon fretted the week away, only to find out that the professor wanted to offer him a position as a Teacher’s Aide.

He couldn’t even wipe off the ridicilous grin, he couldn’t believe the honor. Most TA’s were seniors, not juniors like he would be in the fall. Not even mentioning that they weren’t usually asked this far in advance.

His professor warned that he needed to keep his GPA up, and a full course load, and then the position was his. Simon managed to dim his goofy smile in time to shake properly like a grown man.

He called his friend, Scarlett to meet up with him later that day by the food truck. He told her the entire story, about his uncontrollable grin and the offer.

She was thrilled for him, and insisted that his dorky grin was part of what made him endearing.

The month ended with everyone at the breakfast table, something that was rare with their differing class and sleep schedules.

Linnea tried to control her staring, but found it difficult when he sat straight across from her.

Milo and Itzel got into sibling antics, tossing chunks of syrupy pancakes at one another.

They made the entire table laugh, and Linnea idly wondered what it must be like to not only have a brother, but such a good looking one as Milo.

All in all, it was a good month. Linnea saw her GPA dip with her lack of focus, but she had high hopes that her participation in the Art Display would give her a boost. Milo was focusing on the present day, and trying to not think about his GPA being too low for law school. There was still time to fix it, wasn’t there?

Notes: I’m on my new PC (yay!), and only have a few townies that I brought over, so Linnea had zero chance this round for love. And Blossom Marriage is seriously the cheerleaders name, like what the?!

I did bring Simon’s girl, Cassia over, and she promptly kissed one of the other townies. They’re still together, but I’m not feeling too good about it!

Itzel – 4.0
Linnea – 2.6
Milo – 3.0
Rafael – 4.0
Simon – 4.0

Linnea’s wants panel was filled with talking to family, making pottery, and blogging about art. Not very productive for good grades.

Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “eastborough university – miner hall”

  1. Simon does come across so dorky and adorable. I like his room, saw the picture on Tumblr. Did you bring over the whole Sims 2 save file or did you extract sims and remake Millwood? That cheerleader being named Blossom Marriage is so weird, and I’ve never seen that surname pop up before. It must be on the list that generates the names, though! Itzel’s and Rafael’s decision process made a lot of sense and I wonder if they’ll be able to keep up a long distance relationship – is he going to do his master’s at EU (and is it a sub hood uni or in town, I can’t remember). It was really great to see Millwood in action again and I was really happy for you that your husband got a computer fixed up for Millwood specifically.. We have an old desktop that I got when Sims 2 was still being developed, that is still able to be updated but I told my husband when it becomes obsolete I want to keep it as a Sims 2 machine and go back to the disk versions. Right now I’m using the Origin Collection version on my new-ish laptop but it always requires lots of graphics tweaks after updates. (I have all the disks but a few of them became unusable for some reason probably related to Securom).

  2. Maisie- saw on N99 that you were making a clean hood for Millwood. I hope you got the Cole’s house to work. Beach lots are so specific to where they are built. I’m amazed how quickly you were able to get the game set up in the new save.

  3. I adore Simon! He’s such a sweetheart and he’s adorably dorky. And that’s awesome that he has that teaching assistant position, assuming he keeps his grades up! Is that a paid position? It’s not something I’ve heard of here in Australia. Some students work in positions like that but they’re always post-grad – I think they get paid!

    Aw, poor Linnea! Sounds like she’s getting a little crush on Milo. I remember he had a girlfriend at one stage? Are they still together? What’s going on there? Any chance for Linnea, lol?

    Itzel and Rafael are the cutest but I think some roomie time for Itzel might be a good plan. If Rafael lives on campus next year, how far would he be from Itzel? Hopefully not far enough for the separation to be too cumbersome!

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