Longfellow Elementary

wheels on the bus

October 2029
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Principal: Lucy London
1st-3rd grade teacher: Oliver McCarthy
Prek-Kindergarten teacher: Miriam Dwyer

5th Grade -Rita Popper, Wyatt Siew, Toby Welsh, Dahlia Prince
4th Grade -Tillie Andersen, Mallory Traver
3rd Grade – Tyson Siew, Domenico Pacelli
2nd Grade – Hatty Andersen, Diego Martinez
1st Grade – Mavis Browning, Dax Holmes, Evan Holmes
Preschool – Thomas Traver, Penelope Krouse, Eileen Popper, Warren Popper

Half of the school was visiting McCarthy Farms in October. Lucy had used Oliver’s connection to the farm to book the deal, and the school district paid pretty well. Finn had to leave enough apples and pumpkins for the school kids to pick their fill, and while it was mildly stressful when the fruits hadn’t quite ripened yet, it all fell into place.

Finn gave all the kids a quick talking of the rules, all the while his daughter’s dog, Dash howled and made himself into a regular nuisance.

When they were cleared to go, most of the kids took off in a run while the adults wished they’d had a bit more coffee in their system.

Miriam tried reaching out to Quint, she felt terrible about his divorce and prognosis. She wasn’t sure how to tread on the illness, but gave her empathies on the divorce, afterall she’d gone through the same thing.

Quint wasn’t comfortable with the attention. He knew that it all hurt his children, and that they were inclined to share, but he’d rather not have the school system know his business.

As Quint went to join the kids, Miriam hung back to play with Dash.

Quint found the kids by the orchard and showed them his skills with juggling. They weren’t entirely impressed, which was peculiar seeing that none of them could juggle.

Tyson caught up with Ms. Miriam and went into a tall tale about Bigfoot being in these woods. He wasn’t in her class anymore and she did miss his crazy stories and imagination.

Thomas had begged his Mom to volunteer for the field trip, but she hadn’t really thought it through. When the bus pulled up at McCarthy Farms, Elias’ Farm… well she wanted to sink into the earth. Naturally Elias was outside, giving the tour, and keeping the kids in line.

Thomas ran straight into his arms, making Caitlyn wonder slightly why she had broken his heart. Elias really was a good guy, caught Thomas, and acted like there was nothing weird about it.

Mavis and Evan spent more time gossiping than picking any produce. While Tyson walked around, checking in on everyone and not exactly obeying his teacher ether.

Mostly the kids did enjoy visiting the farm. Many had never picked an apple or a pumpkin, and were surprised how fun it was to do the work.

Caitlyn was relieved when Thomas finally joined his classmates and began to pick out a pumpkin. Thomas went on about how he’d carve with his Grandpa Ethan, and that they needed a really big one.

The pumpkins were the biggest hit, and Finn helped cut the vine for the ones that needed help.

Elias wasn’t too far from her, but seemed to be paying her no attention. It was awkward how much she was paying attention to him; she hoped that he couldn’t tell. She didn’t have any regrets, but she was surprised to find him looking so good.

Hatty Andersen was used to the farm, it was her Grandpa’s afterall. But even she enjoyed picking a huge pumpkin.

Mavis and Thomas caught up, trying to make plans. They were cousins and often saw one another outside of school, but not really during the school day.

Miriam decided to try her hand with Quint again. It wasn’t often that she saw him at school, before they would have parent-teacher conferences and she’d always found him attractive. But that ship had sailed with Tyson outgrowing her class, so if she were ever to make a move, it seemed today was her opportunity.

Quint didn’t really get a chance to respond when Oliver came back over to give an update on the kids and schedule.

She could tell that Quint seemed a bit flustered, perhaps even checking her out some. She could only dare to hope. It really wasn’t easy dating with teenage kids at home, and she thought that Quint might understand that.

Quint and Rebecca had actually fought about Miriam before, Rebecca had always said that he was interested in her. He had denied it, because he was a truly, loyal husband. But now that Rebecca wasn’t in the story, he found that he was interested.

He told her that he would like to go out sometime, and they discretely exchanged numbers.

As the kids finished up their pickings, some of the kids split off to play baseball.

The Popper twins were the last ones to pick their pumpkins.

Then everyone piled back into the bus and headed back toward South Port. It felt wrong to Hatty to pass her house, knowing that she would just have to board the bus again to ride back home; it seemed like nonsense.

All in all the trip was a success, and Lucy already arranged to repeat the trip the next year, which was a nice bounty for Elias and Finn with their farm expenses.

Notes: I took these photos when my game wouldn’t allow lot distance to change. I reinstalled after I played this, and started it all over. I’m making decent progress now, hoping to progress my timeline as I work on rebuilding. I’m coming into a major busy month, so it will be sporadic at best, but I do have two more updates I can write up so that’ll help.

Caitlyn doesn’t want to be with Elias, but she can still recognize that he’s a good guy, and in her eyes, pretty good looking too. They just weren’t a lifestyle fit, she doesn’t want to live on a farm at all.

Quint and Miriam will be going on a date. They’ve had good chemistry for sometime, she actually flirted with him some years ago and got Rebecca very angry, but Quint never accepted her advances. Seems like this is as good of a time as any.

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “wheels on the bus”

    1. The field trip was super fun! And way better than hunting down all the darn school posters that I no longer have in my game! Those alone are enough to make me dread playing an actual school update! Thanks for commenting Starr!

  1. This was so much fun to see the kids and some romance too! That was really funny how all the kids took off running (with adults wishing they had more energy)! Miriam seems really sweet. I would be so glad to see Quint have some happiness. Is he still sick with the cancer?

    1. Quint has terminal Lung Disease. He was diagnosed in January 2029. I’ll be doing rolling for his death date like I do for my elders, but not yet. I’m getting all of his stats written down soon, and then I plan to tuck it away in my Scrivener file. He will die from it, but he has a bit of time. Once I do the rolling, I’ll have his actual year of death, and I don’t want it yet!

      I’m afraid that if I know when he will die, that it will trickle down to how I read his wants or make his decisions. Especially since he’s open to dating Miriam currently. I don’t want to be all… oh he has sixteen years left, lets do this! Or vice versa. So I’ll follow his wants, and in about 3-4 game years, I will actually figure out his chart, and get the date nailed down, and subtracting these years that he’s currently living now. So if he gets 12 years, at that point, he would only get 8-9 years.

      Theoretically, he could live to be an elder, I’m not sure what his possible bonus is at the moment. I need to play him again and get some things transferred over that would give him bonuses. In a fresh hood, he might score poorly.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. This reminds me of when we visited a farm when I was in kindergarten! I remember nothing about it, apart from getting to milk a cow and seeing a sheep with its wool dyed rainbow colours.

    Elias is a good guy. I think Caitlyn always knew that, despite their incompatible lifestyles.

    Quint and Miriam, eh? Interesting! I hadn’t considered whether either of them would ever find someone else but I think it’s worth trying. 🙂

    1. That is awesome! We visited this farm festival in grade school, and I don’t remember much except milking a pretend cow with a glove! And getting to touch real cow teats, and being all shuddery cause I hadn’t expected that texture. Very cool with the wool being dyed!

      I agree about Caitlyn and Elias. He is one of the better sons, and it really was that farm that made them not a good couple. Caitlyn has to take care of her Dad, and she finally has her own place. She’s been living in rentals for her entire life! Her parents never owned, and this is a big deal for her.

      I didn’t think Miriam would find anyone ether. She does have amazing chemistry with Quint, but I never really thought much of it. But she was swooning like crazy, and I thought, why not! It was hit or miss in conversation, but Quint did seem interested. I think it’d be nice for Quint to settle down with someone, he seems pretty lonely, especially with all the kids living with Rebecca. We will see, I’m hoping to play their first date and post highlights on tumblr since it’s really a sidetracking on my part!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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