november birthdays 2029

november 2029

Elise’s is turning 32, she’d enjoy going downtown to The Red Mill, enjoying her fill of wine while a grandparent took care of Irina. But not only is there no sitter on a weekday available, there isn’t funds in their bank account for such finery.

Peter prepared pork chops and did pick up a red wine to pair with it.

She’s actually pretty happy to be home with Irina too. Her shifts at work are long and tiresome, and while she’d never give up her career, she does miss Irina during the day.

Peter toasts Elise, he hasn’t had an easy time with love, and he’s forever grateful that she said yes to date him all those years ago.

Irina plays with her food as they discuss their days and plans. Elise hasn’t been back to work for too long, she’s still trying to play catch up and nab more clients. Hopefully that’ll all come soon so that they can go back to dining out and fixing up their home.

The night ends with snuggles and kisses with Irina. They’ve pretty much decided that this is it for them and kids, and Elise feels that they couldn’t have done any better if they’d had three kids. She’s a pretty perfect little girl.


Dean Goss celebrates his 20th birthday with his long-time girlfriend, Evie. They had a rough patch this fall, but seem to be doing better again.

They divide their day with fitness, Evie’s passion and stress-reliever as they head toward finals.

And shenanigans afterward. This isn’t exaclty Evie’s favorite thing to do, but she doesn’t mind acting young now and again.

Besides, Dean is always very sweet and willing to try whatever she is interested in. All in all, he had a great birthday with his girlfriend, and plans to see his parents over Thanksgiving break.


Tim celebrates his 53rd birthday, his family awaits his arrival after a shift at the station. Willa doesn’t make it home with finals looming, but she sent him a text along with three gifs so he doesn’t feel neglected.

His grandson, Silas is there when he gets home, and it’s the best gift he could ask for.

Lainey discusses Silas’ recent checkup and his new glasses. She has terrible vision herself but had hoped that she wouldn’t pass it on. Bekah doesn’t think it’s such a big deal that he wears glasses, and it makes Lainey feel slightly better.

Tim isn’t as young these days, but he still sits down on the ground and teaches Silas how to play with the blocks. These were the same toys that Holden played with all those years ago. He’d had a really cool car ramp that Silas would be sure to love, except Willa had stomped it to smithereens as a teen.

After dinner, Lainey heads home with her family and he spends sometime with Bekah. They’ve been married for thirty years, and together for even longer. Way back in the start, she was a librarian, while he was a grunt cop. They’d had great visions of adopting all the children in need, but only ended up adopting Lainey. Many things had changed in all those years, but Tim didn’t have any regrets.

After Bekah headed up to bed to read, he went to help Holden in the basement. He’s interested in bulking up for soccer and impressing the girls. He mostly doesn’t listen to the advice his old man gives him, but he doesn’t throw a fit when he tries to lend his son a hand, and sometimes that’s the best he can hope for with a teenager.

November Birthdays
Tim Grimsley – 53 years
Benjamin Andersen – 42 years
Jessica Dennis – 38 years (pnpc)
Lorelei Goss – 36 years
Elise Landry – 32 years
Paloma Brindley – 31 years
Lainey Grimsley – 28 years
Kevin Adkins – 25 years (pnpc)
Dean Goss – 20 years
Jake Grimsley – 16 years
Gemma Pacelli – 14 years (pnpc)
*Asher Dwyer – 13 years (pnpc)
*Shira Dwyer – 13 years (pnpc)
Mallory Louie – 9 years

November Anniversaries
Cole & Lucy London – 35 years
Nathan & Mary Gavigan – 34 years (pnpc)

Paloma Brindley – 5 months; due March
Ginny Pacelli – 2 months; due May
Meme Blackshire – 1 month; due July

Notes: Something had happened with Dean and Evie that I had thought they might break up. I don’t happen to recall what, and with the rebuild, all those helpful memories and relationships are erased, so they are doing good currently.

Peter and Elise celebrated lowkey. They have about $200 at the moment, they’re house-poor currently. They’ll get better eventually, but there isn’t money for going out right now, plus The Red Mill is not set up to Lorelei’s name yet.

Tim is pretty smitten with Silas. Everyone just kind of hung out at his house, and it felt like a pretty typical birthday for my Dad when I happen to be home.

Erin’s wedding is next! Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “november birthdays 2029

  1. Quiet birthdays are the best, I’m currently celebrating my birthday weekend with family. Does Paloma still work part time at the coffee shop?

    1. Happy birthday Starr! I can definitely appreciate a quiet birthday (some years). 🙂 I only have about 4-5 community lots installed in the game currently, and none of Paloma’s are included. I’m slowly rebuilding, and getting all my sims back into houses before I bother with ALL of those businesses. They are going to require a ton of work, hunting for missing meshes, creating townies for employees. I’d like to get back to rotational play first. But theoretically, she did still work there, but probably won’t once I finish the rebuild. Thanks for commenting!

  2. That was so sweet of Peter and Irina is so adorable. Tim’s birthday seemed nice (I like quiet ones too) and it was thoughtful of Willa to text and send gifts. I like Evie so I”m glad it’s working out with Dean if it means we get to see more of her.

    1. Oh Shannon, she sent gifs… not gifts. 🙂 I tried to think of my youngest sisters and what they do for my Dad’s birthday. 😀 Tim is very happy to be at home with his family and grandson. Elise is a bit more social than that, and enjoys the finer things in life. Her beautiful family make it more tolerable, but she’s ready to dine out! She told me so with a persistent want. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

    1. I think that one kid works out well for them and their lifestyle/career choices too. It’s difficult for me though, I really love the genetics aspect. But even if I did want them too (and they aren’t even trying), it would take a lot of effort and time on their part, if it even happened. Thanks for commenting!!

  3. Aw well, Elise! Maybe there’ll be room in the budget for The Red Mill next year! It’s nice to have a relaxing birthday at home sometimes.

    Evie and Dean seem like such a chill and solid couple. 🙂 I’m glad whatever hiccup they had has been sorted out now.

    Silas is the cutest with his little glasses! And ha, I don’t think I realised Lainey was adopted, although seeing she looks nothing like either of her parents, it makes sense!

    1. Evie and Dean do seem like a solid couple. I can’t recall what had happened, but I had been surprised. I know that Lulu is hoping they breakup. She hasn’t been subtle about her feelings toward Dean.

      Elise should be able to celebrate much better in the future. Sometimes you have to take one for the family.

      Yeah, Lainey was their adopted daughter. At the time, they weren’t rolling wants for a family, but she kept having the icon for adoption, so I went with that. It worked out because they were neighbors with Lucy and Cole, and they were expecting Alice. Thankfully they formed a strong friendship!

      Silas was always going to get glasses, probably at childhood because he’s GG. But then I saw those enabled for toddlers and I had to have them! Poor kid! But he’s way adorable, agreed!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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