Louie, Pacelli, Wedding

our adventure begins

november 2029
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Nico Pacelli (37 years), Erin Louie (36 years), Bethany (32 years), Logan (12 years), Mallory (9 years)

The forecast was supposed to be clear until the evening, but they awoke to chilly showers with a near brutal breeze. Erin was relieved that she’d trusted her gut and changed the venue.

Silvana was in high spirits, she wasn’t sure that her youngest son would ever settle down. She helped set up the tables and never lost her grin.

Not even when Mallory was set on annoying every single person that morning. She pestered her brother, Nico, and even her. She would not let anything dampen her spirits on this wondrous day.

Mallory wasn’t deterred in the least by Silvana’s strong will, enough of her victims responded appropriately.

Erin’s soon-to-be sister-in-law Ginny had just announced that she was expecting. Nico was thrilled for his brother and wife, but Erin felt mildly annoyed that they’d announce this newest addition on her wedding day. Apparently she’d found out two weeks sooner, and there seemed ample time to share before today.

Erin wasn’t entirely certain why, but she really wanted more kids. Mallory was the biggest pain in the butt that she’d ever dealt with, and even her antics were not enough to put her off. So not only did she find Ginny’s announcement in poor taste, but she also found herself feeling a bit jealous.

Nico volunteered to speak with Mallory, anything to curb her behavior, but Nico was not prepared for Mallory. Erin knew there were plenty of battles in their days ahead and saved him from starting that journey a day too soon.

No, if anyone would handle Mallory, it would be her. After all, she had the highest success rate, even if it was only one time, several years ago.

She found Mallory jumping on the church’s furniture, having a real good time.

“What are we going to do about your behavior today?” Erin had read that this was a good tactic, gave kids the idea that they were in control of their actions.

“Nothing, I’m waiting until Carmine goes to the bathroom,” she giggled, covering her mouth as if she couldn’t contain the glee, “I shoved one of the helium balloons in it! When he opens the lid, bam! Toilet water in his face!”

Even this surprised Erin and that rarely happened!

“Wrong, you are going to march in there, and dispose of that balloon yourself.”

Mallory definitely wanted nothing to do with that nonsense, but she could tell that her Mom would hunt her down.

Erin waited outside the bathroom until the balloon popped and had been thrown away. She called Mallory back over, and gently asked Mallory how she was doing with the wedding. Did she like Nico at all? Did she realize that she’d always love Mallory forever and ever?

Mallory knew many things, she did not like Nico, at all, zero percent. She would even go so far as to say that she felt negative over him. She didn’t like his stuffy family ether, with their fancy Italian restaurant. Probably, she didn’t even want her own Dad to marry her Mom, probably. But she definitely didn’t want Nico to marry her.

But she held her tongue. She’d raged about these things before, and she’d bottled them up, and both ways seemed to change nothing. Her Mom would do whatever she was going to do irregardless of Mallory’s thoughts.

Erin wasn’t naive to think that Mallory was suddenly on board, in fact she was highly suspicious that as soon as she turned her back, Mallory would be back into her antics. Ignoring the parenting articles she’d been studying like a grad student, she did the opposite.

“If you behave for the entire wedding and reception, I’ll let you pick out any two toys for Cujo.”

This was unexpected for Mallory, and definitely something that she had to take into deep consideration. Cujo was a high energy dog, and beyond smart. He required lots of attention and toys! She could only provide the first of those.

She loathed seeing her Mom’s subtle grin, knowing that she had her! But Mallory could not let this opportunity walk, Cujo had already destroyed his favorite toys; he was rather rambunctious with them. She agreed, thinking of his happy, slobbery face when she’d take him to the pet store to pick something out, and she’d make sure it was really expensive too!

Erin felt good about this, even though she’d just bribed her kid. She decided that she could live with it.

It was time for guests to be seated, and the ceremony to begin. Carmine and Silvana were seated first, and still she was smiling.

Nico’s niece, Gemma played the organ. She was rather good, which was a relief to Erin. Soon this family was going to be hers, but she couldn’t deny that Colin’s family was the one that actually fit her perfectly. Luca, Nadia, Lorelei, they were her family, except not technically.

Luca came with Mavis, while Kai stayed home with the twins. Erin really didn’t want to marry Colin anymore, she mostly shook her head in embarrassment at all the stupid choices she made in that relationship, but she still felt a loss at a wedding that Luca attended but wasn’t the best man.

Caitlyn came and brought Thomas as well. Mavis and Thomas would have made the cutest flower girl and ring bearer in existence. She would never say that Nico had a stuffy family, like Mallory regularly announced in more rude words, but she didn’t feel as comfortable with them as the Traver family.

Ginny walked down the aisle with Zion. Erin still wasn’t sure how Bethany’s boyfriend made it into the line up, but it was Nico’s choice. It had really made Bethany pleased too.

Nico walked Nadia down, because Erin had stole Logan at the last minute to escort her. It wasn’t orthodox, but Erin realized that no matter how much she wanted traditional, she was just a square peg trying to squeeze into a round hole.

Mallory was to lead the family, and thankfully Erin had persuaded her to behave, because she’d had some wild antics up her sleeve otherwise.

Mallory liked the attention from her cousins, Mavis and Thomas. It was right that they should look up to her, she was much older than them and had more experience. She wondered if she should sign her name on their napkin afterward, really press that she was famous now.

When she took her place in the front, Mallory overheard Silvana say that she was adorable, like a good little girl.

This really riled her up! She was not a good little girl!

Everyone stared up at Erin and Nico, but Mallory was thoroughly being ignored by her new step-grandparents, and she was going to stare them down until they paid attention to her!

She refused to quit.

Until she realized that the wedding was going to happen with or without her attention. She forced herself to look up and watch her Mom bring this okay guy into their life, PLUS his entire rich family.

Erin was oblivious to the rest of the church, she was struck by the moment and the words that Nico spoke to her. She’d wanted a wedding way before she’d wanted a marriage, and finally she was prepared for both.

Nico hadn’t wanted any of this, a woman with not only one kid, but two! And one of those that clearly hated him, every now and again he felt daggers coming from Mallory’s direction! It had all been unexpected, but he was committed, and darn it, Mallory would grow to like him!

They both felt like the luckiest people to have found one another, though both a little concerned for their new family life once he fully moved in.

Erin couldn’t imagine being happier than this moment, though she looked forward to trying!

He swooped her down for a major kiss and sealed their marriage.

The reception started immediately. Thomas introduced himself to Silvana, and she practically melted onto the floor. What a fine gentleman he was! If only her new granddaughter, Mallory had an ounce of his manners.

Erin was glad that she’d married a guy who enjoyed dancing with her. Colin hadn’t been one to dance, and refused to do it after she announced she was pregnant with Logan during a dance.

Mavis thoroughly enjoyed herself! She didn’t recall ever being at a wedding, and this was the most fun she’d ever had!

The Krouse family dropped in for an appearance. Marshal danced with Penelope, and she was in the same boat as Mavis, this was fun!

Logan even found himself dancing with his now-cousin, Gemma. Did this mean they couldn’t date? His Mom said he was going through a girl-obsessed phase, and he couldn’t exactly deny the allegations.

Gemma wouldn’t even talk to him in the school halls, so this moment was really something special!

Bethany pulled Mallory off the sofa and got her to dance. Everyone knows that you can’t have favorites in family, but Bethany definitely did. Mallory was her kindred spirit, and she wasn’t afraid to show it.

Silvana set up the buffet that they’d ordered.

She was thrilled that both of her sons were now happily married. Enzo and Ginny were tearing up the floor, and Silvana couldn’t believe they were going to have another baby. She hoped that Erin and Nico would follow suit. It seemed her family was going through a resurgence and she was looking forward to it.

Zion shared all his ideas to Lorelei about her business. He’d been to The Red Mill, he knew of ways she could improve it, especially since he worked as a bartender at the Flamingo Club.

Lorelei had never been a big fan of Bethany, mostly out of her loyalty to Erin, and all the ways that Bethany had screwed up Erin’s life. However, she was less of a fan of Zion after this conversation. Likewise, she’d seen Bethany improve over the years, that she wasn’t entirely annoyed by her presence anymore.

Bethany stuck with Nadia, who had accepted her more freely, or at least she thought. She didn’t realize that when she first moved to South Port, that all of Erin’s friends hated her.

Mallory’s favorite part of the whole crappy thing was upcoming. The cake!! Nico went over to begin slicing it and Mallory could not wait to taste it. She’d tested out different cakes with her Mom, and they had landed on the most delicious red velvet cake in existence.

Mallory rolled her eyes when Nico shoved it into her Mom’s face. What a predictable mouth-breather.

Her Mom kept smiling at Nico, and it really seemed like the guy was going to be sticking around.

At least she had cake.

Her Mom and step Dad behaved like children at their special table.

Everyone seemed to be having a good enough time, though energy levels seemed to be dwindling as the sun set.

Ginny freaked out on Logan, her shrill voice accusing him of trying to be a pervert with her daughter. She accused him of being low-class just like his deadbeat father.

Logan didn’t really know what to say to the allegations, he mostly felt speechless. It was also entirely false. He’d only had the once dance with Gemma, plus she was two years older than him!

Erin came over to have his back, all the while keeping the peace. They couldn’t have family turmoil on the very day that they officially joined the family.

It seemed to work, Ginny joined Enzo back on the dance floor. Erin hugged Logan, and wouldn’t even allow him to defend himself as she knew it wasn’t true.

Nico took a break and found Domenico crashed on the sofa for a quick nap.

Then everyone was dancing on the floor with the next song, and having a grand time once again.

After the cake, Mallory suffered a sugar rush plus exhaustion from the long day, and found herself prancing on the sofa again. She really wasn’t trying to misbehave, but she was having a great time at it.

Logan saw her and pulled her to her bottom. He’d been in a fine mood all day, he actually liked Nico and having another guy in the house seemed alright by him. However, he was feeling wounded by Aunt Ginny’s accusations, even if he had wondered if he could date Gemma.

“Not quite as great as we thought it’d be, huh?” He asked, knowing full-well that Mallory never thought it’d be great.

She wanted to say that she told him so, but he seemed sad so instead she just shook her head.

Erin called Logan to her for a Mother-Son dance. While the entire situation with Ginny was uncomfortable, she really hoped that it would all blowover before they had to see them again. She even told Logan, that they would rarely see them outside of holidays.

The last dance of the evening was claimed by Nico. He informed Erin that his parents were giving them the restaurant as their wedding gift. He’d been taking it over for years, with their assistance as he learned the ropes inside and out, and now it was theirs!

Erin was thrilled, Logan could work there to help the family and earn some extra money. It wasn’t The Red Mill, but it was still a popular place in town, this would really help their family get settled. However, this also meant that they’d be seeing Enzo a lot more frequently, since he worked at the restaurant, at least Ginny owned Planet Java, surely that kept her busy.

While they were finishing their dance, Mallory wandered back to the sanctuary in search of her bouquet. Gemma followed behind her, and terrorized her with a noogie and calling her things like shrimp.

Things seemed even worse than ever.

Mallory didn’t even know teenagers could be mean to little girls, Logan and her weren’t always friends, but he mostly just ignored her. This new family was the worst!

Wedding Portraits:

Mr. and Mrs. Pacelli

The new happy(ish) family!

The wedding party:
(left to right) – Zion, Logan, Enzo, Nico, Erin, Mallory, Bethany, Nadia, and Ginny

The much larger, Pacelli family!
(left to right) Gemma, Enzo, Domenico, Ginny, Erin, Mallory, Nico, Logan, Silvana, and Carmine

Zion and Bethany.

The Louie sisters.

Notes: Mallory hates Nico and now hates Gemma too. I think there will be some hiccups with the joining of these two families.

All in all the wedding went well. Erin always fit in nicely with Colin’s family, after all her best friend is Lorelei, and that’s how she even met Colin to begin with! So that was her guest list. Lorelei wasn’t in the wedding, because I did this wedding while I was still adding sims into my game, but I managed to get her set up for the reception aspect.

Hopefully I can start being more regular on here, most of my decorating and lot tours are going up on my tumblr as I rebuild and rehome my sims.

Thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “our adventure begins”

  1. Lovely wedding but now I feel so sad for the kids being joined with awful Gemma. I remember Paloma having issues with her as well and Ginny was beyond rude. Erin handled it a lot more calmly than I would have. Let’s just say that some dresses would have been torn and hair pulled and black eyes given-lol

    1. Ginny and Gemma are rather snobby. I had thought that Gemma might have tamed it down some, but she’s done a few things that showed otherwise. She’s got a lot of energy, and playing soccer for the school team is a good outlet for her. Erin has a reputation for being a bit passive in life, she’s getting stronger, but she’d definitely not want to cause a scene at her wedding, she really wants this family to like her. Her wants panel is majorly filled with the remaining few being her friend. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  2. I am very happy for Erin, she has waited a long time to find someone to love and Nico seems to really care a lot for her and her kids. And wow, they’ll have the restaurant now. Maybe Zion can lend them some of his consultant services, ha.

    It was interesting seeing the wedding from Mallory’s point of view. She seems a bit precocious, like she’s been around teens a little too much, and I didn’t blame Erin a bit for bribing her on her wedding day to behave. I wonder what she will be like in a few years, as a teen.Maybe by then she’ll feel more secure with her new family.

    Bethany seems a bit quiet lately. And poor Logan, with a crush on his cousin, now.

    1. Ha on Zion. I’m pretty sure that Nico and Erin won’t be seeking his advice on anything! He is a good match for Bethany though.

      I’m with you, I’ve really wanted this for Erin, just as much as she has! She really struck out with several guys before Nico. He’s already put up with a lot, I’m curious if Mallory will warm up with the marriage now.

      Mallory is around teens, her brother always has them around, a few cousins are teens. I take her as watching tv she shouldn’t when her Mom’s at work. A girl who thinks she is mature, but really isn’t.

      Bethany has been pretty happy with Zion, and she’s enjoying her job at Zoe-Gen now that Marta is gone. Plus a whole finished basement for her now, she doesn’t have much to complain about right now. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

    1. I’m pretty sure Nico’s family are a little surprised that he’d go from bachelor, to a step-Dad of two, especially Mallory. He gets along well with Logan though which is nice for him. I think he’s done well thus far, I’m not sure how holidays will go with the Pacelli clan though. Thanks for commenting simnovoris!

  3. Uh, yeah, that’s not cool, Ginny! She could have waited 24 hours!

    I think with a kid like Mallory, it’s a good thing to go with whatever works. So if that’s bribery, then so be it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mallory is a total hoot though!

    Poor Logan. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ He was so happy to dance with Gemma and then he gets accused of being a pervert. Hopefully Erin is right and they won’t see each other too much.

    It does look like Erin and Nico enjoyed their day though, which I’m so happy about. She’s wanted this for so long and I’m glad it’s finally happened for her. The pictures are gorgeous – I love that second one as well.

    1. I adore Mallory, she’s especially fun to play with her crazy wants and responses. Like glaring at her grandparents during the ceremony!

      I hope that things go better with Ginny/Gemma and Erin’s family. They ended with some negative scores after the wedding fiasco at the end.

      Thanks on the photos, they were fun to plan out especially such a long break. And Erin definitely looked very pretty for the event. Thanks for commenting Carla, I hope that you are back into your game soon!

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