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december birthdays 2029

december 2029

Paloma is six months pregnant with the twins, and already feels grotesquely huge. She struggles just getting out of bed with all the weight she’s carrying in the front.

Each morning, Adam comes out of the bathroom, as she’s preparing to go in. He gives the twins a good morning talk, tells them to stay put, and that they have to listen, because he is their Dad.

He’s already given them personalities and goofy names like Johnny Jane and Billy Bobbi, the latter named after her best friend of course.

It’s all rather silly, but totally endearing to Paloma.

Her step-Dad, Gideon came by to help with yard work as the first snows are predicted by the end of the week. It’s been hard for Adam to keep up with things that fall near the bottom of his list, and he really appreciated Gideon’s assistance.

At the bakery, Paloma is dreaming up all sorts of baked goods for the upcoming Christmas season. She’s delving into some breads, which have become a big hit for families to take home to their company.

Her Mom comes by to check-in, and help clean things like the bakery bathrooms. This is something that is greatly appreciated by the expecting parents. Likewise, Linnea is back on the schedule for the month of December, as she’s just finished taking her finals.

Meme ordered candy cane cupcakes for her son, Jagger’s second birthday and comes in to share the news that she’s two months pregnant. By their calculations, their babies should be in kindergarten together in a few years, which makes them both extremely happy.

The hardest part is knowing that soon, Paloma will not be able to help at Love + Flour. Adam is trying hard to be prepared for her time off, but he’s still struggling with the basics like the cash register. They need to hire another person, at least temporarily, but it’s not in the budget. They are barely paying themselves at this point, with such a new business, and the twins don’t even have cribs yet.

For the first time, Paloma doesn’t seem to share his concerns over the bakery and money, feeling blissed out on happy pregnancy hormones and lots of creative ideas for the holiday season. She has a good feeling that they’ll end this month in the green, after all, who doesn’t enjoy nice baked goods and cookies for Christmas?


Alicia and Dave Brewer’s youngest son, Elliot celebrates his first birthday. Their sons are fourteen months apart, and they couldn’t be happier nor busier. It seems this stage of their life is pure survival, dividing up toddler dishes, meals, emptying the potty and diaper genie, not to mention baths, which it seems they need much more often than they should.

Thankfully the boys get along wonderfully, and for the most part, they aren’t too grumpy. They are both very needy for attention though, which can make for some long days for Alicia. She’s currently staying home with the boys, and on particularly rough days, she dreams of a vacation without responsibility.

Elliot Brewer.

Overall, I think that he takes after his Mom, minus his Dad’s lips, and face shape.

Bobbi Sommerfield celebrates her thirtieth birthday working at Planet Java. All of her best friends came from this job, but they’ve all pretty much moved on now. Paloma only works one day a week, and those days are numbered, and both of her best friends are pregnant, Paloma and Meme.

She doesn’t feel ready for kids, but she would like to be on the road to having a committed companion. She still sees Elias McCarthy now and again, but being a farmer’s wife that lives with inlaws, she isn’t sure that is her destiny.

One of her regulars comes in on her birthday, and when he finds out, gives her a very hefty tip.

His ring is shouting pretty obviously that he is married, but the attention feels nice.

Ginny Pacelli enters her second trimester, at forty-two years old, she’s feeling a bit more exhausted than she did with Gemma and Domenico. It seems a bit silly that they tried for another baby, but she didn’t feel ready for an empty nest in few more years. Domenico is only eight, but the years go quickly.

She wakes up before the sun to prepare breakfast for her family, and then she’s off to Planet Java to help caffeinate the metro area.

Ginny is due in May.


December Birthdays
Lucy London – 64 years
Tyler Goss – 64 years
Eva Prince – 55 years
*Colin Traver – 34 years
*Luca Traver – 34 years
Isaiah Gavigan – 32 years (pnpc)
*Meg Schehl – 31 years
*Peter Schehl – 31 years
Bobbi Sommerfield – 30 years (pnpc)
Lewis Traver – 23 years
*Flint Picasso – 20 years (pnpc)
*Jett Picasso – 20 years (pnpc)
Monroe Woodfolk – 16 years
Wyatt Siew – 10 years
Toby Welsh – 10 years (pnpc)
Tyson Siew – 8 years (pnpc)
Jagger Blackshire – 2 years (pnpc)
Elliot Brewer – 1 year (pnpc)

December Anniversaries
Jude and Hazel Woodfolk – 18 years
Dave and Alicia Brewer – 4 years (pnpc)

Paloma Brindley – 6 months; due March
Ginny Pacelli – 3 months; due May
Meme Blackshire – 2 month; due July

Notes: I was having some crashing and issues with my rebuild, which has been frustrating and exhausting. I don’t know if it’s Windows 10 paired with UC… I didn’t have half these issues on my old PC is all that I know which was win 7 and all disks. If someone could assure me that it was UC, I’d buy a portable disc drive and just install my old disks… but I’m not sure enough to spend the money right now.

As for this update, Reed and Bobbi cheated, but I didn’t have all of Reed’s relationships set up, so I’m mostly ignoring it unless it comes up again. I’m adding them as I play households, and being a pnpc, I haven’t played him at all. I’m not saying no to Bobbi and Elias, I have to get them back on some dates again too. Lots of background work needs done for playing, so much history is lost in a rebuild, hopefully I’ll get there sooner than later!

Thanks for reading!

12 thoughts on “december birthdays 2029”

  1. I am so sorry to hear your new rebuild is crashing and wish I could say if it’s UC and Windows 10. I’ve been using UC with Windows 10 for the last couple years (since it came out) and always found another cause of crashing in my ‘hood, and not had regular crashing. There are probably all kinds of reasons related to Windows 10/UC and/or mods– I guess since you didn’t have th

  2. Such beautiful kids ! I’m not playing TS2 these days , so I can’t help with your question. Do you know RainyDayz or KitDragonFlight? They’re playing TS2 and they might be able to answer .

    1. I’m not familiar with them, I will check them out! I partially solved my own dilemma, I realized that I had overloaded my primary HD with game files. It’s a smaller SSD, and it was pretty much out of all space. Since cleaning that up, it’s running much better. Thanks for commenting CT!

  3. I guess since you didn’t have the issue before maybe it is Windows 10 and/or UC in your case. I hope you are able to figure it out easily. I love seeing Millwood in action, and your decorating and building. It’s so much fun to see Paloma and Adam getting close to having babies. I’ve been excited about that ever since they were dating!

    1. Gah, they’ve been pregnant FOREVER! I’m very excited to play and finally get to those babies! I’m really, really hoping for twin boys. Me too on being excited about them since they began dating, years ago! Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  4. I keep forgetting Paloma and Adam are having twins and then I get all excited again when I’m reminded! It looks like they’re in a similar situation to my Sophie – still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do with her restaurant while she has some time off!

    Alicia and Dave’s kids are both so sweet! Elden definitely takes after Alicia, I think. I think his older brother (name is escaping me!) looks more like Dave.

    I know Bea is in college, so it shouldn’t really surprise me but Jude and Hazel have been married 18 years?!? That’s nuts!

    I wish I could help you with your crashing issues but I have no experience with UC or Windows 10!

    1. lol that is too funny on forgetting. I can say that I can’t forget, because I’m super pumped! But I have done that in other hoods and gotten all excited again! It’s hard with businesses and babies, which I think is pretty realistic to life. If you get there first, I’ll have to see what you end up doing.

      Percy is the older brother, he’s such a cutie! I love little Elden too, but I’m still a big fan of Percy. They are adorable little social boys. I’m excited for them to marry one of my playables (hopefully) one day!

      I was more surprised that Hazel and Jude are in their mid-40s… I’m wondering what I’ll do for Jude and his music career, I’m not sure he has the stamina to be Steven Tyler.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  5. That’s an interesting theory about UC and Win10. I don’t have Win10 but I have UC. I wonder if going back to disks might work for me with my crashing? Paloma is huge, will she even make it to the third trimester? Loved seeing all the birthdays too and love the decorating as always.

    1. Shannon mentions that she hasn’t had this issue. I was stress-testing my game last night, and it never went above 1.9 GB of ram. Which is nuts cause I have 16 GB available, I’ve put in my texture memory, did that clicky to allow more than 2 GB to be used, checked it over with graphics rules. I’m puzzled, but this seems to be my issue. Have you checked how much yours is using? I’m hoping to waste my last day of spring break screwing around with it. 🙄

      Paloma is amazingly huge!! She hasn’t had any scares of early delivery yet. I was planning to roll to see if she’d make it to March but I have a TON of twins born in February, so she will probably keep it unless she gets those warnings again.

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