peaks and evergreens

december 2029
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Meg Schehl (30 years), Jaron Castellanetta (28 years)

Meg was turning thirty this month, and she took some time to reflect on her twenties. She’d spent the earlier part utterly lonely then obsessed with Oliver, thinking they’d get married. In the end, he called it off and while she had been sad, she’d realized that she’d loved his family more than him. His Grandparents were amazing, it made Meg sad that she never really knew her own.

Then Jaron came into the scene, he loved macabre, her brother liked him. Even Isaac did, and he didn’t really fit into the family. Jaron did though, and when he finally came into her life, she was focused on her screenwriting and photography business, even directing a play she’d written.

Turning thirty though, that seemed to change something. Maybe it was biological, like internally, her body was pushing for her to get a move on. It sounded silly, but it was really the only thing she could peg it on.

They decided to escape their everyday life, and head up to the Cascade Mountains mid-week. Everything was empty, which felt similar to the Shining, but also wholly romantic.

They spent their nights dining out, usually the only souls in the restaurant.

Meg was enjoying Jaron’s company, but she was also doing recon.

She was pretty sure that he was the one for her, but she’d thought that about Oliver. How could she trust her gut when it’d landed her in heartbreak?

But Jaron seemed much more genuine than Oliver. They not only shared interests together, but they were both comfortable doing their own thing too.

Plus, Meg couldn’t deny that he was utterly adorable. Which was a good thing, since she’d just found out that she was pregnant. His blue eyes and freckles on a baby, it’d replace Irina as the cutest baby in the world. By her calculations she was due in September, her baby sister, Lizzie’s birth month. She was pretty sure that would excite Lizzie immediately.

Meg hadn’t told Jaron yet though, she wanted to feel herself out in this situation to know what she wanted from him first. If he proposed suddenly at the announcement, did she really want to get married? That was important to know before being put into an emotionally charged situation.

When they climb into bed at night, she’s thinking that she’d allow him to move in with her. Marriage isn’t off the table, but she doesn’t want things to feel rushed.

She doesn’t want a baby to think that they rushed into a marriage to conceal the pregnancy. She’d like to talk with Jaron about her thoughts, but she’s fast asleep before he’s climbed under the covers.

The next day gets filled up with axe-throwing, which she realizes he might frown upon if he knew she was pregnant.

Then some friendly snowball fighting, which brings back memories of teaming up with Lauren, and really making Peter mad. He was always such a fussy teenager, though she’d thrown her fair share of tantrums.

It’s the perfect day of packed activities and fun that really help her unwind. She has big decisions for her photography business, she’d been offered a position at the local newspaper to take all their photos.

It paid well, but it wasn’t necessarily creative. On the other hand, she was expecting. One good screenplay that turned into an average production at the local theater, was that to be the end of her her screenplay aspirations?

They warm by an indoor fire that evening, both needing to thaw quite a bit after all their adventures. She broaches the subject of her career, but not the baby yet. She’s afraid it will change his opinion, and she wants one of them to be logical right now.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t tell her what to do. He thinks that she can continue writing plays and having her own business, or the newspaper photography works too. He thinks she’d enjoy the freedom of the prior more, but then, as they get older, a steady income probably brings less stress. These are all the things she’s thought of, especially the latter knowing there is a baby entering the scene soon.

They cuddle up on the chair, and watch the fire, each thinking over their own things.

Meg wakes the next morning to discover an unrelenting wave of nausea. He blames the giant stack of pancakes she’d had for dinner the night before, but Meg isn’t so easily deceived.

It’s the last day of their vacation, and she decides to let Jaron know the news. Thankfully he takes it really well. He doesn’t abruptly drop to one knee, which is a relief to Meg.

Meg informs him that she’s buying a house, and asks if he’d like to move in with her. He is visibly happy with the question, and immediately says yes. Meg isn’t sure why she was nervous about any of it, Jaron had always been there for her.

Meg works on her newest screenplay for the remainder of the afternoon while Jaron catches up on his reading. He can’t really concentrate though, he pauses constantly to just look at Meg and smile.

There are so many bright things on his horizon, and he can’t wait to begin it all with Meg.

Notes: They had the Cascade Mountains to themselves as I have had added zero townies back into my game. It should be bustling being the winter season, but I didn’t want to bother with townies until my rebuild was further. I’m still missing a good portion of business lots that need to go back in… including Meg’s.

I like her business lot quite a bit, but it has a weird fence/column glitch that the game will not allow me to erase. So I’m looking at rebuilding, or just letting it go. I did make her a desk in my journalism office, I’m thinking “Part-time” would be good with a business, because we know how annoying those job wants are for business owners.

Jaron just got a job in business, a bit vague for now, but I’m sure I’ll be able to find him a nice niche as everything develops.

And yes, she’s pregnant! Due in September. Her secondary family aspiration is in overdrive once again, so she doesn’t seem too upset by it.

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “peaks and evergreens”

  1. Whoa! Was not expecting that news! A baby! Did they tfb or risky? He’s a cutie and I bet the baby will be super cute. Can’t wait to see the new house and your killer decorating skills.

  2. As I read, I was thinking the emptiness must be due to not having any townies yet but I love the way you wrote it in, feeling like the Shining! The lot they were on looks great. It’s great news that she’s pregnant, given her feelings about it and Jaron’s response. I liked the way she thought about everything in advance so she could know her own mind and heart before springing the news on him. He is so cute! I love his blue eyes, hair, and freckles, and he seems really sweet and steady.

  3. Aw, I’m so happy Jaron took the news well, though I though the chances that he wouldn’t were so slim as to be insignificant. I’m excited to see Meg and Jaron start their new life together in that amazing house you showed at N99! What aspiration is Jaron? I’m curious as to whether he’s likely to want marriage at some point soon. Regardless of aspiration though, I find my sims often roll marriage wants after they have babies.

    I’m going to have to figure out how to add vacation townies/locals to my hood! In Sullivan 1.0, my playables would show up there, along with townies/locals but I didn’t spawn any this time and for some reason, my playables don’t show up either. Hopefully it’s not too tricky!

  4. I love the mountain setting, such a romantic background to discover the pregnancy. The emptiness might feel like the Shining but it keeps awkward townies from hovering around where you don’t want them. I think Meg’s thinking was right, better to know a proposal wasn’t because of a baby. Jaron’s adorable!

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