january birthdays 2030

january birthdays 2030

The youngest of the Krouse family turns one this January. Otto is rather shy and serious just like his Dad. Thankfully he’s pretty happy to entertain himself, which makes it easier for Lorelei and Marshal to get dinner on the table.

Penelope talks with classmates on the computer after school, while Otto eats toys more than playing with them.

The Krouse family’s new portrait.

Both of the Krouse kids got Marshal’s eye shape/color and Lorelei’s nose. Penelope has her Mom’s mouth and Otto got his Dad’s.


Erin Pacelli awakens on her thirty-seventh birthday with the smell of pancakes wafting through the air, and the kids fighting in the next room over.

She can tell that Logan is trying to remain calm, he even scolds Mallory for attempting to ruin Erin’s birthday. She doesn’t have the sweetest kids in the world, but Logan is definitely earning points this morning.

Nico calls up that pancakes are done, and there’s a rush of footsteps as the kids stampede down the steps, all the while Mallory whines that he cut her off.

Erin misses the expression, but Nico is pretty sure that pancakes are the way into Mallory’s heart. When she turns the corner and finds blueberry pancakes on the table, she goes wide eyed, and there was even a hint of a smile.

Erin wouldn’t be surprised as she awoke with a smile herself. Pancakes are one of the simplest joys in life.

She makes sure that Nico knows how much she appreciates it. She hates to admit it, but she hasn’t had much time to make pancakes for her kids, like ever. Maybe a time or two when she still lived with Colin, but none that she could recall in this house.

She jumped into the kids’ conversation, which happened to be about aliens and spaceships. Nico isn’t one for fantasy, and didn’t have much to add to the conversation, while Logan and Mallory were both enamored with the topic.

A blink later, and Mallory was up to her normal antics.

Erin and Nico weren’t exactly sure how to respond to Mallory anymore, but they decided for this morning, that they’d just enjoy the pancakes.

They weren’t pregnant, yet. They had talked long and hard about having a baby together, it was something they both desperately wanted, but always the question of Mallory.

Despite their concerns, they are regularly trying. The entire ordeal is foreign to Erin; Logan had been an accident, and Mallory had only been planned on Erin’s part, but it only took one month to happen. She doesn’t like to think of her ex, Colin. He hasn’t been around much lately, and he’s another topic that her and Nico are talking about regularly.

Mallory keeps insisting that she wants to know her ‘real’ Dad better, usually screamed while glowering at Nico. But Erin isn’t letting any of those topics ruin her birthday breakfast. Sure there are hiccups in her life, but overall, she’s pretty darn happy.

January Birthdays
Angie Dennis – 81 years (pnpc)
Corbin Gray – 49 years (pnpc)
Ginny Pacelli – 43 years (pnpc)
Violet-Adele McCarthy – 40 years
Erin Louie – 37 years
Adam Brindley – 33 years
Trevor Bowen – 32 years (pnpc)
Itzel London – 22 years
Marisol Carver – 12 years
Manuel Carver – 12 years
Dahlia Prince – 10 years
Thomas Traver – 5 years
Otto Krouse – 1 years

January Anniversaries
Matias & Isabella Martinez – 28 years (pnpc)
Isaac & Lauren Gavigan – 6 years

Paloma Brindley – 7 months; due March
Ginny Pacelli – 5 months; due May
Meme Blackshire – 3 month; due July
Meg Schehl – 1 month; due September

Notes: Look at all those pregnant sims! That’s nuts! A bit of a baby boom for sure. Definitely not my largest, but it’ll be nice for the classrooms, seeing that I enlarged all my schools for the baby boom of ’06 that had 7 babies born. School population has been mostly steady since, but taken a dip in recent years.

Meg is Erin’s new neighbor, and I really hope that Erin gets pregnant soon. How cute would it be if there was a neighborly friendship with their kids or romance in the future amongst the kids? Erin and Meg don’t know one another, but I’m sure they will eventually.

Little Otto is a cutie. I’m pretty happy with the genetics of the Krouse kids, probably would have been a bit happier if Penelope didn’t have Grandma Kenzie’s blasted black hair, but she’s adorable regardless.

Violet-Adele hit 40 this month. I’m actually a bit relieved they aren’t having a baby currently, so many babies due already.

I skipped the Browning family this last round, but they showed up in other updates, that I’m ending this ridiculously long round. I’m aiming to get end of round summary posted mid-week, so I can get the next update for Saturday. Probably the Browning family. 😀

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “january birthdays 2030

  1. What an atmosphere-filled mini update on Erin’s family for her birthday! Millwood is so inspiring to me!! I love seeing the city through their windows and the whole world you’ve created and convey. I can just imagine her waking up, smell of pancakes, and sound of the kids arguing. That screencap of them coming down the stairs in their socks and pjs is adorable and brings back parenting memories. It’s probably a good thing, for Mallory’s sake, that they don’t have a little brother or sister on the way yet.

    Yay for the baby boom! Are there 24 years between baby booms, then? It is going to be fun to see all these kids grow up and will be really neat if Erin gets pregnant soon and meets Meme. Are they right next door to each other in Southport? Also, Otto definitely got the cutest traits of his parents …Marshal was cute but he’s even cuter.

  2. Pancakes! I haven’t had pancakes in ages! It would be great if Mallory softened a bit to Nico but it’s an interesting dynamic. If they have another baby where would it sleep? Right now the kids share a room, right? And little sister is in the basement?

  3. I love how Lorelei and Marshal’s genes have mixed for the kids! Neither kid is a clone of either parent but you can definitely tell they’re a family at the same time.

    Totally did a double take seeing the name Erin Pacelli! I was like “wait, who?”, lol! It seems like Nico is slowly slowly making progress with Mallory. Pancakes never hurt! I do hope those two have a baby and that Mallory’s reaction doesn’t end up being the big drama Nico and Erin are worried about.

    Yay for baby booms! I haven’t had one of those for a good while!

  4. I love the way you wrote this post! I could feel like I was there with Erin as she wakes up. It will be fun to see the baby boom and see them grow up together!

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