february birthdays 2030

february 2030

Isaiah and Maeve Gavigan’s daughter, Margot turns one the day before they sign on their new house out in Millwood.

They are both eager to give Margot a sibling, and their two bedroom apartment didn’t fit their needs anymore. Maeve is saddened to leave Margot’s nursery behind for some new tenant to paint over. Isaiah has promised that the new house will make an even better nursery.

She still feels sad that their daughter won’t remember her first home and nursery, although the promise of trying for a second baby eases her sadness.

Their daughter is absolutely the cutest thing in the whole world, which Maeve always knew.

New family portrait.

She most definitely takes after her Father after comparing childhood photos.

Nathan Gavigan celebrates his 60th birthday over at his eldest son’s home. While Margot may not be their first grandchild, she is to them, and they spend the day doting on her and visiting.

Nathan doesn’t intend to retire until after their youngest son, Ezra has grown up; he is currently fifteen so Nathan expects to be working a handful of years still.

Paloma is eight months pregnant and her best friend, Meme is four months pregnant. Seeing that neither are sure they will have anymore kids, or be pregnant at the same time again, they decided to do a family photoshoot.

They even got their husbands to pose for a double family portrait, though they aren’t exactly close like their wives.

Dr. Morgan tells Paloma that the twins are staying pretty high up, she’s not expecting them to arrive early. One more month until Paloma can begin to walk without a waddle.

Ginny Pacelli enters her third trimester with a trip to the McCarthy farm on a beautiful late-winter day. Gemma is not thrilled with a new baby entering the scene, she’s hoping for a boy so that she can remain the only girl. Domenico is nine and realizes that the new baby will not be a playmate of his for a long while. Overall, he feels neutral but definitely wants a boy, his sister is a terror!

February Birthdays
Mandy McCarthy – 84 years
Nathan Gavigan – 60 years
Grant Millett – 53 years
Caroline Welsh – 43 years
Chris Holmes – 42 years
Cesar Gonzales – 39 years
Isaac Gavigan – 30 years
*Aidan Traver – 24 years
*Caitlyn Traver – 24 years
Linnea Barthelet – 22 years
Evie Jitmakusol – 21 years
Jason Sumner – 15 years
Diego Martinez – 9 years
*Clio Browning – 3 years
*Thea Browning – 3 years
Margot Gavigan – 1 year

February Anniversaries
Tyler & Kenzie Goss – 37 years
Reed & Caroline Welsh – 10 years

Paloma Brindley – 8 months; due March
Ginny Pacelli – 6 months; due May
Meme Blackshire – 4 month; due July
Meg Schehl – 2 month; due September

Notes: I popped in to get toddler photos for Isaiah and Maeve, neither were ever played as toddlers, so they were a bit surprising, especially Maeve. She’s adorable now, but those toddler years were rough on her! They both want another baby, and after the cuteness of Margot, they will not have to twist my arm!

I posted a tour of the Gavigan’s first house on my tumblr, this tag should take you there.

I was putting down the new seasonal crops for Finn’s farm and decided to pull the Pacelli family over for their photo. I had thought that Erin might be expecting by now and share her pregnancy with Ginny, but it hasn’t happened yet. My hope is that the next “school” year brings pregnancies for Violet-Adele and Erin, as this particular classroom will be pretty full already.

Paloma’s babies are next “month” and I cannot wait!! I’m hoping double boys since it’s been awhile, however I love their girl name too.

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “february birthdays 2030”

    1. Thanks Starr! I’m super happy with Margot, and Maeve wants another baby already. It didn’t happen while I was in their household, which is for the best with all these current ones due. But I’m not expecting her to take too long, she has pretty high fertility. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  1. Margot is so, so cute! Argh, I love her and can’t wait to see her personality develop. Toddler years are often really rough on sims that make very attractive adults, I find!

    I love that Paloma’s belly is so big – fitting for twins! Nice that she and Meme can be pregnant together too. The family portraits are adorable.

    1. I love her too! I can’t believe how cute she is! I should have guessed it though seeing that Nolan Millett is a real gem too, and he’s got that Gavigan blood. I completely agree with the toddlers having a rough go! Maeve is very pretty, I’m hoping their next kid will take after her a bit more.

      I made sure that Paloma had those big outfits, she ended up getting ‘fat’ right before she got pregnant, so she’s really packing the pounds in the third trimester.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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