Abbott, Grimsley Family

another string to your bow

february 2030
previous update
Michael Abbott (30 years), Lainey Grimsley (28 years), Silas Abbott (2 years)

narrated by: Lainey

We got news that our aquarium was awarded the research funding that we requested. It meant two whole months outdoors on the ocean side of Audubon Island, exploring, tagging, really getting our hands dirty. I was listed as Lead Researcher which meant that Avery could help, but she’d have to take my orders and continue to run the aquarium.

Michael was thrilled for me. The first day of research, he decided to call in sick so that him and Silas could enjoy the beach.

My Dad is his boss, I’m not sure that he actually fell for Michael’s fake cough, but he gave them the day off without penalty.

Avery beat us there, and she’d already unloaded the work van. Immediately she tried to bark orders, which is always pretty awkward.

I attempted to nicely put my foot down, to let her know that I was Lead on this project. I could tell that she didn’t appreciate it in the least, but we both know how these things work.

We are researching which animals use the Makah beach for reproducing in the spring. We are on the edge of the new season, but with all the warm temps, breeding season seems to have started early.

I had Avery out in the open part of the beach, looking for crustacean or beach mice, even signs of silversides would benefit our research.

While we worked, Michael enjoyed playing with Silas and helping him walk on the beach. He found the sand to be pretty tricky for his toddler feet, and he was wary to even try walking on it at first.

We found a good chunk of snails and clams that had washed ashore, but there didn’t seem to be much else happening yet.

When we finished, Avery loaded the van back up, and I got to work cleaning up the space. Teens like to hang out on this beach, and they aren’t very keen on leaving no trace.

Avery seemed a bit happy to not have the lead after the day with little success. I’m still pretty pumped. I know that a lot of sea creatures and land mammals use this beach, it just requires patience.

Back at home, Silas is immediately back to playing with his toys. I’m relieved that he doesn’t require our constant attention, that allowed us to each clean up from the beach without much fussing.

We had just settled down to decide on dinner plans, when the doorbell rang. We don’t really get company, my parents live in the city and always call before coming over.

I was a bit surprised to see our new neighbors, complete with a pumpkin pie. Who makes pumpkin pie in February?

We invited them in, and we all introduced ourselves. I was a bit surprised that Isaiah Gavigan didn’t recognize me, as I immediately recognized him. I used to date his brother Isaac through college, and I’d definitely met his family a time or two.

Their daughter, Margot just turned one so she’s a bit younger than Silas, but they seemed to really hit it off.

Maeve seems nice enough; she’s not exactly my type, she asks very personal questions without any hesitation. I don’t talk to my own parents about why I’m not married to Michael, I won’t be sharing that with a stranger.

I also don’t want to talk about my reproductive goals, which she was all about trying for a second baby already.

Michael didn’t seem to hit it off with Isaiah himself, which surprised me, I always found him to be decent.

We were relieved when we finally got them to leave. Silas was ready for his nap after all the fun at the beach and the new playmate.

I got him little doctor scrubs for pajamas, I have high hopes that he won’t be another Grimsley police officer. Enough of my family has devoted their lives to the force, and I want more for Silas.

Only time will tell though.

Later in the month, Michael had a 7th and 8th grade tour of the station. Dad stuck him with it, mostly because him and Uncle Charlie do not want to bother with that nonsense anymore.

Michael was adorable about it; he planned it all out and even wrote notecards. Dad and Charlie were laughing about it all; Michael has an abundance of positive energy.

Michael was disheartened that one kid in a beanie kept gazing off and sighing. I told him that police station tours aren’t as cool in middle school as elementary.

He said two girls expressed interest in maybe joining the force one day. A girl named Eden Welsh was one of them. She tried out his desk, and apparently, she really admired his family photo on the wall.

Most of the kids listened about an officer’s daily tasks and some even asked questions.

Another girl Ainsley Andersen said she might be interested. Michael thinks that she was hesitant to commit to anything; it isn’t as if Michael is going to be pursuing these girls to join the force.

All in all, he had a good time with it. He reported back to my Dad about how it all went while Dad wrote up reports.

Mostly though, they get to talking about me and Silas. Michael is a big blabber mouth. He adores my Dad, and he’d absolutely tell him anything that he wanted to know, and it wouldn’t even be on purpose.

Thankfully Dad doesn’t pry too much. Mom would be a whole different story though!

With both of us working day shift, we ended up firing our old babysitter. She watched too much TV, and while Silas didn’t seem to mind, based on the hidden cameras around the house, I definitely did!

Now we have Lexi, and everyone likes her.

I leave before Michael, so he’s the one to do the hand off. Silas is always excited to see Lexi, which is only three times a week with Michael working weekends now.

He hates to inconvenience her with things we need done.

But she never minds. She makes the beds, cleans the bathrooms, and overall, tidies up the house.

Most of all, she plays with Silas when he’s awake.

And stays with him until he’s fast asleep. I don’t even do that, and he’s my kid.

We really lucked out with that one. I think if we ever accidentally get pregnant again, that I’d be okay with her watching the baby. With Silas, I took him to work with me, and I never left him with anyone until he was eighteen months old. I don’t feel that anxious anymore.

By the end of the week, we are all exhausted, well excluding Silas. I rarely see Alice anymore, and she’s my best friend. We do try to talk on the phone though.

She can always get me laughing, with her brother’s lazy ways at EU, and her funny stories about her boyfriend, Martin, there is always a story to tell.

The only bummer is that she’s always trying to get me to commit to going out somewhere. In the last few months, I’ve just become a big homebody. I want to be in my pajamas and watch TV or hang out with my kid. She’s not there yet, but I’m sure one day she will be.

Notes: In the rebuild, Lainey still rolls nothing for Michael. She did roll a good chunk for Silas though, more than usual. She’s a girl who loves her work; she rolls the want to go to work every single morning. Michael on the other hand is pretty obsessed with buying a recliner (No way buddy! Lainey would say no!) and marrying Lainey. When they go on dates, she rolls the simple ones, like ‘talk to Michael’ but it peters out quickly.

However, I don’t see her interested in anyone else ether. I think that she’s just not that kind of girl, and if Michael is okay with a partnership, that she’d be perfectly happy to stay this way. He does really want another baby though, and I don’t see that happening unless it’s another accidental pregnancy.

Thanks for reading!

11 thoughts on “another string to your bow”

    1. That is an awesome BA! I always wanted to be a Marine Biologist, so playing it out through Lainey is always a bunch of fun for me. I’m glad that you enjoyed this chapter! Thank you for commenting CathyTea!

  1. They are an interesting family. I am glad that you decided to keep them together instead of splitting up. Perhaps things are just crazy with work and a kid that it’s hard to focus on anyone else, much less your partner. Maybe when Silas is out of diapers she might roll wants for Michael, but isn’t she the one that didn’t roll wants for him even in your last save and before they got pregnant? How did they get together again? Are they one bolts?

    1. Right, Lainey doesn’t roll romantic wants, not really. She’s had a handful of boyfriends, and she’s always just very meh. She seems pretty asexual to me, but we will see. Her and Michael are a very-high 3-bolt. He is her highest match in my entire game, so if she doesn’t make it work with him, I’m not sure who else she’d pick.

      Lainey is Michael’s top, but his second is her BFF, Alice. I don’t see how that would work out, although in the last save, Alice did have a crush on Michael. Lainey always gets the best things that Alice wants, and Lainey never appreciates them.

      Thanks for commenting Starr!

  2. I know having a toddler is exhausting, and relationships can suffer, but I hope they stick together. Silas is beyond adorable! I hope they end up with another one.

    1. I hope they have another baby too! Silas is a cutie pie! I know that Michael is willing, but Lainey has not shown an interest. However, she isn’t allowed birth control, so we will see! Silas came as a surprise, I wouldn’t be shocked if they had another one at some point!

      Thanks for commenting Fini! I hope you are doing well!

  3. It can be hard being the childless one once your friend has a baby…but I’m sure it’s equally hard being on the other side of it too. Hopefully, Lainey and Alice can both adjust to their new normal and carve out some time for each other.

    I guess Lainey’s just not a romantic? She seems content with “good enough”, rather than chasing that fairy tale like many women do. She doesn’t seem unhappy at all (except with the questioning from others, like Maeve!), so I don’t see why they shouldn’t just carry on as is and see how it goes.

    So they don’t ever try for a baby? I find a lot of my sims who don’t have baby wants and who (in my head) wouldn’t want another kid still TFB every now and then.

    1. It is difficult when two friends are at different points in their life. Alice and Lainey have had their share of ups and downs over the years, and they’ve always come back together. I’m sure in time, they’ll sync together again.

      I agree, Lainey isn’t romantic, and she’s definitely not chasing after any dreams. She’s accomplished what she’s set out to do career and education wise. I think as long as neither start rolling fears/wants for affairs/getting caught, then I’ll let them be.

      They aren’t married, so they don’t TFB. I have that option turned off for unmarried sims. I am curious if they would though if they were married. No birth control for Lainey though, so it’s still possible they’ll have another.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  4. Was the grant a chance card? Either way, great idea to have the aquarium receive it and be able to do the research on site at the beach. And I love having my sims take advantage of call in sick every now and then, especially if there’s a special event or if they roll a want to stay home from work. Michael’s such a go-getter I can imagine his job performance is high so he could afford doing that once in a blue moon.

    I’m so glad, too, that you decided to let Lainey and Michael be as they are for now in spite of her lack of interest in romance, since they are happy. I am so glad that she was very interested in Silas, though, and that they found a great nanny. If I had a nanny I’d definitely want those hidden cameras and I bet for Michael it’s no problem to procure and install them.

    The field trip was fun, too, and a good chance to think about who might be interested in law enforcement in the future. I love that shot of Lainey’s dad kicked back at his desk.

    And then seeing Maeve, Isaiah, and Margot at

  5. Seeing the neighbors pop up at the back door was hilarious, knowing Maeve. Maybe Margot and Silas will be better friends than it looks like their parents will be. Maeve and Lainey are SO different, it is quite comical actually. Although I sympathized with Lainey after a day at the beach with a toddler having to host the neighbors uninvited.

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