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our greatest joy

march 2030

The hospital had scheduled Paloma’s induction for five am, which meant that they had to rise well before the sun. The trees were beginning to blossom and bud, and it felt right with Paloma to be entering the season of rebirth with the delivery of her twins.

Her family knew of the induction, and actually beat her to the hospital. Her sister, Linnea had come in the night before from EU, and despite Paloma insisting that she’d call as soon as the babies arrived, they came to wait.

They were both a jumble of nerves as they checked in to the hospital. They wouldn’t be leaving for a few days and there would be twins to bring home. All the planning for the bakery was about to be implemented, and neither felt horribly comfortable with Adam quitting Hazel’s Diner.

Their first instruction was to walk about the nursery suite, which they found to be quite an easy task. Adam gave the babies words of encouragement.

As the labor progressed and the medicine increased, Paloma struggled to even stand. Adam rubbed her back as their labor classes had instructed, although he couldn’t tell if it was helping in the least.

Dr. Morgan came to check progress regularly. It seemed that she always said that she hadn’t progressed enough, but when she finally said it was near time to push, Paloma had second thoughts about the ordeal. Two deliveries? What madness decided that she should have twins for her first baby!

There wasn’t much time to consider these thoughts as the contractions seemed to uptick based on Dr. Morgan’s assessment. It no longer felt like she would be able to push, but that she absolutely couldn’t stop if she tried.

Adam felt anxious watching Paloma struggle through the pushing, and while he wished that he could do something to help, he was really grateful that he wasn’t the one giving birth.

Dr. Morgan announced the crowning of the first head, she insisted that one more large push would bring the first baby into the world.

Paloma gave it all her might as Adam watched in wonder as a brown head of hair came into view.

A baby girl was delivered, brown hair and green eyes like her Daddy.

While they checked over their daughter, Paloma began to push for the next baby.

A baby boy, with a shock of black hair and more green eyes. Paloma was a bit surprised that none of their babies had gotten her eye color.

The twins were brought over to the heated bassinet to be checked over by Caroline and Morgan. They were both given a thumbs up for good health and strength. Paloma was not surprised on the last part, they’d been turning her organs into mush with all their kicking and boxing they’d done the past few months.

Adam tentatively held his son for the first time, feeling overwhelmed with emotion.

One of the residents kindly went downstairs to share the news with the family.

They were over the moon at the next generation being born in the family.

A little bit later, the family was allowed upstairs to meet the newest addition to the family. Eva went first with holding her granddaughter.

While Aunt Linnea doted on her nephew.

Even Dahlia was thrilled at being an Aunt at ten years old! She was pretty sure that this broke a record or something!

Gideon joked about all the diapers they’d be using, and that if they needed anything at all, to just ask.

They stayed at the hospital for two days before being released. It took them a day to settle on the names.

With great excitement they took a family photo and announced the arrival of their twins, Odessa and Hugo Brindley.

Notes: I am super happy with the boy/girl twins. I’ve had these names planned for years, Odessa from a children’s book I read with my kids, and Hugo, just cause I love it for them. I had wanted boy/boy, just because I haven’t had it forever, and they do live in a two bedroom house. This means that they’ll eventually have to move or add an addition.

When I peeked at them growing up, they each took after a different parent. I was not displeased with their genetics! Paloma’s IFS is 4, while Adam’s is 2. I could see them compromise with 3, but they have that other baby, the bakery to tend to as well, and the twins might be enough.

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone is having a good summer/winter!

13 thoughts on “our greatest joy”

  1. How wonderful! Such an upbeat mood, beautiful and creative shots, and I love the names too. As someone who had an induction (which ultimately didn’t work…), that part is unnervingly realistic…Really enjoy your writing.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Beth! I had a labor that faltered with a failed induction myself. Most of the pregnancies and deliveries draw from my own or my friends’. Thank you for commenting!

  2. Yay! So exciting that the babies are finally here! She’s been pregnant for a while in RL 🙂 I know you’re happy to have them here. Love the names too

    1. You are right about that Starr! I just looked up to see when she’d found out that she was pregnant, and it was July 22, 2017! Like seriously almost an entire year. Geez. I am super happy to have the babies here, I cannot believe it took me so long for them to arrive.

      Hopefully I can speed up my playing, but I’m easily distracted these days when I do finally have the time to sit. I want to get Riley caught up, working on businesses, the rebuild aspect of my hood, I don’t even know what else… I just come up with random threads to follow! Such is life! Thanks for commenting Starr!

  3. Oh, I am so happy to finally see their twins- now the real juggling begins for Paloma and Adam, with the babies and the bakery and their own needs. Odessa is so beautiful, love her hair. Considering you had to redo the ‘hood, a RL year isn’t too bad! I’ve just looked at all the different things you’ve posted to Tumblr over the past couple of months and didn’t realize how much you’d accomplished with your rebuild. It looks great!

    1. I have posted a good amount this year on Tumblr, I still feel like I have tons to do for rebuilding. I’m conflicted because my households have been stagnant for so long, and my timeline is barely moving, but then I want things to look good… it’s a silly struggle.

      I was surprised the twins both were born with hair. I was mildly annoyed that Hugo got black hair. I have ideas of how they’ll juggle everything, but I have to see if it would actually work. They’ll have an update while the twins are still infants.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  4. Aw, welcome Odessa and Hugo! Odessa’s pose with Adam in their new family portrait is especially adorable. And how cute is little Aunt Dahlia! If she’s lucky, she might get to make a few extra bucks babysitting in a few years’ time. 😉

    Hugo is a weirdly popular name here in Australia. Not as common as James or Thomas but you see it far more than you’d expect. It’s a little bit hipster, heading into the mainstream at this point.

    I can’t wait to see these two when they get older, especially now that you’ve mentioned you were pleased with how they turned out. Paloma and Adam are both so good looking though, so why wouldn’t their kids be? 😉

    1. That’s funny on Hugo being popular there. I haven’t met any here, but that doesn’t mean anything. I put the name down for them years ago when my husband got back into Lost again (ugh). I always need more H names in my hood. I could see it fitting the mark though for popularity, classic name, not terribly common previously, and not too many letters.

      I was glad that they look cute, at least as teens. I only pop my sims up to that age to check them out, that way all the stages in between are still a surprise, and by the time I get to teen, I won’t remember the details. I’m excited to see them as toddlers, running around the house!

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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