juggling act

march 2030
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(Schehl Household Profile)
Elise (32 years), Peter (30 years), Irina (1 1/2 years)

narrated by: Elise

Our nanny, Lexi arrives in the morning while I’m struggling to reheat dinner for breakfast. I still haven’t gotten the hang of parenting, housekeeping, and work. It’s this juggling act that apparently I’m not cut out to do. Thankfully Lexi is very gracious over my messes and even helps clean up while I’m gone.

Irina adores her nanny, and it seems to be mutual. My mother-in-law, Delaney is always urging me to take a break in my career. She means well, seeing that she focused on her career and not her children. Like Delaney, I’m not in a career that respects long breaks. I can’t be a Sports Marketing Agent if I don’t actually work. I’d lose all my clients and gain a bad reputation.

I thought that things would be easier once we past the infant stage, but she’s just a little pistol some days. She turns two in August, and we thought she was ready to be potty-trained. Mostly she agrees with this assestment, then randomly she throws a tantrum then proceeds to use her diaper.

When I take a shower, she climbs into the toilet water. I’d use the child safety locks on it, but poor Peter can’t manage to unlock it himself.

She sucks her thumb which I think is bad for her teeth, but she won’t quit. When I try to pull her thumb out, she throws another tantrum. Sometimes its the only peace and quiet I get is when she sucks her thumb.

She’s all smiles for her Aunt Meg though. She’s due in September and is finally beginning to show. Christmas is going to be fun this year with two little tykes in the family.

We usually eat in the evening after Irina has been put to bed. She eats much faster than us. It’s nice to have this time to ourselves and reconnect after our long days at work and home. Mostly at home for me, as I’ve been forced to use some vacation days to get the house caught up.

We should go to bed earlier than we do, but we relish that quiet time. Peter works on his newest paintings, while I work the stock market. We aren’t bringing in the money we need for this huge house, and I’m saddened that we still haven’t painted or decorated most of the rooms. All of Peter’s college furniture isn’t quite cutting it for me.

We have an entire third floor attic that was renovated, and we haven’t put a single piece of furniture in there, not to mention the second floor family space is also empty. We are positive that Irina is our only child, and this house feels too big sometimes. We had expected to have two when we’d bought it, but we are both at peace with one.

I go up there sometimes to try and envision how we can use the space. It could become a larger art studio for Peter, but he’s pretty happy in the den with all the windows. I suppose there is plenty of time to decide.

We went to visit Meg and her boyfriend, Jaron at their new house. They bought it this winter, and they’ve already managed to decorate more than me. However, it’s not to my taste, I’d say that I like my objects a bit finer. But it’s wonderfully suitable for artistic Meg.

They joked how their sister Lauren is a bit miffed over this baby. She’d been determined to have the first grandchild, and at this rate it’ll be the third. Not that she’s pregnant, nor should she be. They did move into a two bedroom apartment though, so I’m sure it’s around the corner.

Jared would probably be happy if they were expecting. He’d always babied Lauren, still giving her money from what we’ve deduced. Delaney would be a different story. She’d just found out about Meg being pregnant, now that she couldn’t hide it anymore, and she was lukewarm over it.

I adore Meg. We get along swimmingly, which is a relief. I’ve never gelled with Lauren, and Lizzie is still in high school. She just renovated her photography business, and offered us a free photoshoot as long as we paid for the printing.

It was a kind gesture, and I’m pretty stoked that she will be a Mom this fall. She’s always seemed like she’d be good at the role. I expect she will be better at it than me.

Her boyfriend, Jaron though. We don’t know him that well since she mostly hid that relationship from us too. Though we did meet him way sooner than her parents. Meg has a theme of keeping her personal life private. He seems like a nice enough guy, and he did get a job to better provide for the baby, so that’s a huge positive.

The morning of the photoshoot, Irina was in a mood. She’d smile perfectly for some photos, and then scowl in the next.

Meg knew how to get some good smiles though for her individual photo.

But she was pretty serious in our mother-daughter photo.

Irina was most pleased during a shooting break, Peter came over to kiss me, and Irina was all smiles. Meg happened to capture the shot, and it turned out to be our favorite. It’s nice to know that she approves of us as her parents.

It was a good family photo shoot, and it was nice to finally have our first one in the books. While we visited with Meg, Irina moved quickly to the kid section of the waiting room. We’d say that Meg did a good job filling it with fun toys.

Peter and his sister are both much more creative and talented than I could imagine being. I’m good with logic and statistics. I’m lucky if my pictures of Irina don’t cut off her forehead.

I hope that Irina got a portion of this creativity and my math skills.

Meg had mentioned our appointment to Delaney, and she happened to stop by on her break. She was there to say hi, and to book a shoot for the entire family after Meg’s baby arrived. She let out some hints that she wanted only family in the photo, which was definitely directed toward Jaron. She’s not exactly a traditional woman, but she wants her daughter married if that is who she wants to be with.

I suggested to not pressure Meg. I’d be more concerned about a rushed marriage for a baby than one that was entered for the right reasons. It’s hard to persuade someone to see things in a different light though.

In the end, we had a great family session, and we are all (mostly) looking forward to Meg’s baby in the fall. Now if only I could figure out how to juggle work, toddler, and a husband, then I’d be set.

Notes: I loaded their house with $170 in their account. It wasn’t look too good. They did manage to get up to $3,000+ only because they had to start at the bottom of their custom careers. I don’t know where they were exactly, and I knew they could use the bonuses. I’d really like to ditch the green paint. It doesn’t exactly scream Elise to me.

Her aspiration was yo-yo’ing this round. She’s a fortune sim, and she couldn’t afford most of her wants. She also struggled with her motives, and Peter is pretty helpful, it just happened that he didn’t have any days off this round, and she did. Days off do not equal great days for Elise.

In my old hood, Lauren had the baby want and they are moving into a two bedroom apartment. I haven’t moved all my apartment sims back in yet, so she didn’t get a cameo this time. I don’t think she’ll wait too long to start trying with Meg expecting now.

I’m still on vacation, I just happened to get this queued up. Woo. 3 in a row! πŸ˜€ See you all soon!

Thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “juggling act”

  1. So true, Cathytea! Moms always have a lot to balance, and Elise definitely has. This update really showed that difficulty and I totally get Elise and Peter deciding that Irina is going to be their only child.

    It sounds like Lauren’s wants are very much influenced by family’s situations (like rolling a baby want with Meg being pregnant.) I was hoping for a bit of Lauren in this one and look forward to seeing she and Isaac (?) again. (I can’t keep Isaac and Isaiah straight).

    We’re leaving on vacation in the morning, so excited! I hope you are enjoying your travels!

    1. I hear ya on the Gavigan boys! I only remember because Isaiah came in the game, and I’d never ever pick such a cumbersome name. He’s the one married to Maeve. So Isaac and Lauren. I felt bad leaving them out too, still so many things to get put back in order, and it hasn’t gone as smoothly as it has in past rebuilds.

      Lauren is the youngest, she always wants more attention, and she doesn’t really know what she wants, outside of working at the bar. I’m thinking she’d be a good bar owner actually.

      Elise and Peter always make me think they are well-off, especially the neighborhood they live in, but they aren’t there yet. I have no doubts they will be one day, but in the meantime they are house-poor just like Peter’s parents were when he was a teenager.

      I hope you had a wonderful vacation, I am happy to be home and some unplanned days ahead of me, though we have some big changes in our household next week that have me a bit emotional. I hope to see you around the community more, and thank you for commenting Shannon!

    1. I love the backdrop! I was surprised how much they looked like real photographs. I’m sure you can relate to little ones and their exploring natures. They can be exhausting for sure! Thanks for commenting Starr!

  2. The photo shoot was adorable and storywise, a really nice gift from Meg! Love the mother-daughter shot, serious face or not. Irina is just super-cute in general.

    Poor Fortune sims can be really miserable. I think it’s much more the case when they’re CAS or former townies and don’t have the background of social interaction with as many others as a born-in-game Fortune sim might have.

    Elise has a lot on her plate, so it’s no wonder she feels a bit overwhelmed at all she has to juggle. I think that’s pretty common for working mums, having to balance the tough job of parenting with whatever they’re doing when they leave the house eight hours a day.

    It’s kind of fun having a family struggling though as long as you can see a light at the end of the tunnel. Peter and Elise both seem like hard workers, so I think they can pull themselves out of this. Then they can decorate that empty room and get rid of that green paint!

    1. Fortune sims really can be difficult, especially when they have no money. I think you are right with townies and CAS. It’s even worse in the new hood, because she’s lost all her relationships. It’s slow work adding them back in.

      Parenting and working seems to be extra hard on Moms. I just had a friend start a war on facebook because she missed being a stay at home Mom. I was surprised that we have teenagers, and the Moms were still at one another over who was a better parent. I couldn’t care less what people do, and we’ve all been friends for 13+ years… thought we were past that.

      I think Peter and Elise will be in a good financial position in a few years. I’m planning to recolor those walls to keep the texture, but new paint colors for the next round. I feel like they’ll be affluent eventually, not because of Peter as much as Elise with her Marketing career.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. Lovely update, I’m fond of economically struggling sims myself since it’s fun to play the households. πŸ™‚

    So nice that Elise and Meg can be friends and I love that gift.

    And I agree, no wonder that Elise feels overwhelmed. It IS overwhelming to juggle kids and work.

    1. Me too! The sims that struggle economically are my favorite, as are the sims that live in the lower-income neighborhoods like Erin Louie, previously Annie Carver. They’re my favorite settings and people when I write as well.

      I’m glad that Elise and Meg get along. They’ve had a rocky relationship. They started out as dormmates, Meg actually had both of Peter’s girlfriends as her dormmate, and they were all high-maintenance blondes.

      I’m sure you can feel empathy for Elise with your own little ones at home. ❀

      Thanks for commenting Simnovoris!

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