march 2030
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(Siew Household Profile)
Quint Siew (39 years), Scarlett (19 years), Elodie (13 years), Wyatt (10 years), Tyson (8 years)

Things are different. He isn’t sure that they are better, but they aren’t the same. He’s sure someone has told him that change is good, but he isn’t sure that’s true.

Miriam cooks him breakfast. Rebecca did that for him, but this feels more intimate. Perhaps before Scarlett was born, they had been more romantic, but he didn’t believe that to be true. All he remembered was a marriage of never being good enough.

With Miriam, he is. All the way down to his tush, which she compliments and squeezes with delight. She laughs easily, even when her nerves are strung tight. He couldn’t make Rebecca laugh; she deserved someone who could.

On the flip side though, he knows that the hourglass is winding down for him, is it fair to love Miriam? She knows the stakes, and she’s willing to risk loving him, but doesn’t it make him selfish to accept that love?

It’s all very messy, and he isn’t sure what to do. He does know that he loves her though, and spending these lonely days with her make his life worth living. Rebecca has full custody, and he agrees that she should, but the empty house is strange and unfamiliar. Miriam brightens those dark spaces of his mind and home.

Of course it’s not all easy with love-making and doting. She has twin teenagers the same age as his daughter Elodie. This romance has been a secret, and it’s been decided that they need to inform the kids.

He worries himself over Rebecca’s feelings. Likely she expected to fall in love first, she might even accuse him of an affair. It’s all just too messy for Quint, and that doesn’t even cover it. Miriam’s ex-husband is his actual doctor. He’s sure things will actually hit the fan when their relationship is revealed.

Perhaps his therapist was right; Quint prefers to bury his head over confronting uncomfortable things, because that is absolutely what he feels like doing. He’d rather enjoy the healthy omelette with Miriam, take in her smile, hear about her plans for the classroom, than worry about Marcus or Rebecca.

Regardless of his desires to freeze time, she heads off to Longfellow, and he heads to Rebecca’s house. He doesn’t have to be into the office until 10, and he knows Rebecca’s schedule at the diner as well as his own hands.

She’s watching television when he approaches, and she glares at him through the front door. There’s a sadness in his heart, after all these years together, they aren’t even friends.

Before he could share his news, she told him that their beloved dog, Gulliver had died. It wasn’t exactly unexpected seeing that he was well into his senior years, but Quint felt awful that he hadn’t been there for Gulliver in his final days.

Instinctively he tried to console her on the loss, and she rejected his approach. If he had a whole lifetime ahead of him, he wasn’t sure that he’d ever get used to the loss of Rebecca in his inner circle. They had been together since they were eighteen, and married immediately following their graduation at the community college. He hadn’t known adulthood without her.

There didn’t seem a better time to fill her in on Miriam, so he just spilled it.

She was visibly upset by the announcement, but waiting another day wouldn’t have made it any easier. Him and Miriam had a plan of attack for telling the children, and ex-spouses were first on the list.

It was pointless to stick around, so he headed to the office. His new associate, Kevin came over to his desk to discuss current leads. They only had small cases currently, following spouses, and teenage kids that were suspected of nefarious activity. It was enough to pay the bills but barely.

Kevin was at a different point in his life. He’d tell stories about Raina, and Quint would feel sad that his own life hadn’t worked out. There were regrets that he couldn’t reconcile.

Naturally, he loved his children, and he was happy to have them in his life, but he’d wasted time with Rebecca and dead-end jobs. She’d never supported him to follow his own career dreams, and now it all seemed pointless. Kevin and Raina seemed truly happy. All the what-ifs and past choices buzzed in Quint’s mind.

He’s thrilled when Miriam swings by for a late lunch after the school day is over. They’d spoken only in text all day, and he hadn’t mentioned more than a mere sentence about telling Rebecca. Even still, she had known he’d need company.

They ate their pizza with minimal conversation, and sense of peace in one another’s company.

Telling the kids was more difficult than the exes. Her daughter, Shira seemed fine to meet him, while her twin, Asher ignored him entirely.

But then she ran off to her room to cry immediately following.

Then Asher did get up, and he actually seemed fine with Quint. He wasn’t expecting a fast-blooming friendship, but his presence didn’t depress him to tears and that was a good start.

That weekend, Rebecca dropped the kids off and Miriam served them lunch. They had all been taught by her, so it wasn’t as much of an introduction.

Miriam was engaged with all of the kids, and none of them seemed terribly upset by the new relationship.

When Elodie started feeling anxious, Scarlett pulled her into a conversation about a new campus coffee shop.

Quint noticed that Wyatt was daydreaming throughout the conversations. He got up in the middle of the meal to use the restroom, and offered an absentminded apology.

Quint didn’t pursue him, thinking that he might need sometime to himself. Because of that, he failed to hear his son in the bathroom.

Wyatt had always been a perfectionist and prone to episodes. Rebecca and him hadn’t been ignoring Wyatt’s need for control in situations, they just expected him to outgrow it.

He cleaned up all traces of his mess and promptly brushed his teeth. There weren’t many things that Wyatt could count on in life nor control, but this was something he could.

Elodie called him into their shared bedroom that only held the bare necessities. She didn’t know what was going on with her brother, but she knew there was something. When she tried to talk to him about it, he shut her down.

Scarlett stayed to help clean up after Rebecca had picked up the kids, and Miriam had gone home to her own. She was the eldest, and without her Mom caring about her Dad, it felt that most of the responsibility had fallen on her.

While her siblings might have objections to the relationship, Scarlett didn’t. She found Miriam to be delightful, and she appreciated someone else caring about her Dad’s well-being.

Her Dad has custody every other weekend, and Scarlett makes it a point to come out the opposite ones. She doesn’t see her siblings often enough with this routine, but her Dad can’t keep up with the house and work.

Soon it will be summer, and she won’t have classes out at EU. She is intending to move in with her Dad for the entire break, but she hasn’t broke the news to her Mom yet. It won’t go well, and there will be hurt feelings over it, which is why she isn’t in a rush to mention it to anyone.

She orders takeout for them before heading back to campus. Her Dad informed her of Shira’s distress at their introduction, and she isn’t the only one to notice that Wyatt acted oddly at the lunch. She’d ran to the local store to grab some brochures and postcards to show her Dad.

She mentions her big plan while they eat. A camping trip up in the mountains! Next month is her birthday and her Dad’s, and she has a long weekend in there, they could take a few days up, rent a cabin, and really get to know one another.

He doesn’t laugh at her idea, but then he’d never been that kind of Dad. He isn’t sure it is a good idea though. Instead of rejecting the idea, he agreed to talk with Miriam about it.

That was enough for Scarlett. She knew that Miriam would agree with her idea, after all it had been Miriam that had forced countless kids to be partners until they began to get along.

And she hadn’t been wrong. When Quint went to pick up the kids the following weekend, he also informed Rebecca that they’d be going up to the Cascade Mountains the following month.

Tyson was thrilled with the idea, but mostly he was happy to spend time with his Dad. Wyatt was aloof during the pick up, and Quint wasn’t sure if he should ignore it or engage. He decided to wait and see.

In the mean time, they had a trip to plan.

Notes: Wyatt and Shira are the only two kids to be visibly upset by Miriam and Quint dating. I’m hoping to send them on a camping trip with all their kids for the birthday post. Since I’m in a new build, most of my sims are lacking extra relationships, it would be nice to get them building or wrecking these particular ones.

Thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “differences”

  1. Miriam is such a welcome bright spot in Quint’s life and she seems happy to be there. Is Rebecca so dour with everyone, or just Quint? Anyway, this was a great update, seeing how they are moving through and past the divorce, and how everyone is coping. Wyatt is a really interesting little guy, probably very sensitive but shy to share his feelings and then having nausea or retreating. But I could just see him cleaning the toilet and then brushing his teeth after, as a sim and and as a character. Scarlett seems so supportive of her dad and I’m really glad she’s able to help. And the trip to the mountains should be really great for them all.

    Your street scene at lunch looked amazing. The street is so full of life and detail. You are really doing a great job with the details of this rebuild.

    1. Rebecca is dour with Quint, they are in the negative since the divorce, but apparently she still had some jealousy, because she got upset when Miriam and him kissed. She happened to be walking by to kick the trash can I’m sure. It keeps getting kicked over, and while I haven’t caught her, I’m sure it is her!

      Thanks for the compliments on the rebuild! Their lunch took place outside of his work office, and that happens to be in my Lincoln Park district, it’s about the only piece that is complete in South Port, outside of one neighborhood street. I spoke about Wyatt a bit in my comment to Starr and his traits if you want to peek at those. I’m concerned for him, because he’s very upset with both of his parents since the divorce, and has some strong personality traits that I think inhibit him from being accepting and laid-back. A few years ago, there was a snow day in my game, and he was actually disappointed that school was cancelled! Little Tyson was jumping and cheering, and Wyatt was not impressed. It showed me the contrast between Wyatt and the rest of his family. Rebecca isn’t very laid back ether. 😉

      Scarlett loves her Dad, he’s her number 1 sim in the relationship panel. She stops by all the time, calls him, and he does the same to her when I’m playing her at EU. They’re adorable!

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

    1. Thanks CT! I have a huge soft spot for Quint, I actually struggle with his ex-wife Rebecca, because I find her such an unsympathetic character. Scarlett is such a Daddy’s girl, I really like their relationship together. Thank you for commenting!

  2. It’s like a real town with all those details, especially the street scene. Nicely done. I hope Scarlett doesn’t lose herself in caregiving and can focus on her own self care as well. Can’t wait to see how the trip goes down and whoa, was not expecting that from with Wyatt. It’s more than just simple nerves right? Is he bulimic? But he’s not binge eating though. I hope he’s able to get some help soon. What made you go with that storyline for him?

    1. Aww thanks Starr! I appreciate that. ❤ I'm always concerned for Scarlett, my family sim with low-chemistry, and who apparently is repulsive to other sims (newest update). She's taken on a heavy load with her parents discord, and now her Dad's illness. She doesn't focus on herself nearly enough, and I don't think she really values her self-worth. I think she has a road ahead of her for self-discovery in her twenties.

      Wyatt actually got the flu and threw up, but I wrote it differently because of his traits.
      'perfectionist, animal-lover, reserved, Mysophobic (fear of germs), dislikes outdoors, genuine, impatient'

      He is maxed out on neatness, and he's very serious. I am thinking with his traits and personality, plus all his current hatred for his parents, that he's really struggling with the lack of control in this scenario. I'm thinking of this being a way that he can have control in an adult situation that is out of his hands.

      Thanks for commenting Starr!

  3. Wyatt’s reaction is more worrying to me than Shira’s, I think. To be physically sick with distress is a big deal, especially with the thought that it’s something he can control. I hope that doesn’t escalate for the poor kid.

    Miriam is lovely and I really do think she’s good for Quint. The fact that he’s living on borrowed time is an issue but if she knows that and is taking the risk anyway, I’m not sure it’s something Quint needs to fret over.

    And I’m totally with Shannon on all the details in your pics. I would never guessed you’d just done/were in the middle of a rebuild if I didn’t already know. Your hood looks complete already and like it’s been that way for years!

    1. I agree on Wyatt being more concerning than Shira’s tears. Wyatt’s always been a bit peculiar; he’s pretty fun to play, and his personality isn’t exactly a match for his parents that he’s unique too.

      I adore Miriam with Quint! They’re pretty cute with their autonomous actions, which he didn’t have often with Rebecca. I don’t know that I’d have had them get married if they were at that point right now. I think they both settled, and were pretty unhappy during the majority of the marriage.

      Thanks on the compliments for the hood rebuild. Millwood was very easy for me to decorate as it’s been using the same map for the past age. It does have large empty lots that just have trees for now, as I didn’t keep anything I didn’t love. South Port is split now, and they are on a new map…. it’s been tricky for me to fill in. Plus all the hiccups along the way just with the stupid game itself. I have more than 10GB less of CC than my old computer, and way more issues than I’d ever had. It’s disheartening, though *knock on wood* it’s not terrible at the moment.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  4. This is sad and sweet and kind of hopeful. Blended families are really hard, so many different reactions and emotions going on. I love Scarlett trying to find a way for them to all get along. The camping trip could either go very well or very badly… looking forward to finding out.

  5. Aww, Quint’s whole story has always tore me up. He tried so hard to make things work with Rebecca, but she could never appreciate what a good guy he is. Now with his diagnosis, it makes me sad that he won’t have more time with his kids. I hope he and Miriam are very happy with whatever time he has left.

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