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april birthdays 2030 – Siew & Dwyer weekend trip

april 2030

At Scarlett’s suggestion, Quint and Miriam bring their children up to the Cascade Mountains. Quint is celebrating his 40th birthday and Scarlett her 20th. While the adults had been excited about the trip, the children weren’t as enthused.

Before heading to their hotel suite, Shira needed a pep talk. The mere notion of sharing a hotel room with strangers was very uncomfortable.

Wyatt was also struggling. He tried focusing on his bug collection, which was something his Mother had suggested, but there wasn’t any luck there.

Asher wasn’t exactly opposed to his Mom dating; he remembered how his parents had been when they were married. His Dad had cheated on her numerous times, and while she did deserve better, he wasn’t comfortable witnessing it.

Asher wasn’t used to little kids whining about being hungry and tired. He didn’t exactly dislike Tyson, but he found the behavior annoying.

Elodie was relentless in games. Was it too much to win once?

Wyatt played darts by himself, and while his Dad tried to pull him into group projects, he refused.

The higher altitude was hard on Quint’s lungs; he found himself having greater coughing fits than back home. He wasn’t exactly hiding it from Miriam, but every time a big one came on, he could see the concern in her eyes. It hurt him to make her upset, so he tried to be mindful when he felt one coming.

He usually made excuses to escape, like putting the extra beds up or taking a shower.

There wasn’t enough beds for everyone, so they swapped out sleeping on the sofa.

The weekend was moving along quickly, and Miriam spent hours at night thinking about Quint, the kids, and herself. She’d been blinded by an ideology that doctors were wholesome, something that Marcus had never been. Too many years she had wasted being married to him, then after the divorce, he’d up and left.

Now he was back, a part-time Dad that was more like a long-distance uncle than Father. Quint wasn’t that type of man; he was good and devoted. He worked hard for his family and the happiness of others. She liked making him smile. His illness was frightening though, the unknowns…

In the morning, they awoke after the kids had already headed down to the rec room to hang out. Her thoughts on Quint had leaked into her dreams, and she’d awoken feeling confident that she selfishly wanted whatever time he had left. After all, no one’s lives were promised to them, and a prognosis could be proven wrong.

They found the kids dancing with huge smiles on their faces.

Even though Wyatt didn’t join in, he was smiling too.

A day of fun ensued.

The only child struggling was Scarlett. The entire trip had been her idea, but the Dwyer twins didn’t seem to like her at all. Asher regularly remarked that she was too tall, too overweight. Shira mostly ignored her. Scarlett couldn’t even throw an axe without nearly taking off her own hide.

That evening, Quint started a campfire, and urged Scarlett to play her guitar. He’d seen her struggle to connect with the kids, and he wanted to help her shine.

Miriam had asked for a dance when a slow song was played, and Asher scowled when Quint grabbed her bottom. Miriam had no complaints though.

After a spell, they took a walk around the park while Miriam told Quint of her feelings. No day was a guarantee, and she wanted to spend all of her days with him, loving him.

He tried to object, saying it was selfish of him to accept her love, when she lowered herself to the ground.

She had never been more sure of anything in her life, they were meant to be, and she didn’t want to waste precious time pretending they weren’t.

He couldn’t deny that he’d longed for a lifetime with Miriam since they’d begun dating. It did seem too soon, but he knew his time was limited. It put a different perspective on things, like waiting for something he was certain of seemed unwise.

He said yes.

They told the kids at the fire to mixed responses. No one was outright negative, but there was going to be an adjustment. Immediately Tyson asked if his Dad was leaving Millwood, and he admitted probably. Miriam had an actual home albeit small. There really wouldn’t be room for all his kids and hers, but it didn’t have roaches or weird smells, and that had to account for something.

After the kids were in bed, they sneaked down to the hot tub where she worked on the tension in his shoulders. He regularly pulled muscles from coughing fits.

Then she pulled him close to her and whispered in his ear that she wanted a baby with him. When he tried to object, she reminded him that plenty of people died unexpectedly, and his doctor didn’t give him an exact timeline for death.

He promised that he’d think it over. He didn’t want to leave a baby behind that didn’t know him, that he couldn’t help shape and watch grow. But his doctor had said he could have another twenty years, while that would never be enough, it would suffice for a baby.

On their last morning, Tyson spoke with Asher about his parent’s divorce. Everything was happening too quickly with the prognosis, divorce, and now engagement.

Tyson liked Miriam and her family, but it didn’t feel like his family.

Something softened in Asher while he listened to Tyson talk. The little guy had a deep pool of emotion, and he struggled with things that Asher did, even though his parents had been divorced since he was a child.

Tyson told him that things would be okay, and that while they didn’t know one another very well, he could tell they were going to be friends.

They all went back to their separate homes closer than they had been. Shira and Elodie had made fast friends, both being shy thirteen year old girls, and Asher had found a place of patience for the little boys that surprised him. Quint mulled over Miriam’s request for a baby, and she was content that soon they’d be married.


April Birthdays
*Delaney Schehl – 67 years
*Kenzie Goss – 67 years
Mary Gavigan – 63 years (pnpc)
Trisha Lange – 62 years (pnpc)
Barbara Gray – 49 ears (pnpc)
Gideon Prince – 48 years
Quinten Siew – 40 years
Matthew Picasso – 38 years (pnpc)
Henry Popper – 36 years (pnpc)
Maeve Gavigan – 30 years (pnpc)
Scarlett Siew – 20 years
Lily-Mae McCarthy – 18 years
Hatty Andersen – 8 years

April Anniversaries
Tim & Bekah Grimsley – 31 years
Enzo & Ginny Pacelli – 17 years (pnpc)
Eva & Gideon Prince – 11 years

Ginny Pacelli – 8 months; due May
Meme Blackshire – 6 months; due July
Meg Schehl – 4 months; due September
Violet-Adele McCarthy – 2 months; due November

Notes: Quint took over this update. This was a large group to touch base with, and I wanted to do it before moving on to the next household. I think Quint and Miriam being older, would be fine making their decisions more quickly. They both had the marriage/engaged wants, and now they both want a marriage party.

Neither have rolled the baby want, but knowing their IFS I think it’d be something they’d discuss. I don’t know how much time Quint has, I’m playing out this part of his story before I check, because I don’t want that knowledge to sway how I follow his wants and actions.

Shira and Elodie became friends. Asher didn’t totally hate Tyson, though he didn’t connect with Wyatt much. The only one to come out of this in the negative is Scarlett. Asher really did have her face with mini x’s all the time, and both the twins had a negative relationship with her. Scarlett just has a rough time all around, with love, family, new family, friends. Poor girl, she gives off some negative vibe I guess.

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “april birthdays 2030 – Siew & Dwyer weekend trip”

  1. Poor Scarlett ! She was so wonderful in the last chapter coming up with this idea ! But it seems like overall the vacation was great for this new blended family .

    1. I know! I was super upset for Scarlett! The whole trip was her idea/want, and almost every one hit it off with someone, and she ended the weekend in the negative. She’d had a better time at the lunch with Miriam than the trip, because even they weren’t getting along great. It was disappointing for sure. I don’t know what it is about her that other sims don’t like, I think she’s pretty awesome. Thank you for commenting CT!

  2. Well, I was not expecting a proposal but I think it makes a lot of sense for these two, especially considering Quint’s limited time (though no one knows yet how limited). It would be nice for Miriam to have that little extra link of his child, especially once he’s gone. But I guess we’ll see what happens there.

    Poor Scarlett. The whole thing was her idea and she was the only one who didn’t come out of it happier with the situation than when she went in. 😦 She seems like she’s trying so hard to achieve blended family harmony.

    1. I would like for them to have a baby, her older brother Warren never did. (He’s married to Jessica Picasso). But I won’t force it, so we will see. I’m pretty much decided that they each need to roll the baby want.

      Scarlett is very dedicated to het family. I thought she’d be out of EU by now. But she’s getting it done, even if she’s miserable doing it. She’s such a homebody.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. I’m so glad this went well overall! It felt realistic, with the different characters reacting in different ways and gradually coming together. Poor Scarlett, though!

    Hope they do decide to have a baby.

  4. I am so happy for Miriam and Flint and it seems like the kids are going to be ok too. I think it is a very realistic possibility, knowing how precious each day is, that they would go ahead with engagement and even broaching the subject of having a baby.

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