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adulting at home

april 2030
previous update
(Grimsley Household Profile)
Charlie Grimsley (44 years),Cara (40 years),Lulu (19 years),Jake (16 years)

Charlie and Cara had decided it was time to move. Jake had insisted they needed a house with a garage, even though he’d quit the band, they still needed a place to practice.

They kept the three bedrooms since Lulu didn’t seem inclined to move out. Mostly they were okay with her living at home still, but they weren’t happy with her lack of direction. Cara still wanted her to join the military; it had been the greatest decision of her own life, while Charlie pressed the police force.

Her parents didn’t agree with the other, although they’d likely be happy if she actually decided on something.

Lulu puts up with it, even if she’s gritting her teeth the entire time. She would move out in a blink if her boyfriend, Clayton would invite her to move in. Unfortunately, she’s expecting the opposite to happen. He hasn’t been available much, and he hasn’t been working her shifts at the pizza joint.

Jake listens quietly; he’s happy to still be a minor when it comes to this issue. He does have more plans though than his middle sister.

It isn’t worth fighting the battle, so Lulu just excuses herself when she’s heard enough. Usually it’s when they bring up Rachael. She loves her sister, but it’s been clear to Lulu that she isn’t like her at all. She’d like her parents to realize that too, and perhaps accept her for the average-lackluster-floater that she is.

She cleans up after herself, which is more than her parents can claim. She doesn’t want to give them anymore reason to complain though.

With things going south with Clayton, she’s not intending to stick around the pizza joint like a spare tire. Big fat pass. She searches the want-ads and actually gets an interview arranged. A real career might be nice.

It’s at the London Law Firm in the city. Driving in city traffic is stressful, and she isn’t sure that she’s feeling the commute.

The place is dripping in wealth though, and she’s beginning to think the paycheck might actually be enough to float her in the city. Her sister makes due with Caitlyn, so why not her?

Several candidates go back, but she feels an instant connection with Trisha.

When asked her ambitions, she’s open about her lack of direction. She needs a grown up position; she needs her own place.

Trisha sees a fresh mold in Lulu, a young mind that they can train without having to rewire previous job experience.

Trisha asks Lulu back after lunch to meet with the boss. He seems like a stodgy, moth-ball kind of guy. Lulu isn’t sure she can begin to fit in here.

But he doesn’t ask her opinion of him, and he seems satisfied with her responses. Mostly, Trisha gets whatever she wants in her new hire, she’s hoping to train her up to take her position in a few years, and Cole plans to retire then too. Hopefully he will leave it to his son, Milo, so he doesn’t really have to like Lulu all that much.

She’s hired, and told to start immediately. He gives her a pay advance to get an actual career wardrobe, and urges her to speak with Trisha if she’s confused on what that looks like.

This was her nicest outfit; she won’t ask Trisha for tips, but she will ask where to shop. She should be able to figure out the rest.

She mentions it to her parents the next morning. They are happy with this announcement, and only slightly hurt that their own personal agendas weren’t picked. They both hoped to find a common ground to bond with their middle daughter, and that wasn’t going to happen.

When Cara asked about moving to the city, Charlie gave her a dumbfounded look. Lulu set his mind at ease by saying she wasn’t going anywhere too quickly.

Her first day is pretty mindless. Trisha had fallen behind on some casework data entry, so she entered that and moved some older files to the new system. Trisha was friendly and helpful, although her office was upstairs, and Lulu was stuck on the main floor in a cubicle.

Back at the house, Jake is home alone after school. He won’t admit it, but he sorta misses having Lulu there in the afternoon. They’d binge watch TV before her dinner shift at work.

The band comes by to practice, and it’s all different too. He left the band a year back, and he only regretted it now, when the band voted Ella out of it. Monroe had fought to keep her, but Roman and Holden held the majority. If he hadn’t quit the band, he would have voted for the tie.

It felt crappy to do, especially because no one wanted to tell her. They kept pretending practice was cancelled, while they tried out new girls. In the end, Holden and Roman voted Isla Andersen in.

Monroe sulked through the practices. The argument Holden had used was that Ella was graduating high school next month. But even she didn’t know if she was going to university.

Isla brought a whole new energy to the band, and while her sound wasn’t bad, Monroe missed Ella’s voice and mannerisms. He was hurt that she didn’t want to date him, and he was happy with Vivienne now, but there was still a soft spot for her.

Vivienne liked her sound, said it was more peppy. That wasn’t Monroe’s goal for the band though, and sometimes he regretted not being lead singer. He had the talent like his Dad, he just liked the keyboarding and assisting in vocals.

Holden’s girlfriend, Gemma came to all the practices, and annoyed everyone but Holden.

Charlie had bought the kids a soda machine, and he only charged the cost of the soda.

Lulu came around to some of the practices, and she agreed with Jake. She’d never cared for Ella, but she had talent.

The month ended with Lulu spending all her money on new clothes and a kitty. She found him at the pet store, and it was instant love.

She named him Bagel Face, and he spent most of the day wandering the house, but he preferred her bedroom.

Her parents warned that it’d be more difficult to find an apartment with a cat, and Lulu shrugged. She didn’t exactly plan to move out too quickly after all she liked her new bedroom.

Notes: Kicking Ella out of the band seemed the best way to fulfill the Band ROS- ‘You want to jam with a band, join or create your own.’ Isla got that ROS this round, and with Ella graduating in a month, it’d make sense that Holden would push for her exit. Ella is my next household, so I’ll touch base with her feelings on it, and then we will see if she rolls the college want!

Lulu matches well for retail, but she also matched in parts for Law. She’s much too lazy to attend schooling, so she can take over Trisha’s position. She’d eventually work under Milo if he can manage the GPA he needs. Currently she’s a Law Firm Receptionist.

Lulu has the want to marry Clayton, but he doesn’t have that. I’m not saying they are breaking up, just a break. Mostly, I had a lot of other stuff to do, and in my old save, he did cheat on her with EU students… my new game is too new to know if he’s still cheaty… and with everything else in the update, I didn’t have time for him.

Grimsley family portrait:

Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “adulting at home”

  1. Ugh, that’s dirty of them to kick her out. I would have kicked them out of my garage-lol
    Love the name Bagel Face and I’m actually hopeful that Clayton drops Lulu, she doesn’t need that in her life
    So excited that Ella is next!!!! Crossing my fingers for college and a music major to become a music therapist-lol!

    1. I’m not loving Clayton and Lulu together ether. She never introduced him to her family, and it’s kind of late to do that now, ya know? I like the idea of a music therapist! I had an idea for her that sort of goes along those lines, we will see! I hated to kick Ella out of the band, but it seemed like the teenage thing to do with that ROS. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  2. I don’t think I could see Lulu in the police or the military, so I’m glad she’s got a little bit of an idea of where she might want to start forging her own path! Will you just freeze Lulu at Paralegal? I think that’s the highest non-lawyer position in the Law career (Pru’s edit, anyway!)

    I’ve been pretty keen to see Ella go to college, so now that she doesn’t have the band to fall back on, I’m hoping for that for her even more. I think she’s the kind of person who needs a place with some structure and uni might be just the thing. I’m curious to see how she reacts to being kicked out of the band though, especially seeing it seems like they ousted her in a sort of cowardly way (not that that would be odd for kids this age).

    Love the new portrait so much!

    1. Lulu did not match for her parent’s careers, she is from a police legacy so I could see her Dad pushing it while she squandered her time. I’m not sure if Lulu will stay the way Trisha and Cole intend, but if she does, then I will definitely stop her at the Paralegal (round about) career. I have to see if I have Pru’s in my game.

      Being kicked from the band could give her that push to go for college. Pleasure sims are such a pain when it comes to rolling college wants. I agree on Ella needing structure. I think she resists it but really thrives with it.

      Holden and Ella weren’t terribly close, and I think it would have been more surprising for them to call her in, because teens are such cowards. I deal with teens a lot in my different leadership roles in the community, and with my own teens, and man… some of the stuff they do is beyond shady.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

  3. It’s going to be interesting to see how this job/career works out for Lulu. Good to see that she’s motivated to do something, even if it isn’t what her parents would have wanted her to do.

    Lol at Bagel Face!

  4. Heh, Bagel Face is a funny name at least. 🙂 I hope Lulu finds some kind of motivation for whatever career she picks for herself. But I always enjoy playing sims that aren’t terribly motivated, feels true to real life. A lot of things just happen and people navigate through it in various ways.

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