may birthdays 2030

may 2030

It’s Oliver’s 33rd birthday and their 1 year anniversary. They decide to celebrate at home and get their garden in shape for the growing season. He tends to the trees while Brooklyn looks for baby bird nests.

That evening, he pours a glass of wine for each of them and they marvel about their first year of marriage. It wasn’t exactly what they’d expected, having a newborn for most of it, but they’re both happy with their lives.

Next spring, he will graduate with his Masters and hopefully, be on his way to being the Principal of Longfellow Elementary. He’s been thinking that having a baby that summer might be nice.

Brooklyn is onboard with that. Colleen would be almost two, he’d be done with his studies, and they’d both have the summer off with the new baby. She is charmed by the notion of planning for a baby, instead of being surprised by one.


Tillie Andersen celebrates her tenth birthday with her best friend, Dahlia sleeping over. They jump into their pajamas immediately then dance the night away.

Her little sister, Hatty was upset being kicked out of her shared bedroom with Tillie. She hadn’t known until after she’d thrown her pajamas on; she decided to jump in a puddle and get real messy.

Tillie and Dahlia hadn’t even realized they’d hurt Hatty’s feelings or they might have allowed her to dance too.


Violet-Adele wasn’t always positive about having a baby. Once they did conceive, she had been happy especially seeing Etienne’s happiness. But now that she’s gotten a baby bump, she was rather over it. She would have happily allowed a surrogate to have their baby if it meant all these odd bodily issues weren’t happening to her.

Her skin was a mess, her pants didn’t fit. There wasn’t such a thing as Business-Maternity, although she did find a sexy maternity formal dress for the Community Center celebration. Not the simple people’s party, but the city officials. It wasn’t scheduled until the end of summer, hopefully it still fit when she got there.

The worst wasn’t the fashion though, it was the hormones and new wrinkles she’d gotten this year. She was too old to do this, too set in her ways to be a Mom.


Ginny labors quietly at home, then sneaks off to South Metro without a word to anyone but her husband. Before the clock can switch to a new day, they are holding their precious daughter, and already packing up to go home.

Ginny did the hospital stay, the visiting family, the balloons, and the flowers two times before, and she had zero desire to repeat it. She wanted to be in her own bed, nurturing her last baby, without all of her husband’s family coming over to prod and talk.

She loved his family, having none of her own, but sometimes a Mother wants to be a Mother before a sister or daughter-in-law.

Instantly, a softer side to Gemma appears as she feeds her baby sister for the first time.

While Domenico had wanted a brother, he can’t help cooing at his baby sister ether. He’s thrilled to see that she has curly hair just like him and their Dad. He is the only one to inherit his Dad’s softer brown eyes though.

The Pacelli family is happy to announce the arrival of their daughter, Antonia after a few days of resting at home.

May Birthdays
Merrill Millett – 76 years
Isabella Martinez – 52 years (pnpc)
Leah Millett – 51 years
Dave Brewer – 46 years (pnpc)
Avery Fink – 35 years (pnpc)
Oliver McCarthy – 33 years
Rachael Darling – 24 years
Jill Popper – 22 years (pnpc)
Milo London – 20 years
Holden Grimsley – 16 years
Eden Fink – 16 years (pnpc)
Lucy Steinman – 13 years (pnpc)
Tillie Andersen – 10 years

May Anniversaries
Luca & Nadia Browning – 7 years
Daniel & Meme Blackshire – 7 years
Warren & Jessica Dennis – 3 years
Oliver & Brooklyn McCarthy – 1 year

Meme Blackshire – 7 months; due July
Meg Schehl – 5 months; due September
Violet-Adele McCarthy – 3 months; due November

Notes: Oliver and Brooklyn both want a baby. With their IFS, I peg them for about 3 babies. With Oliver working on his Masters in Education though, he wouldn’t plan for a baby until it was complete, plus summer for teachers makes sense. So I’ll allow them start trying in September.

Violet-Adele’s belly popped, and she immediately rolled to go to work. She won’t be putting a baby over her career that’s for sure. I actually finished her Community Center project, I’ll get photos up on my tumblr at some point.

I bumped Ella to May, so she will be the next update this time. Trying to move my timeline along and find spare time to write updates. School year has been a bit bumpy.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Poor Violet-Adele! Hopefully she can find the right balance once the baby arrives. I can definitely see her heading back into work pretty quickly.

    Wow, it seems like only yesterday that Brooklyn and Oliver had Colleen and now they’re planning #2. It definitely fits, thinking about them and the timeline – I just didn’t realise it had been that long already.

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