june birthdays 2030

Ella Carver graduates Jefferson High with a 59 SAT score; she was one point shy of a full-ride. However, she was very pleased to receive the half-tuition, especially when paired with her other scholarships.

She received four scholarships with the Dannon Local Award and McCarthy Assistance Fund being the most prestigious. Her social worker, Kenzie helped her fill out the paperwork for the McCarthy Fund, as it is for adopted children.

She’s studying music, although she isn’t sure what she will do with it yet.

Lily-Mae McCarthy was crowned valedictorian and graduated with a 72 SAT score; she qualified for a full ride along with the Scholar’s Grant, Kim Metro, Tsang Footwork, and Dannon Local Award.

She is studying fashion and business with the intent on taking over her Mom’s bridal boutique, Zoe Gen.

Alex Welsh graduated with a 35 SAT score. He wasn’t planning to attend EU, but his Dad talked him into going. Alex is going to study Economics to take over his Dad’s toy shop one day.

There are five students graduating from Eastborough University. If Riley hadn’t gotten kicked out, she would have been graduating with this class as well.

Itzel Cruz graduated with a 3.9 with a degree in History. She is hoping to get a job as a Historian or Librarian, but currently there are no positions available. In the mean time, she is looking for an apartment to share with her best friend, Linnea.

Linnea Barthelet graduated with her Art degree wtih a 2.1 GPA. She was hoping to become an interior designer, but she found a passion for pottery while at university. She is currently working at her sister, Paloma’s bakery, Love + Flour until she finds a position in her field.

Rafael Martinez graduates with a 3.8 with a Mathematics degree. He’s hoping to become an architect, but there are currently no openings. He’s working as an intern File Clerk at London Law, and apartment hunting with Caleb Gray. He’d love to live with Itzel, but they decided it was best to wait until they were married, as they aren’t engaged, it’ll be a bit.

Caleb Gray graduates from university with a 1.8 GPA, and his family is pleasantly surprised. No one, including himself, thought he’d actually get here. He wouldn’t have minded moving back home, but his twin sister, Riley and niece, Quinn are living there currently. He’s going to live with Rafael, although they weren’t really friends at university. He found Rafael’s ad on campus, and the rest was history.

Caleb’s girlfriend and Meme’s little sister, Jill Popper graduates with a 3.3 GPA. She graduated with a Business degree; she intends to open her own business. In the meantime, she’s moved back in with her parents out in Millwood and is hoping to find work to save for that eventual business.

The finish line is in sight for Meg, who is six months pregnant and entering her third trimester. She’s still working full-time at her studio, which has thankfully seen a surge of customers with the new pictures she is selling. She’s hoping for a mild summer though, as her studio doesn’t have the best cooling system, and she’s already feeling too hot during the day.

She is due in September.

June Birthdays
Nicole McCarthy – 57 years
Trent Lange – 59 years
Warren Dennis – 52 years
Marcus Dwyer – 49 years
Rebecca Siew – 40 years
Raina Bowers – 27 years
Perla Martinez – 24 years
Simon Millett – 20 years
*Vivienne Russo-Traver – 16 years
*Cicely Russo-Traver – 16 years
Ainsley Andersen – 14 years
Isla Andersen – 13 years
Mavis Browning – 7 years
*Dax Holmes – 7 years
*Evan Holmes – 7 years

June Anniversaries
Benjamin & Grace Andersen – 18 years
Charlie & Cara Grimsley – 20 years
Finn & Nicole McCarthy – 39 years
Henry & Catherine Popper – 12 years

Meme Blackshire – 8 months; due July
Meg Schehl – 6 months; due September
Violet-Adele McCarthy – 4 months; due November

Notes: I LOVE Ella! ❤

I haven't moved the graduates into new apartments yet. I haven't really moved any of my sims back into their apartments since the rebuild. Originally I had, then I corrupted it, and had to throw that rebuild out. Hopefully I'll get it all done "soon".

Quinn was supposed to have her birthday here, but I'm not done using her for Riley's mini stories. I'm hoping to get some time and get her caught up to the timeline here with some bite-size snippets. So Quinn will get her birthday when I get that done.

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “june birthdays 2030

  1. Meg’s studio is so cool, I saw the pics on Tumblr, I think. Wow, Ella was so close to a full scholarship! I was glad you mentioned the scholarship for students who have been adopted. In Florida there is a full scholarship for students who have been adopted. Ella’s new hairstyle looks great and I guess it is sort of rare to see her smiling in a photo. I look forward to hearing more about Riley and how she’s doing. Linnea’s interest in pottery might lead to some fun things like a business. Alex looks a little older than the typical 18 year old, to me. I hope he does ok at university since he wasn’t so interested in going. And it’s great for Zoe-Gen that Lily-Mae wants to help with the business.

    1. That’s awesome that Florida offers a full scholarship to children adopted. It was hard to find a new hairstyle for Ella, I really liked her old one on her. However, I do like this one too! It just took some downloading. I hope to get to Riley before Thanksgiving break, lol. I’m wanting to get some more posts queued before I delve back into her. I’d always planned for Rebecca to own a pottery business, but her life hasn’t really panned out in that direction, and I’m not sure she’ll ever save the funds now with a divorce. So Linnea might be the one to make that happen! I agree that Alex looks a bit older, I think it’s his facial hair, but he really needed it. 😀 Alex was lucky enough to qualify and for me to need some more college students. 😉 Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. I also love Ella! ❤ I like her new little lip piercing too and I am so impressed with that SAT score! Whoa! Holy crap though, Lily-Mae with her 72! That must be a record in your hood, right?

    Rafael looks so handsome, though I love everyone's new looks! Can't wait for Meg's baby either!

    1. I’m with you! I couldn’t believe Ella scored so well, but she helped at the car dealership significantly, and it really boosted her. Lily-Mae did receive the highest score in my entire hood, crazy because I don’t even feel like I play with her all that much! She did that mostly solo, and again, another family business. Alex could have done better if his Dad’s toy shop was actually in my game. I didn’t set it up after my rebuild, I need to build a new one. I’m excited for Meg’s baby too, I love when sims have their first baby and you can see how their genetics play out. Thanks for commenting Carla!

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