babies and cake

june 2030
previous update
Adam Brindley ( years), Paloma ( years), Hugo and Odessa (3 months)

The twins turn three months, and they seem to require a more rigid sleep schedule than previously. It’s almost like the older they get, they are more demanding. Paloma’s Mom tells her that won’t always be the case, but it’s disheartening to Paloma as she hopes to juggle parenthood and the bakery very soon.

Love + Flour took a financial hit during the spring. They hadn’t been able to find someone to replace Paloma temporarily. Anyone with the experience wanted the full-time gig, with benefits, and job security. They weren’t offering those things, because Paloma fully intended to return to work in 6 months or so, at least part-time.

While some customers wished the new family good luck, some were more interested in their pastries and fulfilling their cravings.

Linnea had graduated EU, and had happily started working at the bakery again, at least temporarily. She wanted to make pottery or create art, none of those things were exactly high-paying, this was consistent pay, and she got to help her sister out.

During the day, Paloma would grow weary of being housebound. It wasn’t exactly easy to get the twins into the car, and all of their belongings packed up too, but she still did it almost daily. She usually went to the bakery to check on Adam, and see if there was light work.

Adam is always happy to see the twins and Paloma, even if it isn’t exactly a surprise. They started the bakery together, it was her dream, and he missed seeing her face each day at the oven.

Linnea was always happy to play with the twins, she’d save her breaks so she could spoil them with kisses. She was happy to be done at EU now that they were here.

Both Hugo and Odessa had warmed up quickly to their Aunt Linnea.

While Paloma always intended to be a helper at the bakery, there were days when she’d accidentally fall asleep on the sofa, leaving Adam and Linnea to care for them momentarily. Neither minded her catnaps, knowing the twins kept her up for large portions of the night.

Eva would try and pop in over her lunch break to see her grown daughters and first grandbabies.

Eva has easily warmed up to be a Grandma.

Linnea gets back to work while her Mom and sister catch up and tend to the twins. They added changing stations into each of the bathrooms since their birth; it hadn’t been on their radar until they’d arrived on the scene.

When Eva heads back to work, Paloma asks Eden if she’d like to hold Odessa. Eden happily takes the infant. It’s just her and her Mom at their house, and while she technically has half-siblings through her Dad, they aren’t babies, and they aren’t friends. So this newborn business is all new territory for her, and she really enjoys it.

She’s still happy about the newborn smell when Paloma starts helping customers. She really misses this interaction.

She gets him to custom order a birthday cake, and they both leave the conversation feeling good. Paloma doesn’t want to miss the twins growing up, but she doesn’t want to give this up ether.

She jumps onto the register to help out Adam who is busy with customer complaints. It seems no matter how hard they try, the honeymoon period of their business is over. Daily people are complaining about the limited inventory, the lack of variety, and the slow service.

Paloma isn’t helping matters when she’s behind the register ether, she’s horrible at it.

After the bakery closes that evening, Linnea stays behind to help in the kitchen while Adam takes the babies home. Paloma would like to start helping with the inventory, and she can put aside a few hours at night to bake up a better variety. Adam was the cook, she was the baker. He did good, but it was clear the customers could taste the difference.

Adam got the twins to bed on his own, which isn’t always an easy feat when they threw baths in there.

She climbed into her own pajamas and checked on them after working. She was exhausted, and she knew in a few hours the twins would be up and ready to play. They were burning out both ends of the stick as they saying went, but Paloma wasn’t sure how to solve it. If she stayed home too long with the twins, she might not have a bakery left.

Adam suggested they try a nanny, and they put out an ad that night.

Paloma awoke feeling a bit guilty at the notion of a nanny, but Adam assured her that at least part-time, it wouldn’t be detrimental for anyone.

Hugo giggled, and they both laughed. She really did miss time in her bakery, and part-time wouldn’t be too terrible.

Odessa learned how to multitask by chewing on her toes and batting at her toys.

Adam went over to put Hugo down and play with Odessa while Paloma finished breakfast. The bakery was closed on Mondays, and these were their favorite mornings with the twins.

They lined up a few interviews during the afternoon, their first up was an EU student on summer break.

Paloma got the vibe that the first candidate liked her husband a bit too much. Adam wasn’t sure it was exactly true, but they both had to agree on the nanny.

The next candidate instantly tickled the babies’ toes on her way in. She smiled brightly, and interacted with both of them.

She lived in town with her dog, and she was looking for permanent work, not a summer gig. This was a relief to both of them, she also could cook which made their evenings instantly easier to imagine.

They knew instantly that Abril was the one for their family.

Abril stayed that evening to acquaint herself with the twins and their schedules. She handled Hugo when he was fussy, and volunteered to give him a bath before bed.

Both of the babies seemed to instantly warm up to her, which made the entire process easier on Paloma’s heart.

When she left, Paloma snuggled with Custard. He’d been neglected since the babies were born, but Paloma felt their schedule was on the up end of manageable, and it would include more snuggles for Custard, their first baby.

Notes: The bakery lost two ranks this session, I had left Paloma at home, and it was chaos. I’m planning to pull Abril over as a nanny, and to actually send her money as she cares for the twins. She matches well for a nanny career too.

I’m trying to get a few updates prepared before Nano arrives, but who can say if I’ll get much accomplished. Riley’s update is going live this week on my tumblr, I’ve gotten her caught up with the current timeline, and Quinn had her birthday, which I’ll include in the next birthday post. You can catch up with Riley here.

Thanks for reading! Sorry I’m behind in comments, I’m much like Paloma these days, burning out both ends and such… I’m hoping to get a few blog posts read on Sunday before we cut the tree down to appease the HOA.


14 thoughts on “babies and cake

  1. Appeasing the HOA, that sounds like fun. Don’t worry about the comments, though, and that’s exciting you are planning to participate in NaNoWriMo! My daughter is gearing up for that again for the first time in two years; she’s excited. This was a fun update to read, how they manage juggling the shop and the babies, and everyone loving on Odessa and Hugo and the new mom too, while she tried to keep her sanity and check in with the business. It’s nice they found a good nanny. Abril’s really cute, is she a new playable? This update definitely seemed like it probably took a fair amount of work with posing and getting the babies to the bakery, all that stuff.

    1. This update did take a fair bit of work. The game wasn’t exactly helping issues ether. It was a lot of fun to play though! Abril is a pnpc that I want to marry into my game! But no one is picking her. She lives in Isaac’s apartment complex with her Chow Chow Oso. Super cute. I haven’t decorated it much yet.

      Good luck to your daughter for Nano! I’m editing my lifelong novel, my goal is to finish this round of edits, then have it read/critiqued, and sent to agents. 😬😬

      The HOA isn’t my favorite, thankfully they mostly leave us alone. Now we have plenty of firewood for a bonfire though!

      Thank you for commenting Shannon!

  2. Adorable update, loved how her maternity leave actually impacted the business. The struggle to work in your passion and care for your loved ones would leave them both so tired.

    1. I don’t envy Paloma her struggle between her passion and babies, it’d be so hard to juggle. And Adam just isn’t as qualified as her to run it. He isn’t even that great at the cash register, but Paloma is terrible. Meg kept coming daily and complaining! They’re neighbors now! Meg should be nicer!

      Thanks for commenting Starr!

    1. Me too! I peaked at an older age for them, and they were cute! But no clue on toddler years. Both Adam and Paloma were adorable toddlers so I’m hopeful! I think they’ll want a third kid at some point, and their house isn’t big enough. It’s only a two bedroom. I love their house, and I don’t want them to move. Ah idk what I’ll do. I might add on, but it’s not always realistic to me. Thanks for commenting!!

  3. I love the idea of having a nanny who is actually a sim in your hood! It seems like Abril will be amazing for Paloma, Adam and the twins.

    Hugo and Odessa are so adorable and as insanely busy as Paloma and Adam are, they’re lucky that Paloma’s family are so willing to pop in and help out with the babies when they can. It was sweet to see everybody so enamoured with the twins! How could you not be though?

    It makes sense that the bakery’s ranking has gone down in Paloma’s absence. From a gameplay perspective though, do you have an employee designated as the manager? I almost never do that, because of the ranking loss. It doesn’t seem to happen without a manager (you’d think it would be the opposite)! You don’t make any money on it either but I’d rather take the financial hit, personally. Then again, most of my business-owning sims have alternate sources of income. They’re either already rich or have spouses with good jobs.

    1. They didn’t have a manager, but I promoted Linnea at the end of the session. They aren’t well-off and I needed some money while they were at home. So Linnea didn’t effect the ranking, but that is interesting. I’ll have to pay attention to it more. I have a few businesses with managers, where it made sense. Most of mine don’t have alternate jobs, just the one where they leave for an hour and make $100. It stops my sims from wanting a job. I enjoy the challenge of the juggling and struggle.

      Eva is rolling Grandma type wants, talk/play family member etc. while Gideon just rolled a baby want. Sigh. Not happening buddy. He seems to have picked up baby fever.

      Abril won, for whatever reason Paloma didn’t like the other girl. I’m not complaining. I really want someone to marry her!

      Thank you for commenting Carla!

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