july birthdays 2030

Miriam’s birthday sneaks up on her, forty-seven years old. It baffles her, time has gone quickly, but strangely slow in the same breath. They’d talked about having a baby, but with this birthday, it seems foolish. She really is getting too old to start over.

She tries to escape her own head by taking the girls dress shopping. They’ve decided on a quiet ceremony at the park, afterall second marriages don’t usually warrant the same fanfare.

Shira is amped up, dresses excite her, but it isn’t the same story for Scarlett or Elodie.

Instantly, Miriam realizes Scarlett’s apprehension as she discovers the prettiest dresses don’t come in plus-tall sizes.

Everything was rather matronly for a 20 year old.

Shira pressed getting something young, maybe have Scarlett wear something else. Elodie wasn’t on board, she knew her sister would feel badly if they did.

Marta spoke with the owner, Nicole and asked about ordering in specialty dresses. Nicole stressed the timeframe, they were working on crunched time, and the shipping prices would be hefty.

Miriam happily payed for the girls’ dresses and ordered her son’s tux. Helping Scarlett feel part of the family was worth the extra cost on her dress.

Quinn Gray celebrates her first birthday with her family, and reuniting with her Dad momentarily.

She’s a good mix of both her parents, and she has her maternal Grandma’s green eyes.

Meme Blackshire goes into labor, leaving Jagger with her best friend Paloma, her and Daniel head to the hospital. It’s a fast labor, much quicker than her previous one, and it’s no time at all before she’s pushing.

They welcome a baby girl, Stevie to their family. She has brown eyes like her Daddy.

Big brother Jagger is mostly indifferent when he meets her. They are about 2 1/2 years apart, so they’ll get to enjoy some toddler years together before he goes to school.

July Birthdays
John Russo – 78 years
Miriam Dennis – 47 years (pnpc)
Grace McCarthy – 40 years
Marta Steele – 40 years (pnpc)
Nico Pacelli – 38 years
Nadia Browning – 34 years
Meme Blackshire – 34 years (pnpc)
Bethany Louie – 33 years
Michael Abbott – 31 years
Hadley Millett – 29 years
*Julius McCarthy – 24 years
*Elias McCarthy – 24 years
Rafael Martinez – 22 years (pnpc)
Alex Welsh – 18 years (pnpc)
Nolan Millett – 12 years

July Anniversaries
Grant & Leah Millett – 35 years
Etienne & Violet-Adele McCarthy-Bernard – 3 years

Meg Schehl – 7 months; due September
Violet-Adele McCarthy – 5 months; due November

Notes: I got Riley all caught up with the current timeline, you can view it on tumblr if you’d like.

Finding a dress with a fat morph really was a struggle for me with Scarlett. They are all set now though. I’m looking forward to their wedding, and seeing if they do have another baby. Combining this household is going to be intense when it comes to bedrooms vs kids.

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “july birthdays 2030”

    1. Thank you CathyTea! It was fun doing some lighthearted shopping, now they’re all ready for the wedding too. Meme is my daughter’s sim, she’s been playing her since she was 8 or 9 years old. She’s such a cutie!

  1. Yay for the Poppers, with the birth of their little girl, Stevie. Jagger is so cute! And the dress shopping was fun; Zoe Gen is such a cool bridal shop you’ve created. Is it hard to find a fat morph that looked like it suited Scarlett or finding one with a fat morph at all?

    I’ve been following Riley’s story on Tumblr, with her job interview and moving in with her dad, Quinn aging up, and then reconnecting with Jett. The toddler teeth you have for Quinn are really cute and I always appreciate the work you do to post the parents’ and toddler’s face when they age up, for comparison.

    1. Way too many of my dresses have no morphs at all! And many were quite matronly. She didn’t look 20 years old at all! I got it all figured out though, and I recolored some dresses to make a nice wedding party.

      I’m glad you like the comparison pics! I have fun doing them and comparing myself! I hope things work out for Riley and Jett. She just doesn’t seem quite as interested in him as he is with her. Perhaps when she gets her life in order. Job done, hopefully soon a place of her own?

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. Aw, Miriam is sweet to do that for Scarlett! I’m sure all the girls will look gorgeous in their dresses!

    Quinn is so cute – I love all her missing teeth! Is that a teeth mask you’re using or part of the skintone?

    Stevie is a good name for a sister to Jagger! Mick Jagger, Stevie Nicks – keep that classic rock theme going!

    1. I’m excited to do the wedding. I think everyone will look very nice. I peg Miriam as pretty empathetic. She was everyone’s kindergarten teacher, and I think working with kids makes you aware of feelings. Her missing teeth are a mask! So cute! I always wanted to make a mask from your skin set. Mine come up with adult teeth which I don’t care to have on yearlings.

      You can find them here –

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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