august birthdays 2030

Chaz Holmes celebrates his fifteenth birthday with his secret girlfriend, Cicely. She arrives ahead of him, faster on her skates than his walking.

Next month is their one year anniversary, and they’ve never been on an actual date.

They meet in secret, usually parks even in the winter and talk.

They sneak holding hands, hoping no one sees.

Despite his young age, he’s pretty sure he loves her, but he hasn’t told her. He’s saving it for their first real date. He plans it out in his head, and hopes it can happen soon.

She risks a real hug with him when it’s time to leave, it’s his birthday gift.


Alicia Brewer turns 39, she spends it at the recently renovated park in Millwood. The boys are thrilled with the new toddler section, and she’s pretty pleased how far it is from the big kid toys.

Her eldest Percy is still very sweet and gentle-hearted, while Elliot climbs all over the park equipment like a professional extreme athlete.


Lauren Gavigan celebrates her 28th birthday working. She loves working at the nightclub, so she isn’t bummed about it. They would have gone drinking the next night, but she’s recently found herself pregnant. Instead they hit a small bar in Millwood for karaoke.

They’d been trying, so this isn’t a surprise, but suddenly, she’s found her life inadequate. Her career mostly. How is she supposed to be a DJ or a bartender with a giant pregnant belly? Her tips were going to tank.

Isaac announced the pregnancy to the near-empty weekday bar, then dedicated the song to the baby.

The pregnancy already felt rough, she couldn’t wake or go to bed without visiting the bathroom. She wasn’t telling loved ones until a bit later. She was married, so why did she feel like a pregnant teenager?

Isaac found Lauren having a crisis the next afternoon. What would she do for work? Why did she have to give up the job she loved for a baby?

And him? He still worked at a grocery store. What were they doing having a kid?

Isaac was appropriately surprised. She’d been wanting a baby for years, and it was only recently for him to be on board. Babies were a large responsibility, and he never wanted another kid until he was actually prepared.

He pulled her over, told her he could find a new job, and that she should keep hers. One day, they’d buy a bar for her to run, and who cares if she works at one while pregnant? It wasn’t like she was sleeping around (anymore), she was married. Plus she wasn’t drinking the liquor she served. He promised it’d all be fine.

Isaac was serious about getting a real career, but the want-ads were full of things he wasn’t qualified for. There was construction, but he didn’t want to do that job ever again.

Their baby was due in April, he still had time to get a career going.


Violet-Adele is six months pregnant, she’s dressed in a fancy gown showing off more leg than usual. It’s not easy feeling sexy with a large belly and a huge butt in tow. Etienne gives her a massage and words of encouragement before they enter the party.

This is her party, celebrating her community rec center. Mayor Kenzie is present, along with other high ups in the community. This is an elite event, thrown in her honor.

It was a good turn out considering the small guest list.

Mostly though, she wanted to go home, climb into pajamas, and cuddle with her husband. She was feeling less interested in parties the further along she got.

Despite her lack of interest, the party was a success.

August Birthdays
Bekah Grimsley – 53 years
Jude Woodfolk – 47 years
Alicia Brewer – 39 years (pnpc)
Paige Lange – 34 years (pnpc)
Lauren Gavigan – 28 years
Willa Grimsley – 21 years
Lulu Grimsley – 20 years
Michael Popper – 20 years (pnpc)
Chaz Holmes – 15 years
Penelope Krouse – 5 years
*Eileen Popper – 5 years (pnpc)
*Warren Popper – 5 years (pnpc)
Irina Schehl – 2 years

August Anniversaries
Walter & Alberta Steele – 47 years (pnpc)
Chris & Emma Holmes – 14 years
Peter & Elise Schehl – 6 years

Meg Schehl – 8 months; due September
Violet-Adele McCarthy – 6 months; due November
Lauren Gavigan – 1 month; due April

Notes: This year is slim for age-ups. Next year should have a good amount more with teens, Browning twins, Silas… plus babies.

Isaac and Lauren successfully TFB while Nolan was sneaking around their building last month. I’m like serious?! Sheesh. This baby makes 4 for their preschool class in several years. Which isn’t bad, 3-4 is ideal for me. However, I have several other sims really wanting a baby too like Erin. Possibly Miriam. Definitely Brooklyn, and whoever else winds up pregnant from risky behavior! We will see what unfolds!

Thanks for reading!!


10 thoughts on “august birthdays 2030

  1. I like how you are plotting how many will be in the kindergarten class when these kids are born and age up 🙂 It sounds like ACR is going nuts right now though, and you might have a mini-boom.

    The party looked very classy, and I got a kick out of seeing Violet-Adele pregnant.

    Chaz and Cicely are so cute and sweet. It’s nice to see them happy.

    And your new park is so pretty!

    1. ACR is going super nutty right now, not just with pregnancies, but lots of unexpected couples. I really don’t want a huge baby boom like I had years ago with 7 kids. It made all my classrooms extra tight for desks.

      I’m glad you liked the little party with the elite sims of the neighborhood. There were some that didn’t attend like the London Srs.

      I like Chaz and Cicely. Poor girl has a super uptight Mom, and Chaz is literally from the other side of the tracks and the river too actually. I don’t think she’d be to happy, especially since her best friend’s son isn’t good enough for Vivienne.

      Thanks on the park! I have a block of parks/recreation in Millwood, and it all really needed to be updated. This one and the garden park for the wedding are done. Now I gotta redo the pool.

      Thanks for commenting Shannon!

    1. haha, I know you did!! 🙂 I love that toddler set, the darn thing isn’t community enabled, so I had to change it to residential, toss it down, switch it back. Pain in the bum, but less work than finding it in my downloads and editing! Thanks for commenting Starr!

  2. Chaz and Cicely are the cutest! I wish they could date openly. I wonder what Morgan would think of Chaz, even if she did let Cicely date. I’m thinking his parents wouldn’t win him any brownie points with her.

    Hmmm, could Isaac finally be growing up? I’m interested to see what career path he chooses for himself. Hopefully something that will let him support that baby, so Lauren can stop worrying.

    Who is the woman with the braids at Violet-Adele’s event? Have we seen her before? I don’t blame Violet-Adele for preferring to be at home! I find I usually prefer that anyway and I’m not even heavily pregnant like she is!

    I should start adding an expecting section to my birthdays! I like that idea. I tend to forget who’s pregnant until I get to their bump-up, so I’m sure readers do as well!

    1. I don’t think Morgan would approve of Chaz’s parents ether! Even when the girls can openly date, I don’t think these two will be.

      Isaac seems to have done a good amount of maturing, I’ve been enjoying his wants lately.

      The woman with braids is one of my daughter’s families that she created but doesn’t play. Making her own batch of pnpc characters, lol. I can’t recall her name.

      I forget my own pregnant sims too; I find the expecting section helpful for me too. Thanks for commenting Carla!

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