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new at adulting

august 2030
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Itzel London (22 years), Linnea Barthelet (22 years)

Once Itzel and Rafael had decided to wait on living together, there was no other option than to live with Linnea. They’d been best friends since forever, this was a natural choice. Itzel’s Dad, Cole helped them find a nice second floor duplex. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, Itzel even had a fireplace in her bedroom. It was a very nice find.

Linnea was set for the moment being the assistant manager at her sister’s bakery. Itzel was the only one looking for a job. The paper had nothing of interest.

But the online ads had exactly what she wanted. A librarian needed. Unfortunately it was out at EU; she’d just graduated from there, and wasn’t too interested in the commute.

There was promise of a new library coming to South Port; her Dad was going to put pressure on Mayor Kenzie to be certain it gained the momentum it needed to get the votes to pass.

The girls woke up together, Linnea prepared coffee while Itzel ate her fruit. She was excited about working at a library, but not about being back on campus.

Linnea insisted it’d be great! This was her literal dream job, exactly what her major was in! How could she not be thrilled?

Yet again, Itzel attempted to explain to vacant stares. She wanted a local library, without the commute, yes, but she also wanted a children section. Storytimes, crafts, teen nights. She had many ideas for getting youth into libraries, and it was all wasted on campus.

Linnea with bubbling cheerfulness insisted she’d soon have all of that! Itzel knew she was likely right, but it didn’t change her current job.

Her first day on the job, she sat at a desk that was much too large for her, as students she’d just said goodbye to in May, walked past her.

It felt too soon.

Dean was happy to see her on campus again, and he was pretty excited about her new gig. She appreciated his enthusiasm even if she disagreed.

Classes had just started up again, so it was busier than summertime, but not by much. Most students didn’t have routines down yet, and most professors hadn’t given out exams.

She restocked shelves and dreamed of the day she’d be in her own library with her own programs.

Rafael met her after work at the campus gym. He’d put on some weight, and he wasn’t happy about it. Itzel wasn’t in that situation, but she was on her way.

Exercise wasn’t their thing though, after doing just enough, they hopped in the sauna and exercised their pores with sweat.

Itzel’s big adult decision was adopting a kitten; she named him Zusak.

He absolutely stole her heart, and she spent as much time playing with him as possible.

He leaped and bounded so adorably that Itzel felt she could fall over from the cuteness.

She couldn’t resist his cuteness, which helped her pass the time when Rafael and Linnea were working.

Linnea gushed over him as well, which meant their conversations were suddenly dominated by Zusak.

When the kitten wasn’t demanding all their attention, Linnea was worried about her lovelife. She’d never really had one, and even still, she didn’t think she could claim one. But her and Simon had hooked up before she’d graduated. He’d just seen his girlfriend, Cassia make out with someone else, and somehow, she’d found herself in bed with him.

Simon was her first for every single thing. Including a chaste kiss. But they hadn’t talked since, what did it even mean?

She decided to be brave, and invite him over via messaging.

Linnea was alerted to his arrival by a stray dog growling at him. Did dogs have a sixth sense about this type of stuff? Was Simon a bad dude?

He’d asked if Milo could come too, he was back from his summer excursion down the Pacific coast surf boarding and wanted to see his sister’s new place. Linnea felt pretty comfortable around Milo, at different points they’d both crushed on each other, but had outgrown it.

Milo busied himself with Zusak while Itzel was driving home from work. Instantly, Simon went into talking about Cassia, which let Linnea know the answer to her unasked question.

He was aloof and cool toward her, she wondered why he bothered to accept her invite at all.

Thankfully Itzel arrived on time without traffic delaying her. As soon as she finished with her brother, Simon could leave.

Milo filled her in on all the amazing waves along the coast, the time they were kicked out of the water due to a prowling shark. He’d even attempted scuba diving and found enjoyment in that.

Milo had always been more adventurous than Itzel, she preferred her excitement from books on the safety of her sofa.

After the fiasco of Simon, Linnea went on a dating site and got matched with Hal. He suggested bowling for their first date night, and Linnea wasn’t sure about that. It wasn’t exactly something against bowling, she didn’t really ever bowl, and didn’t it say something about a guy who picked bowling?

Regardless she went, and she did find him rather handsome. Much more mature looking that Simon.

He bowled a good game. She bowled a good game.

He only won because of a strike over her spare.

Perhaps because she’d already done it, but she found herself in a photbooth with him.

He hadn’t pressured it, perhaps she had even suggested it? She wasn’t exactly certain, but she felt anxious afterward. Why was she suddenly sleeping around?

For years she’d watched her best friend build a relationship with Rafael, her sister settle and marry, when would she find the one?

They went back in to play at the arcades for a bit, and he seemed interested in her.

At the end of the night she invited him back to her place. Perhaps Hal wasn’t the one, but it didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy him.

He left the next morning before Itzel woke up. She wanted to introduce him, but not under that circumstance.

When they did eventually meet, Itzel spoke about her kitten, and Hal wasn’t entirely interested.

It wasn’t exactly the way she’d expected it to go, but she still felt hopeful they’d eventually get along. In the meantime, he began to come over during the day when Linnea didn’t have to work. They were both in the business of breakfast food, him at the Lumberjack Pancakes, and her at Love + Flour, so their hours were quite compatible.

She decided to enjoy the moments with him, even if they weren’t the next Itzel and Rafael.

Notes: I have no recollection of Simon and Linnea sleeping together… but they had, and for a minute she wanted to marry him. I’m guessing it was while I was busy getting Alex, Ella, and Lily-Mae settled into the dorm with their majors etc. Simon wasn’t interested in her though when he came to visit. And then she randomly hooked up with Hal in the photobooth! I was surprised to say the least.

Linnea has highish points with a few other sims, but Hal’s isn’t too shabby of a score. We will have to see what happens with them. Itzel really was sharing how she’d just adopted a pet, and Hal gave that face. It went a bit negative there for a bit, but they’re up to a positive 12 now. Itzel is obsessed with her kitten, and I am too! So cute!

I hope all the American’s had a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “new at adulting”

    1. That kitten is the end of me, oh man! I am super excited that kittens and puppies can now have markings! I’m not sure if you recall but previously they were always solid colored. It definitely ups their adorable appearance. These two girls have been best friends since grade school, I’m glad it worked out for them to live together for a spell. Thanks for commenting Cathy!

  1. Aw, I love stories about adulting for beginners. 🙂 I’m a librarian, too, and worked at a campus library my first six months after getting my degree in library and information science and it’s pretty weird. Then again I suspect any job is pretty weird when you’re just starting out. (Over here, we’re usually not done with university until our mid to late twenties, so it’s a little less jarring, perhaps.)

    Hopefully they can enjoy dating and adulting for a couple of years now.

    1. That is awesome! I always think being a librarian would be fun, we have such a great local library here, tons of events. Probably right on first jobs being pretty weird to start, but I think a campus library after graduating would be strange. Not enough distance I’d think. I hope they can enjoy dating and living as roomies for a good spell, I’m not in a rush to marry Itzel and Rafael, though Rafael might disagree with me.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. The EU library looks so cool and I look forward to seeing the new South Port library, with the children’s section! I guess your ACR is going a little nuts, probably because you are still getting everyone set up in the new game? Hal looks a lot more mature than Simon but boy, that face about the kitten, I wonder how many nice points he has?! Zusak is adorable, you got some good pictures of him. Also, the duplex looks great. I enjoyed the pictures on Tumblr.

    1. The EU library is my makeover of someone else’s makeover from the Sim State library. I like it fine for visiting, but it’s not as enjoyable to play from a librarian point of view. I’m not entirely inspired to build one ether. Dilemma!

      My ACR is working through its kinks for sure. Good question on Hal’s nice points, I really can’t recall. I really enjoyed playing with Zusak, as did the girls. Thanks for the compliments on the apartment, it was a fun one to decorate. I don’t always enjoy decorating large open spaces like theirs, but it worked out this time. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. Poor Itzel. I guess working in your old university’s library so soon after graduation doesn’t feel like quite the step forward that it otherwise might. I can just hear Itzel urging on the construction of that new public library!

    Well, yeah, Simon, why DID you accept that invite, lol? I kind of like the idea of Simon and Linnea together but I guess we’ll see what happens. On the other hand, Hal is very handsome…but he can’t even fake an interest in the adorable Zusak, which has to be some kind of personality flaw, lol!

    1. Haha, yes I can hear Itzel urging the library construction on. I imagine her not being one to flaunt her family’s wealth or political power, but in this instance, she’s like, Dad you promised! Get this done now! If it were up to Cole, it’d already be done, alas I have to build it.

      I was annoyed by Simon in this session, I’m currently playing his update, and he’s all about Cassia again. I can’t even keep up with these college kids. The only reason I’d be okay with Simon being with Cassia is the red hair. 😉

      I’m with you on Hal and Zusak! I was completely surprised, who doesn’t like kittens!! Gah, all baby animals are the cutest thing ever, and it’s not hard to pretend gush ether.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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