Births, Schehl

september 2030 birthdays

Logan and Kai celebrate their birthday this month. They walk home from school, and empathize with eachother about their crazy sisters. Logan always wins the most pity with Mallory; she’s been throwing more tantrums than ever since their Mom got married.

Logan doesn’t think it’d be bad if his Mom had another baby, but Mallory swears she’ll run away if she does. Kai doesn’t even know what to say, he’s always been happy with his little sisters, and loved his step Dad Luca too.


Silas Grimsley turns 3, and his parents feel he’s definitely old enough to be potty trained. However, Silas doesn’t exactly agree.

Micheal struggles to get Silas onto the toilet, and he rarely does his business. It’s exhausting! He doesn’t understand why his son would want to dirty diapers when he could be clean!

When Lainey comes home though, Silas doesn’t struggle with her. And they tentatively celebrate that their son will finally use a toliet, most of the time.

When Silas is off to bed, Michael broaches the subject of kids. Lainey has made it clear she is not interested in marriage, possibly never, but what about kids? She’d always said she wanted two kids, and that is how many Michael wants. With Silas off to school soon, it seems a good time to broach the subject.

Lainey feels a bit tongue-tied. She did want two kids, she would be 30 next year, and her career was going much better now than when she’d had Silas.

They hadn’t planned for Silas, and while the road had been bumpy, it wasn’t too difficult. However, planning to have a baby, that was frightening. A huge commitment. Lainey didn’t want to be too old when she had her second kid though, and she did want two.

She didn’t say no, but she wasn’t ready quite yet to try.

After going to bed early not feeling well, Meg awakes with strong contractions. At first she thinks a drink of water or quick bathroom break will get her feeling better.

When a strong contraction breaks through, and she realizes it’s time. Jaron stumbles out of bed and immediately calls the paramedics. He’d rather get medical help then have his baby come in the back of a taxi.

Firefighters arrive first with a paramedic on board. It’s fortunate they live near to a medical firestation.

By the time they arrive, Meg feels the urgency to push. They decide it’s too risky to move her, so they prepare the bed as much as possible for the delivery.

In between contractions, Meg wonders why this is all happening so quickly. Her Mom had said her and Peter had taken a lifetime to be born, she’d expected days of laboring, not this!

Louise calmly helps Meg with the labor and delivery, as the head crowns right side up, she explains most of Meg’s labor had likely felt like back pain instead of contractions.

Meg is too focused on pushing, but Jaron briefly nods. Meg had been struggling with her back immensely, she’d even had to close her photography shop as she couldn’t easily walk.

A healthy baby girl is born to Meg and Jaron. Louise checks her over, and offers to take her to the hospital or they can bring her in to a regular pediatric check up in a few hours. They opt for the latter, and Louise bids baby Rosemary goodbye.

Meg and Jaron get themselves and Rosemary cleaned up. Everything was such a whirlwind, no one even knows Rosemary has arrived.

Meg and Jaron are thrilled their daughter has arrived, though Meg thought for certain they were having a boy. Rosemary has her Mom’s green eyes, and likely a ton more, the Schehl’s have strong genetics, but they’ll have to wait and see.

September Birthdays
Matias Martinez – 56 years (pnpc)
Hazel McCarthy – 48 years
Charlie Grimsley – 45 years
Enzo Pacelli – 44 years (pnpc)
Emma Holmes – 39 years
Catherine Popper – 34 years (pnpc)
Clara Sumner – 19 years (pnpc)
Roman Woodfolk – 15 years
Lizzie Schehl – 15 years
Kai Browning – 14 years
Logan Louie – 13 years
Domenico Pacelli – 9 years (pnpc)
Silas Abbott – 3 years

September Anniversaries
Zeke & Morgan Russo-Traver – 17 years
Enzo & Ginny Pacelli – 17 years (pnpc)

Violet-Adele McCarthy – 7 months; due November
Lauren Gavigan – 2 month; due April

Notes: I thought Meg and Jaron would have a boy, which I could have used because there are 3 girls to 1 boy in this age group. Perhaps Violet-Adele will have a boy… but I really see her with a girl. We will have to see. I went with Rosemary for Meg, the whole horror genre obsession.

Lainey and Michael. I wanted to get to the bottom of Lainey’s feelings. When she goes on a date, these two constantly roll to woohoo in the car… which is how they got Silas to begin with! I turned on unmarried TFB for them, and twice they tried, but it rolled too high. Despite the hot date, she didn’t roll any type of engagement or wedding want. So with an IFS of 2 for each of them, and her approaching 30, we will see what happens!

Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “september 2030 birthdays”

    1. Mallory is in aspiration failure, and she always wants ridiculous things that she can’t have so she stays angry. When I play their household, I’m hoping she can get some aspiration points. Meg was lucky, she got a fast delivery. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  1. It looked like maybe there was a fire that triggered the truck but you went with it for her labor? So happy that baby Rosemary is here and it was great seeing Kai and Logan both as teens walking home. The street looked perfect with the school, school bus, and cones.

    1. Nah, no fire, I just had Jaron call for an emergency. They were fined. 😉 Then I pulled in the EMT that is sort of seeing Aidan now since Ethan’s medical scare. Logan and Kai are adorable friends, I was hoping to do a bit more with them, but my computer wasn’t cooperating at the time. I culled some very unnecessary CC for me and got it back to 8GB for my downloads folder and I’m sailing pretty smooth then. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  2. Looking forward to seeing if Lainey and Michael ever do have that second child! Cute that Michael still wants another, with all the trouble Silas is giving him at the moment!

    Despite the dramatic circumstances of Rosemary’s birth, I think it’s actually kind of nice too. She came so quickly that there was no time for relatives to come visit and cut in on that early bonding time. And they were at home too!

    1. I’m curious if they will have a second child too. I think it’d be fun to have this family without marriage, I don’t really get that, so many of mine are eager for marriage especially after having a child.

      Rosemary’s birth was fun to play out, I’m looking forward to her aging up, though pretty sure she will look like a Schehl. Very true on the quiet time without interruptions. I only ever told my Mom when I was having a baby (and 3 were scheduled), because I wanted the time without extended family. I can imagine Meg would really appreciate that with Delaney as her Mom and Lauren for her sister. Thanks for commenting Carla!

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