Siew, Wedding

til death do us part

september 2030
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Elodie’s nerves were fraying as they arrived at Waverly Gardens. She was apprehensive about the union, and feeling melancholy for her Mom who was sitting at home alone; she didn’t even have Gulliver their dog since he passed.

Quint complimented Elodie as she walked over. He knew this day was a struggle for everyone, including himself. There was an underlying pathos amongst them all even as they tried to be happy for the moment.

They’d wanted a small wedding, and while it might have appeared small to some families, it was much larger than they had desired. If only her older brother, Warren hadn’t married Jessica. She had two boys and a grandbaby.

Miriam had hoped Jessica’s sons wouldn’t come, but they all did, including the grandbaby Quinn. She was already crying before the ceremony started.

Wyatt stared up at his Dad; he still quietly struggled with the divorce, and he wasn’t handling the wedding well at all.

Quint had suspicions of Wyatt’s struggles, but he didn’t realize the extent. There was too much happening to focus on any of the kids ether; he hoped they could work through any issues in the days to come.

His new mother-in-law, Angie came to congratulate him. Quint and Rebecca hadn’t had family, and he found Angie to be a delight. Holidays with an extended family sounded like a dream.

Miriam’s Dad wasn’t in the picture, so she walked herself down the aisle. They didn’t have the kids stand for the ceremony ether, preferring them to sit comfortably, and handle their emotions without being on display.

Six years after her divorce, and Miriam was finally with the man she thought she’d never find.

Quint never knew to dream of a woman as amazing as Miriam. He hadn’t considered a divorce for him and Rebecca, he hadn’t thought someone wonderful could be out there just for him.

If anyone was upset, Miriam and Quint didn’t know about it; their focus was entirely on one another.

Mr. and Mrs. Quinten Siew were introduced to the crowd.

Only one child visibly displayed their upset. Elodie wasn’t good at hiding her emotions, whether it be shyness, awkwardness, or disgust.

They were low on funds, so they opted for a simple cake and music afterward. They immediately went to cut the cake, knowing the boys were really excited to dig in.

Elodie and Tyson started dancing immediately. They noticed their kids weren’t mixing or even mingling.

Quinn danced and Tyson looked at her in wonder. Was his Dad going to have more kids? He was the baby of the family; he’d never been exposed to babies or toddlers. He had never considered another coming after him.

He’d heard his new step-uncle Warren talking with his wife, Jessica about how Miriam was too old to have more kids, but that she really wanted one. He wasn’t sure how he felt about it; he knew Wyatt would hope she was too old though.

Warren and Flint tore up the lawn with their dance moves. Wyatt had his first genuine laugh at their dancing attempts, this new family was full of a bunch of weirdos.

Shira quietly ate her cake alone, watching everyone dance and talk. She’d been vocal about her upset with the union, but she did like her new step sister, Elodie. They were the exact same age, it was weird.

As much as Quint enjoyed Angie, he found Warren a bit hard to handle. He talked obnoxiously about sports, and Quint wasn’t really a fan.

He didn’t want to be rude, but he really couldn’t listen to another sport stat.

Flint tried to dance with Elodie, and she rejected his offer. He was her new step-step cousin? How did it work when he was your step-Mom’s step nephew? Regardless, she didn’t enjoy his company and definitely didn’t want to dance.

She wanted to spend all of her time doting on baby Quinn. She was such a shy sweetheart, they felt like kindred spirits.

She felt like actual crap when she made Quinn cry though with peek-a-boo. She hadn’t known babies could become that upset over the game.

Quint found Miriam and they shared a dance together. No one had fought or outwardly cried beside Quinn. They each exhaled; it seemed like the wedding was going well.

Tyson claimed his Dad’s next dance while Wyatt waited his turn.

Many times during the day, they’d stare at one another in awe. Neither could believe they’d gotten so lucky.

Scarlett took a seat on the swing as the festivities began to wind down. She’d wanted this for her Dad, but she didn’t feel like she belonged. Asher had bonded with her brothers, Shira with Elodie. No one had bonded with her. She was too old, she’d never live with any of them or have those stories of growing pains.

She had always been her Daddy’s girl, but it felt like Miriam had replaced her. When her parents had been married, they’d both been miserable, and she’d been there for her Dad, a friend, a smile.

Miriam made him so happy, and she was so glad; she just didn’t know where she fit in this new family.

wedding portraits:

The happy couple.

The couple with her Mom, Angie.

Miriam with her brother, Warren and Mom.

Miriam and Quint with their six kids!

Miriam’s entire family.

Notes: The wedding went well, only Elodie mean-mugged Miriam. Quinn had a few motive failures, she’s extremely shy and the crowd was a bit much for her. Elodie and Shira are both really shy as well, maybe that’s why they get along so well.

I do not remember who Miriam’s Dad was, or even what happened to him… It was so many years ago. Her brother Warren doesn’t have any biological kids, just Jessica’s sons from her previous marriage to Matt. He did have the want, but they never TFB, they always roll too high.

Miriam and Quint immediately rolled the baby want. She has 5% chance to conceive… it’s pretty improbable, but time will tell. I feel like I’m on baby watch for these two.

I love the idea of putting this family into a huge farm style house, I think it’d be fun to watch the kids’ dynamics… but I’m not sure what they’d actually do. She can afford her current house, she has custody of her kids, and he doesn’t have custody of his. Plus when he does eventually die, she wouldn’t need a huge house, because it’d just be her kids at home, or they’d be in college. Who knows. I’m not sure what to do. And neither are wealthy to really afford to take risks. Selling his house helped though.

Thanks for reading!

12 thoughts on “til death do us part”

    1. Scarlett is one of my favs too. This wedding was one of my more complex ones with family dynamics. I don’t have any other families where both spouses brought in kids from prior marriages. Thanks for commenting CT!

  1. The Brady bunch for real! I’m curious about what you’ll do for living arrangements. When he does have his kids it would mean a lot to them if they’re comfortable and have their own space especially with the adjustment. Love the wedding outfits. Did you recolor all of those?

    1. I’ve never had such a Brady Bunch family in my game ever. I’m pretty pumped over it! I agree that the kids would need a place, currently Miriam’s house is only 2 bedrooms which her twins share one of them. It’s just not spacious enough. I’ve decided I will move them, but it won’t be immediately. I got a few other things tugging my attention. I did recolor the dresses excluding Angie’s (mil), and I did a tux or two… I have an easier time recoloring most wedding attire than searching for matches with tuxes. Thanks for commenting Starr! I hope you had a nice holiday!

  2. Scarlett’s loss of place in the family, being the main person close to her dad, was poignant. Having the wedding in fall was so symbolic of Quint’s stage of life (If he doesn’t recover), and it made for a beautiful wedding. After seeing Starrsim’s comment I really noticed how beautifully Miriam’s mother’s dress, her dress, and the bridesmaids all coordinated, too. And I couldn’t help but identify with Wyatt laughing at Warren and Flint’s goofy dancing, or the way you wrote that her family seemed like a bunch of weirdos.

    There are so many factors in how to blend the family, as far as living arrangements. It would be really fun to see the whole family in a big house (Brady Bunch!) but like you said, he doesn’t have custody of his kids. Is there space for his kids when they come to visit? You always figure out good things for your sims that really fit and make sense.

    Miriam is so cute, is she actually short or does she just look short next to Quint?!

    1. I’ve thought about this family frequently these past few weeks though I haven’t been on the PC much, and I’m leaning toward the large house I built a bit back. Currently Miriam’s house is 2 bedrooms, and she has twins sharing a bedroom. I’m thinking I’ll have them “rent” out her current house, and rent a new house, that way if things go south sooner than later, she has a place to fall back on, that she can afford with her teacher salary. That’s my tentative plan. I need to get into the game and see what the house I built has for rooms, it’s been a while.

      The wedding was a fun one for me, I’m glad everyone got along and the wedding recolors were fun to do, though I didn’t do Angie’s dress. Thanks for commenting Shannon!

  3. Awww, Scarlett! I think it could be even harder at her age than it might be for her younger siblings. Everyone sort of assumes you have it together and can handle everything but the truth is, you still sometimes need some extra reassurance from your mum or dad.

    But still, it was a lovely wedding! Everyone looked lovely and I loved the purple/lavender theme in the whole family. Nice to see Quint getting along so well with his new MIL too. Those relationships aren’t always so easy!

    Looking forward to seeing if these two have a baby or not. I guess if they do, they might make the big new farmhouse you’re envisioning make more sense for them, because it would be a little longer until Miriam (and Quint, depending on how long he lives) becomes an empty nester.

    1. I think you are right about the young adults still needing assurances. There is a lot expected of them, knowing their future, making their plans, it’s a lot of pressure, then all the other turmoil.

      I was happy Quint got along so well with Angie. She is one of my nicer sims, and she loves Miriam. They lived together for years until I got Miriam set up in her new home. I’m hoping to play them sometime soonish and see if they try for a baby and succeed or not. I’m leaning toward that larger house though, I really want to pull all the kids in and see their dynamics. I built one awhile back that I think will be perfect for them.

      Thanks for commenting Carla!

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