Eastborough Uni

eastborough university – westfall hall

september 2030
previous update
Willa Grimsley (21 years), Dean Goss (21 years), Evie Jitmakusol (21 years), Scarlett Siew (20 years), Michael Popper (20 years), Bea Woodfolk (19 years), Clara Sumner (19 years)

Willa was one of many girls who had tried to nab Dean, unlike Lulu, she had finally succeeded. How she got there wasn’t entirely her own making, there was a fair amount of luck involved, good for her, bad for others.

It started when Michael Popper started flirting with Evie, or so Evie confesses. Many had heard she was quite willful with Michael, but as most of the dormmates despised Michael, they didn’t know who to believe.

Naturally, Dean found out. One can’t simply cheat with someone in their own dorm and hope to get away with it. Everyone heard their fight, some said that Michael stood there with a smug smile, like he’d somehow become a better man than Dean by stealing his girl.

Evie seemed to have immediate regret when he called their six-year relationship off. They’d been together since they were fifteen, and everyone had assumed they’d walk down the aisle right after graduation.

Evie was heard crying for weeks after the break-up. She usually picked the senior bathroom showers since there was limited access.

She ate alone, outside of Michael, she didn’t have any friends. Of everyone in the dorm, it felt like a raw deal to Evie. She’d been there for every single one of them through the years. When Scarlett had been depressed as a freshman, and thought she was fat, she’d been a friend to her. She’d helped Riley when she was unexpectedly pregnant as well. Her list of being a good dorm mother was long.

It seemed Michael was more accepted than her, which was absurd. Everyone really did hate him, Bea and Willa were constantly having to ward him off while they took their own jabs at him.

Their romance drama wasn’t kept in the limelight too long. Three new students were assigned to their dorm, and instantly the girls were calling dibs. Clara tried to flirt with Johnathan, and it didn’t go well at all.

She’d been having a rough semester to begin with, and his aggressive rejection sent her over the limits.

Scarlett thought she might try with Johnathan, and he didn’t outright reject her advances. She couldn’t tell if he was really interested in her though. He seemed rather distracted.

She started working out in her room each afternoon. She wasn’t noticing any weight loss, but she felt happier for her efforts.

Clara felt like he was screwing around with them. Scarlett confessed he seemed interested in her, but then in the cafeteria, he’d stare at her.

Bea and Sam called it off mutually. They were both beyond busy with their schedules, and living across campus, they didn’t see one another much. Bea found the new student, Ted to be accessible and fun. They fell in heavy almost immediately. She didn’t have a level-headed friend who might have warned her against dating a fellow Westfall Hall student.

She also received tutoring from a guy named Jesse; she sorta liked him too. They didn’t jump into anything, but they did find things to talk about, which was more than she could brag about Ted.

She did great with her drama classes, but not so great with her gen eds. Thankfully Jesse wasn’t charging her for his time.

At the dorm, Willa decided enough time had gone by, and she wanted to make her moves on Dean. She was apprehensive though, she’d scared him off for years, perhaps he didn’t even like her as a person. She made a bet with Bea, she would approach him herself if she lost, or Bea would do it for her if Willa defeated her.

Unfortunately, Bea lost. She didn’t know why she even played the stupid game, too dang competitive for her own good.

Dean was working on his old car. He’d been swearing at it much more since breaking up with Evie. In the past, they had worked on the car together.

The girls conspired on how to approach him, how to make Willa seem desirable.

They decided to give him a bit more time, and Bea was back with Ted. He wasn’t as interesting to talk to as Jesse, but he was a good amount of fun. Her parents didn’t get married forever, she wasn’t in a rush.

Each morning, Bea woke up to exercise, and jam to her favorite tunes. She was happy to spend her time with friends and boys, but she also needed to focus on her own wellness. Her Mom had always pressed that, and it seemed to have stuck.

Willa was working on her final year at EU, and getting her sewing projects completed. She hoped to wow her professor with her portfolio when she was done. She really needed their recommendations to get her designs on the runway.

Ted and Johnathan were involved in an intense game of poker, when Scarlett decided to approach him about a date.

She wasn’t exactly confident; she was pretty sure he didn’t like her that way at all. Somedays she really hated being tall and heavier like her Mom, well pretty much all days.

Thankfully Johnathan accepted her offer.

While that happened, Willa found a new guy to entertain herself. Foster or Forrester. She couldn’t remember.

Word spread that Dean was placed on academic probation. Feeling sorry for him, Clara thought she might cheer him up.

Everyone went through breakups, it didn’t mean he should throw his education away.

He mistook her kindness for romance. She was surprised and perhaps a bit too bold in her rejection. She had enough going on in her own life to add a messy boy to the mix.

Scarlett had called Lulu over to talk. They’d been best friends forever, and much like Willa, Lulu had loved Dean. When Scarlett filled her in on the details of the breakup, Lulu didn’t know how to feel.

She wasn’t with Clayton anymore, but she wasn’t exactly interested in Dean or was she?

She met up with him in the hall, and he gave her a warm hug. They’d been friendly in high school, but she’d always been so brazen with him that she didn’t expect him to be happy.

They caught up, she told him about her job at the law firm, while he talked about his plans after graduation. He’d been planning to propose to Evie, and get their own place in the city. He wasn’t sure what to do now.

Lulu didn’t have advice. He’d been in college earning a degree, and she was still living with her folks, watching her brother’s friends practice in their band, and barely able to afford her car.

In the end she decided to keep Dean in the friend zone, at least for now. Her own life sounded like such a mess when she’d spoke with him. It didn’t mean she as in a rush to change things, but she didn’t want to add to it.

She went back to Scarlett and filled her in. Scarlett thought Lulu was being smart.

She decided to not tell Lulu about Johnathan, their date that quickly went all the way. He wasn’t her first, she’d been with Alex in high school, but he was her first man.

Willa and Dean ended up sleeping together near the end, and she found him too serious. He’d spent his entire teenage life with one girl, and it felt like he wanted the same thing again.

A few days after they’d slept together, he tried to perform some romantic gesture of grandeur. Willa just turned and walked away. She was too young to settle down with someone like Dean.

She’d say he should get back together with Evie, but clearly she’d lost her mind. No one could understand how someone so gorgeous could like the despicable Michael.

By the end of the semester, everyone had found new relationships to start and dumped their old. Despite all the drama, there was a bit of studying that occurred as well.

Notes: Well this was pure chaos! It was my first time playing this dorm since the rebuild, everything went screwy. Aspirations were wrong, curtains were still on the ground and major things were already happening.

Evie and Michael hooked up, Evie initiated that. Everyone really does hate Michael Popper. Dean and Evie broke up, but Evie had the wrong aspiration as did Michael… so they lost chemistry once I realized things were wrong, but she was still heavy with him.

Dean called it off. He was devastated. Then he immediately jumped into bed with Willa. That lasted a hot minute, and she was onto her next. She’s romance, and he’s family. He also flirted with Clara, and she rejected that.

Bea has romance secondary. I was only going to give it to her, if I thought her early relationships warranted it. I decided Jett getting Riley pregnant while still going steady with her was something that’d do it. I also broke her and Sam up, they weren’t rolling wants for one another at all.

Apparently, Scarlett wanted in on the action. I found her in the hot tub with Johnathan before I knew she was even interested in him. She does seem to like him, but he was giving mixed signals. Like this gem below, right after he accepts her offer to go on a date.

To top off the madness, Clara and Michael both died from the flu. I was irritated at this point, and had their friends try to save them. If their friends had failed, I would have saved grudgingly. This was why they suddenly had a hot tub at their dorm, I was trying to save all these sick college kids, while they kept woohooing with every stranger they met.

It was a crazy household! Westfall Hall always is though. Thanks for reading!

Willa Grimsley – 3.2
Dean Goss – 2.2 (academic probation)
Evie Jitmakusol – 3.3
Scarlett Siew – 4.0
Michael Popper – 4.0
Bea Woodfolk – 3.3
Clara Sumner – 4.0

10 thoughts on “eastborough university – westfall hall”

    1. It was a bit more wild than I prefer! I’m okay with a bit of drama, and allowing sims to make choices, but this was chaos. I’m a bit weary that there will be regrets, but we will see. Thanks for commenting CT!

  1. It seemed to me while I read that you were trying to keep up with the craziness, plus I remember you mentioned how out of control ACR was in the new iteration. When you said Foster or Forester, I laughed, it was like you just gave up on (and I can see it being Willa’s attitude anyway) to try to keep track of all the flings and the names of each person! It seems like ACR does go the craziest in a new ‘hood where sims don’t have as many memories or commitments. I know that memories don’t play in technically; maybe it’s having “friend zone” established. But it definitely seems more chaotic in less established neighborhoods or with new sims. It was pretty entertaining to read, that’s for sure, and you did an amazing job making a narrative of it.

    1. Yes, keeping up with the craziness for sure! HA, I totally did give up with that Foster/Forester kid. I’m positive Willa won’t be going back for seconds anyway with her strong romance aspiration. I agree about ACR being out of hand in the a newer hood. It feels like memories play into it even if they say it doesn’t. Thank you for commenting Shannon!

  2. Ohmigoodness it was pure crazy chaos I could barely keep up. I can see how they frustrated you. Did you manage to get everything fixed or will it be fixed when they graduate?

    1. I’m leaving these things as they ended, and I got everyone’s aspirations and gpa’s back to where they needed to be before they finished the semester. If Dean and Evie decide to get back together, I’d allow it. But this wasn’t her first time cheating on Dean, she had right before my old PC broke. So probably not meant to be, however her choice in man this time is a bit silly. Thanks for commenting Starr!

  3. LOL, my first question was going to be was this session as crazy for you to play as it was to read about but I guess you answered that one! I could barely keep up with all the romantic goings-on! I so enjoyed reading about it though. I’m going to hope there might be something there for Lulu and Dean, now that they’re both single…and Jonathan and Scarlett seem like they could be promising too.

    I cracked up at your explanation of the sudden hot tub! I haven’t had Realistic Sickness in my game since my rebuild and I’d forgotten about the magic of the hot tub.

    1. Pfft! All those romantic interactions were making my head spin! I didn’t realize you hadn’t put the realistic sickness back into the game. After this session, I was beginning to second guess why I had it myself! I’m curious about Jonathan and Scarlett, he seriously has the most baby face I’ve ever seen, I understand why he has a beard now. I’m also glad that I put the beards as townie generated when I did my recentish batch of college townies. It was fun seeing them pop up.

      Lulu wanted Dean for so many years, then she was just meh over him. If she doesn’t step up, he has plenty of women that would like a chance, though more townies these days than playables, as he just flew through Willa and Clara rejected him.

      Thanks for commenting Carla! I hope you’ve had a nice holiday!

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